Maddie Taylor-Dare to Love Again

Once again, we’re back at Club Decadence LA. Today, we’re going to be playing with Master K/Master Finn/St. Kieran the Patient and Esme in Dare to Love Again. I’ve enjoyed the LA books, and I’ve found that they all have one thing in common. They are all about second chances. Not necessarily second chances with the same partner years later, but second chances at life and love. All three heroines have had some kind of trauma of one sort or another, some more traumatic than others, and they are waking up again and getting their lives back.

Before we get too far into the blog, I have to remark on Esme’s name. Her whole name is Samantha Esmerelda Spade. Now, I know I’ve talked about Maddie and the way that she plays with words before, and she’s done it again with this one. If you like film noire, you may want to shorten Esme’s first name and see what you get. If you are like me and grew up in the ’70s, then you might recognize the names Samantha and Esmerelda from a more magical setting.

OK, now for the book. Five years ago, Esme’s husband and Dom, Andrew, was murdered. Not just murdered, but shot in front of her and bled out in her arms. For all that time, subbie Esme has been alone and stuck. She has nightmares, she can’t really cope with a whole lot, and she’s still living in the same town she did when her husband died. Her friend Pax finally gets her to move out with him to LA, where he can help her. Part of helping her involves getting her a membership to Decadence, where she can hopefully find a new Dom. Pax plans on helping her, but has to go undercover, so Esme ends up going to the club a couple of times a week on her own, but never plays.

One night, she goes to the club and doesn’t realize that it’s Edge Night. This doesn’t mean that all the subs are being edged with orgasm denial. No, this means that there is a lot of play that is more extreme, right on the edge, so to speak. Things like needle play, for example. That’s when Carlos shows up. He grabs her, calls her names, doesn’t listen to when she says no, and tells her he’s going to whip her bloody. She has to call red to get him to leave her alone. That’s when Master Finn first notices her, as he comes to her rescue.

Master Eric, being the Domly Dom that he is, pulls Esme aside and tells her that she has to stop just watching and she needs to find a Dom. Then he pulls in his friend Kieran Finnegan and tells him that he wants for Finn to be Esme’s Dom so that he can help her. Who knew that Doms could be matchmakers?

I felt so bad for Esme. I can’t imagine being stuck with that kind of tragedy in your head. I know what it’s like to spend years and years without the kind of intimacy being in a relationship gives you, and that’s really hard and lonely, and that’s without dealing with the whole not getting her subbie side met. Finn really is a very patient person, which pretty much makes him perfect for Esme. Did I mention that Esme and I have very similar tastes in music? Yeah, some of those songs got me through some bad times too.


Yeah, I know, the whole corset piercing scene was just one small little scene in the book, but I love the way that they look, and that carried on in my head, so here, have a pretty picture.

I knew I didn’t trust Esme’s boss, but I have to say, I didn’t expect it to go the way that it did. I expected something completely different there.

OK, That’s all I have to say today. Go and read all of Maddie’s Club Decadence books, you’ll thank me. Happy reading!

Maddie Taylor-Under His Command

We’re moving from outer space and alien militaries to Coronado in California and the SEALs with Maddie Taylor. Today, we’re going back to Club Decadance and we’re going to be Under His Command.

Cassie is a 30-year-old woman who still looks like she’s 18. She’s on Coronado so that she can start her new job. On the night before she starts her job, she’s out walking the beach. She grew up in California and loves the ocean. While Cassie is out walking the beach, she runs into some other young people who are playing beach volleyball. When they notice that she’s watching them, they invite her to play with them and hang out afterward and have a beer. After spending time with these folks, she decides to commune with the ocean by standing in it, but only up to her ankles. She just stands there and enjoys the feel of the ocean and the sand. But then, the ocean does what the ocean does. Since the tide is coming in, some large waves start coming in and knock her over. Then there was a hand helping her up and out of the water. If you are a petite person, it probably doesn’t take a lot of wave to knock you down. I’m not a petite person, and I’ve been knocked over by waves when I’m out at the beach.

