Ava Sinclair-Silver Daddy

Ava Sinclair has a new Daddy for us to read, and I am totally here for it. Silver Daddy is a really heavily emotional book, more so than some of her others, I think. Don’t get me wrong, I think that they all have a lot of emotion in them, but there is huge emotion in this one.

So, here’s how this one goes. Morgan is a 20-something who has made a whole lot of mistakes in her life. She’s currently living on a fraying shoestring, being reminded regularly by her bitchy landlady that she is only there because of her landlady’s “Christian charity”. Then, her landlady tells her that she is getting a new tenant on the other side of the duplex, and if Morgan screws up and this guy complains too much, she’s gone.

Gavin is a lovely Scottish gentleman who is definitely in the silver fox category. In my head, he looks just like Jeff Goldblum, because yum fucking yum. He has been a travel writer, and now he’s ready to settle down. He’s decided that he wants to settle down in a small US town that reminds him of the villages where he grew up. And he just happened to rent the other half of the duplex where Morgan lives. Before he even meets his new neighbor, the poisonous landlady runs her mouth and tries to pour poison down his ear about her.

I really didn’t like the landlady, can you tell? I also don’t like Chloe. I’ve had friends like that. They just live to see how miserable you are.

I feel both sorry for and frustrated by Morgan. Sorry for because I’ve been that person. Not that I’ve had some of the troubles she had, but I’ve been the person who was living right on the edge. It is just so frustrating, exhausting, stressful, and terrible. It’s so hard to be there, and you don’t realize how hard it is until it gets to the point where you aren’t there anymore. I’m frustrated by her because I think that she is a little inconsiderate, and she’s willing to take some short cuts that she might not otherwise have taken, mostly because she’s desperate. I do like her though because she keeps trying, even when she’s in that terrible spot. She has a real strength that she just has to dig down and find.

I like Gavin, most of the time. He’s really caring when it comes to helping Morgan. He wants to help people, especially women, to be the best them that they can be. You know, like a good Daddy does. That’s pretty cool. I did think that he was a little high handed to start off with when it came to Morgan, but not overly so, because, well, Daddy Dom. So, there’s that.

I love the connection that Morgan and Gavin have. It is just very tangible and all-encompassing. It is really touching.


I love when Morgan shows her true backbone and puts people in their place. It made me really happy for her and she did it without being mean or anything. It was great.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Sara Fields-Fever

Fever is the last book in Sara’s Omegaverse series, the Omegaborn. This series followed three incredibly strong Omegas, but none as strong as Nikki. I don’t think anything that happened in this book could’ve happened without Nikki, because it needed someone her strength and grit to drive it.

So, after the events in Triss’ book, where the Omegas broke out of the sanctuary, the city has taken all of the Omegas that showed up during that whole episode and shoved them into the already terrible sanctuary. There already wasn’t enough support or infrastructure in place for the Omegas who were there, and now the women are in terrible shape. There are thousands of more women, there isn’t enough food, the guards are even worse, and altogther, life totally fucking sucks. Nikki is trying to figure out how to help the women under her leadership, but isn’t sure as to what to do. Then, in walks in Ellie, an Omega who escaped, her Alpha, 3 other Alphas, and a Beta.

The tribes and Alphas outside the walls have called a Central Gathering. It’s basically their version of a parliament. They are trying to figure out what to do about the imbalance that the city has caused when they banished all kinds of Alphas who have no clue how life outside the walls is lived, and who have caused massive amounts of problems. Finally, it’s decided that they are going to help out all the Omegas in the sanctuary because they’ve heard how terrible it is there. They call for 3 volunteers to go and help train the Omegas. Ethan, Viktor, and Alaric are the 3 guys who decide to go help, each for their own reason.

Ethan was banished from the city for helping an Omega who was being assualted by a guard. Alaric is an adrenaline junkie who is bored, even with all the new Alphas that the city kicked out. Viktor has always lived in the wild, but he’s into smuggling, and has connections in the city.  One of Viktor’s connections is a Beta named Demiyan, who already does all he can to help the Omegas. His mother was an Omega, and she went through hell, so he has a soft spot for the women. 

When Nikki sees the guys, she’s not happy, because she doesn’t want to have her place taken over without so much as a by your leave. She’s lived nearly her entire life in the sanctuary and has worked really hard to become who she is. But she just knows that these guys are going to make trouble.

