Cassandra Faye-Hunted

I have a very embarrassing confession to make. My husband is a huge Robin Hood fan. And by huge, I mean he has like 6 different Robin Hood movies, including the Disney animated one, and a couple of series. I don’t know how many different Robin Hood books he has. That’s not the embarrassing part. The embarrassing part is that it took me forfuckingever to realize that Hunted was a Robin Hood story. In my rather pathetic defense, the prologue made me think Pandora, sooo… I mean, the name Loxley did tickle at my brain a bit, but it still took me way too long.

Harper and Jared have been in a relationship for a long time, and now it’s time for Jared to do something really important. So he’s decided that he’ll bring Harper up to the Loxley family cabin. Only male Loxley family members generally come up to the cabin, so it’s something really special and sacred to Jared. He has a whole huge plan of how it’s going to go. He’ going to hunt a deer on the family land, take a hike up to a special area with a fantastic view, ask her to marry him, and then cook her a romantic venison dinner. He’s been planning this for a while, so he’s really excited. He also acted a tiny bit squirrely ahead of time, so Harper is a little bit nervous but also really looking forward to the trip.

At first, everything is great. Harper and Jared have no problem properly christening the cabin, and enjoying themselves, all happy and in love. But then, things change. Because this is a Cassandra Faye/Jennifer Bene story, of course, things change, and not necessarily for the good.

Jared is honestly a sweet man who really cares a whole lot about Harper. It’s so obvious that he really loves her. He has put so much thought into making this whole trip so special. He’s a good man too, I think. I mean, his family’s whole view on hunting is one I can agree with, you eat what kill, you don’t hunt for trophies. OK, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a good man, but it is one thing that proves my point, I think.

I think that Harper is the stronger one in this couple. I’m not saying that Jared is weak in any way, because he’s not. I just think that Harper has more emotional strength than Jared does. I think that it makes them a great complement to each other. I also think that without her emotional strength things would’ve turned out quite badly for everyone involved.

I really, really want to know what all the rules of being a Loxley are, and I think it was a good idea of Harper’s. I would really love to see more in this world.


I think that Jared should’ve listened to Harper much sooner.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one, go check it out! Happy reading!

Nicolina Martin-I Am Eve

Before I get into I Am Eve, I want to do something I don’t regularly do. I’m going to give you a trigger warning. Mostly because this is a post-apocalyptic story that has the apocalypse being a virus. In our current situation, this may be a little real for some people. Now granted, Nicolina went a lot further than what’s going on outside our doors right now, but Covid-19 trauma is a real thing, and it’s something that we all are dealing with, so just be aware when you read this. It didn’t bother me, but I don’t want anyone to go into it blind. OK, now book.

It’s been months and months and months since the sickness went through. Eve’s family left her alone with her grandmother, and her grandmother has since died from the sickness. Now she’s left alone in her huge family home, all alone. She doesn’t go outside. She doesn’t interact with any humans except for her friend who brings her supplies, and even then, they don’t touch. When they talk, they are standing far apart, and they wear masks. Then Eve washes up, just in case. And this is the way that life is in the current time. Eve is also an artist, more precisely, a sculptor. Her basement is filled with her sculptures.

Then we have Adam. He is the leader of a gang. Well, maybe not strictly a gang, but he’s still the leader. They live in a power station and keep the power on. He has reasons that he wants to be the leader and be in a position of strength. He has a son and he wants to do everything he can to make sure his son is safe. So when one of his trucks disappears, along with a load of weapons, he has to figure out what is going on. He and one of his men go to find out what’s happening. They end up in a neighborhood in suburbia. Adam ends up getting left while his man follows the truck. He needs to find a way to keep an eye out, and he sees a house with a turret that would be perfect. Of course you know that it’s Eve’s house. He sees some asshole kids pestering her, and she has her door open, and he manages to sneak in.

I think that Eve is really kinda otherworldly. There’s just something about her that doesn’t quite seem like she belongs on this plane of existence. She seems to know things that you wouldn’t necessarily think that she should know. I really like that about her. I think that she is really strong, even though she’s been sheltered for a lot of her life. There’s just something in her that is just strong and powerful. I like her so much.

Adam is a very interesting man. I think that he is a lot better man than he wants to give himself credit for. I mean, he is handling a lot of shit, and yeah, he has to do some terrible things, but he still manages to be a good man. I like him too.

OK, no spoilers today. You have to read it, so go read it.