Anyway, her rescuer starts to lecture her, especially when he realizes that she’s been drinking and that she smells of marijuana smoke. Not that she partook, but there were people smoking around her. Then, he threatens to spank her. Now, Cassie is a sub. She likes being spanked. Not necessarily by pushy men who drag her out of the ocean though. When she stands up to him, he apologizes and introduces himself as Flint and his lovely dog, Roscoe.

On the morning of her first day of her new job, on the Navy base at Coronado, guess who should show up? Of course it’s Flint, a Commander in the SEALs and head of training for the seals.

For his part, no matter how attracted he is to Cassie, and he really is, Flint knows that he has to stay away from her. She’s a kid, he’s pretty sure, just out of college, and too young for him, by far. Plus, she looks so innocent, and he wants to do a lot of dirty and not-innocent things to her. So, he develops a friendship with her where they go out to lunch and do things, but strictly as friends. What he doesn’t know is that he gives Cassie a case of screaming thigh sweats, and she’s working just as hard to not be attracted to him, because she’s sure that he thinks of her as just a little sister, for as many times as he calls her kid.

You could almost laugh at all the misunderstandings and false assumptions that go into this book, except it’s not all that nice to laugh when people are so upset, and they really get that way. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a book without that kind of stuff, since that conflict is what makes a story. But, you know what I mean. I love how the relationship builds in between Flint and Cassie. The book takes place over a period of months, which means you really aren’t getting instalove, but a much more organic kind of love, when everyone just builds to it. I’m not blasting instalove, because it has a good place, and hell, I knew my husband about 3 months before we got married and I was 6 weeks pregnant, so I must have some kind of love for instalove. It’s nice to see instalove and it’s nice to see love that builds and blooms. They both have their place and time.


navy-seals (1)

Yup, that’s really what part of Navy SEALs training looks like. The Military channel ran a show that followed a class of SEALs as they started the training and all the way through. I’m pretty sure they don’t call parts of it hell for no reason. But, they are supposed to be the elite of the elite, so you have to weed them out so that you can find the elite. You only want the ones that can stand up to it.

OMG, Charles. How did that scumbag get into Decadence at all? I’m glad that Flint beat him up the second time around. What kind of Dom doesn’t listen to a sub that he’s never scened with before and who didn’t agree to go with him now when she tells him to leave her alone? And seriously, she owed him absolutely nothing at all, period.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check out this book, and all of Maddie’s other books. I promise you don’t be disappointed.

Maddie Taylor-Master My Love

I love clever wordplay, especially when it comes to book titles. One of the things I like about Maddie Taylor’s Master My Love is that you can leave it as is and have the sentence mean one thing, or add a comma, Master, My Love, and have the sentence mean an entirely different thing, and both of those things work really well for this book. I think it’s pretty awesome. There are a lot of things I like about this book, and I’ll get to the rest of them.

Valerie is a 40something woman who has always known that she wanted to have more when it came to sex. She’s always felt kind of submissive, but her late husband, who she adored, didn’t have a dominant bone in his body, so she figured that she would never be able to find out. But now her kids are in college, she’s single, and she got an invite to the new sub night at the local BDSM club. She doesn’t know who sent the invite, but she knows that she really wants to go. The problem is, when she gets there, she’s kind of scared. It takes a lot of energy to talk herself into it, and just as she’s about to talk herself out of going altogether, along comes Master T, who helps her settle and tells her that he will stay with her and introduce her to some of the fluffier Doms. As a sidenote, are there fluffy Doms?

But, problems arise when she and Master T get into the club. Since she doesn’t know who sent her the invite, she doesn’t have anyone to sponsor her. T says that he will, but then Master Eric, the man in charge of Decadence LA walks up and isn’t all that happy. He and T snipe at each other in that way that men do, and Eric finally walks off, saying that she will need to be collared and leashed and stuck like glue to T. But when T mysteriously gets called away, Eric steps in to show her around, and eventually invites her to the sub classes that are starting up soon.

