Renee Rose-Jack of Spades

Renee Rose has once again returned us to her version of the mafia in Vegas with Jack of Spades. It’s the second one in the series, and you can read it as a standalone, even though it has carryover from the first book. You’re getting the same family with both the hero and heroine as from the first book. Stefano is Nico’s younger brother and Corey is Sondra’s cousin, and they are as close as sisters.

So, Corey is a croupier at the Tacone family casino. She has a degree in psychology, but she likes working the floor at the casino instead. She gets to look around at all the people and figure out what’s going on with them. She comes up with her theory of the different kinds of gamblers. She’s really observant, which is what helps her figure out that there is something weird with the guy who’s playing roulette at her table. He’s trying to cheat. So she does what she’s supposed to and calls over security.

It turns out the would-be cheater is Stefano Tacone. He’s helping Nico run the casino so that he will be able to spend more time with Sondra. Stefano is looking for someone to deal at private games, and Corey fits the bill. Not only is she smart and observant, she’s also charming, and has a magnetic personality. The fact that she’s smoking hot doesn’t hurt either.

One the first night that she’s to deal at a private game, Stefano has her come early and asks her to walk the floor and asks her what she sees. Then it’s time to deal for the game. And that’s when all the bad things start to happen.

I like Corey. I think that she’s pretty awesome. She knows that she doesn’t want to be like everyone else. She’s perfectly happy working on the floor of a casino. But, she’s very walled off. I don’t blame her, considering what her past is like. I would be pretty closed off too. I really like how strong and independent that she is. I really do like how she challenges Stefano. I like him too, most of the time. Yeah, he’s all alpha dude, but he’s not overly heavy-handed like you sometimes see. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t, you know, tie her to his bed after carrying her over his shoulder to his suite, but he’s pretty good at figuring out Corey, and taking good care of her.


I really hated Corey’s dad. He was scum of the earth. Wait, that might be insulting to the scum. Maybe he was the bacteria that feeds off whale poop. Yeah, that’s it, I think.

I think that is about all I have to say today. I really enjoyed this, so go check it out! Happy reading!

Anthology-Daddy’s Demands Pt. 1

So yeah, I’ve been putting this one off, but not because I didn’t like the book, because I did and I do, but more because life is stupid and adulting is hard. The fact that adulting is hard sometimes made this the perfect set of stories for right now, because it’s 25 stories about Daddies who want to make sure that their little girls are taken care of and aren’t going to have to adult too hard. Of course, some of the Daddies are a little darker than others, or a little more strict, but considering who wrote some of these stories, are you surprised? I’m really not.

There are a lot of great things about an anthology like Daddy’s Demands. One of them is that no matter what kind of mood I’m in, there’s a story there for it. Which is nice, because I never know what kind of mood I’m going to be in from day to day. Plus, with the fact that there are 25 stories, they are pretty short, so if you have a minute to read a story and you don’t want to get dragged into something, you can find a quick story. So, if you are like me and you hate going to bed with an unfinished book, an anthology is a godsend. There’s also the fact that when you get an anthology, you get the chance to read authors that you aren’t familiar with, which is even nicer. Even with as much as I read, and as many of those authors I have read, there were still a couple of authors I wasn’t familiar with.

Of course, then you have the downside to large anthologies like this, at least for bloggers and reviewers like me. There are TWENTY-FIVE┬ástories in here. Do you know what trying to review 25 stories is like? I would get bored writing a blog post that summarized 25 stories. You would get bored reading it. My goal is to not bore my readers. I like you guys, I want to keep you around. I liked all the stories because all the authors are talented, but you know that there are always going to be some that you like more than others. That’s just the way that it is. So, what you’re going to get is a 2 part post, today and tomorrow. That way I can talk about my favorites and not burn you out or burn me out, and Daddy will be happy. ­čÖé

Renee Rose-Mafia Daddy

Renee’s story ties in with some of her other stories. You get Yuri from The Russian and the tie in from King of Diamonds. Jenna, the heroine of this one was supposed to marry Nico Tacone from KoD, and when her father’s right hand man comes to take her home, Yuri steps in to try to stop him. So, we now have definite proof that they are all part of the same universe. This is a sweet story. I know, I know, you don’t think that Renee can write sweet, but she did. I really enjoyed it, including the connections to her other stories.

