Dani Rene-Whisper

So, a couple of weeks ago I reviewed Kneel, the first book in the Sins of Seven series by Dani Rene. Today, we’re getting into the next one with Whisper. Whisper is darker than Kneel, with some parts that made me cry. My poor husband doesn’t always know what to do when a book makes me cry. I won’t put it down, most of the time, otherwise how will I know if it comes out alright, so I just cry and he asks 14 times if I’m OK. So, let’s dive into the book, and then you can go read it and see if it makes you cry too. If it does, you totally have to tell me.

Once upon a time, Eli was a happily married man and a happy Dom with a lovely sub. Then he found out that his wife Raquel had been keeping secrets and that she is dying. His wife keeps trying to make him promise to find someone else to love so that he will be happy. She’s just being a good sub, always thinking of her Dom and his happiness. She even goes as far as pointing out a young woman who is also in the hospital and telling him that he should go talk to her.

Giana was that young girl. She was just 17 at the time and had already lived in the antechamber of Hell. Raquel talked to her and made her promise to watch out for Eli and to take care of him.

Eventually, Gia and Eli hook up. They spend a year being friends and making each other come. Eli walks away from an 18 year old Gia, thinking that he’s too old for her and wanting her to go and have a happy life.

Fast forward 7 years, Gia changed her name from the one Eli knew her as and looks different. She spent 2 years living in the deepest, darkest pits of Hell and has come through the other side. With Carrick’s help and a good psychiatrist, she’s managed to put her life together again. And she’s found Eli. She sees him every day serving as a barista at his regular coffee shop and most nights, working as a bartender at the local BDSM club, Seven Sins, owned and run by Carrick and Mason. She’s played with different Doms and occasionally shown up on stage in various shows. She’s also watched Eli play with various subs and then heard them come back and talk about him and try to get him to play with them again.

For his part, Eli has worked very hard to not have any real sub. He may bring the subs from the clubs home, but he’s never let them into any part of his home except for a room he’s set up to entertain subs in and his playroom. He’s bound and determined not to love anyone, not since Raquel died and he walked away from Riley.

One night, at the club, he hands Gia his card and tells her that he wants to play with her after her shift and to show up at his house. They scene, everyone is happy, and he sends her home. Mostly what Eli is looking for is a little girl he can love and cherish but also tie up, spank, and make cry. Gia is looking for someone who will love her.

Gia and Eli are two profoundly broken people who have serious shards and bits and pieces. Together they are less broken and they help to hold each others’ broken bits together. But when the past comes back to haunt them, can the hold they have on each other go on?

This is where I go one way and you may choose to go the other, there are definite possibilities that you may be spoiled if you keep going with me. Dani Rene creates wonderful characters that make you really cheer for them or hate them. This is a dark book, with BDSM scenes, capture and torture, and sadness. There is also happiness and lots of secrets. There are a lot of layers that go into this story and I loved being able to find them and dig into them. It was also nice to get a peek at older characters and see old friends.


The layers and connections in this book are delicious. Everything is tied into everything else and into everyone else. I have to admit, that there was one thing that I kind of guessed, well, not really guessed, but more like thought wouldn’t be interesting if… And it was, and it was interesting.

Poor Gia. I mean, fuck. I mean, she worked as hard as she could to get away from her past and then it found her, and it nearly destroyed her. I spent that whole section of the book crying and cried while Gia and Eli were apart. I know why Gia chose to do what she did, and I even support the idea of her taking the time to heal after what happened. That doesn’t mean that my heart didn’t break for them both, especially since Gia was bound and determined to let Eli go. I love the way that it ended though. I felt very satisfied and my tears dried up.

I really loved this book. Not just for the kinky, kinky, sexy fun, but for all the layers of the story and the rich story-telling that goes into this book. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love books that are just sex for the sake of sex, I own several of them and enjoy reading them, but I also love reading stories that have real substance to them and that make you think and feel for the characters, and this one did that.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. We have a break tomorrow and then we’re back with more Parker Sinclair and a fun week ahead of us. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Sansa Rayne-Exalted

Sansa Rayne has written some dark and gritty stories, and Exalted fits right into this category. It’s set in the same world as Erased, but can be read as a standalone. Marla and Gabriel make an appearance in the book, but it isn’t necessary to have read Erased to enjoy the book. I definitely suggest reading Erased though. You can earn a new respect for straight jackets. I don’t know that I would so much call it a direct sequel as much as I would call it a connected story.