So, I promised that I would talk about things I liked about this book, other than the title. Well, the biggest thing that I like about this book is that Valerie isn’t a perfect 20something. She’s an older woman who has born two children, and her body is the body of a 40 year old who has had 2 kids. Even if you are in the best shape of the world, aging and having kids will make things sag and move. So there’s that. Another thing I love is that Master T is younger than her and is all trying to move on her, which is so awesome. It’s so much more common to see an older man trying to get on the PYT. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love reading that. But, as a 40something woman with an imperfect body, seeing a heroine who could be me in a romance book is always awesome. Then there is the fact that in her 40s, Valerie is starting to explore her full sexuality and to see if she likes the reality of the things that she’s been fantasizing about all her life. (We all know that fantasy=/=reality) That just shows that it’s never too late to figure out who you are and that we never stop being sexual beings. So, all that, on top of Maddie’s excellent writing, a great love story, and steamy sex, and it’s no wonder I love this book so much and it drilled its way into my heart.

Now, before you wonder if I’ve lost my mind (spoiler: I never had it in the first place) and wonder what a gardening scene has to do with a BDSM book, you really need to read the book and find out.


I’m never, ever going to look at a carousel the same way again, but I’m pretty sure that this is one I’d really like to try. I think. I’d have to screw my courage to the sticking place, sure, but I think it would probably be worth it.

And, watching out for bratty switches who want attention is always a good warning. LOL.

That’s all I have to say about this one today. Go check it out and fall in love with Valerie and Eric, and see why I think that the title, however you punctuate it, is perfect. Happy reading!

3 Ms-Wonderfully Wicked

There’s a reason that I’m calling Morganna Williams, Maddie Taylor, and Meredith O’Reilly the 3 Ms. That’s because the 3 of them share a newsletter, and that’s how it comes. And also, I’m just terribly amused by it. And as a side note, can I just say how awesome I think the name Morganna is? It’s not one you see a lot, so it’s so neat.

Anyway, back to Wonderfully Wicked. Morganna, Maddie, and Meredith have collectively written 12 stories. Many of them are pretty short, which is hard to do. I’ve heard writers say that writing really short stories are harder than writing the longer stories. I expect that would be true because trying to keep everything tight in 300 words would be harder than 3000 words. Not that any of the stories are that short, but you get what I’m saying, right?

Most of the stories are more like glimpses of a day in the life. We are getting a look at the life of the couple and whatever the reason is that the woman is getting spanked. These are the shorter ones. I really liked them because. There are also several that are holiday themed, which was really nice, especially when you get to think about shamrock underwear. There are some longer ones which is really nice. Sometimes, in anthologies, it can take you forever to feel like you are getting anyway, but with the size differences going on in the stories, it really does make it feel like you are reading the book really fast. And, of course, since some of the stories really are short, quick reads, you really are reading them that fast. As an example, I sat out on my front porch eating breakfast yesterday, and found that one of the shorter stories, the Valentine’s Day story, was the perfect length for me to read and enjoy over breakfast.

I’m not going to summarize all of them, mostly because it’s really hard to do that with short stories. I will say that my favorite story is Maddie’s 2 part story, Bridget’s Brilliantly Bad Idea. There are so many reasons why, but I really liked Bridget, I though that she was pretty funny when she was pretending to be drunk, and I just liked her as a character. I have a confession to make, just like Sean, I haven’t seen Bridget Jone’s Diary either. I’m not a chick flick kind of chick.

Seriously, I can’t recommend this book enough. The 3 Ms are very talented writers, and I really enjoy reading all of their books, but getting a chance to have stories by all of them in one place? Totally awesome! So, hit up the Zon, read the stories, tell me what you think. Happy Reading!


Maddie Taylor-Defying the General

I think that the first Maddie Taylor book I read was The Barbarian’s Captive, which is the first book of the Primarian Mates series. I bought each one as soon as I possibly could and I was a happy camper. I look forward to each book, and I’m pretty invested in the recurring characters. Defying the General is the 4th book in the series, and it’s the most emotionally tense one, for me at least.