Felicity Brandon-Dare Me

Well, if you are looking for some sacrilege with your hot and steamy reading, then Dare Me is perfect for you. It’s the first book in a new series, and I think that the second book is going to be not about the being I thought it would be about, so I’ll have to see there. I’m sure that if the person I thought it was going to be isn’t the main character in the second book, then he might be in the 3rd one. So, we’ll see, won’t we?

So, we start with Sara. She is definitely the very definition of starving artist. She is barely making it at all, her paintings are doing badly, and her asshole landlord wants to get up close and personal with her, a lot more up and close and personal than she wants him to be. In fact, he’s trying to force himself into her apartment, and she’s trying to keep him out. She’s barely managing when all of a sudden, she gets all kinds of strength, making it possible for her to shove the door shut on him and tell him to get the fuck out and leave her the fuck alone. But, how did she manage that?

Well, that would be because of Raif. He’s been formlessly watching over her for quite a while. She doesn’t know that he is, because when I say formlessly, I mean it. He is a demon and he’s just been manifesting enough to have his energy floating around her apartment, but not so much that she can see him. Then when the asshole landlord showed up, he basically possessed Sara enough that he could lend her strength. He was really excited to be inside her, and well, that’s not the only way that he got inside her, if’n you know what I mean.

At first, I thought that Sara was weak, but after reading a little bit, I decided that she really isn’t. I think that she has a very strong core and that’s what keeps her going. It also is what helps her to bend in the ways that Raif wants her too. She’s less like an oak and more like a willow. Still strong, just a different kind of strong. I think that she also ends up going into things with her eyes wide open, at least at certain points.

Raif, well, he is a demon, but he has a really interesting journey. I think that maybe Sara transforms him in certain ways the same way that he transforms her. I think that he really had to have her.


I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Guardians.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Measha Stone-The Mob Boss’ Pet

Measha has published another one of her lovely pet books. This one isn’t part of the series that she has, it’s a complete standalone. The Mob Boss’ Pet has all the wonderfulness of pet play and humiliation play that we expect to see out of Measha.

So, we start with Stephania who is going to her favorite coffee shop. She’s an ER doc and she needs her caffeine fix to make it through her day. When she gets there, the guy at the register seems really nervous and is staring at the only other people in the place. Stephania doesn’t seem all that upset about that, but I would’ve thought it was sketchy af, but I’m paranoid, sooo… Anyway, she eventually looks down and sees blood. Remember, ER doc, she knows exactly what blood looks like. That’s when she gets dragged into the kitchen, where she found a dead man in a puddle of blood on the floor and another man laying on a table, bleeding with 2 holes in his chest. She’s ordered to handle the injured man and keep him from bleeding out or dying.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or more precisely his estate, we have Dominic. It’s his younger brother who was shot and his cousin who is dead. He rushes into his brother’s bedroom where he finds out that their other brother has locked the nice lady doctor in the basement. So, Dominic goes to get her and takes her into his brother’s room, so that she can continue to treat him. Stephania, of course, wants to be let go, but Dominic isn’t going to do that in any way, shape, or form. For one thing, his brother is hurt. For another, she knows too much now. When she does try to run away, he takes her into his room, strips her, and locks her into a cage.

I like Stephania. She’s strong and smart. She’s also stubborn af, which is both good and bad for her. It’s good because she really does need to have that tenacity at times. It’s bad because at other times, that stubbornness gets her into more problems than she would’ve been in otherwise. I can respect that, because I may or may not be stubborn myself. I think that she has a really caring heart and really wants to help people, especially Dominic.

Dominic. Hmmm… Well, I generally like him. With that said, he’s got his issues, like the fact that he has a brick wall 3 feet thick up around his heart. And I have to say that denial ain’t just a river in Egypt when it comes to certain things with Dominic. I think that he has a very good core, and he wants to make sure that his family are taken care of, and he love his family deeply, but he’s not ready to trust anyone, which makes him hard to deal with, I think. He’s bullheaded too, in a different way than Stephania is. I don’t think I can describe the difference, but it’s there.


Finding out who and what was behind it all was shocking, for damned sure.

OK, that’s all there is for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Ker Dukey-Heart Thief

Heart Thief is a part of the Sinister Fairy Tales collection. I’m not sure if Ker was trying to retell a fairy tale or if she was coming up with her own. Either way, I’m perfectly happy with the book the way that it came out, and I would actually love to have more, because it was a pretty quick read.