Carson is a PI. She doesn’t do a whole lot of work outside of cheating spouses, but she hasn’t been a PI for very long, so she’s still trying to get her business up off the ground, but she’s pretty confident in herself and her skills. One night, her phone goes off in the middle of the night. While her ad did say call anytime, Carson really wished that people would have a little more decency than to call in the middle of the night. It turns out that the call was from her old friend Summer.

When Carson talks to Summer, Summer tells her that she’s afraid of “them” coming to get her and begs for help. Carson tells her that she’ll help and gets to Summer’s house just in time to see Summer get abducted by men in robes who drag her into a van. Being aware of Summer’s fear of “them”, Carson decides to not go to the police. She doesn’t know who they are, and she doesn’t want to do anything that could put Summer into even more danger. She’s a PI, so she’ll go and find out what happened to Summer and save her. So, Carson sets out to find out about her friend. She talks to people and discovers that Summer was seen coming from The Pit.

The Pit is owned by Aldous Occestem. It’s a Satanic-themed sex club, featuring Aldous as the Lord of the Pit. All the fun stuff happens at The Pit, you know, spankings, bondage, whippings. Carson gets some fetish wear and goes there undercover. While she’s there, Aldous sees her. Carson runs into Marla and Gabriel, who are PIs who specialize in human trafficking, and they tell her that all the missing women in this town, of which Summer is only the latest, are tied to The Pit.

Meanwhile, down the road, we have the holier side of Coventry, the Purity Home Church. The PHC has been around for years, and most of Coventry’s citizens are members or have been members. The church is now run by Marshall and Anita Jones. They have taken a small church and turned it into Coventry’s very own megachurch. They are trying to do everything they can to get rid of Aldous and The Pit. Outside of that, Marshall, Anita, and Aldous all have history. They all went to school together. Anita was with Aldous at one point, but she chose Marshall.

OK, you know what time it is. If you like dark, you’ll like this. If you like a healthy dose of BDSM, you’ll like this one too. Don’t show this one to your maiden auntie, it would probably shock her out of her shoes. I really enjoyed this story. It switches POVs frequently, and it’s more than just Aldous and Carson. We get glimpses into Summer and Anita as well. I found that it gave the story more depth that way, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t have to have it in all the stories I read, but there are books where it really works, and Exalted was one of them. I think that the story would be a little confusing otherwise. I think that the connection between Aldous and Carson is a good one. I also think that I would be like Carson and have doubts sometimes. It would be really hard not to.


baphomet pentagram5

Alrighty, now that it’s just us chickens, I thought that this story was wow. I mean, we know the bad guys from the very beginning, but even so, I could almost believe that it was Aldous, like we were supposed to.

I have to admit, I probably at some point knew that this was a followup to Erased but hadn’t remembered it when I first started reading, so running into Marla and Gabriel was a surprise. I read Erased a few months back, so I knew who they were. Erased, in my opinion, is darker than Exalted is, but the premise is different, although they both deal with human trafficking in some shape.

I get why Aldous started with the Satanic theme when he started The Pit, but I think that those into kink get enough shit with being into kink without the stigma of Satanism in there as well. But, if you are going to thumb your nose at a bunch of holier-than-thou prudes, a Satanic BDSM club would be the best way to do it.

Another thing I liked about this book is that Carson already knew that she liked submission and pain, so this wasn’t a case of a kink virgin all of a sudden discovering that she is into it. Not that there is anything wrong with those stories, I like them too, I just don’t think that it would’ve worked well in this particular case.

Anyhow, I think that’s all I have to say about this. I loved the book, it’s worth a read and even a reread. There are all kinds of good books coming up this week. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Dani Rene-Kneel

We’ve had some nice, sweet, light romances the past few days. Kneel is not one of those. In fact, about the only thing that Kneel has in common with those stories is that they are all romances. Well, kinky romances. Fair warning, you probably don’t want to show this to your maiden auntie, unless she is kinky AF. So, Dani Rene and Kneel are bringing us back to the Dark Side. Come join us, we have cherries.

So, our main characters are Nate and Eva. We also have Carrick, who is important to both Nate and Eva. Nate and Eva both have secrets in their past, painful secrets that could hurt them and each other were they to come out.

I love the prologue of this story. It really does start the whole thing off strongly. You learn important things about Nate from the very beginning. The prologue is all about him Dom’ing a sub using humiliation, something that they both get off on. Don’t get me wrong, he likes spankings and tying up a willing sub, but he’s deep into humiliation. That plays into the story strongly.

