B. B. Blaque-The Masters MC: FTW

I’ve reviewed other B. B. Blaque books here before, but this is the first one of the Masters MC books I’ve reviewed. The closest I’ve come is one that features Kash, but is a what if situation, not the club as a whole. FTW features the whole club and dayum, it is so fucking good. I mean, I was totally wiped out by this book. And for the record? FTW here doesn’t mean for the win, it totally means Fuck The World. Yeah.

This is the 3rd book in the Masters MC series. The first book features Colt and Tuesday, and the second is Kash and Barely. Colt and Cash are best friends, who grew up in 2 different 1%er MCs. They got out of that life and decided to start their own club. They are also Doms, and the Masters MC is all about the BDSM lifestyle. The old ladies aren’t just old ladies, but slaves. In the BDSM sense, and consensually. Tuesday is a rich girl out of NOLA who ran away from that life and fell in with some bad guys, but luckily she found Colt, and they fell madly in love. Then, her half-sister, Barely, gets taken by their no-good father, who is an enemy of Colt’s and Kash’s fathers, and he literally locks her up in a cell in the basement and pimps her out. Colt, Kash, and the guys ride to her rescue, and Barely and Kash fall madly in love. And in their case, I’m pretty sure I mean madly. Barely and Kash are extreme, but it works for them, they are both happy, and they both get their needs met. Is it what I would want? Nope, but it works for them, and that’s the important thing. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from crushing so hard on Kash. So. Hard. Then there is Serenity. She’s like Colt and Kash’s little sister. They saved her and protect her now. She’s like the heart and soul of the entire club.

So, OK, now that you know some of the basic players, let’s talk about the story. The MC wakes up to find out that their bar is burning. And not just that their bar is burning, but that some of their people have gone missing. They were supposed to be opening up. Colt, Kash, and the boys head out there to find out what’s going on, only for one of the missing people to stagger out of the woods and tell them that there is someone else back where they came from and stuck in a ditch. There are members who are beat to 7 hells and back, and people who end up stuck in the hospital in comas.

I’m sure that you can guess that there is a whole lot of revenge, considering what I’ve told you about the guys, and there really is. A whole lot of revenge.

See, here’s the thing. This is, at its heart, a love story. It’s not your typical love story with hearts, and candy, and flowers. Although, I’m pretty sure that there may be some hearts, somewhere. This is the love story of two guys who might not be good by society’s standards, but who are good by their own standards. They don’t have society’s moral code, but they have their own. And when you break those guys, who may or may not be good guys, what’s going to happen?

Even though it’s a love story, it’s not just a love story. It’s a dark adventure full of vengeance, violence, and malevolence. That brings up the question of whether or not Colt, Kash, Sundown, and the rest of the guys are bad guys doing bad things, good guys doing bad things, or just guys who are going what needs to be done. I know what I think of them, but I’m deeply in love with this series and these characters, so it makes it easy to know what I think. Mostly.

I got really wrapped up in this book and was turned inside out and upside down. I was in a book hangover when I was done, and had to go read something so completely other, it isn’t even funny. This whole series has been one of those series where I’m glad I got to read it, but then I’m both mad and sad that I will never get to read it for the first time again. That is, to me, pretty much the ultimate compliment that I can pay any book. B. B. creates a helluva world and you aren’t ever going to get away from it once you have walked into it.

OK, no spoilers, but I have some pretty, pretty men to look at.

Jessie Cooke-Beck

Beck is the 7th book in Jessie’s Westside Skulls series, which is a spinoff of her Southside Skulls books, and which is spawning its own spinoff. It’s called the Phoenix Skulls, I think, I should go look, but if I get on my Kindle, I’ll end up involved in the book I’m reading, and I’ll never get back to blogging about this book. Damn books, always waiting to suck me in.

