Aria Adams-Alpha’s Kitty

From the far distant future, we are getting a new book from Aria Adams, Alpha’s Kitty. Sorry for the lack of buy link, for some reason, Amazon is so stupid right now. Hopefully, it will be up soon. We all know how they are, though. It’s supposed to be in KU, which means it’s exclusive to Zon, but if it gets offered anywhere else, I’ll make sure to update.

Anyway, Aria Adams is the dark pen name to Katie Douglas. Katie gives us sweet age play stories. Aria gives us pet play in space. And that’s what we have here.

So, thousands of years ago, humanity left Earth and went to various planets. Before that happened, there was some genetic modification happened, like splicing animal DNA and human DNA. The various subspecies all went to their own planets, and in the intervening years, the subspecies have grown very different to the main species. They are still human enough to interbreed, but they also have the characteristics of the animal. For example, kitties girls are just like your pet kitty, down to ears, tail, and fur. The bipedals who run the universe take all the various subspecies as pets/slaves.

Our little kitten has been told by her mama that it’s time for her and her sisters to go to their owners, where, if they are good kittens, they will have someone who loves them and adores them and treats them wonderfully, but bad kittens go to the bad places, so don’t be bad. But when her charcoal colored sister starts to freak out, our orange kitten knows that her sister couldn’t handle being in the bad place, so she takes the blame, and later, the punishment.

Hervé is the Alpha of his planet. He has always wanted to have a kitten of his very own, so he has sent his assistant Bertrand out to get one for him, and he comes home with our poor little orange kitten, who still has no name. When he finally sees her, he decides that he will call her Kitty. Which could, you know, be a name. Or it could just be an unimaginative name for a cat. You’ll have to figure out which way he meant it, because I don’t think that he is sure which way he means it. Anyhow, Hervé decided he wanted a kitten, and now he has a kitten of his very own that he can train and play with, however he wants.

I found the whole bipedal/pet breakdown to be fascinating. We can’t tell what it is like on other planets, since we only really see this one planet, but the masters aren’t nice at all to their pets/slaves. Even the nice ones aren’t necessarily nice, and the not nice ones are… Well, you’ll see. The bipedals all believe that the pets are subhuman and barely sentient, and need to be controlled. And because the people in charge believe that, so do the various subspecies.

The book is mostly in Kitty’s POV, which means we get a really strong sense of her journey in this book, and how she changes from the beginning to the end. We also get to see how she changes Hervé. I think that she makes him a much better man by the end. It’s definitely a journey to watch.


Segue’s party? Oh my sweet shit. That was some fucked up shit right there.

OK, that’s all for this one. As soon as it’s possible to get it, go read this one. Happy reading!

Measha Stone-Redemption

OK, yeah, I know I promised double for today, but I got involved in a gazillion things, and when I sat down to write this, I noticed it would be too late to write another one. So, today you get Measha, tomorrow you get Sansa, Friday you get Measha, and Saturday you get Sara.

But today, Redemption, Measha’s sweet, light, and laughter filled Christmas story. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in the Atacama. LOL. It’s darkish, dirty, and full of Measha-y goodness. And it’s the perfect amuse bouche for her book on Friday, trust me.

Celeste is on the Naughty List, in a big way. And if she doesn’t get cleared off it, she’s going to end up stuck there permanently, and then there will be an empty voice in her life and she will never be happy. But Santa, being a good, kind, and loving Santa, has people who are there to help with that. He has special elves whose only job it is to get people off the naughty list and get them back on the Nice List. Adam is one such elf.

Adam’s job, should he choose to accept it, and he does, is to take Celeste, and help her. He needs to get her off the Naughty List and get her to understand what she did that caused her to be there. So he goes off to meet Celeste, at a bar, where she’s busy drinking because she’s pretty sure that she’s going to be fired the next day. He escorts her out of the bar, and the next thing she knows, she’s naked and in a stable. Seems like Adam may be a little bit kinky.

I love how Adam doesn’t let Celeste get away with anything, no matter what she tries. He’s doing it out of such a place of caring with her. He truly wants her to be happy and he’s willing to do whatever he has to to make sure that happens, even if that means he’s going to have to strap her ass raw. And that may just be one of his options. I had a harder time with Celeste. But, that’s because of personal things on my end, not her as a character. Some of her choices are things that people close to me have done and it was really hurtful to the people involved and took a lot of work to get things straightened out. So, looking at it as me, I had a hard time with her because of that. Once I could get away from her actions and into her as a person, it was easier for me to like her.


OK, reindeer are just so very, very cute. Especially when they have jingle bells, right?

I was mad for a minute because I thought that Adam and Celeste were going to be separated. I didn’t want that to happen.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go read it and see all the kinky goodness for yourself. Happy reading!