Loki Renard-Daddy’s Little Captive

You know how I said some of the Daddies were a little darker and stricter than others? Yeah, Loki’s Dominic is one of them. He comes into the little restaurant where Marina works as a server on a regular basis, and when he comes in late one night and everyone else leaves, Marina just can’t. Lots of kinkery fuckery going on, including one of Loki’s trademarks, a cage. This one is under the bed though.

Jane Henry-Professor Daddy

This one ties in with Jane’s NYC Doms and Verge. Giada is a student who is getting ready to take a creative writing course from a prof that she thinks is going to be stodgy. Only Geoffry Slade is anything but stodgy. So she decides to poke the bear. I’ve been talking off and on with other Daddy authors about brats, and I’m pretty sure that Giada totally counts as a brat. I really liked her and how she thinks it’s fun to poke the bear, knowing what she’s going to get.

OK, there’ll be more tomorrow, but it’s late, and my life is still stupid, so I’m going to go to bed.


Renee Rose-Blaze

If you’ll kindly forgive the pun, Blaze was blazing hot and fiery. Of course, it’s a Renee Rose story, so there’s some hot sex going on as well as a little bit of spanking. And just for fun, we have a firefighter who is an excellent Daddy. What can possibly be wrong with that mix? Nothing, that’s what.

Lia is very driven. She has wanted to be firefighter with FDNY for many years. She took the training, she spent summers on the Forest Service’s hotshot crews, and she’s spent the last many months fighting with FDNY to actually get hired. Now she has the job, and she’s the only woman in her firehouse. Hotshot crews, by the way, are pretty much the BAMFs of the firefighting world. They are the ones who go into forest fires, into the worst areas, and fight the fires, with very little support. I mean, these men and women are tougher than tough. That’s some seriously hard and dangerous work, even more than regular firefighting, because when you are fighting a structure fight, you are going to have medical care on hand if you get hurt. Anyway, that’s what Lia was doing. I’m not sure why FDNY wouldn’t want to hire her to be on their team. I mean, seriously. That’s a helluva recommendation, if you ask me. But, there it is.

New to her station, she’s still trying to get the guys to accept her. They are having issues. One guy outright hates her, the others just aren’t sure what to do about her, and the captain has walked in on their strip poker game and laid down the law. No fraternization, no sexual harassment, and no more strip poker games. Although, I’m willing to bet the the boys weren’t playing strip poker on their own. After Blaze, their captain, lays down the law, Lia goes to do what she does when she needs to burn off stress. She lights matches. Lia has a deep and abiding love for fire. Deep and abiding. That’s part of why she’s a firefighter.

Blaze knows about Lia’s little habit, and he wants her to stop it. She’s confusing to him. He knows that she’s off-limits, but there’s something that attracts him to her.┬á He knocks on her door, walks in, and discovers Lia out of uniform, in just a pair of panties and a shirt. She’s not out of uniform because she’s only in panties and shirt, it’s because her panties are made out of a synthetic material. So, he talks to her about her issues, and oh yeah, spanks her.

I like Lia. I get the liking fire bit. My own teenage years may have involved a lot of things burning. My family enjoys fire. I also get why she’s driven to do the things that she does. It can be really hard when you have that drive in your head and you can’t quite get it out. She’s really fierce, but she’s had to be, just to be heard, let alone to become a firefighter. I do think that her family did fail her a bit, or maybe more than a bit, but that’s my opinion. I mostly like Blaze. He’s a good guy. But even good guys who want you to call them Daddy can be stupid as hell, and that’s also a good description of Blaze. It isn’t even that he’s high-handed like some Dom-ly types get, it’s that there are things that he’s just stupid about. So, a good guy who is sometimes stupid as hell. He’s not my Daddy, I don’t have to be nice to him. LOL.