So, here’s the basic background on the series. The Earth is basically imploding. There are constant natural disasters and it’s a ticking time bomb. There are many more women than there are men, so the government decided to send out a ship full of 300 women to go out and explore the universe. They are on a mission to find a planet that is similar enough to Earth that they can colonize. Eventually, the goal will be to have as many humans as possible off Earth and on to the colonized planet.

A few years into their mission, our intrepid heroes find a planet that looks like it will fit. Some of the women go down in a shuttle so that they can evaluate the planet to see if it will work. While they are there, they run into some huge barbarian looking dudes who are running around in loincloths. Some of the scientists manage to get back to the shuttle and get away from the barbarians who are chasing them. Eight of the women don’t. They are captured by the barbarians who aren’t really barbarians but men from an advanced society who are come to this planet to hunt.

The women on their home planet all have massive issues with infertility due to outside causes. That means that as a species they are going to die unless they can find a species that they can cross-breed with. Humans fit. Humans and Primarians are genetically compatible. So, the 8 women are taken to the homeworld, where they are tested for compatibility to the men who captured them, and then they are mated.

Defying is the story of Lana and Trask. Trask is the highest military authority on Primara. He’s cousin to the leader and related to a huge chunk of the council. He’s a VVIP. Lana is a geologist. She and Trask manage to make their relationship work almost from the beginning. It looks like they are going to be one of the relationships that starts out smoothly and just keeps trucking along. However, she starts getting sick whenever Trask is around, very sick with migraines and can’t keep anything down. The healers can’t figure out what’s wrong with her. With a treaty made with Earth, she now has the ability to petition to dissolve their mating, which she does, telling Trask she’d rather be back on Earth.

I will fully admit to crying my fucking eyes out on this one. I just cried and cried. I loved Lana and Trask when we first met them, and when they showed up every other time in the books, I was glad to see them. But their own book? There were some seriously sad bits. I ended up with a huge pile of tissues next to me, and since I was reading in the middle of the night, I had to be really careful to be quiet so that I didn’t disturb my husband. Honestly, I couldn’t put this one down until it ended. When it was done, I felt weirdly hollow and happy. It sounds like a really fucked-up combination, and it is, but it’s the way that I felt. I really went on a roller coaster emotionally, and had that whole stomach dropping feeling going on, but in a good way. Go and read the whole series, it’s a great one. It is very kinky as well as a great story.


Ugh, I hated that Lana and Trask were apart for so long. It was so terrible. Poor Lana just never got better from being away from Trask. When they met on the ship right after they left, I was hurt for both of them. It was so traumatic. I was mad at Trask, I mean, couldn’t he tell how much she was hurting? He was supposed to love her and it was so obvious that she was lying to him, but…

I’m not surprised that the bad guy turned out to be who the bad guy was. What a prick.

I can’t wait for the next one. I’m pretty sure who the next couple will be. I can’t wait to see if I’m right.

OK, that’s all for today. I’m going to go settle in with my Sansa Rayne book and eat some canollis. Go check these books out and see what you think. Happy reading!

Maddie Taylor-Carly’s Crush

You’ll remember that I had a Maddie Taylor book on here just last week. Lovely scifi menage. This one is a nice Valentine’s Day short. Quick, hot, and sweet. The perfect V-Day treat for your brain. I really enjoyed reading Carly’s Crush.

So, Carly works in an upscale mall at a lingerie boutique. You know, the kind of place where two pieces of lace and 6 inches of silk cost $350. Carly loves to work with all the pretties, design the windows, and help out with the books. She works at the store part-time while she is getting her MBA. She can’t really afford the delicate pieces of silk and lace frillies that she works with, even with the discount, but she at least gets to see them.