The start of the book has Nate walking into a BDSM club owned by Carrick, who is a friend. Nate sees the hostess introducing the live show and tells Carrick to send her back to a certain room and have her get ready. All Nate knows is that she is the last name on a list of women that he has had to humiliate and leave ruined. Obviously, Eva is that woman, otherwise, it would be a really short book.

He takes her into this room to play with her, the chosen room has a two-way mirror. He opens up the curtain so that whoever is on the other side can witness it, particularly his patron, the one who is blackmailing him to do these things to women.  However, he doesn’t go quite as far as he had expected to since she overwhelmed him. But, once he’s done, he walks away, knowing that he can never see her again. However, that doesn’t stop him from really wanting to see Eva again.

Eva enjoyed the scene. Nate played deeply into her desires and it was everything she ever wanted. She has never had a Dom, although she really wants to find the one for her. She thinks that Nate is the kind of Dom that she wants.

Even though Nate is usually a one and done kind of guy, he can’t get Eva out of his head. He calls Carrick to get her info and calls her out for a date. He tells her that he wants to watch her get dressed. Eva loves that. I do too. It’s pretty sexy, right? She loves his confidence and how he makes her feel. After a second bite at the apple, Nate knows that he needs to have Eva in his life, and Eva wants to be there. So, he offers her a 3 week D/s contract.

Wow, I think that I’ve made this sound so much less passionate than it was, but trust me, lots of passion in there and lots of chemistry. So, here’s where we are going to split. I have so, so, so many things to say about this after the picture. There are lots of things I like about this story. I really like the negotiation that takes place over the contract that Nate offers Eva. I know I mention that negotiation every time I see it in a book, but there is a really good reason for that. That’s because it’s important that everyone involved is aware of boundaries, hard limits, soft limits, safe words, so on and so forth. You should always make sure that you do all that discussing and negotiating, whether it’s for a night or for forever. Never just assume that you and your partner are going to be on the same page. I’ll step off my soapbox now. There is a lot of sexy sexy fucking in here, lots of cussing, and lots of spanking and other punishment kinds of things. Totally hot. This book left me feeling all kinds of ways, all good.



I like cherries. I look forward to cherry season every year. There is a scene in this book that makes me look at cherries in a whole new light. I’m really, really looking forward to cherry season next year. Hot, hot, hotter, and even hottest.

Nate’s patron gets mad that he’s continuing with a relationship with Eva. She wanted Nate to ruin Eva and walk away. She really has a hate on about Eva. She threatens Nate with disclosure if he doesn’t walk away from Eva. So, he does. He takes her back to the club, scenes with her, and dumps her. It’s ugly. Seriously ugly. He tells Carrick to take care of Eva.

Eva’s secret is painful too. There are all kinds of layers to her secret. Carrick knows most of it, and has offered to take care of it for her. Spoiler within a spoiler, I wish he had.

I love the fact that the secrets actually intersect. I also love the fact that Nate realizes that he was a dick. Even better, I love the fact that he has the perfect way to fix the problem. It’s always nice to have a pure sadist around, isn’t it? Nate manages to get justice for Eva in all kinds of ways.

This book is intense in places. I cried at times. I got so drawn into the characters. They are magnetic and charismatic. I felt really connected to Eva. I don’t know what there was about it, but there was just something that drew me to her. Nate is super sexy.

OK, if I keep talking, I’m going to really spoil things. Go read this book. Go read it before Whisper comes out in a couple weeks. I have the ARC for that on my Kindle. I’ve heard from others that it’s even better than Kneel, which if it’s true, then I’m excited!

This weekend, I think there may be another Kit Rocha story. We have Exalted by Sansa Rayne coming up too. That was just really fucking amazing too. Really, go check out this book. I think I made it sound boring and dry, but there really isn’t any boring and dry to it. Happy reading!

Sophie Kisker-Fear and Desire

Sophie Kisker is one of my favorite authors, and she’s an all-around nifty person. Hi, Sophie! That would be why she shows up here a lot. Today, we’re talking about one of her books from her backlog. Fear and Desire used to be known as Captive of Fear and Desire, but Amazon is run by a bunch of pearl-clutching prudes, so she had to drop the Captive part. Luckily, she didn’t have to change the book, and we get a book full of non-con/dub-con goodness. F&D also shows up on my Top Ten dark and fucked up books list. I had just read it for the first time a few days before that post, I think, so this was a reread, so yay!

So, let’s just dive right into this one, shall we? Fair warning, this one is pretty dark all the way through.

