Fawn Bailey-Pure White Rose

Isabella Starling’s dark nom de plume, Fawn Bailey, has published the next book in the Rose and Thorn series. The whole series to this point is dark, and this one moves darker. It also leaves me needing the next book as soon as possible. Because damn, that end. Just damn. Like the rest of the series, this has a cliffie, but Isa is writing them pretty quickly, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long, I think.

Anyway, in Pure White Rose, Harlow has turned into Rose. She is totally addicted to Thorn and settling well into her place as his. Of course, she still wants to get away and wants to make sure her friend goes with her, because she isn’t going to leave her friend there. Pia is still being malicious and does everything she can to make Rose’s life more difficult, including lying to her. One night, Rose gets dressed up very pretty to go to dinner with Thorn, but Pia comes in and tells Rose that Thorn has had to leave. Thorn shows up a little later and tells her that Pia told him that Rose was sick. That’s just one example of the stupid shit that Pia does.

I don’t like Pia, she’s a fucking bitch, but she’s hurting. She was hurting before Thorn took Rose, she’s hurting even more now when she sees how involved Rose and Thorn are. So, she’s going to to do what she can to destroy Rose and steal Thorn back. What she doesn’t want to get is that Thorn doesn’t want her anymore. He wants Rose. He had been waiting for Rose for a long time, and now he has her. Pia still has one more trick up her sleeve though, and that’s the fact that she’s in contact with Carina and the two of them are making plans. Of course, I don’t think either one of them should trust the other because they are both devious, lying bitches.

For his part, Thorn is confused. He doesn’t want to break Rose, but he does want her to be his completely. It’s a hard line for him to walk. He could completely break her or have one of his trainers do it, but while he wants a willing slave, he wants one who’s still her and he wants someone who can be his partner. He really wants that to be Rose. He knows that she’s still holding back though. She cares for him, but he knows that deep inside she wants to escape. That has to be a real struggle for him. Meanwhile, he does start to let Rose know more about what he does, what the Mansion is, etc.

So it’s that time. This book is full of some good mindfuckery. We all know how I feel about that. There is deviousness and directness and naivete, and that’s just Rose, lol. You might think that’s impossible, but it happens, and it takes some skill to write it. But Isabella did it, and it’s great. I can’t wait to see what happens with the next book. There’s going to be so many good things that happen and so many bad things that happen to the bad people. Rose and Thorn are going to be a force to be reckoned with, if they are ever able to work through all their issues and be life partners. I wouldn’t want to fuck with them, that’s for sure.


OK, Carina is a very nasty, nasty person. I mean, Harlow thinks that she’s still her friend, but she’s so not. I don’t know whatever made Carina think that Thorn was hers to begin with, and she’s just gotten more delusional as time goes on. Pia is manipulative enough to use that.

Alright, I’m not going to say anything about the end, because I try to never give them away, but OH MY FUCKING GOD. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I just about hyperventilated when I finished reading it, it was just that omg.

Head on over to Amazon and check out this book and the rest of them. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Happy reading!












Fawn Bailey-Blood Red Rose

Fawn Bailey may sound like a new author to me, but you would be wrong. She’s actually a pen name for Isabella Starling. Isa, who already writes some stuff that leans towards the dark, decided that she needed a nom de plume for the really dark stuff. And so, we get Blood Red Rose. Now, BRR says that it’s the first book in the series. And it is, technically. But, there is a prequel called Blush Pink Rose. It’s free on Zon, so you have no reason to not grab it and read it. You’ll get a little bit more backstory about Harlow and Thorn. It’s not a prereq to read it before you get to BRR, but you’ll appreciate having spent the time reading it.

So, on to BRR.

Harlow is an 18-year-old young woman who has spent years training in ballet. She just had a very successful night as the Sugar Plum Fairy and is busy hanging out with the rest of the company and thinking about all the offers that will be coming her way. It’s her biggest goal in life to be a principal with a Russian ballet company, so when she hears that they wanted to talk to her, she gets mad at Madame, who didn’t let them talk to her.

Along with all the many bouquets of flowers she gets, she gets one single rose. When Harlow goes to leave, she can’t leave that one behind, so she picks it up to take it with her and gets stabbed on a thorn.

