Jane Henry-Opposition

Today, we’re going to NYC and visiting Club Verge again with Jane Henry. We’re going to see some Opposition, and it’s going to be really interesting.

Cora is a good friend of Chandra and Giada, both of whom are submissives, and we’ve seen them both in other Club Verge books. Go check them out. She also works at Marla’s bookstore. Marla is a sub, but she doesn’t have a permanent Dom. I’m going to say that it’s probably yet, not never. I expect that we will see her featured soon enough. Cora also is a bartender at Verge, because Marla and Chandra got her the job. She needs to have as many jobs as she can get because she’s in college, and she’s the guardian of her two younger sibs, her sister Bailey who is 14, and Ben, who is 10. She is working all the hours of the day, and is fucking broke and exhausted.

On a day where her younger sister has just called because she doesn’t know what to make for dinner and the only thing in the house is a box of mac and cheese, and Cora hasn’t eaten since breakfast, a customer comes in and starts giving Cora attitude for being on the phone with “her boyfriend” instead of serving him immediately. He makes fun of the books, he’s just a general fucking prick. It’s obvious he’s rich and snooty and used to being obeyed. Once he’s gone, she brushes him off her day, and heads to Verge, where there’s a Masquerade going on.

Liam is rich and used to getting his way. He owns a very high powered Wall Street company and he’s a Dom, so yeah, more money than he knows what to do with, and no one really says no to him. So, when he decides to go to Club Verge for the night, he remembers that it’s a theme night, and dresses up as a mime. He gets there, and lo and behold, he finds Cora at the bar and signals for her to come to him. She does, and they have a little bit of fun, or a lot of bit, maybe. But she doesn’t know who he is. Yet.

OMG, I really didn’t like Liam at the beginning of the book. It took me forever and ever and ever to warm up to him. And even then, he’s definitely not my favorite of Jane’s heros, not by a long shot. I really did want to just strangle him almost every time he talked there for a while, because really, he just made me that mad. He’s a prick. I know, I know, it’s probably hard for you to get how I feel about Liam, I’m just so subtle.

I love Cora. She’s fabulous. She’s also feisty and fierce. She’s not afraid to say no to the big bad Dom, whether or not he likes it, or even whether or not she gets her ass spanked for it. She’s also not afraid to stand up to large companies in order to save what she thinks is important, like saving a botanical garden from a company that wants to destroy it and build some building. I love how she takes care of her brother and sister. She thinks that she’s doing a terrible job, but I guarantee that every parent, especially single parents who have to work every hour of the day, feel like they’re doing a terrible job. My son is nearly 24, and I’m still pretty sure that I’m doing a terrible job with him. I’m 46, and my mom is still pretty sure that she did a terrible job with me. See, what I mean.

I do think that they are good together. Cora does something for Liam that makes him human, which he needs. As for what Cora is getting out of it, she’s getting someone who lets her feel safe and can take some of the burden off her shoulders, which lets her flourish and bloom.


I’d like to say that I thought that Liam was high handed when he handled their living spaces the way that he did, but I really can’t because it was the right thing to do, and I’m glad that he did it.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. I really enjoyed this, so go check it out. Happy reading!

Jane Henry-The Bratva’s Baby

When it comes to the dark in dark romance, there’s a continuum. What’s dark for you isn’t necessarily what’s dark for me, and what I think is medium dark may be enough to curl your hair. And along that continuum, you can stick various authors, who all have their own ranges. Why am I bringing this up? Because Jane Henry wrote a dark romance that I enjoyed called The Bratva’s Baby. Is it the darkest thing I’ve ever read? Nope. Is it dark for Jane Henry? Yup. See what I mean about continuums and ranges? Jane isn’t a dark writer, and that’s perfectly OK. I like her forays into dark romance, and for me, that’s all that matters. I don’t generally get all picky about breaking down classifications, I’m more picky about finding authors I like and books I want to read, and Jane’s an author I like and I want to read her books, so it’s all good here.