Dan is an undercover Fed working on busting a human trafficking ring. There are a couple of reasons why he was chosen. One is that he’s from the area where The Farm, the group’s training facility, is based. The other is that he’s a Dom. The powers-that-be think that makes him perfect for training women to be sex slaves. The bosses don’t get the difference between consensual BDSM and forced training to be a sex slave. Pearson, the guy in charge? Is a massive douche of douchian proportions. Every time I’ve read the book, I’ve wanted to just reach my hands into the book and punch the guy and then strangle the shit out of him.

Anyway, Dan and his partner Josh, also a Dom, do what they can to help the women, including changing up the the “training” program so that the women can actually have something survivable and aren’t just beaten, raped, and broken. They both know that what’s happening to these women is going to cause psychological damage, but they are doing what they can to make it less.

Dan meets Laura for coffee on Saturday nights, after her shift on the OB ward. They were childhood friends who grew apart, but now that they live in the same area again, they’ve been getting closer and closer. One Saturday, Dan asks Laura, who doesn’t know for sure what he’s doing, if she’ll go away with him in a few weeks. What neither of them knows is that Marco, the incompetent nephew of the head of the ring, is spying on them. He’s got it out for Dan because he thinks he should be in charge.

The next thing we know, he’s kidnapped Laura and brought her to The Farm. His stated thought is that he’s doing it for Dan so that Dan has someone for him to use.

This is where we are going to part. Since I have things to say about this book, there will be spoilers. This book could be triggery in regards to rape, so be aware of that. Sophie has been careful in the way that she handled the situations, hopefully, it doesn’t trigger anyone because it is a good book. It is dark, it stays pretty dark, but when you get through that dark fucking tunnel, you do get an HEA. It’s on KU, but it’s only $0.99, so grabbing your own copy isn’t going to break the bank.


When Laura figures out that Dan is there, she tries to run away, not to really run away but to make sure that Dan sees her. However, that means that she has to be punished, and it’s a pretty brutal one to her feet. That punishment also brings her to the attention to the big bad guy, who decides that he wants her, and he wants Dan to train her. He has very specific plans for Laura, and he wants her broken. If Dan won’t do it, then the nasty fuck nephew will. Dan is left with no choice.

Dan manages to get Laura away from the base, at least long enough to talk to her, under the guise of physical training. He explains to her what he needs to do and that it will be hard. She gives him her consent to do whatever it takes to get them both out safely. So, here’s the thing, can she truly be said to have given consent? While yes, she was willing to let him do what needed to be done, was it true consent since she really had no choice otherwise? It can’t really be consensual non-consent because that’s a voluntary thing. She would’ve entered into the relationship willingly, they would’ve discussed limits, punishments, likes, dislikes, so on and so forth. That’s not anything that could’ve happened in Dan and Laura’s situation. I suggested to Sophie back when I read this the first time, that maybe informed non-consent was a better phrase for it. Dan told her what she was going to have to live through, so she knew, but she can’t really consent, thus informed non-consent.

The last part of the Laura and Dan’s journey is terrible, just terrible, and intense. I was glad to get through it the first time and every other time, even though I knew what was coming up. I still got teary and all twitchy over it.

I think that all of Sophie’s stories are really good. I always look forward to the newest ones, and I like to reread the older ones fairly often. F&D is one that really grabbed me the first time, and it has grabbed me every subsequent rereading. Anyway, if you like dark, non/dub-con, but with an HEA, try out Sophie Kisker and check out this one.

Tomorrow, Breaking Grace by Rose Deveraux.

Jaye Peaches-To Know You

So sorry for the delay in play for the past couple of days! Your reward for being patient is getting an amazing 3, yes 3, review blog posts today! First up, is this lovely Jaye Peaches book, which you are getting now. Later this afternoon, you’re getting Isabella Starling’s newest book, and finally this evening, you’re getting a new one from Summer Graystone! So, stay tuned for all that, and we’ll dive right into Jaye Peaches and To Know You.

There is a lot of BDSM and D/s in this, which could move the story into the dark romance category, but, for me at least, I’m not sure that’s where it belongs, so I’m keeping it strictly in romance. That’s because, to me, BDSM and D/s aren’t automatically dark romance, there has to be something else that moves it to that, and while there is a plot point that could move it to dark, that’s not really the main part of the plot. The story focuses more on Gemma and Jason, and their budding relationship and romance. With all that said, let’s dig in.