Carly also has a huge crush on Trent. Trent runs the security firm which acts as mall security. He is the big bad badass Special Forces vet who is uber hot. She has memorized his schedule and manages to be standing out by the entrance when he walks by and she arranges to work the nights he’s there. Everyone she works with knows about her crush, and so do some of the security guards. The only person who doesn’t have a clue is Trent. He’s noticed her but he thinks that she’s too young and innocent for him.

This story is very sweet. It does have a little bit of the whole comedy of errors going on in it. That just adds to the charm and to the love story between Trent and Carly. This really is the perfect Valentine’s Day story, even for people like me, who hate Valentine’s Day.


I did laugh out loud at Carly’s seduction scene. It was so totally something that I might do. Especially trying to find the “perfect” sexy position. I just loved that. Made Carly feel so real.

I loved the whole epilogue. Very nice. Perfect ending to the whole story and a great way to top it off.

Maddie Taylor-The Renegades Reward

I love everything I have read that Maddie Taylor has written. I own several of her books, and I love the Primarian Mates series. Go check it out. But, The Renegades’ Reward isn’t part of that series, so let’s get on with that, shall we?

At almost 25, Daniella Alltryp has been sent by her father to Elzor. This planet full of blue people hasn’t been one of the places that she’s always wanted to see, but she’s spent her entire life until now isolated and she’s always wanted to travel, so she’ll take what she can get. She’s been staying with the royal family and has been wined and dined by them. She thinks it’s somewhat odd, but her father is rich, rich, rich, and very influential, so who knows. It isn’t until halfway through her trip that she finds out that she’s being considered as Prince Ivar’s bride. She definitely does not want to marry him, not one little bit. On her way to the spaceport to go home, a taxi driver clues her in and tells her that the royal men are having fertility issues and that the 4 brothers have had 10 wives between them and if the wives aren’t pregnant by the 1st anniversary, then they are offed. I mean, these guys make Henry VIII look positively sweet and cuddly. When she hears that, she’s absolutely positively positive that she wants nothing to do with Ivar. All she has to do is hang on until she turns 25 in a few days, get her trust, and be free of her father. What she didn’t count on was a big monkey wrench being tossed into her plans, and getting kidnapped by pirates.

Twin brothers Jaylin and Malik are Trilorian mercenaries. Dani’s father is holding their ship ransom. However, when he gets the ransom note for Dani, he calls Jaylin and says that he’ll sign their ship over to them and pay them if they will go rescue her. Since they are tired of dealing with Dani’s father and being stuck on Earth, they take up on his offer.

Malik is worried because he knows his older brother. Jaylin likes women, a lot. Dani looks like the kind of woman that Jaylin would like. The problem is that Jaylin and Malik’s wife died 5 years ago, and while Jaylin has moved on, Malik is mired in the grief and wants nothing to do with women. Trilorian men mate in pairs, so he’s also keeping Jaylin from finding out if there is another woman that he thinks will make a good third member of their triad. And then in walks Dani.

I think that this is a good place for us to break. If you like hot menage action, this is definitely the book for you. If you like intrigue and adventure, this is the book for you. If you like romance and love overcoming everything, then definitely the book for you. In other words, this is probably the book for you. It’s all about healing and finding love. Jaylin and Malik are really sweet to Dani, even before anything happens between the three of them. Jaylin is also devious, but only in the best ways and for the best of reasons.


I do think it’s kind of bad of the brothers to keep going with the cyborg thing after it started with Jaylin making a joke at Malik’s expense. Dani thought so too, so I wasn’t wrong in that.

Dani’s father is a complete and utter asshole in so many different ways, but karma is also a bitch and she has something to say to Daniel Alltryp. In fact, she ends up saying quite a bit to him, and I applauded her for it.

I love the person who ends up helping out Jaylin and Malik. It’s a total surprise and a most welcome one.

See if you can find the bit towards the end that made me laugh out loud. I love easter eggs, and this was a really good one, so go Maddie!

I am all out of words to say about this that won’t completely spoil you, so check it out and see why I like it so much. Happy reading!