Jane Henry-Safeguard

Jane has brought us the second book in her solo NYC Doms series. Safeguard features the best friends of Tobias and Diana from the first book, Zach and Beatrice. I found this book to be much more intense than the first book, and a lot more of a roller coaster.

Zach is an officer in the NYPD. He’s also a Dom. He’s been seeing Bea for several months. They go to Verge and play, they play at her house, but they’ve never been to his house. It’s working well for them though. He’s her Dom, she’s his sub, and they are both getting what they need from the relationship. That includes Zach making sure that she pays her bills, checks her mail, and that she always tells him where she is.

Bea is a yoga teacher and hairdresser. She’s blissfully happy with Zach, especially when he calls her his good girl. Then one day, while he’s at her house, he finds a stack of mail she hasn’t opened in a while. Turns out her cousin Chantilly is getting married and wants Bea to show up, and it’s next weekend. While Beatrice wants to see her cousin get married, she doesn’t want to go home, but with Zach there, hopefully it will all be fine.

There is so much that happens in this. One of them is that Bea has feelings about marriage, and between her favorite cousin getting married and her best friend Diana planning her wedding, there’s so many feelings that she’s dealing with. I kind of don’t blame her for all her feelings about marriage, and weddings, and children and all after we meet her mom. I kind of want to urge her mother to take a long walk off a short pier, she’s such a nasty, haughty bitch. I’d dread going back home too.


OK, back to her mom. I can’t believe her mom at all. I mean, first she tosses away someone and then she uses that person to do something terrible? That’s some serious bullshit. And Judson? I didn’t trust him from the very second we met him.

I totally get Bea’s freakout. With all the stress about faking an engagement, everyone getting married, and everything else going on, a freak out was kind of imminent, I think. Zach not only made her feel safe, but he was her safe place, and when we melt down, we tend to melt down on safe people. I like Diana helping to talk her through her problems though. Everyone needs a best friend who can lay some hard truth on them when necessary.

I can’t wait for the next book, but I have no clue who it’s going to be. Maybe Brax. He gets mentioned a lot. I’ll just have to wait and read it. Darn, make me read another book.

So, go check this out, as well as the first book in the series and all of Jane’s other books. Happy reading!

Dani Rene-Fragile Innocence

This isn’t Dani’s first visit here, and heaven willing, it won’t be her last. Her works are really good. I get dragged into the stories and then get sucked into the emotions of her characters. There is a realism there that makes me happy. Her books can also be brutal to your emotions, making you go up and down and all around. That’s definitely what Fragile Innocence does. Dani put Ella, Ben, and Carter through hell, but she does it in a way that makes you want to go right through that hell with them.

So, Ella has been running away from her hidden past for years. She never stays in one place for very long because she doesn’t want to let the monster that she’s hiding from find her. When she gets to London, she finally thinks that she’s safe. She’s changed her look, her attitude, everything.

When she gets off the plane in London, she notices a beautiful man who happened to notice her too. Carter was so entranced by what he saw, he decided that he would get in a car and follow her. When he found out where she was living, he realized that it’s a building owned by his best friend and partner in sex, Bennett. He calls Bennett to get info on the new woman in the building.

It turns out that Ella is the new real estate agent for Bennett’s company. When he sees her, he realizes why Carter is so entranced by her. They make plans to get her in between them.

The sex in this story is super hot. This is an MMF menage. In other words, everyone’s getting it on with everyone else. I personally like a good MMF menage. There’s just something so sexy about reading about MMF and MM stories. I just think the whole idea of honest sex between two consenting adults, no matter what equipment happens to be in between their legs, is hot. I liked their dynamic and the fact that Ella had no problems with accepting Bennett and Carter’s dynamic and doesn’t feel any kind of jealousy about them being together. In fact, she loves the idea.


OMG, the bad guy was a total surprise to me. Creepy, creepy fucker, and all the rest of what was going on with that situation just pissed me off. I mean, that was just disgusting that anyone would let that happen.

I kind of thought that Carter and Bennett were big jerks at the beginning, but they did manage to redeem themselves. They were very understanding in the end about what kind of things that Ella may be dealing with and they wanted to make sure to not push her beyond what she can take, which is awesome. It just shows how much they love her.

I did like that Dani did show that even while love helps deal with things, it doesn’t automatically heal everything and make everything all better immediately. It takes time and work and patience. That made everything perfect.

OK, that’s all for today. Keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic books, because you know I’ve got some coming for you. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Golden Angel-Tempting the Domme

This is a first on my blog for a couple of reasons. One, it’s my first Golden Angel review. Second, it’s my first F/m book to be reviewed on here. Not my first one to read though, I’ve read a couple of others, and they all tend to be hawt.

So, Golden Angel’s Tempting the Domme. This is the latest entry into her Stronghold series. Full disclosure, I haven’t read the whole series, but I’m working my way through her back catalog under both this name and her darker name, Dark Angel.

Anyhow, Stronghold is hot BDSM club. There is a whole large group of friend who are all subs and Doms. Olivia is the Domme of the group, and the Queen of Peen. She’s now been hired to manage part of Marquis, a new, very exclusive club that is run by some of the Doms of Stronghold, plus a new friend, Luke. Luke owns a construction company and he’s a silent partner in Marquis. Olivia feels like that has made him her boss. He’s not as convinced by that fact. He keeps flirting with her and calls her Scarlet. She is fighting an attraction because she figures he’s the Dom-ly type and she doesn’t do Doms. She is in no way submissive. At. All.

So, Olivia is about to run a newbie class for subs. What she doesn’t know is that Luke is going to be in her class. Her two friends and the other partners in Marquis know. In fact, they have done everything they can to help get Luke into that class. Everyone knows how the two of them feel about each other.

When Luke walks in, Olivia is gobsmacked, but she has a plan. She puts him with one of her Baby Doms who is bi. Luke showed her though. She starts calling him Cupcake.

Oh man, the sexy is super-sexy. Great sex scenes, awesome sex scenes. What makes them even awesomer is that Golden has written a great connection between the two. They had some friendship before any kind of relationship started. I like that. That makes everything much better. Of course, there are bad things that happen, but can’t have a story without conflict, right?


OK, Roland must die a terrible, painful, horrible death. But Olivia is awesome. Way awesome. I have fallen in love with her.

I can’t wait to see Sharon and Jake. And Nick and Avery. Because we all know they’re next, right? And Marquis is a very cool club, one I’d like to visit.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check this out and enjoy a new dynamic.