So, Beck is kind of unique to the MC books. While it does focus on the MC and on Jace, he isn’t the primary focus or even the primary voice. Beck is. Or more properly, Rebeckah. Yup, you read that right, she’s a woman. And she’s the one that the book is named after. And frankly, calling her a badass motherfucker is kind of insulting to Beck, because she can and will out badass the toughest badass. I mean, Chuck Norris calls her to help him when he can’t handle everything on his own, and he totally hero worships her. Beck is my kind of chick. She cusses, she loves sex and will go out and have sex whenever and with whoever she wants, and she’s just totally free and totally comfortable being who she is. I think that she is on my list of top heroines, because yeah. She’s fucking awesome. So, here’s how the story goes.

Beck was delivered on the side of the road by Coyote, of all people. Coyote, at the time, was the Prez of the Westside Skulls, the position which is now held by his son, Wolf. But there was a bond formed between Beck and Coyote. Each year, he sent her a letter and a gift for her birthday. She got to know him in a way that no one else really did. They talked about a lot of things, including the possibility of her patching into the MC after she proved herself. She really wanted to do that, because she thought of Coyote as kind of a surrogate father because hers died before she was ever born. She wanted to be like both of her fathers, a sailor in the Navy, and a member of the Westside Skulls. Not only did she want to be in the Navy, she wanted to be a SEAL, but the military, in its infinite wisdom, decided that women couldn’t be SEALs, so even though she could pass all the tests, and do it better than the men, because she was XX instead of XY, she couldn’t join. So now, after 17 years in the Navy, she’s totally done, and ready to move to the next part of her goal.

Jace has been a nomad going back and forth in between the Southside and the Westside Skulls. He’s also a famous bike guy. He makes custom bikes that are in high demand, and right now he’s out with the Westside guys so that he can customize a bike for a kid named Nate, who is 13, and who wants a bike just like his dad’s. One day, when he’s working on the bike, the bad guys come into the garage while he’s talking to Bruf, and they want to talk to Wolf. When it ends up as a gun battle, the guy who is trying to shoot Wolf ends up shot, but none of the guys did the deed. It was a woman who had just ridden in on her Harley, saw what was happening, and made a difficult shot to save Wolf. Jace is impressed and more than just a little turned on, but he figures that she will never be attracted to him. Right up until she is.

There are a lot of things that I really liked about this book. One of them is the chemistry and connection between Beck and Jace. From the very first time they have sex, Beck thinks that Jace is sexy, even though Jace doesn’t think so because he’s covered in nasty scars. Beck likes them because they make it look like he’s lived. Jace likes more than just her beauty. He likes the fact that she’s a total BAMF. And I mean, she is. She can outshoot, outfight, and outride any guy there. Like I said, fucking awesome. I really like that about Beck and about this book. While there are a lot of strong heroines out there, there aren’t a lot who are like Beck and who are as comfortable with themselves as she is. I am going to need so much more of her, K, Jessie?


The list that the boys make up for Beck to go through is just ridiculous. I really do hope that Wolf put them all through the shooting test she had to go through, at the very least. I would, however, have loved to see the riding test between her and Bruf. That would have been pretty fucking awesome, I think. I mean, yeah, it sounds like some kind of dance.

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the Phoenix story. It sounds really interesting.

OK, that’s all for this one. If you like MCs and tough heroines, go check this one out. Happy reading!

Leah Sharelle-His Man

Leah Sharelle and her Wounded Souls guys were new to me, but they are definitely going to go in my MC rotation, and yes, there are times when I go on MC kicks, so I have collections set up on my Kindle so that I can read them when I want. It is a serial, but the books focus on different couples. The books are part of an overall storyline. His Man is a novella in the series, written because people wanted to know more about Ford, and really, I totally understand why, because Ford is freaking AWESOME.

Before I talk about Ford and Lucky, I need to talk about the real star of the book, Shiloh. She’s the Wounded Souls’ princess, and is 4 going on 21. She’s just a delight, and I really loved every interaction with her. I can’t wait to see her all grown up and to see her in her book.