Thorn has been waiting and watching Harlow. He knows that she’s his, he just has to wait for the perfect time, and that time is now. He could send his men to get her, but this is one job that he wants to do on his own. He really doesn’t want to let anyone else touch her, even though he’s going to have to at some point. He’s pleased to see that she brought the flower that he sent her with her. He drugs her and takes her to The Mansion so that she can be trained the way that he wants.

OK, here we go. You know the routine by now. If you don’t like to not have a nice neat ending until you get to the next book, this may be a series you want to wait to read. I didn’t see it as a cliffhanger, but not everything is wrapped up super neat in a bow either. That doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t always need to have an HEA or even an HFN. The story does lean towards the dark, we get noncon and capture and sexual training, so yeah, definitely in the darker side of things. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking to see how the next books are going to come out. There are plots and subplots and machinations. It’s going to be interesting.


I think I only trust Thorn and Harlow in this book. Maybe. I know what their motivations are. I know what Ellis’s was, but there are other players who are moving around. I won’t say one of them is a queen, but there are at least 2 pawns on the board. One pawn’s motivation is kind of clear, but I can’t wait to see if what they want comes through clearer.

I think we’re in for quite the ride with the rest of the series. I enjoyed it a lot and knowing Isa’s books, I’m guessing that we are going to get deep into people’s minds.

OK, that’s all for this one. Happy reading!

Isabella Starling-Peep Show

I was in Isabella’s FB group when she first saw a guy changing clothes across the way. She asked if she should write a story about him, and we all said, yes, yes, yes! And so Peep Show was born. But Peep Show became so much more than a book about voyeurism. But, we’ll get to that in a little bit.

Bebe is a trust fund baby and It Girl. When bars and clubs want to make sure they pull in the people, they hire Bebe to come and hang out at their club. The fact that she’s there and is having her picture taken there will attract a lot of people. Meanwhile, Bebe gets to drink, drug, and fuck her way through her life. We find out that she’s trying to drink, drug, and fuck away her grief and the memories of her life before. When she’s partying, she doesn’t have to remember her loss. She knows she’s fucked up, but she doesn’t really know how to stop or if she even wants to stop. One night, she comes home from her latest party and looks out the window. The man across the street is fucking a woman up against the window, and it’s all that Bebe can do to sit and watch and join in in her own way.

Miles sees the party girl across the way while he is fucking the latest woman to come through his door. The women never come back, he’s a one and done kind of guy. Once he’s done with them, he takes their picture and turns them into his art. But on this night, the beautiful young woman across the way staring at him and the woman draws his attention, especially when she starts to join in. He wants to know her, but he knows that he won’t be able. The closest he can do is to dare her to go next.

I don’t always read the author’s notes and acknowledgments at the end, but this is one that you should definitely do it with. Isabella Starling talks about the problems that she shares with Miles. It took her a long time to write PS, but it was totally worth it. The story is amazing. There is so much depth and so many layers to it. Isa is really able to bring it to a level where everyone can relate and feel what both Bebe and Miles go through. I share some of the same issues myself and the way that Isabella wrote things was so good.

OK. Miles and Bebe are amazing, and the hotness level goes off the scale from their first encounter to their last. They connect so well even from across the street. The stories behind the both of them and what they have gone through have just made each of them stronger, but it’s also left each of them broken. Trust me, it’s possible to be both. This is one of the books that I was almost mad I finished because it meant that I never got to read it for the first time again. I love rereading books, but that first time is something magical.


Now that I’m under the spoiler space, I can’t really think of anything that I want to put down here. Everything I wanted to say is ^^^^^^, so maybe nothin down here really. OK, maybe I do have one thing to say.

Miles and Bebe manage to fit together really well and make each other stronger and that’s awesome. Not everyone gets a partner in their lives who are so understanding of whatever mental health issues may be going on, and it’s hard enough to have those problems without having a partner who just wants to ignore it, belittle you, or just doesn’t get it. Any mental health issue isn’t going to just go away because you want it to, otherwise, there really wouldn’t be any people who have any mental illness. Trust me, we all want it to just go away. Not being able to trust your brain isn’t fun and is sometimes downright scary, so yeah, we really want it to go away.

Alright, now I have nothing more to say. I’m going to go read about dragon princes and their mate. Happy reading!

Top Ten Books of 2017 Part 2

Yesterday we had half of my Top Ten books of 2017. Today we are getting to the second half. Keep in mind, these aren’t in any particular order and they may or may not have been published in 2017, just that I read them this year, so no judging me that way. Also, I may have already mentioned them on my blog, but they are the books that affected me the most, in one way or another.