Felicity Brandon-Taken

So, in Taken, Felicity has decided to go all meta on us. I loved it. One warning, it is a serial, but the next 2 parts will be out in December and January, so Felicity isn’t going to be all that sadistic towards us. Just a little bit sadistic.

Molly Clary is an author. She’s an author who writes capture fantasy books, along with noncon/dubcon, objectification, and pet play aspects. She’s tremendously popular. So, she does as many authors do, and sets up readers’ groups on social media where she can connect with her readers and goes to signings. Her latest signing is in London, which is really far away from her home in Pennsylvania.

As she’s packing up to go back to her hotel at the end of her signing, a beautiful man comes up and asks her if it’s too late for him to get a book signed. When Molly tells him that it’s fine, he hands her a book called Amelie’s Abduction, and she signs it to Connor Reilly, a self-professed superfan.

When Molly leaves, she ends up wandering the streets of London around where the signing was so that she can find her car. Instead, what she finds is trouble. A pack of young men tries to attack her, but then Connor comes to her rescue. But only for so far. He ends up abducting her and taking her to his house, where he ties her down and chains her. And oh yeah, forces her to write their story. (See, that’s where it gets all meta)

So yes, not only has she been captured and is being held by Connor, she has to write all about it, because he is her biggest fan.

OK, this one is ridiculously hot and filthy, and it may have one of my new favorite scenes ever in it. And I say this admitting that Felicity has one of my favorite scenes ever in one of her Viking books. We get both Connor’s and Molly’s POV, but sometimes it seems to really blend together, so there are times when it seems like you are in both of their heads at the same time. There are times when it is very distinct. It works really well here. I wouldn’t suggest it for everyone or in every book, but like I said, it really did work here.

I loved watching all of the struggles and confusion that goes on in Molly’s head. It’s fascinating to see her go through trying to figure out what she should do at any given point and how she feels at any point in time. I would love to see what she’s writing, because I think that it would be a great window into her mind and how she’s feeling, even more than her POV in the book. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me, but you know how it is. Things we think make sense don’t always. I just think that seeing how she processed it through her writing would deepen our understanding of her. I also wonder what Connor thinks of her writings.


Ok, not so many spoilers here as much as a I love the fucking end of this story. I mean, WTF. I can’t wait to read it. And fucking hell, what a cliffie.

Go check it out. Happy reading!

Measha Stone-His Captive Pet

Measha Stone has a series that is called Owned and Protected. She has just recently released the third book in the series, His Captive Pet. On a side note, the book quite literally had a title change the night it released. Poor Measha, that’s one way to torture a writer while they are waiting for their book to go live. But, it went live and we got a new story, so in the end, everything worked out the way that it was supposed to, and the whole world rejoiced.

With a title like His Captive Pet, I’ll be that you can figure out what kind of kinkery fuckery goes on in this story. And you would probably be right. There is some definite pet play in here, and it is hot. It also works really well in the story, so it’s not like something that Measha just popped into the story as gratuitous kinkery. It’s not as over-arching as some stories I’ve read, but it’s definitely there, and very definitely hot. Did I mention that it’s smokin’? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the story.

Aubree is a vet. She loves animals and will do just about anything she can to take care of animals and keep them safe. That includes infiltrating the Chicago’s illegal dog fights held by a big scary gang. Aubree hooked up with a guy named Luiz who calls her to let her know when there is another fight. She can’t rescue all the dogs, but she can rescue at least some of them. It’s hard on her though. She sees all those terrible things that happen to those dogs, and as a vet and animal lover, it just rips her heart out.

One night, after a fight, she goes into her neighborhood bar. She’s a regular there, but she usually only drinks Diet Coke with a lime. However, on this night, she gets bombed out of her mind. Bombed out of her mind enough that she tries to break up a bar fight. Blake, the bar’s proprietor, picks her up, slings her over his shoulder, and she promptly starts yelling that he’s stealing her. I laughed out loud at this. Woke my poor cat up.

Blake has been watching Aubree for months. He knows her habits. He knows that if she is this drunk, it was a really, really bad day. You see, Aubree’s family history includes a drunken father who killed her mother and a stranger in a drunk driving accident. When Blake finds out that Aubree went to a dogfight, he promises to strap her ass the next time it happens, even if she isn’t his. (Not for lack of desire on his part)

When something happens and Aubree gets blamed, Blake knows that he has to do something about it, no matter what Aubree thinks or wants. Aubree is very stubborn and doesn’t want his help because it’s all up to her to fix everything, or so she thinks. Blake is the perfect combo of asshole and patient man and uber Dom-ly. They are perfect for each other.

So, here we are. It’s that time in the blog again. You get to decide where you go. No matter what you decide, this book is definitely worth the money you are going to spend on it. There is spanking, whipping, strapping, fucking, and butt plugs with puppy dog tails. There is also a really cute puppy dog. A real puppy. There is also a great story to go along with all of the sex and kink. I do love this series, and it has had frequent rereads. The stories can be read as stand-alones or you can read them in order. Each book is complete in itself, but the stories are linked together so you can get info about previous characters in following books.