Anyway, the majority of the Wounded Souls, or at least the base group, were in the same unit in the Australian armed forces, and they went through some shit, and it ended up with friends dead. While they were in the Sandbox, Ford and Bryce, AKA Lucky, had a secret relationship. Well, maybe not relationship so much as a series of encounters. Ford has always been out, and most of Bryce’s brothers in the MC know that he’s gay, but he’s closeted. And now that they’re both back and both in the same MC, there’s a lot of tension. You see, Lucky is engaged to a woman and is playing straight for his family, which is killing him and is hurting Ford so bad.

Like I said, I think that Ford is pretty awesome. He’s really comfortable with who he is. He is also the cool uncle to all the kids of the Wounded Souls, and they all love Fordy, because who wouldn’t? I’m back and forth on Lucky during this book. I think that most of my problem with him is the fact that he’s not comfortable with himself and he’s walking with a foot on each side of the line and it’s tearing him apart as well as a lot of other people. I don’t have problems with him for trying to figure out who he is and where he belongs, I have problems with the way that he is hurting people, I think. I don’t dislike him. I just don’t always like him, if you know what I mean. But Ford? Yeah, love him.


I hated Ava and I loved it when Bryce finally told her off. She totally deserved it, and she might have deserved even more than what he said.

I loved the idea of Darth watching out for everyone from above. It’s really awesome, and he really wouldn’t want to leave Shiloh alone.

OK, that’s all for this one today. Go check out the whole series, it’s in KU, and find out why I love Shiloh and why I think Ford is teh awesome. Happy reading!

Giana Darling-Good Gone Bad

I fell in with The Fallen Men MC back in the last book in the series. It was the second book in the series, about Zeus Garro. The first book was about his son, King. Good Gone Bad is about Harleigh Rose, Zeus’ daughter and Fallen Men Princess. I know that her name probably has more to do with Harley Davidson motorcycles than Harley Quinn, the comic book character, but as I’m currently watching Suicide Squad for the 1897439849th time, I’m kind of stuck seeing Harleigh as Harley, mostly for the BAMF factor.

Anyway, I fell in love with Harleigh Rose during that book. I thought that she was fierce and loyal. If she loves you, she will have your back, always, and will go to the mat for you in a fight. She will do anydamnthing she has to in order to make sure that her family is safe, and for H.R., family isn’t just blood. She grew up as an MC princess, and the Fallen Men are part of her family as well. And frankly, when I say anything, I am not exaggerating.

So, H.R. is now just about to finish college to become a nurse. She no longer lives in the same town as her family so that she can go to school. She’s also dating Cricket, a member of the Berserker MC. Or at least, she was dating Cricket. Right up until she put a cleaver in his neck for trying to rape her after spending years of abusing her. She’s been hiding it from her family, because she feels ashamed that she has spent years being abused. (Protip: no one should EVER feel ashamed of being abused. It’s not your fault that it’s happening. It can be hard for you to realize that you are being abused until something big happens, because the abuser rarely starts out by beating you bloody. It starts slow and gets worse. If you are in an abusive relationship, there are places you can go for help. /steps off soapbox)

When she realizes that she’s killed Cricket, she has so many options as to what to do. She could call Zeus or King who would make it disappear like it never happened and then take her home and make her feel safe. However, that’s not what she did. Instead, she calls the man who has been her savior since she was 6 and says Lion, I’ve done something wrong.

Lionel Danner was there to help Harleigh Rose on one of the worst days of her life, the day her daddy got shot when he was saving Louise. She was 6 that day, and many, many times over the intervening years, he’s been there to save her, including when her abusive mother ODed one more time, and he and his family took H.R. and King in so that they would be safe until Zeus got out of prison. Four years ago, he had to separate himself from Harleigh Rose because he’s 10 years older than her and he was starting to feel all the things for her. Now, he’s a cop, and when she calls him and needs him, he drops everything to be there for her. Of course, because he’s the police, Cricket’s death doesn’t just disappear like it would have if her family had taken care of it, but her Lion is still there to stand in between her and the rest of the police and to hand her to her family so she can be safe.