We start with sisters, Clara and Mona. Clara is the older of the two. They live in a very restrictive religious cult where their father is the leader. Neither one of them is happy though. They live on a small island in the ocean, and their father has told them for years that if they go off the island and into the outside world, they will be tainted, and horrible things will happen, including having to spend time in the dungeon and be cleansed afterward. But Clara has managed to leave the island occasionally. She gives Mona her birthday present, and then disappears, and then turns up dead.

Now, 5 years later, Mona is about to turn 18. She hates where she’s living even more than she did when her sister is there. The only person she really feels close to is Eli, and he is problematical. He wants to marry Mona and become the next leader of the island. Mona has other plans though, and they end up being with people named Colt and Cash, the twin Ward brothers, who have more history with Mona than you might expect.

There is a lot of pain and sadness in this. Colt and Cash have their issues with their own pain, and then the pain that they share as twins. They have had some bad shit happen, and they have an asshole father who is going to do what he can to push that pain and make it worse.

Mona has her pain because of her missing sister, who was so close to her and who she almost shared a soul with. And with the way that her father rules their island. He’s a dickhole. No, what, that’s too nice for him. He’s the dickhole of the worms that feed on whale shit. Mona is really strong, and pretty fearless. I mean, when you look at the book, you can just see how she pushes on despite whatever fear she has and she doesn’t really let it stop her.

OK, no spoilers today. It’s a pretty short book, and I’m already worried that I might have pushed a little far in this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Jane Henry-Nolan

Jane has another book in her Irish mafia books, this time with Nolan. This is the 3rd book of the series, and Nolan is the youngest of the brothers, well those related biologically, there are others that our guys consider brother and call brother who aren’t biologically brothers. We’ll get into them in the next book. This one is Nolan and Sheena’s.

Nolan, who at his youngish age, is a recovering alcoholic, and is trying to prove to Keenan and Cormac that he is a good man of the Clan, and is responsible, and all those good things. And he’s mostly doing it, but one of the things that he needs to do to prove himself is to handle the investigative reporter, Sheena, who has been trying to get dirt on the family and has recently been writing some very nasty articles in the paper, which is ruffling feathers in the village and causing problems. Nolan has handled her once before, when she caused problems and trespassed on the grounds, and now he needs to do it again. But, he hasn’t seen her in a while, and she hasn’t shown up at The Craic, the local sex club.

Meanwhile, Sheena has been doing what she can to find out info on the Clan. She wants revenge, and she has a plan in place. She is going to bring them down, and they will pay for what they’ve done to her family. She’s also trying to balance caring her younger siblings, 2 brothers and a sister, while trying to keep their mother from causing too many problems. So, tonight, she’s going to go to the club and try to attract Nolan, without him knowing that it’s her. Hopefully, she’ll be able to trick him so that he will take her home with him, and she can get her story. Only, of course, it never works that way.

Sheena is rather ruthless, I think. She will do just about anything to get the information that she wants, and she has done just about anything. I think that some of it bothers her, but there are parts about it that don’t really bother her much, I think. She’s very laser focused on her plan and on her goals. I think that without that singular focus, some of her choices might’ve been harder for her and on her. I think that she also has a very, very loving heart, witnessed by the way that she takes care of her siblings, even though she hates her mother so much.

Nolan has more to prove than his brothers did, I think. I mean, he not only had to measure up to them from a baseline measure, he had to overcome his drinking problem and a reputation of carelessness. I don’t know how much of proving himself he had to do to Keenan and Cormac for real and how much he had to prove himself to himself in order to feel like he measured up to his brothers. I think that he’s a good man of the Clan, and definitely follows their sense of honor. I think that he’s excellent with Tiernan, which he really needed.


A spy? We shall see.

OK, that’s all I have to say bout this one! Go check it out! Happy reading!


Lily White-Treachery

I think this is the first Lily White book I’ve read, but I am going to be all over the rest of this series beccause Treachery was just so good and so intense.

So, we start out in the past with Luca and her best friend and roommate Everly headed out to a big party hosted by these 9 guys at their university called the Inferno. These guys are rich, old rich, and their families are in control of a lot of the freaking world. Each of these 9 guys is named after one of the 9 rings of Hell. As you can guess, these guys aren’t all that nice. Everly is dragging her to this party because she’s dating one of the Inferno guys and wants Luca to be her wing woman. Only, when they get to the party and into the room, one of the guys kicks Luca out, and she runs out to wait for the guy she’s been seeing. The following weekend, Everly, Luca, and the jerk she’s seeing all go to the huge party the Infernos are having, and she ends up having an up close and personal encounter with Tanner, AKA Treachery, and it’s not a good one. Things get even worse when Luca gets forced into Tanner’s space.