Isabella Sterling has become one of my favorite authors. She has a beautiful way with words. I would read a tech manual that she wrote. And since she has a beautiful accent, I would listen to her read said tech manual. Anyway, Pet was one of those books that I loved and I cried and I cursed Isabella’s name. I had to wait a couple of days before I could leave a review on it because I had to process all the feelz I got from it. Pet, Stranger, and King have a permanent part of my heart. It’s one of those books that I wanted to reread immediately after reading, but I was devastated by it. I was also elated by it. I haven’t reread it yet, but I will soon. Writing about it has made me want to read it again.

Alpha’s Claim & Alpha’s Control series

I refuse to see using series in a book list as cheating. Especially when they are as good as Addison Cain’s Alpha’s Claim and Alpha’s Control books. These books were pretty much my first real foray into dark romance, and I have never made it out. Addison is a gateway drug. LOL. So, Alpha’s Claim is Born to Be Bound, Born to Be Broken, and Reborn. OK, Alpha’s Claim is the story of Claire and Shepard while they live in Tholos and I can’t even tell you how much it killed me. I read books 2 and 3 back to back in one day. I don’t recommend doing this. I cried. Oh my fucking gods, I cried. Addison completely killed me. My husband still refers to this series as the one that devastated me. I’ve had long conversations about this series. The Alpha’s Control series is just one book so far, Stolen. We got to check in with old friends and met Brenya and Jacques from Bernard Dome. It was like OMG. As intense as the first series was, this one is as intense as all three of them combined. I hate Jacques. I’m going to say that right here and now. I hate him. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Dollars Series

Pepper Winters has written some great books. The Dollars series is one of them. You lucky reader you, if you haven’t read them yet, since Millions just came out, so you don’t have to wait. The series is Pennies, Dollars, Hundreds, Thousands, and Millions. The story is about Pimlico and Elder. Their story is amazing, and all about love, redemption, and getting away from your past and finding your future. I don’t know if I can even explain the whole series and do it any justice. Pim was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Elder rescues her after several years. The whole series is about how they manage to heal each other and fix themselves. Go check it out.


Jennifer Bene writes epically dark stories. Destruction is the latest one of her dark stories. It’s dark and gritty and filthy and oh, so very good. This story just gets to you in all the dark places that you didn’t even really know that you had, but now that Jennifer has exposed them to you, you want to know more about them. Of course, I’ve been knowing all of those dark places for a while now, and I like playing in those places. Luckily, I can count on Jennifer Bene to write a story that will let me do that. This is the first book in a new series, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the series and how everything that happened in this one plays out in the next stories. It ought to be interesting. If you like dark and kinky sex, check this one out, for sure.

Comfort Food

Kitty Thomas writes dark too. All of her books are pretty dark, but Comfort Food is the first one of hers I read. Addison Cain posted the link for this book when it was offered for free on King Zon. It is a total mindfuck. I mean, it makes you look differently at what things are really comforting and which aren’t, and how they change. I don’t want to go too far into the story, because really, it’s one that you have to read to understand. But, it had me saying whoa at more than one place because it is just that trippy. I will never, ever look at crackers and chicken noodle soup the same way again.

OK, there we are. My Top Ten books of 2017. Check them out. Tell me what you think of them.


Isabella Starling-Breaking Belle

Isabella Starling decided to surprise us all with another wonderful, twisted, filthy fairy tale. Now if you are thinking to yourself, “Self, didn’t Isa just write an adult fairy tale?”, you would be right, she did. Last week we got Isabella’s take on Cinderella. Today we are getting Beauty and the Beast with Breaking Belle. Isabella’s version kind of combines the Disney version and the classic story. When you’re reading it, see if you can find all the mentions that reference the Disney version. I thought it was fun to do that.

Arabelle is the only girl in her family. She has 4 older brothers who she has little to do with, and one younger brother. She’s also got a father who is in deep. He owes more money than he will ever be able to scrape up. When it comes time to be paid, he’s proper fucked.

Dom lives high in a castle with his few loyal men. He’s been hiding from his enemies while planning his revenge. However, he keeps being betrayed by his people. When it comes time to collect money from Belle’s father, Dom decides that he’s going to do it in person.