Gemma is a young submissive woman. She spent several years playing in the world of kink, sometimes with long-term Doms/masters, and other times, she’s done one-off scenes with Doms at clubs or through other arrangements. The last dominant man she was with wasn’t really a Dom, and he traumatized her, badly. It was bad enough that she has completely walked away from the kink world, doesn’t go to clubs, parties, munches, or any other get together. She doesn’t even really contact her kinky friends. In order to avoid that man from finding her, she’s even quit her very good job and taken an internship at Jason Lucas’ company. It’s a good job, but a somewhat backwards step for her. One day, she helps a man who is standing by the copy machine, flummoxed by the error codes. That turns out to be Jason.

Jason Lucas is a very driven Type A kind of guy. In fact, he’s a Type A’s Type A. He’s also a Dom. He’s currently without a sub. He’s generally a one-off kind of guy, hit it and quit it, and do it hard is his motto. He doesn’t want a relationship, he doesn’t want the complication, but then he meets Gemma.

He gives her a ticket to a big choral charity concert, but doesn’t tell her that he’s going to be there too. After they hear part of it, they go out for drinks, and then there is some really hot sex. There are lots of weekends of really hot sex, vanilla-style, mostly. She doesn’t really hear from Jason during the week, which somewhat disturbs Gemma, and makes her question what’s going on.

Eventually, they both figure out that they are kinky and that their kinks mesh. Talking about limits brings up the trauma that Gemma went through.

So, here we go. I’m going to continue to spoilers, you get to decide whether or not you want to read them. Overall, I enjoyed the story. I liked Gemma most of the time, sometimes she got on my nerves, which happens. However, I didn’t like Jason most of the time. I thought that he was cold, dismissive, and ignored Gemma way too much. Gem had to try to figure out his rules and motives, and within the D/s relationship they set up, she had some issues with that. Sometimes that made her doubt, and she chose to hide those doubts in her submission. The book is exclusively from Gemma’s POV, so we never know what’s going on in Jason’s head, which may be part of why I didn’t care for him. This is just my personal opinion on this, and like I said, I overall enjoyed the book, and quite enjoyed the work that they did on their relationship to make things work, so go and take a chance on it. Just remember, that there is a lot of sex as well as a lot of BDSM scenes. Gemma does have some flashbacks which could trigger some people.


So, the plot point I mentioned is that Gemma’s former-whatever-he-was turns out to be stalking her. Apparently, what he did to her leaked out and it turned out that he did similar things to other people, so the kink community decided to police their own. He blames Gemma for what happened. He was also a possessive dickhole, which made him want to get Gemma and do not nice things. That really is just a side plot though. I think that parts of it could have been left out and the story could’ve been nearly the same, but again, personal opinion.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to ddrop with Jason. I thought that he was going to end up doing something terribly terrible to Gemma, so that pulled me out of the story a bit, trying to figure out what he was going to do.

There are a lot of things that I did like, just in case you thought that I only found problems with the book. I do like the fact that the relationship is a work in progress. We get to see her doubts, but we also see the negotiations that go into any relationship, let alone a D/s relationship. I thought that was really well done, and I like seeing that in any book.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Check back in a few hours for Isabella Darling, and then a few hours after that for Summer Graystone.

Summer Graystone-Holding Skye

Today we have another new author on the blog. Summer Graystone is bringing us her book, Holding Skye. This is the first book of her’s that I’ve read, but won’t be the last. I have another of her books sitting in my TBR collection right now. Heh, maybe I’ll take some screencaps of it this weekend and show you. No sooner do I get one book read than two more pop up. It’s like the hydra. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

So, Holding Skye. Skye has been keeping a secret most of her life. She wants a man to tie her up, spank her, flog her, and make her come, screaming his name. (Sounds like fun, right?) She’s been holding onto that secret very, very tightly for a long time. She worries about her secret. However, one day she manages to screw her courage up to the sticking point and decides to do something about it. She walks into a BDSM club and meets Master Steve. Steve talks to her and then gives her a note with an address and a time on it.

Elijah is waiting on the other side of the door when Skye knocks on the door at the appointed time. He opens the door, not just to his home, but also to her fantasies. He tells her everything that he wants to do, gets her all hot and bothered, and tells her to come back the next day, but wait, she can’t come.

Pretty picture time. Overall, I enjoyed the story. There were a couple of small issues that I had. One is that I thought there was a secondary story line that detracted from the story. I just thought it took away from where Skye and Elijah were going. Another is that I thought that the story moved a little fast from meeting to HEA. Those are my own particular issues, and your opinion will probably differ. Other than those things, I enjoyed the story.