So, yeah. There isn’t really anything about this book that I don’t like, except for the bad guy. Then again, you aren’t really supposed to like the bad guy in this book. He’s a massive prick of epic proportions. Then again, he’s the head of a gang, so what are we supposed to think about him, right?

I love each and every one of the sex scenes in this book. Measha writes hard, kinky, filthy, obscene sex scenes in the very best ways. The whole book sucks you right in. The plot and story are the yummy chocolate cake while the sexy sex is the decadent chocolate ganache icing on the cake. Either one is really good on its own, but when you combine the two you get sheer perfection. OK, now I really need to have some chocolate cake. Wonder if I can talk my husband into making me some.

I think that Greg, Blake’s brother, is going to be the subject of the next book, just because. I wonder what his kink is going to be like. Blake said something about Greg liking darker things, so that out to be interesting. Sadist, maybe?

OK, I have said a lot of words about this book. I really liked it a lot. I’ve liked everything of Measha’s that I’ve read. I have all kinds of fun stuff coming up this week, including the review of a Sophie Kisker series. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Renee Rose-Zandian Pet

Oh, Renee Rose has brought us another fun one. I read in the acknowledgments that she got the idea from an Aubrey Cara book. Yeah, I’ve read that book too, and I really loved it. I have to go reread that book. But, this is all about Renee and Zandian Pet.

A quick recap for people who aren’t familiar with the Zandian ‘verse or for people who haven’t read it lately:

Years ago, Zandia was invaded by the Finn. Some Zandians escaped, including Prince Zander, who was added by his weapons master Seke. The remaining living Zandians now mostly live in the palatial pod that’s flying around in Occretian airspace. Because they thought that there were no living Zandian females for breeding age, humans had been brought into the mix. The prince has a human mate and they have a baby. Recently some Zandian women have been found. One of Master Seke’s long-lost missing daughters, Talia, was found and rescued, along with a woman named Eslyn, who was kept as a sort-of-prisoner by her three “mates”. She has some children as well.

In this book, we have Taramina being found by Erick. Taramina is Master Seke’s other missing daughter. She, her sister Talia, and Rok, who’s a purple, horned Han Solo, were rescued and taken away from Zandia by another person, but sadly their ship crashed and the kids all ended up scattered. Taramina, now known as Mina, was taken as a slave and trained as a sex pet. She lived for years in the collection of one master, doing whomever and whatever he wished. When he died, she was sold to a brothel where she became their star attraction and did whatever she was supposed to, right out front in public. She felt like she was in control, the sex didn’t upset her, and she was looking for a way out. She knew that if she had a Zandian crystal that she could get free. Enter Master Erick.

Erick is one of Prince Zanders most trusted men. He is his business manager and does all the negotiating and such with business partners. He has built up a huge fortune for the prince to help position them to take back their planet. On this particular mission, he just had a massive loss that he’s dreading telling the prince about. So, to stall and blow off of steam, he stops at a brothel. Of course, the brothel that Erick stops out just happens to be the one where Mina is starring as a prized pet.

The brothel owner is more than happy to show Erick his prize, after all, everyone knows that there aren’t any Zandian women around, and Erick is stunned to see her. He gets to go into her cell for a while, and sparks start to fly. Erick decides that he wants to buy Mina’s freedom, but Mina isn’t waiting around and manages to escape on her own.

Here’s where we part ways. As usual, Renee has given us a hot, sexy story with a great plot. The Zandian books all end with HEAs, but they are all also part of a larger story arc, so while you could read them on their own, if you were bound and determined to, you really don’t want to. Read them from the very beginning and you’ll be much happier since each book builds up on the previous book. The sex in this book goes past panty-melting. I’m not sure what level that would be. Maybe it melts all your panties that are still in your drawers? Erick and Mina are now officially my favorite Zandian couple. So, go check it out. You can read it on KU, but it’s not that expensive to buy.



OK, I full on loved this story. Renee writes such fun stuff, and I find that I’m really enjoying the various pet stories I’ve been reading lately. But, the sex, while super hot, is just a small part of it when it comes to this particular book.

Taramina has spent many years as Mina, a sex pet, many more years than she did as Tara, Master Seke’s daughter. When she manages to get herself to the palatial pod, she tries to be Tara and leave Mina behind. But, she doesn’t know who Tara is. She’s never had to be Tara as an adult, so she struggles. The thing I like is that Erick doesn’t step in and just magically wave a wand to help her be something else. In fact, the person who helps Mina figure out who Mina is is Mina. She sees something she wants to try and she goes after it. Erick, as possessive and dominating as he is, doesn’t stop her, instead, he supports her and even fights her father for her right to do it. I loved that she had that strength and he was that determined to do right by Mina that he was willing to put aside his struggles and let her do what she needed.