When Cricket’s funeral comes around, as an MC princess, she knows that she has to go to Cricket’s funeral. As his ol’ lady, it’s expected. And that’s when she gets a huge surprise, Lionel has patched into the Berserkers. Not only that, he’s hanging with her best friend. And, his road name is Lion, the name she’s used for him all his life.

I like Lion for so many reasons. One reason is that he’s willing to go toe-to-toe with Zeus over what he thinks is the right thing to do. And he’ll do it, even if it pisses people off, including the giant MC prez. He’s also willing to stand up to and for his Rosie when she needs it. He turns into her dirty Dom when he needs to and when she needs him to. You wouldn’t think that H.R. would be any kind of subbie girl, but being strong and fierce and a BAMF doesn’t mean that you don’t have a subbie streak too. And that’s what Lion does for Rosie. He gives her the safe place she needs in order to get her needs met, and he’s there to lift her up and give her strength when she needs it. But, he’s also not trying to control all aspects of her life and realizes that she’s strong and there are things that she’s going to do, so it’s better to go along with her and support her than to try and tell her no and make it so that she is going to do it anyway, without him there to help her. Remember, this is Harleigh Rose, daughter of Zeus, sister of King, princess to the Fallen Men MC. She has grown up in an MC and while her dad may have kept her out of some of the club business, she’s still absorbed this stuff all her life, and she’s never going to be willing to have someone stand as her shield. She’s going to need someone to stand with her, and that’s what Lion does. He stands with her and supports her and makes sure she has a safe place to go and loves her.


OK, I got so fucking pissed at Zeus for the way that he wrote off Harleigh Rose. I mean, as her father, and knowing how loyal she is to him and her family, he should’ve known that she wouldn’t ever betray the Fallen Men. He should’ve trusted her and understood that there was something going on and some reason that she would have backed off from talking to everyone. He made things even harder for her and took more of the light that she needed away. Of course, he didn’t know what he had done, all he knew was that he had cut off a traitor. I cried. It was sad. I kind of hated Zeus at that moment. In my head, LouLou smacked him upside the back of his head when she found out the entire story of what was going on.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this one. If you like MC with a touch of dark, dirty, and taboo, check out the entire series. Happy reading!

Kristen Hope Mazzola-5-fer

Today is an interesting treat. We’ve got 5 Kristen Hope Mazzola books in one post. Four of the books are from the Unacceptables MC series and the 5th is a hockey book. They are all from Kindle Worlds and Kristen rereleased them today, with some extra stuff included, I believe. As I didn’t read them before, I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure that I saw that. All 5 books are super quick reads. I don’t think any of them took me more than about 75 minutes or so to read, so you know that they are getting down into the relationship fairly quickly. But, they are all enjoyable reads, perfect for when you need something quick and relatively short to read.

Since the hockey story is all by itself, let’s start with Cherry Picked. This the story of Chase and Nikki. He’s come to NYC to play for his dream hockey team, she’s come to NYC to become a prima ballerina with the NY ballet. They are both pretty young, Nikki is just 19, so this is a new adult kind of romance too.

Nikki and Chase meet in a bookstore because she’s reading his favorite book. He pretty much immediately falls in love with her and her with him, and they spend the next 2 weeks together as much as possible, only separating when Chase has to practice.

The story is a sweet one and the sex scenes are pretty tame when it comes to description, so if you like sweet and just a little steamy, this is probably a good one for you.

The Unacceptables

The Unacceptables are a motorcycle club that has several chapters. Four, I think. There are 9 books in the series altogether, and I read 5, 6, 7, and 8. Each of the books is basically a standalone, with the couple’s story winding up in the book, but there is some kind of rough storyline. I haven’t read the first 4 books, but I didn’t feel like I didn’t know what was going on, and I got to know the characters pretty well, so it all worked out OK. I will mention that I think the books bounce back and forth chronologically a bit, probably because they were all in various Kindle Worlds. I would probably read these in this order, 5 & 8 then 6 & 7, and that’s how I have them listed here. That’s just my opinion, and you don’t have to follow it.