When you read the book, you’ll get the chocolate reference. I read that section to my husband and told him that I love him dearly, but there’s no way I’m wasting perfectly good chocolate by rubbing it on his junk. I prefer my chocolate covered nuts to be almonds. I like reading sex scenes with food, they can be really hot, but my practical side says that chocolate and primary sex organs don’t mix. Of course, that’s just me. Go forth with choccies if that works for you.

I do have to admit, the chapter with the dream in it did confuse me. I wasn’t sure what was going on, if it was a flashback or what, until at the end when we found out it was a dream. Then it made sense, but it took me a minute.

Overall, not bad. Fairly well written, interesting premise. Nice HEA.

Tomorrow, we have Grace Goodwin’s newest book. Meanwhile, happy reading!

LK Shaw-Secrets of Betrayal

LK Shaw is a new author to me, so this is her first appearance on the blog. I’m a member of the Purple Prose Society on FB, where authors and ARC readers can hook up so that everyone is happy. That’s where I hooked up with LK and this book.

Secrets of Betrayal is a new book in LK Shaw’s  Secrets series. Full disclosure, I have not read the rest of the series, but they are currently in my Kindle’s TBR collection so I will be reading them soon. Keep an eye on my GR feed for when I review them.

Anyway, Secrets is the story of Phebe and Donovan.

We open to Phebe trapped in a dark, windowless cell. She keeps imagining sunshine to help get herself survive in that room. She’s huddling in a corner and when the door opens, she’s convinced that she’s about to die, and she’s kinda perfectly OK with that. Death would be freedom, at least. It turns out that she’s being rescued.

Phebe has had a hard life. She’s spent all her adult life in a relationship with Kieran Underwood. He started out as a DJ, but soon became a little drug dealer and then worked himself up to a higher-level drug dealer. It turns out that he was working for Phebe’s dad, not that she ever knew her dad.

When she is rescued, she is asked whether or not she will provide evidence and testify against Kieran, she says that she will, especially since one of the things that they want to prosecute him on is working with Russian sex traffickers. She knows all too well that Underwood was working with the Russians since he sold her to them. She agrees to do so and she wants to see his ass locked up for pretty much always. So, she’s put into a heavily guarded safe house.

Donovan is a complicated man. On one hand, he’s a successful prosecutor, who also does pro bono work to help out various women’s shelters. He’s also a Dom and part owner of a club called Eden. However, he has been trying to keep his Dom side a little more under wraps since his sub betrayed him and left him. He’s been appointed to be the lawyer on the Underwood case, which means that he will be spending a lot of time with Phebe, deposing her and getting her information. When he first sees Phebe, he gets some Dom-ly urges to take care of her and protect her, but he has to keep reminding himself that she’s not his sub.

They end up spending a lot of time together, working on the case, and things progress as they normally do.

OK, final thoughts before we move to the spoiler section. I did not connect deeply with these characters. I thought the book was very well-written and it’s a good premise. It did do some things that I really liked. For example, it shows Phebe going to a mental health professional to help in her recovery. Nothing happens overnight, and there is a lot of patience on everyone’s part. It also shows how a healthy D/s relationship can help women who have been in a very bad situation get back to trusting people and help them gain their power back. Will that work for everyone? No, of course not, not everyone has submissive tendencies, and you kinda gotta have those to be in a D/s relationship.

There are some things that may be triggery to people who have been in a relationship with violence in it, so be aware of that if you read this book. There aren’t a lot of them, but it’s better to know that they are there than to be blindsided.



Ok, I think that one of the reasons I didn’t really connect well with the characters is that sometimes I felt like Donovan’s betrayal and Phebe’s betrayal were being placed at the same level, or even that his was a little higher than hers. Yes, he had a sub, they were in a committed D/s relationship until she went off and cheated on him. That’s pretty bad and would be hurtful, but it doesn’t compare to being in a relationship with a drug dealer who hits you or being sold to a sex trafficker. That is my personal perception of it, colored through my viewpoints and experiences. Your perception will vary, so please don’t let me turn you off the book, OK?

I like that Phebe does research into the whole kink world on her own, by talking to her therapist and Bridget, before she talks to Donovan about it. That lets her figure out what she wants before she talks to Donovan. She needed that time to get things straight in her own head, which was important.

Donovan did do everything he could to make sure she was safe, and when something did happen that could hurt her, he made sure to rescue her and take care of her.

It was a well-written book, I could tell that LK Shaw put a lot of thought into it, and I enjoyed the premise behind it.

We have more goodies coming up this week, meanwhile, happy reading.