Well, they are, of course. Because, well you know, Omegas and Alphas, and high emotion.

I really like Nikki. She has had a lot of trauma in her life. She’s worked really hard to be something else than “just” an Omega. She wants more for her people, and she’s going to do everything she can in order to do that. She’s already shown that, and she only shows that more in this book.

I like the guys, mostly. We don’t see much from Ethan, other than in the very beginning, which is where we learn about his motivation. He’s not a non-entity, we just don’t see as much from his perspective. We see a lot from Demiyan’s perspective. And I have to admit, he did some things that I REALLY didn’t like, one big thing in particular. I understand why he chose to do it, and I can understand why he thought that it was necessary to do, but I still don’t like it, and it made me really mad. Of course, I think that he might’ve redeemed himself from that action. Alaric and Viktor are like Ethan, in that we don’t get a whole lot of their story either. I think that it would probably be hard to keep up all those POVs and all the action in the story, and there’s a lot of action in the story. I think that Sara did really well the way that she did it.

Back in the first book, I thought that the real villain in the book was the city, and the last one just reinforced that, and this one was like yup. I was right. Yay for me!

I love all the allies that show up in the course of the book.


I love the big, personal, final battle on the walls. And the wolf is sooooooo cooool!

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Anna Wineheart-Burning For My Prince

While I’ve talked about MM Omegaverse on here before, I don’t think that I’ve really featured one. Well, I figured that it was just about time to rectify that issue, and I’m starting with Anna Wineheart, Burning For My Prince, and the Men of Meadowfall. Anna is one of my top three MM Omegaverse authors. Piper Scott’s His Command books were the first MM O-verse books I read, then I got into Susi Hawke, who has shifter and non-shifter books. There are a whole lot of others that I like to read, but Anna, Piper, and Susi are my holy trinity, if you will.

So, Anna’s Men of Meadowfall books. The series is made up of a bunch of interconnected novels. They all take place in the same town, and you run into the same people over and over, but each story is a standalone, and if you haven’t read the ones before, you aren’t going to be lost. Anna guarantees an HEA. She doesn’t guarantee an easy journey to get there though. Her stories have a lot of love and passion, but there is also angst and sadness. But, all of that has a place in the story. She’s not just putting you through it to put you through it, you know? Her books cover a lot of the tropes, so whether you like step-brothers, second chances, age gaps, or teacher and student, you can find it in there.

Burning For My Prince takes place in Meadowfall, but it’s technically a spinoff from the Men of Meadowfall main series and the first book in the Meadowfall Firefighters series. So, yeah, there are going to be smexy firefighters.

Burning has a secret baby as well as a kinda second chance, and an age gap going on. It seems like that would be a whole lot, but it’s really not, and it all fits so well.

Perry has a beautiful 4 year old son named Caleb. His Alpha father knows nothing about him though, because Perry is several years older than him, and the one night that they were together, Perry wore a mask over his face, so the man he was with doesn’t even know who he was. All the Alpha knew was that they had been talking online for a long time, developed a relationship, and that Perry, known as FrogPrince, offered to share his heat. That was 5 long years ago, and Perry still wants York, the man who fathered his child, but doesn’t even know who Perry or their child are.

York has been nursing a broken heart for years. He loved FrogPrince, but after one magical night together, Prince disappeared from his life. They didn’t talk online anymore, nothing. In fact, at the end of each of his videos, York asked for FrogPrince to get in touch with him, until he did and he told York that he was fine and to just leave him alone. Since then, York has closed himself off to love, and he’s never going to have anything to do with any Omega ever again. But, of course, the best laid plans of mice and men…

In this case, the best laid plans were knocked awry by a fuckmachine called The Boyfriend and a falling bathtub. Perry created The Boyfriend and was testing it in the bathtub, when it fell into the apartment below him, which just happened to be the apartment where York just moved to. Yup. Knocked seriously fucking awry.

I love the way that York and Perry connect in this story. We know all the things, but neither York nor Perry do, so we get to see them discover those things. I love watching their relationship form and grow, and mature into what it ends up as.

There is a lot of humor in here, and I will never ever look at snakes and honey the same way again. EVER.

All of the Men of Meadowfall books are in KU, so you can go read them all pretty easily.


Oh, the vibrator. Oh my stars and garters, the vibrator. I don’t know whether to be jealous or sorry for them, but damn, it’s so fucking hot.