Here’s where I think her family did Lia no favors. They knew what happened, and instead of talking about it and maybe seeing if she needed some help with her guilt or whatever, they just kind of ignored it. I can understand them wanting to just patch over the thing, but I think it just made a lot of things harder for Lia than it had to be.

Blaze’s white knight syndrome was seriously out of control. Why did he never notice it? I’m not surprised that it upset and hurt Lia so much. It would hurt anyone, but he and Lia were doing things that could be really intense and bring in all those feelings, and he wasn’t dealing with the after part the way he should because he had to go rescue every other damn person. See? Stupid as hell.

Ok, that’s all I have to say. Go check this one out as well as the rest of the Hard and Dirty books. Happy reading!

Renee Rose & Lee Savino-Alpha’s Mission

Renee Rose and Lee Savino have done it again. Once again they have brought us into their shifter world and rocked our world. Today we have Alpha’s Mission, which combines a fun little espionage story along with a paranormal romance. All the good stuff. And oh yeah, there may be some really hot sex along the way.

We have met Charlie Dune before. He’s a superspy who tried to shove himself into an investigation, and then ended up helping Nash, who he knew from before. But while he was helping out Nash and the Tucson pack, he learned something about himself he never knew before. He’s a werewolf. Now, a month later, he’s trying to figure out his life. When he misses a meet with his handler Annabel Gray, he has to go meet her elsewhere, and he realizes that she smells soooooo goooooood, and he can’t control his raging trouser python around her. She sends him out on a job but he gets made and the next agent ends up dead.

Annabel Gray has been handling Charlie for a long time. That’s why when he needed help, she worked her mighty cyber skills and helped him out. Now that she’s investigating something she shouldn’t be into and it starts to come back on her, she knows that Charlie is the place to go. Not just because he owes her, but because he’s the kind of person you take on Naked and Afraid with you. He’s incredibly competent and he makes her feel safe. Plus, he’s mighty damn hot.

OK, I like Charlie, but sometimes he’s a stupid, stubborn man. He is just bound and determined to figure out things on his own and doesn’t want to ask for help. Help that would’ve made a lot of things much easier, and made things easier in his life. Of course, that would’ve caused the book to be shorter, so I guess I can forgive him so that I was able to read the book. When he isn’t being stupid and stubborn, he’s a good man. He’s fiercely loyal and protective. He’s willing to do anything it takes to make sure that Annabel is safe and happy. Anything. I like Annabel too. She’s very smart and is really good at what she does. She’s dedicated and she cares so much for her family and for Charlie. The sex is fucking hot, which goes without saying, as it’s a Renee/Lee book. The adventure part winds really well with the romance, which is always nice.


I was surprised that it took as long as it did for Annabel to know that Charlie was a werewolf. I was surprised that she didn’t put it together when the same wolf appeared way far away from Charlie’s cabin where she originally saw him. There was only one thing that both those places have one thing in common, and that was the fact that Charlie was there. But, I suppose that if you are stressed and being chased by the CIA, not always figuring things out immediately can be forgiven.

Charlie was really stupid to not take advantage of all of his resources when he was trying to figure out the whole werewolf thing. Why would you not talk to people who are already dealing with what you are? See, stupid male.

OK, go check out the book and give it a good read. Happy reading!

Rebel West & Renee Rose-Bought by the Zandians

Yay! More of my favorite big purple guys! I’m so glad that Renee moved them into the menage/RH direction and grabbed Rebel West to write them with. I was very sad with the thought that we wouldn’t get to see them anymore. I like the way that the overall storyline as changed as we changed the dynamic. Instead of fighting to free Zandia, we’re now watching as the Zandians and the humans who helped them are trying to repopulate Zandia. It’s a nice change, and one I’m grooving on.