Bear is an Unacceptables Prez. He and his VP Jaxon are riding home following a terrible event. On the highway right before they get to their exit, they come across a motorcycle on the side of the road and a woman who was obviously on it. Bear does CPR while waiting for the first responders to show and then follows her to the hospital. There’s just something about her that he is drawn to.

Scarlett walked into her house after grocery shopping to find her husband balls deep in her best friend. She takes her friend’s clothes, lights them on fire, then throws them out the window. That’s pretty damn epic if you ask me. Then she pulls a gun on her husband and tells him that it’s over. She grabs some panties, tosses them in a bag, jumps on her bike, and heads to Atlanta. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in the hospital, with a tattooed guy in a cut standing there.


We’re back with Bear and Scarlett sometime after the end of the first book (but before its epilogue). Her now ex-husband and shown up and wants to cause some trouble. Bear and Scarlett escape out to some of the other chapters so that Scarlett can be safe while Bear takes care of business.


Ryan is Cass’s brother’s best friend. Along with his brother, the 4 of them are inseparable and have a good old time. Then Ryan’s older brother, who is in the service, dies. On the night of his viewing, they all go out to have a bonfire like they used to before Cam died. Ryan and Cass spend some quality time, then he tells her he’s joined the Marines.

Ten years later, she’s engaged to another man, Ryan’s an Unacceptable. But when the two of them see each other again, it’s almost like no time has passed at all.


Ryan and Cass have been together for a while now, and while he no longer wears the patches, in his heart, he’s still an Unacceptable. So, when things come up, what’s he going to do?

I would consider the books MC-lite, except for Unscarred, which does get a little darker in places than the others are. The stories are spicy but more like banana pepper spicy and not ghost pepper spicy. They are all pretty good, and the characters have a good connection.

So, no spoilers today. Go check out these books, they are all in KU and the 9th book of the Unacceptables comes on later this month. Happy reading!


Jessie Cook-Wolf

So, this is another motorcycle club book. I really enjoy reading these books. I mean, the bad boy is such a hot and sexy idea, right? I don’t know that I would actually want to hook up with any of these guys, but that won’t stop me from thinking about it and reading the books. And frankly, if any of them were like Wolf, I may certainly consider it.

This is sort of the first/second book of a spinoff series. There is a prequel to this book, but in my opinion, it’s much less a prequel and much more a first book, with this one being the second. In fact, if you look at it on Amazon, this is listed as Wolf 2, so it’s up to you how you want to think about it. It’s a spinoff of the Southside Skulls MC books, but if you haven’t read them, don’t sweat it, this is a standalone and you will understand what’s going on.

Here’s the story. Wolf is the head of the Westside Skulls, in CA. They are trying to partner up with the Southside Skulls in Boston. To that end, they’ve created a MMA gym and some of the guys from the Southside Skulls are there to train because one of them is going to go on a big pay-per-view fight.

Meanwhile, Wolf is dealing with the betrayal of his wife and all the fall out. He isn’t looking for a new ol’ lady because he’s pretty sure that he will never love anyone ever again. He’s just perfectly happy occasionally spending happy sexy fun times with his soulmate, who is his best friend. They don’t love each other romantically, but they are absolutely best friends and incredibly close. (I love that Wolf thinks of Tricia as his soulmate and says something along the lines of soulmates don’t have to be romantic love, they just have to come into your life and match your soul. I think that’s a great idea. I also like that Jessie wrote it so that the only people they have sex with without condoms is each other. For some reason, that was just an interesting point to me.) Anyway, he finds out that his Veep is having problems with trying to figure out the money, so they try to get their money guy, only to find out that he’s missing. They get a message from the person who says he has him and he wants stuff, because of course.