Mina is a definite kick ass female, and it sounds like she’s more than perfect for Erick, in all ways. I can’t wait to see what more happens with them and how they are able to help their people take back their world and rebuild their species. It ought to be interesting. I’m going to be so sad when Renee ends this series.

OK, there’s going to be another blog post later this evening. Probably really late. Tomorrow is one that I’m so excited about. I mean, I’m pretty much always excited about anything I get to read and review, but I’m Sawree by B. B. Blaque is above and beyond anything else I’ve read. It’s a mindfuck for mindfucks. I may also be just a little bit excited that B. B. has used some of my words from a review on one of her teasers. So, stay tuned for that one. Tuesday, we have another double header, a new one from Zoe Blake and a new one from Jennifer Bene that she surprised everyone with. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Sara Fields-Taming Their Pet

This past Saturday, Sara Fields’ newest book in her Captive Brides series dropped. Taming Their Pet quickly became my newest favorite of her books. It’s intense, it’s wonderful, it’s hot, it’s sexy, and has just enough darkness in it to give it some interesting shading. This is the first one of Sara’s books that I’m reviewing here, but I guarantee that it won’t be the last.

The basis of the Captive Bride series is that young women who have broken certain laws get sent to a special space station where they are trained as brides and then sold to aliens who are searching for brides. Primarily, the women who are sent to this training center are illegal third children. Earth, at this point, has strict population rules, two children per family. Third children have to be hidden, and if someone finds them, they can be arrested and sent away. That’s what happens to Isabella.

Isabella’s father is a politician, and she has been trained her entire life to smile and be pretty. However, trouble pops up when it turns out that Isabella is a third child. She gets sent off into space so that she can be trained to be a bride. She’s generally a good girl while she’s there, but she gets caught up in a rebellion led by another of the young women. The Warden has two choices, punish Isabella or find someone who can buy her immediately. The choice is made to immediately place Isabella.

Enter Zack and Noah. They are brothers from the planet Dayhari. On their planet, all women are pets of some sort, shape, or flavor. There are ponies, kittens, and service or house pets. Service pets are the ones who live in the house and take care of their masters. They may also do things like cigar service, which Isabella does for Zack and Noah. I had no clue what a cigar service was until I read it on Jennifer Bene’s blog a few weeks back. (What? I said I stalk authors.) Anyway, back to Sara and Isabella. Generally, pets break down into one of the three categories. However, there are exceptions. They are pets who are gifted. They excel in each of the categories.

The brothers’ plan is to find out which category Isabella fits into, train her, and then sell her at auction. They are considered to be the best trainers on Dayhari, and pets trained by them go quite well at auction. To find out which kind of pet Isabella is, they give her a day as a pony, a service pet, and a kitten.

To find out more, you either have to go read the story or keep reading down to the spoilers. Personally, I prefer that you go read the story, and I know that Sara does too. I really loved this book. I honestly couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Pet play isn’t for everyone, but Sara wrote it very well. I really recommend that anyone who loves kink check this out. You’ll definitely get quite the helping of kink. And of course, there is an awesome happily ever after for all involved, except maybe not for Becky.

While it’s part of a larger series, TTP can be read perfectly fine as a stand-alone.



OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time for the spoilers, opinions, and thoughts.

First, I’m not kidding when I say that this is my new favorite of her books. I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve read of hers, but one is the best, hands down. There’s just something about it that is so awesome. It is more intense than some of her other books. Each of her Captive Brides books has so far looked at different kinds of kink, so they are a good place to read about things that interest you.

There were a lot of things I really liked about this book, but the cigar service was, I think, my favorite scene in the whole book. It just seemed so loving and peaceful. It’s the perfect way for a sub to show their Dom their total submission. Isabella just falls into this peaceful place while she is doing it. She’s perfectly happy to kneel near her masters and wait for them to need something from her. Totally awesome scene.

I love that Zack and Noah take care of her, even when they have to punish her harshly because of another pet’s actions. The connection they have with Isabella is just fantastic. They never leave her wondering how they feel about her, even before they realize that she’s a gifted pet and can be happy no matter what. They aren’t even really influenced by how much money they could get from her if they were to auction her because she would be so valuable.

Anyway, TTP is an excellent story with great sex scenes. Seriously good sex scenes. Make sure you have batteries for BOB kind of sex scenes. I’ve never really been interested in trying pet play, but reading it, when it’s done well, is a totally different thing, and Sara did it really well. I can’t wait to see what she writes next. Rest assured, I will be right there waiting to read it and share it with you. Until then, happy reading!

Here’s my standard ARC disclosure. I got one, I wrote an entirely honest and voluntary review.