Onward and upward toward Bought by the Zandians. Now, let’s recap a little here. There aren’t a whole lot of Zandians left because the Finns killed most of them off when taking the planet. There are only a very, very few Zandian women of breeding age, 3, I think without going back to check, but humans and Zandians can cross-breed. Humans were enslaved by just about everyone, but King Zander declared that humans on his planet would be free. His queen is a human, and humans helped win back Zandia. To increase the species, the king has decreed that all matings must be done in at least groups of 2 men to 1 woman. Side note, I really hope that they have someone paying good attention to family trees over the generations. Meanwhile, there are Zandian scouts out searching the galaxy for other Zandians to bring them home and let them settle on Zandia. And that brings us up to current.

Benn and Gorde are two of those scouts. Their job is to take information they are given about locations of other Zandians, find them, and bring them home. While they are doing that, they are hoping to find a nice Zandian woman out there to mate with. After all, there are other males who have done it, so why can’t they? One day, while they are out and about in space, they land on a planet and happen to notice a human slave who is tightly bound to a post. They decide to buy her and rescue her.

Danica is an escaped slave. She has a very good reason to have escaped. She’s pregnant by her old master, a member of a cruel and evil species, and she knows that he will kill her as soon as her child is born. She will never see her child and the life she has until that point will be horror-filled and miserable, just like it has been up to this point. When she sees two large Zandian warriors stop where she is strapped to a pole, she is wary. She’d like to escape again so that she can get to Jasel, the planet where can live free. Hopefully they won’t check her barcode and find out she’s an escaped slave and take her to her old master. If they do buy her, she may be able to escape from them and raise her child in safety.

Benn and Gorde do buy her and they all have a lot of fun together. The guys feel a little bad because they know that Zander has ruled that all humans are free on Zandia, and technically she can’t be their slave, but they aren’t telling her that. When they get a mission, they figure that they can always sell her on if she gets in the way. But that gives both guys a twinge.

So, here we are. This one really made me cry. Benn and Gorde are overall good guys, but they do have their horns up their asses a couple of times. I think that they could’ve used a strong, swift kick in their asses more than once. I think that sometimes they were so willing to be distracted when Danica offered sex that they didn’t always pay attention and let things slide. I loved the story, even though I cried. Luckily I was in the other room while I did it, so my husband didn’t know. He still worries when I cry while I’m reading. I am loving watching the Zandian books mature into the new setting and I am really looking forward to seeing how Zandia progresses as more Zandians and humans mate and move to the world.


OK, the baby’s genetics? That was totally awesome! I would love to check on her as she grows up to see what she matures into and would really love to see her mated with her own family.

I get why Danica didn’t tell the guys about the baby, especially after the whole we won’t allow dangerous species to come to Zandia thing. I would’ve done it too. If she had told them at the beginning, would she have been able to mate with them and spent that time loving them and would their baby be who she was? I dunno. That’s a really good question.

OK, that’s all I have to say other than go read all these books. I’m off to watch Linda Carter in Wonder Woman and have a Jack and Coke to finish my day. Happy reading!

Renee Rose-King of Diamonds

If it has Renee Rose’s name on it, odds are that I’ve either read it or I’m about to read it. My Renee Rose collection on my Kindle is nice and full. If it were a physical shelf, all the books would be falling off. There are a lot of reasons why I love e-books, not the least of which is that I can have 834 books on my Kindle without having to worry about them falling off my shelves. Which is neither here nor there and only sort of relates to King of Diamonds, at least in an oblique fashion, I guess.

So, here’s the story. Sondra doesn’t have the voice of reason, she has the voice of wrong. She has shitty taste in men and always ends up with the wrong one. The latest wrong one was a drug-dealing bartender who she found in bed with 3 women, none of whom she knew about. Because of that, she packed up her car and left Reno, where she had been teaching as an art history professor, and went to Las Vegas where her cousin Corey worked as a dealer in a casino. Corey told her that she could get Sondra a job as a dealer at the casino, but it turns out that the only job open at the time was in housekeeping, so that’s what Sondra took. Hopefully, she’d be able to move up, but at least it’s a job and she’ll be able to save up money to get an apartment and a replacement for the car she crashed on her first day in town.