On the other of the law, we have Bailey. She’s a psych for the Department of Corrections. Her job is to talk to parolees and such to determine if they are safe to come out and be around society and to make sure that they are meeting the conditions of their parole and aren’t a danger to anyone around them. When her weasally co-worker sends one of his patients over to her, the guy ends up kidnapping her. Apparently her scummy co-worker had been bondying with Mouse, the kidnapper, and told them that he and Bailey were lovers and that she was fucking kinky. When Mouse was betrayed, he decided to pay the scumbucket back by taking, raping, and killing his girlfriend.

Wolf and his guys are looking for their money man, who just happens to be tied up with Bailey, and they end up saving Bailey and their guy, while Mouse ends up dead. Bailey and Wolf aren’t able to get the other out of their mind, even though they are both sure that nothing will work out between them.

There are a lot of things that happen in this book. There’s betrayal, love, lying, stress, hot sex, and of course, MMA fighting. There are also a lot of discoveries, apparently even brothers from another mother can have secrets from each other. I didn’t particularly like Bailey’s suggestion as to how Wolf could handle certain things, but I understood where she was coming from. I also understood where Wolf was coming from when it came to her suggestion and how he handled it. They have two opposing viewpoints from opposite sides of the world and it was one of those things that made it difficult for them.


I think that Bruf’s history is very interesting, and I can’t wait to find out more about his story. I’m really pulling for him and Sabrina, because it’s so obvious how much they want to be together. I think Wolf needs to get the hell out of their way and let it happen.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Lane Hart & D. B. West-Chase

Another day, another book, and another bad boy on a motorcycle. Husband and wife DB West and Lane Hart have brought us Chase, the first book in a new MC series.

This one is a second chance romance, which, if you’ve read here for a while, you know that I have a soft place in my black little heart for second chance romances. This one made me happy and made my black little heart a little less black for a little while.

Chase and Sasha were just teenagers when they first fell in love. Right after her 18th birthday, they went and got their names tattooed on each other. He had Sasha put on his chest, she had Chase tattooed on her wrist. This led to one of the nicest little quickie scenes I’ve seen in a while, which led to her agreeing to elope with her. o bad that none of this could last. They get in a bad accident because a drunk driver hits them. Chase gets off pretty easy, but Sasha ends up in the hospital and has to have a lot of surgery to repair various problems. This causes them to end up breaking up and spending 10 years apart.

Fast forward 10 years, Chase is a VP in the MC he was prospecting when he and Sasha were dating. Sasha is now a reporter for the local TV news. He watches her every night on the news. One particular night, she’s reporting from the scene of a car accident. One that Chase may or may not have caused and where he may or may not have been seen. And that’s where all the trouble starts.

Torin, Chase’s brother and prez of their MC, tells Chase that he needs to get Sasha under control because she’s going to cause problems. Sasha, being a reporter, finds out that there is stuff going on that Chase didn’t know about. There is intrigue and suspense all over the place, as well as some really, really hot sex.

So, I really love both Sasha and Chase. Even better, I really love them as a couple. And I have to say, I love that there are brothers named Abe and Gabe in this MC. I also gotta love a MC that’s thinking ahead and wants to keep the really nasty drugs out of their area and attract more tourists for more money for the area. That’s a little different from what you normally see in MC books, but it’s a nice change. It lets the series stand out a little more. I didn’t like Torin at any point in the book, and when it comes his time for a book, I’m going to really hope that the authors can rehab him. It’s not always easy to do that.


I would be good money that the secret that Torin was trying to hide was that he fucked another woman. That’s the only thing that I could see him doing that would be as damaging as he said it would. I’m just wanting to know how well paying off that blackmail money worked for him. Damn, yeah, I know that makes me sound cold-hearted, but then again, I am. I said I didn’t like him. I don’t think he deserved what happened, but I still don’t like him.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. The book was well-written and the story moved well. Go check it out. Happy reading!