OK, now that I have all that out of the way, let’s talk story, shall we? Yes, pretty please. So, Kazimir is a high ranking member of the mafiya, the Russian Mob. In fact, he’s isn’t just a high ranking member, he’s in the very, very tippy top of the high rankers. So, when he goes out into the field for a mission, you know that there has to be a good reason for it. In this case, it’s Sadie, a small town librarian, who is said to be worth millions and millions and millions.

Sadie is very happy living in her small life, she’s a small town librarian who is happy with being alone with her books. Men make her nervous. And then one day, HE walks into her library. Kazimir wants to have information about some biographies, and he gets her to walk him back to where they are. Then he manages to take her to dinner and next thing she knows, she’s on an airplane to Russia.

I spent the first parts of the book not sure whether or not I would actually like Kazimir. Sometimes I seemed to really like him, sometimes I thought that he was a complete asshole. And to be fair, he really was a fucking asshole sometimes. I also think that he is a little naive about certain things, which is a weird thing to say about a member of the Russian mob, but he just seems to have a blindspot. I understand why he has a blindspot, I would too, in his case, but still, blindspot. Huge fucking one. I like Sadie. I think that she has spark and spirit. I also think that she might occasionally fight a little too hard for her own good, but that’s her choice and her right and I won’t take it away from her. I don’t know that I wouldn’t be the exact way in her case. I mean, she’s been abducted from her home, has been taken to a country where she doesn’t speak the language, and then she has to do things that she doesn’t want to do.


I like Nikita and how she seems to be more loyal to Sadie than she is to Kazimir or Dimitri. Of course, I wouldn’t have any loyalty to Dimitri, but he’s a nasty fucker.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Loki Renard & Jane Henry-Hard Time

Loki and Jane have gotten together again and co-written another great book. Hard Time is the sequel to their last book, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Rico is an FBI agent, and he’s bound and determined to bring down the Francoise family. They are up to no good, and he’s over it. He is also just slightly obsessed with Jasmine Francoise. She’s beautiful, talented, gorgeous, and definitely into whatever her family is doing right up to her pretty eyebrows. He follows her around and pulls her over in her fancy little car every chance he gets. He’s attracted to her, and he’d love to turn her over his knee and paddle her naughty ass.

Jasmine is controlled by her father and brother. She doesn’t want to do anything that they are making her do, but her dad will hurt her if she doesn’t do anything. She’s making her plans to get away, but it isn’t always easy. Her one bright spot is when she gets to see Rico. She wants him so much, but he’s law and she’s… not. But, when push comes to shove, Rico is there to help her.

I felt so sorry for Jasmine. She’s really just put into a horrible place with her father. He’s a fucking asshole. Just a fucking asshole. Her brother isn’t necessarily better, most of the time. But, even with me feeling sorry for her, I think that she’s stronger than she thought that she was. Rico is a good guy, I mean, yeah, he’s a cop, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good people, if you know what I mean. But, he really is a good man, and all he wants to do is be Jasmine’s Daddy and to take care of his little girl. The chemistry between the two of them is pretty explosive.


Remember how I said that her dad was a fucking asshole? Yeah, he’s even worse than that, but that’s OK, he gets everything he deserves.

I think we may be getting a story about her brother next and it will be an MM. I hope so. That will be so awesome.

OK. That’s all for this one! Go check it out! Happy reading!

Anthology-Daddy’s Demands Pt. 1

So yeah, I’ve been putting this one off, but not because I didn’t like the book, because I did and I do, but more because life is stupid and adulting is hard. The fact that adulting is hard sometimes made this the perfect set of stories for right now, because it’s 25 stories about Daddies who want to make sure that their little girls are taken care of and aren’t going to have to adult too hard. Of course, some of the Daddies are a little darker than others, or a little more strict, but considering who wrote some of these stories, are you surprised? I’m really not.