Nico is the scion of a Chicago mafia family. He did everything he could to get away from his family, at least to the extent he could, which included opening up a casino in Vegas. It’s as legal as he can make it, but since he took family money to open it up, he has to do some work for the family, primarily laundering money. I would expect that casinos would be a great way to launder money since they do so much cash business. Anyway… Nico is basically doing everything when it comes to running his casino and hotel. He doesn’t have any real help. He has his friend Tony, but working in the capacity that Nico needs for help isn’t Tony’s forte. Because he’s doing everything, his brain is wired all the time. He doesn’t sleep. He will go for days without sleep. When the book opens up, he hasn’t slept for 48 hours.

Now, I don’t know if you are familiar with extreme sleep deprivation, but there’s a reason that it’s used as a torture technique. Among other things, it can cause you to be really fucking paranoid. And that’s what happened to Nico. He’s working on mere hours of sleep after being up for days on end, and he’d be a little paranoid to begin with, since he grew up in a mafia family, but the lack of sleep doesn’t help. So when he comes into the bathroom and finds Sondra in there, he freaks the fuck out and scares the ever-loving piss out of her.

There’s a lot going on in this book. You have Nico’s journey. You have Sondra’s journey. You have the journey for them to come together in a way that works for both of them. Then there’s all kinds of outside drama that they have to deal with. Nico thinks that he’s terrible and the worst kind of person on two legs and that he’ll totally destroy her. He’s trapped by his family and their demands. Sondra worries that he’s a gangster and she doesn’t know if she can be with someone who has blood on his hands. She also worries that he can’t be faithful to her, and that’s one thing that is an absolute hard limit with her. Like I said, there’s a lot of things going on, but Renee manages to work it all together really well.


Ugh, Corey’s boyfriend is such a sleazeball. I’m glad that Nico punches him. Too bad Sondra made him stop. He deserved so, so much more.

Tony is a pretty cool guy and it shows that he’s there to keep Nico grounded. Good thing that he does. I think he’d be a good friend to Sondra too.

I thought the whole contracted marriage thing was resolved rather well. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out, as well as all of Renee’s other books. Happy reading!

Renee Rose & Lee Savino-Alpha’s War

Hot shifters are back! Renee and Lee have decided that they are going to bring up back into their shifter world with their newest book. This is one isn’t just set in their world, but it’s also in a group of several other books all about Alpha Dads.

In Alpha’s War, we are finally getting Nash’s story. Now, Nash is a lion shifter. He was in the military and when Smyth came to him about learning how to control his lion, he jumped at the chance. What Nash didn’t know is that Smyth was trying to come up with “the master race” and wasn’t going to help him at all. In fact, for the next very long time, Nash is tortured. We don’t really know how long, but I don’t think Nash knows how long either.

Among other things, the bad guys would toss women in the cell with him for him to breed. They were trying to come up with the perfect shifter. One of the women that gets tossed into his cell is Denali, another lion shifter. The bad guys have killed her entire family and taken her. They figure that Denali and Nash will make nice little lion babies. On the one night that they have together, Nash mate marks Denali. A few weeks later, she manages to escape, but Nash gets left there longer.

Flash forward 3 years, Nash is struggling. He has to keep fighting or his lion will end up going nuts and killing everyone. However, he’s given Denali’s name and address. He wants to see his mate but he knows that he’s very broken, and likely dying at this point. He just wants to see her once more.

This story broke my heart more than once. There are some very sad places in it. But, those places were more than made up for. I loved seeing old favorites come by, and Nash’s friends are always great for comedy relief. It was nice to see everyone. I love Denali. She’s strong af and not afraid to do what she thought was right. She is a total lioness. Nash calls her his Queen, and she is definitely that.


I love that Denali got to go on the rescue. Of course, she was going to go one way or the other, so I don’t think Nash could’ve stopped her, short of having multiple bears sitting on her. And even then, I don’t think that could’ve stopped her. You just don’t get in between a mother and her child, whatever species they may be. And you really don’t want to get in between a mother who can grow ginormous teeth and claws and her cub.

I love that Nash was able to get himself back together and was able to accept his role as Alpha. I want to see more of him and his pack.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. I love this world and this series. I want to always have more of them. I want to see their kids and grandkids.