OK, that’s all for this one. Happy reading!

Anna Edwards-Hidden Pain

Hidden Pain is the 5th book in Anna’s Glacial Blood PNR series. These books aren’t really standalones, but they aren’t really serials either. Each book follows a new couple/thruple, but they are all in a larger story arc, and if you haven’t read the ones before, you aren’t going to really know what is going on, trust me on this.

This one has MMF going on in it, and OMFG, it’s hot. And it’s not just for the yummy sex, and I totally agree with Lily, but it’s hot for the realizations that come about for the characters because of their relationship.

So, Kingsley, a human, is in Kansas as the big wolf pack, where his sister, Isobel is marrying the love of her life, Zain, who is a bear shifter. They are going to go back to the Glacial Blood pack, but since they are gearing up for war, this time and place is the best place for the wedding, and for the families with tiny babies to stay. Hunter is the alpha of the pack, and he has invited Kingsley to stay, and he is keeping Lily, a bear, prisoner for Kas, until he decides what to do with her.

But here’s the thing, Hunter and Kingsley are drawn to each other, and they are both drawn to Lily. So, they decide that she’s going to go into the set of rooms in between Kingsley’s and Hunter’s.

All three of our main characters are dealing with some kind of trauma or stress. Lily has had horrible things happen to her at the hands of humans, and then even worse at the hands of Nuka, that motherfucker. She’s angry and hurt, and I totally think that she deserves to be. I would be too. And of course, Kingsley had to deal with his asshole father who, well, asshole is a really good description of him. But that’s OK, he croaked it. And Hunter. He’s dealing with having to be an alpha and leading his pack into the future and planning on fighting a war, and oh yeah, trying to figure out who is going to be his heir after he’s gone. He thinks that he has to shut down everything he wants so that he can do what he needs to do.

I love watching the three of them heal themselves and heal each other. We’re at a very tense part of the overall story, and I feel like that healing is a really integral part of the upcoming fight. Healing makes you stronger, and they had to make sure that their broken edges were sanded off.

I think, of the three of them, Lily had the most healing and growth, really. I’m not discounting anything that Hunter and Kingsley have dealt with or are dealing with, because they have their own journeys to handle, but really, I think Lily has the longest journey. Once we have her backstory, we can understand exactly how long that journey is and everything she had to deal with.

I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out. Anna keeps me all dragged into the series.


OMG, Lily’s backstory broke my heart. That poor woman, and then Nuka the fucka?

OK, that’s all for today. Go check out the entire series. Happy reading!


Shane Starrett-Submissive Lies

On Saturday, a new published author was born. Shane Starrett put out his first book, Submissive Lies. Everyone please give Shane a standing ovation, because anyone who pours their words on the page and then puts it out there for everyone to read deserves as standing O and for the fact that I think he did a pretty damn good job.

Jennifer is currently in a relationship with Thomas. The problem is that she isn’t exactly happy. Thomas is a good man, loving, caring, cherishes her, and all that good stuff. He just has one small problem. He’s as vanilla as vanilla gets. And you know, being vanilla isn’t a bad thing. Vanilla is a great flavor. The problem with Thomas being vanilla is that Jen really likes rocky road, and Thomas has as much chance of becoming rocky road as I do of becoming Lisa Bonet.

Thomas is the man that Jennifer found when her boyfriend and Dom, Ben, cheated on her. She came home from her job to find out that he had another sub tied up in their playroom. That moment is what started everything else that happens in this story. She lies to herself and tells herself that she isn’t submissive any longer. She’s going to just shut that part of herself off, she doesn’t need it. She can be just fine without it. So, she lived that way for a while and got lonely, and then she met Thomas. Things seemed like that they were going swimmingly, but deep inside Jen, things are changing. And that’s where the little lies she’s been telling turn into a huge avalanche that starts to destroy lives.

I really like the story and I really like the premise. I don’t always like Jennifer. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think that it’s because some of what she goes through in the book strikes a little close to home and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable, maybe, which makes me not always like her. It’s totally not Jen’s fault, and it’s totally to Shane’s credit that he can do that. Anytime that an author creates a character that real and one that I react to like that is a good time.

I feel like Jennifer is a very fallible character, which is nice. It makes her so real, and then it drags Thomas and Steve into real too. It works out quite well.

I am really looking forward to seeing what else Shane is going to write for us, because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be so good.