There are a lot of great things about an anthology like Daddy’s Demands. One of them is that no matter what kind of mood I’m in, there’s a story there for it. Which is nice, because I never know what kind of mood I’m going to be in from day to day. Plus, with the fact that there are 25 stories, they are pretty short, so if you have a minute to read a story and you don’t want to get dragged into something, you can find a quick story. So, if you are like me and you hate going to bed with an unfinished book, an anthology is a godsend. There’s also the fact that when you get an anthology, you get the chance to read authors that you aren’t familiar with, which is even nicer. Even with as much as I read, and as many of those authors I have read, there were still a couple of authors I wasn’t familiar with.

Of course, then you have the downside to large anthologies like this, at least for bloggers and reviewers like me. There are TWENTY-FIVE stories in here. Do you know what trying to review 25 stories is like? I would get bored writing a blog post that summarized 25 stories. You would get bored reading it. My goal is to not bore my readers. I like you guys, I want to keep you around. I liked all the stories because all the authors are talented, but you know that there are always going to be some that you like more than others. That’s just the way that it is. So, what you’re going to get is a 2 part post, today and tomorrow. That way I can talk about my favorites and not burn you out or burn me out, and Daddy will be happy. 🙂

Renee Rose-Mafia Daddy

Renee’s story ties in with some of her other stories. You get Yuri from The Russian and the tie in from King of Diamonds. Jenna, the heroine of this one was supposed to marry Nico Tacone from KoD, and when her father’s right hand man comes to take her home, Yuri steps in to try to stop him. So, we now have definite proof that they are all part of the same universe. This is a sweet story. I know, I know, you don’t think that Renee can write sweet, but she did. I really enjoyed it, including the connections to her other stories.

Loki Renard-Daddy’s Little Captive

You know how I said some of the Daddies were a little darker and stricter than others? Yeah, Loki’s Dominic is one of them. He comes into the little restaurant where Marina works as a server on a regular basis, and when he comes in late one night and everyone else leaves, Marina just can’t. Lots of kinkery fuckery going on, including one of Loki’s trademarks, a cage. This one is under the bed though.

Jane Henry-Professor Daddy

This one ties in with Jane’s NYC Doms and Verge. Giada is a student who is getting ready to take a creative writing course from a prof that she thinks is going to be stodgy. Only Geoffry Slade is anything but stodgy. So she decides to poke the bear. I’ve been talking off and on with other Daddy authors about brats, and I’m pretty sure that Giada totally counts as a brat. I really liked her and how she thinks it’s fun to poke the bear, knowing what she’s going to get.

OK, there’ll be more tomorrow, but it’s late, and my life is still stupid, so I’m going to go to bed.


Jane Henry-Jacked Up

Jane has decided to put her stamp on the Hard n’ Dirty books, which I still think should be called the Hot n’ Dirty books, but no one consulted me. That’s OK. I’ll still read them. 🙂 It takes a lot to get me to not read a book. Jane put her personal stamp on Jacked Up and turned it into a Daddy book too. She is sooooo good at Daddy books and I’m always excited to read one of her books. So let’s get all hot and dirty, shall we?

Here’s how our story goes. Tanya is the heir to an automotive empire. Her dad deals in classic cars, and has a large collection of them. Including a 1967 Corvette Convertible L88. Which is an incredibly sexy car. I mean, yummmmmy sexy. It would look really sexy wrapped around me, but that’s neither here nor there. The problem is that Tanya’s now ex-boyfriend thought so too. Not only did he think so, he decided that he would take it for a ride and ended up crashing it. And like the annoying little twat that he was, he didn’t bother to get it taken care of. No, he left that all up to Tanya. She’s called all around to various car repair shops and found out that the only place to go is Jacked Up. And let’s just talk about that being the name of an auto repair shop. Love it!

Levi is the owner of Jacked Up and is pretty much a competitor of her dad’s. But he’s the only person in her area who can work on the Corvette, and not only that, he’s one of the best people she could possibly get to work on it, period. Tanya walks into his business, all dolled up showing lots of cleavage and legs, in a nice tight dress and fuck me daddy heels, and asks to speak to the owner. He says OK, and leaves the room. A few minutes later, he walks back into the room and tells her that he’s the owner. Whoops. She tells him her name is Felicia, and from that moment, I kept waiting for him to tell her “Bye, Felicia.” But, she tells him that her name is Felicia and she has a car that needs fixed. She shows him the damage and he tells her what it will take for him to fix it. She has to work for him for 2 weeks. You see, he figured out that Felicia isn’t her name, and when she told him who she was, he told her he didn’t want her daddy’s money.