Dom gives her old man all kinds of chances to pay up and threatens him. Too bad the  man doesn’t have any money. Belle doesn’t know what to do, all she knows is that she has to keep her younger brother safe. To that end, she decides that she will volunteer to go with Dom. She figures that he will kill her, but at least her dad’s debt will be paid off and her youngest brother will be safe. However, when he sees her, other ideas pop into his head. Or, would that be heads? Why yes, I am a 12 year old.

OK, this is where we part ways. This is a pretty quick read, with some really great sex. Of course, being an Isabella Starling story, it isn’t necessarily sweet. There are some pretty dark moments in this one. I got mad on Belle and Dom’s behalf more than once. But, if Beauty and the Beast is your favorite fairy tale and you have always wanted to see what an adult version would look like, this is definitely the story for you to pick up and check out.


OK, so the rose garden. Oh man, my heart breaks for Dom. And the way that he has his house set up with the rose garden where it is? Wow. But, I’m glad that he’s able to change his associations with that particular area.

I love all the epilogue story we get. It was nice to get that glimpse into Belle and Dom’s lives. I also liked the little reference to Collaring Cinderella. I snerked just a little bit. I was also endlessly amused by all the Disney references that I was able to pick up. I thought it was very clever on Isa’s part to get all of them in the story, but mostly not in any overt, shove it in your face kind of way.

I enjoyed the story a lot. I enjoyed the sexy, sexy sex scenes. I even liked the dark parts, even when I got mad. So, go do yourself a favor and get a fairy tale to read to yourself before bed. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Isabella Starling-Collaring Cinderella

We’ve got a couple of really busy days ahead of us. There are going to be some doubled up blogs. I’ll make sure one goes out early and the other goes out later in the evening so I’m not overwhelming you. Today’s first book is a surprise new book from Isabella Starling.

Isabella is finishing up her work on Peep Show. I’ve read excerpts and we’re talking 5 alarm fire here. But, she took a break to give us a new view on Cinderella. A filthy, filthy view of Cinderella. Collaring Cinderella is hot and sexy, and OMG, I just devoured it. I honestly couldn’t read it fast enough. I was sad when I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night to keep reading it.

Rafe is our Prince Maybe Charming. He is the heir to a huge fortune and a jewelry design company. His father is dying, and he wants Rafe to find a wife, settle down, make babies, and be happy. Rafe has found the woman he wants, but his father doesn’t know. So, Rafe plans a ball and makes sure our Cinderella is invited.

Ella is barely 18 and never been kissed. She lives with her terrible stepmother, Martha. Martha is Rafe’s housekeeper and works Ella like a dog. She’s terribly jealous of Ella’s youth and beauty. The second that Rafe set his eyes on Ella, he knew that she was going to be his and he was going to do everything he could to make sure that she wore his collar and his ring, no matter what.

This is a super hot instalove story. Ella had been crushing on Rafe for a long while and then Rafe sees her. It’s a dual POV, switching back and forth between Ella and Rafe. Rafe’s POV has a lot of the love and romance in it, while Ella’s POV is more about what she’s enduring and the decisions she has to make. I really liked that. Isabella did a beautiful job of making this classic come to life in a new setting and with a lot of steaminess.

So here’s the part where the path to Spoilerville starts. If you want to make sure that you have no spoilers stop reading when you hit the pic. If you are prepared, keep going. Remember that there aren’t always spoilers in the spoiler section, and you may just get my thoughts, but you are warned anyway.


Welcome to Spoilerville.

OK, Martha. We aren’t ever supposed to like Martha. We all know the story of Cinderella and how it’s going to go, and the evil stepmother is the terrible villain. But damn, if I don’t hate Martha a whole lot. I mean, a lot. She does everything she can to make Ella doubt herself and her feelings. Every time Ella starts to feel better about herself, in comes Martha wearing her bitchy boots to stomp all over Ella. Martha is obsessive and delusional, and just ick.

Rafe and Ella are just perfect together, and I love the two epilogues. It’s a great update to the stories.

I’m not always an instalove virgin story type of person. We all know I like my noncon/dubcon goodness, but Isabella Starling is one that I always read, no matter what. She often has the virgin stories that have some dubcon goodness too. But even without that, she writes strong love stories with really, really steamy stories. Her heroes tend to have some really bitching dirty talk too, which oh hot damn, oh my my. I love me some dirty talk.