I kept expecting Thomas to show up in places where he didn’t. Waiting for that other shoe to drop, you know.

That’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Leann Ryans-Raider’s Bounty

This was supposed to show up last week, but I ended up having to drive down to Boston on Saturday as well as Friday, and yesterday I couldn’t stand looking at my computer at allllll. But, that’s over and done with, and I can get back to the fun stuff, like telling you all about Leann Ryan’s latest, Raider’s Bounty. It is, of course, another Omegaverse, and it is a relatively light one. I can see where Leann tried to go dark with it, and I can see where a different decision or two would’ve made it darker, but with all that said, dark isn’t Leann’s wheelhouse. She does this level of lighter stuff really well. It’s not all light and fluff or anything, and it works really well. Trying to force this one to be dark would’ve ruined what was a pretty good story. I just can’t really see where Lyric and Raider would’ve ended up otherwise.

So, here’s how our story goes. We enter to Lyric running away from a raid on her village. It’s in the middle of winter, and pretty much everyone she knows is dead and the village is on fire. She’s trying to get away so that she can get help and so she isn’t captured by the raiders. As she’s trying to cross a river to hide her scent, she ends up washed downstream, right past her village and a shit ton of dead bodies floating in the river. The next thing she knows, she has an arrow through her shoulder and she’s being towed to the shore.

Raider is the head of his village and the head of this raiding party. He has a really good reason to raid Lyric’s village. When he sees her floating down the river, he knows that he has to do something about it, and the only way that he can save her is to shoot her in the shoulder and tow her in. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but… He takes her to his tent and decides that he’s going to claim this little Omega for his very own.

I think that he and Lyric are a really good match. Raider seems like he could be a real hardass, but as you read, you realize that he really isn’t. He has a good reason behind each and every action that he takes, and they are actually pretty thoughtful reasons. You can tell just how much work and through he has put into everything he does.

Lyric has a really quiet kind of strength, I think. We don’t see her acting out a lot or being loud, except when she finds it to be really important. She’s definitely not a pushover, she’s got that spine, she just uses it really well, I think.

I really like Lyric and Raider, and I hope that they have a full, wonderful life together, with lots of happy fat babies.


I really like the way that Raider handles the Omegas. It wasn’t anything that I expected, but, looking back, I should’ve because it fit in with the rest of Raider’s behavior.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Skye Warren-Sonata

Sonata is the 3rd book in Skye’s North Security series. It’s also the conclusion of Samantha and Liam’s story. I’ve been looking forward to this book, because I’ve been wanting to know what happened with Samantha and Liam.

Before I get started, I’m going to warn you that there will be spoilers for Overture and Concerto. Sorry. But the way that the books are written, there’s no other way to do it. So, make sure that you are aware of that, and you know that I will try very hard to keep everything as vague as possible.

After the events of the last book, Samantha and Liam are in hiding in the south of France. That sounds like it could be so much fun, but it really isn’t. They are basically at each other’s throat. Liam is still healing from his wound, and because he’s an asshole sometimes, he isn’t taking as much care of himself as he should be. Samantha has locked up her beloved Strad so that she doesn’t give them away with her skill, and hasn’t picked up any kind of instrument, let alone a violin, in months. And they are no closer to figuring out everything that’s going on. So, that leaves Liam with making a choice he doesn’t really want to make. He is going to have to start the tour back up in Paris, and put Samantha on the stage as bait.

I’ve liked watching Samantha grow up and change during the entire series. She has had her eyes opened quite a bit during this. But, I think she’s also retained a part of her that sees life as magical and special, I mean, not that she’s had a whole lot of that in her life, but there’s just some part of her that sees life that way, at least a little bit. She’s also learned her strength, which isn’t anything that she knew from the start of the series. There is one scene in the book where I think she just comes across as an absolute goddess who knows her strength and is so regal, and then a few pages later, she knows her power in a different way.

Liam, I think, gets in his head a lot. He’s letting things that happened decades ago hold him frozen in place. Each time he tries to break free from those things, he lets them get back into his head and hold him back. It’s not fair to himself and it’s definitely not fair to Samantha. OTOH, he always wants to make sure that she’s protected and safe, even when he’s being an asshat. That part is never going to change.

I really want to get a story on Frans and Isa, because I’m pretty sure that it will be something fascinating.


All the mom stuff was truly unexpected.

OK, that’s all I have to stay today. Go check it out! Happy reading!