I really liked Levi, and not only that, I liked him for the whole book. There are a lot of times when I like the Domly types, but there are parts where they annoy the living fuck out of me. This isn’t one of those times. He didn’t seem like he was running over Tanya the way that sometimes happens in these books. He still had to be in charge, but he was almost more mellow about it, if that makes sense. I like Tanya too. Although I wish she had kicked Leo’s ass because it needed to happen. I think that she was fierce. She was also unafraid of who she was and had her own power. I think that is pretty damn awesome. I would love to get another story about this one, even if it’s just a short story catching us up with them.


See, super sexy car, right? Told you so. Don’t you wish you could drive that?

I never liked Spade from the very beginning, and Grease was another one who gave yucky vibes, so I’m glad that I wasn’t wrong about them. Too bad that Levi didn’t pound the shit out of the two of them because they so deserved it.

Is it wrong that I want a pinup calendar of Tanya on Levi’s Jag?

That’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out, as well as all the other Hard n’ Dirty books. Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Island Captive

When I think about running away from home, which I do a lot, I’ll admit, I dream of going to a deserted tropical island where I can just live. Of course, I generally want to have Wifi to go with that deserted island, but I could probably live without that as long as I have a lot of books and an Adrian of my very own to stay with me. I’d be pretty happy to be an Island Captive.

So here’s our story. Once upon a time, there was a US Marshal named Nadine, whose mother had a perfectly charming nickname for her, BTW, la petite belette. I’ll give you a minute to go translate it. Nadine was very good at her job, which included doing things like hunting down fugitives and bringing them to justice. Her latest target is Adrian, who escaped from prison. He brutalized a woman, tied her up, beat her, and then strangled her. He was caught pretty much red-handed, so everyone knew he was the one who did it. But he still managed to escape from jail and is now hiding away in a foreign country.

With a lot of work and patience, Nadine and her partner have tracked him down and they are ready to take him home to face justice. She’s studied his file and looked at his picture, and now she knows him as well as she knows herself. She knows that as soon as she sees even the faintest hint of him, she will be able to get him. Which she does, but not before literally jumping on him down through a staircase. So, Nadine gets her man, and eventually gets him on a plane. Where she knocks him around just a little bit. For justice, you know. Nadine really didn’t like what he was put in jail for. Of course, Adrian was a little bit of a dick and had to just screw around with her.

On the way to the US, they come across a small problem. The plane develops a fuel leak. The pilots do what they can to get them somewhere safe, but they end up having to ditch in the ocean right outside a deserted island. Only, it wasn’t a pretty ditch. Of the 5 people aboard, only 2 come through it alive, Nadine and Adrian. And Nadine is only alive because Adrian pulled her out of the plane while she was unconscious. She woke up on the beach with a piece of shrapnel in her leg, which she managed to pull out on her own. Hard core. So, she goes to look at what she can, and sits on a rock on the beach, that turns into a rock in the ocean because the tide comes washing in, as the tide is wont to do. I’ve nearly gotten caught out by the tide before. Our tide comes in pretty fast, and if you aren’t careful, you end up on the wrong side of high and dry. I don’t know how fast it comes in on Nadine and Adrian’s island, but you still don’t want to fuck with the tide.

Meanwhile, Adrian is watching her and trying to figure out what is going on with the island. His first priority is to look around and find shelter. Then he decides that he’s going to go back and get Nadine. He doesn’t want to be left alone all the island, and she owes him anyway, and he’s going to make her pay, and pay, and pay… Well, you get the idea. So he drags her to the hut that he found, handcuffs her, strips her, fixes her wounds, and then drags her to bed with him. To sleep. This time, at least.