Anyway, that it for this. Later on today you are going to get the new Sara Field’s Captive Bride series, and I have feelz about this one, oh yes I do, ducklings.

Caitlin Daire & Isabella Darling-Suite Hearts

Caitlin Daire has teamed up with Isabella Darling to bring us a sweet, steamy, sexy story. Isabella Darling is the nom de plume for Isabella Starling’s lighter side. As Isabella Starling, she writes a lot of dark and taboo stuff, including a lot of Daddy Dom books. Daddy Dearest is the latest one of those. But Suite Hearts is quite different from those books, though no less good or steamy. Caitlin Daire is a new author to me, and I will go looking for more books from her, especially if she continues to team up with Isabella.

In this story, Peyton is the heiress to the Mirabella Hotel. She’s also a paid socialite, who gets paid to party, appear at events, and promote brands as an influencer. Think Paris Hilton. She’s basically famous for being famous, but she’s really good at it. At the ripe old age of 21, she’s getting tired of it, of being surrounded by the paparazzi all the time, and the stress of it.

Kaden is the son of the hoteliers who think that Peyton and her family are their arch-enemies. His parents think that Peyton’s parents are fire-breathing dragons who are stealing away all their business. However, the Mirabella has been around for many decades and is an institution, and not really competition with Kaden’s family hotel. Different demographics, different attractions, and all that. But, don’t try telling his parents that, they won’t believe a word of it. So, in order to crash their arch-rivals, Kaden’s parents have decided to send him to the Mirabella to get a job and act as their spy. Under the name Cade, he gets a job at the Mirabella as a bellhop and prepares to get on in his spying duty, whether or not he really wants to.

On his very first day there, Peyton falls for him. Or rather, falls in front of him. Peyton is walking into the lobby and slips in a puddle of water on the floor, snaps the heels of her shoes off, and right before she hits the floor, he catches her. He says something about things being slippery when wet and makes it obvious that he doesn’t mean the floor.

In that same group is a young woman named DeeDee. Remember her, she’s important. It’s going to be hard for Peyton and her family to forget her, especially as she passes out as soon as she sees Peyton and her mother together.

So, if you’ve read my blog, you are familiar with the drill by now. You want more info, you keep going past the picture. You want to get your info on your own, you stop at the picture. This is a nice, relatively light story. No kink, lots of sex. There is conflict, of course, because you have to have conflict. The two main plot points start to intersect, so they work well together. The body of the book feels like it goes really fast, so that there only days from start to finish, but there are weeks in between start and finish, so no insta-love. I have nothing against insta-love, and it works well in certain stories, but I liked the way the relationship drew together in a more organic and natural way. There is a strong HEA, and all the points are pretty much drawn together well enough, but I have a feeling that there is another book coming, if this one does well, and I bet I can guess who the main characters will be. All in all, as with most of Isa’s books, I really enjoyed it. Like I said, this was my first Caitlin Daire book, but I’ll definitely go check out more from her. If you like contemporary, sweet, sexy, and a little bit of conflict, this is the one for you.



So, remember DeeDee and how I told you that she would be important? Well, here it is. Whe Peyton was younger, her sister, Allegra, was kidnapped. Peyton was 6 and Allegra was 3. DeeDee passes out when she meets Peyton’s mother and Peyton, and when she gets to the hospital, she says it was flashbacks, and that she was Allegra. She passes a DNA test, taken with her DNA and Mom and Dad’s DNA, but not Peyton’s. The DNA shows a familial relationship, so she’s brought into the family as Allegra, and she starts to live it up as a hotel heiress, and tries to cut Peyton out of everything. Allegra seems to have personalities that go back and forth when it comes to her dealings with Peyton. I have to admit that I guessed some of the points around this particular point, but not everything, and not how it would get worked around.

Of course, Kaden and Peyton are going to have issues when she finds out who she is, and they do. And then all hell breaks out, which is even worse, and makes everything about a zillion times worse. However, Kaden manages to fix or help to fix the various issues and gets Peyton’s parents behind them.

I like the story, I like the sex, I enjoyed the premise. I don’t need dark and kink to make my little reading self happy, as long as I have a good story. This was definitely a good story.

So, this was post #2, and later on, long around 7 pm Eastern, tonight, you’ll get the newest offering from Summer Graystone. Hopefully it will have dropped by then. Meanwhile, happy reading!