I think that this is probably supposed to be an enemies to lovers deal, but I have to say, the hate intimacy that goes on here is wicked fucking awesome. The interactions between Adrian and Nadine, no matter what part of the book, are just fascinating to watch. Adrian is just oh so yummy and Dom-ly, so, so Dom-ly. And twisted af. Twisted in all the right ways. Alllllll the right ways. Nadine is fierce and strong. She is intelligent and driven. The two of them are really perfect for each other. And the things that Adrian wants to do with Nadine’s hair? HAWT!


Oh man. I’m not entirely sure that I have much to say about this one down here. Mostly I don’t have a lot of spoilers, and the things that I wanted to talk about I did up at the top.

I do have one question though. I want to know if Adrian had something to do with the leak in the plane. When the pilots announced it, he got a little smile on his face, and he had done a lot of research about islands in the area. So, did he plan it or was it just a happy accident? Well, happy for him, at least. Hmmmm, maybe I should ask Jane. She probably won’t tell me anyway. She’ll make me wonder. She’s mean like that. LOL.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out and take a tropical holiday. Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Conviction

We’re back in NYC and at Verge, the best BDSM club in town with Jane Henry today. I really enjoy this series and all the folks we’ve met in this world so far. But, I’m pretty sure that Zoe is going to be my favorite. So, let’s talk about Conviction, shall we?

We open to a big party. Zack and Bea eloped, but they’ve decided that it’s high time they celebrate their marriage. Zoe is out drinking and dancing and having a good old time. She’s Zack’s old partner in the NYPD, and she and Bea have become good friends. Brax, who’s Zack’s best friend and works as a dungeon master at Verge, is watching her. Zack warns him off because Zoe has a lot of baggage and it wouldn’t be good. He doesn’t care. She’s hot and he wants to get to know her.

When Zoe sees that Brax is looking at her, she seems surprised, but then he comes over to see her and they start dancing. Bea catches her eye and tries to warn her off, but Zoe ignores the phone ringing. Bea does track her down before she and Brax leave and tells her that she doesn’t think that Zoe and Brax would work well together because he’s into things she isn’t. That doesn’t deter Zoe. In fact, I’m pretty sure it made her more eager to go after Brax.

The next morning, it seems like they are going their separate ways, never to see each other again. But of course, if that actually happened, we wouldn’t have a book, now would we? It turns out that Zoe is keeping secrets, and Brax gets wrapped up in them as a PI and her protector.

So, you know that Brax is a Dom. But Zoe is so not a sub. I mean, NOT A SUB. If it were tattooed on her forehead, it wouldn’t be any more obvious. She’s feisty, mouthy, independent, stubborn af, damaged, and fierce. All of these things are good things, in my opinion, but you notice how submissive isn’t on that list? It’s not anything she’s ever really tried. Brax says something interesting when he and Zoe are talking about where their relationship is. She points out that she isn’t a sub. He says it’s not being about being a submissive, but of giving submission. Submitting to his Domliness doesn’t mean that she’s a sub, it means that she’s giving submission. I thought that was a really interesting point, and one that gets brought up a few times. Brax likes her feisty, and likes the fight to gain her submission to him and Zoe needs that fight and needs for him to make her submit. It works out really well for them. And it’s a change from females that we see in a lot of BDSM books, where the heroine finds out that she’s a subbie girl all along. I get where Zoe is coming from, with her history of emotional damage, not being in control can be really scary and she has to face feelings and emotions which is scary. Brax taking control releases her from those fears and lets her face everything in a safe place, which makes everything better.


Oh, I hate Brax’s ex, but I adored when Zoe smacked her down at Devin’s art show. I just wanted to cheer for her. The fact that she was able to keep it together well enough in a place that is traumatic for her and not get all cursy in front of Devin is pretty awesome.

I love that she saved Brax and he saved her all at the same time. It was a beautiful part of the story, for all that happened during that section.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go read this one and all of Jane’s books. They are great romances, but her BDSM is so excellent. Happy reading!