I had such a hard time liking Tanner. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to at first. I mean, he isn’t named Treachery for shits and giggles. He really is a treacherous asshole. I mean, everything that he could do to fuck people over, he did, and then some. There were all kinds of things that he did just for shits and giggles, or that he did and didn’t see a problem with. In the later part of the book, I really warmed up to him and started to like him more and more. He’s still not necessarily a good person, I mean, he’s still Treachery, and he still wants to fuck people over. Of course, some of the people actually deserve it this time. We learn more about him and his motivation, which is part of what makes me like him more.

I really like Luca all the time. I think that she was smart and had some tricks, but I think that she was also a little naive. Not in a bad way or anything, but she is mostly honest and pretty open, which makes it hard for her to plan ahead like Tanner and his friends, because she just doesn’t think in the same way that they do. She gets ideas and comes up with things that she’s pretty sure will help her win, but the problem is that she is just one person and one person who hasn’t been twisted the way that the Inferno boys have been, so it’s hard for her to get ahead of them more than a step or two.  I think that she’s a brave woman though, and I think that she is going to be very powerful.

I can’t wait for the upcoming books.


I have suspicions as to what happened to Everly, and I can’t wait for her book to see what it was.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. go check it out! Happy reading!


Claire Marta-A Hellion Heart

I had never read any of Claire’s Cease Fire series before I signed up to review this one, and Claire was kind enough to send me the first 3 books. Now I’m kicking myself for not having read the books before, because the series is just so very good. A Hellion Heart definitely fits in with the rest of the series, and it kept me really engaged.

So, we have Cade, and his brothers Ryan and Benson. They are triplets and werewolves. They have been hired by Lucifer to make sure that the seals between Hell and Earth stayed sealed. They have been able to make sure that most of them are closed and sealed again, but there is one that they haven’t been able to find. Early on in their search for everything, Cade slept with a demon named Jinx, who just happens to be the person who was hired to open the seals. During that time, they ended up mated. Somehow, Jinx got a mate mark on her hand from him, and now, they are bound together, whether she wants it or not, and right now, she really, really, really doesn’t. But Cade knows that he is the one for him and his brothers, since they will share a mate, they just have to find her and convince her of that.

Meanwhile, Jinx has stopped messing with the seals, for reasons, and now she’s trying to stay one step ahead of some bounty hunters. Bounty hunters other than Cade, Ryan, and Benson. There’s someone in her past who wants to capture her, and her sister Karma, and own them again. If/when they do find her, horrible things tend to happen. And one such terrible thing has happened right now. She was caught and has been delivered to her own personal nightmare, and she’s been through into a place called The Glory Hole. Bet you can guess what happens there. The wolves manage to get her out, and take her someplace safe, where Karma shows up, and oh, Lucifer and his queen, Mavi.

I think the wolfie brothers are actually pretty good guys. They are bounty hunters and aren’t really the good guys, but they are pretty good men. They seem to have a strong sense of honor that they follow. While they are kind of idiots about Jinx in the beginning, since they were coming at it from the world view they’ve always had, they were eventually able to get their heads out of their asses and make good decisions when it comes to Jinx. There were times when the things that happened between the brothers and Jinx absolutely broke my heart.

I like Jinx. I love how fierce and confident she is, at least most of the time. She has some very, very, very thick walls up, and knowing her past, I don’t blame her for having those walls up either. I would probably buttress them so that they are even stronger. She loves her sister, and she loves her fiercely. Anyone who is inside of her walls is fiercely cherished and loved. I like that she slowly decides to give Cade and his brothers a chance.

I can’t wait to get Karma’s story, if we ever do. She has mysteries that I want to know more about. I am also looking forward to Cassandra’s story. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a hard one.


I worried about what might happen when we met Thanatos. I mean, Greek angel of death, never a good thing.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Measha Stone & Alta Hensley-Mafia Lullaby

Measha and Alta teamed up and gave us a really perverted, perverse, kinky, debauched, deprived, and filthy story with Mafia Lullaby.

So, we start with Ariana. She works at a bakery, lives her quiet life, and just goes about her life. One night, after working late, she goes to check her ATM and it says that her account is empty, which WTF? She should have money there, so now she has to ride the bus, so she’s sitting at the bus stop, in the dark, at night. And there are two strange men who sitting there with her. At least, until they grab her, shove her in big black car, and inject her with something.

When she wakes up, she discovers that she’ being held in a place where she’s going to be trained as a little girl and sold off to a permanent Daddy.

Costello is her Daddy. He’s part of the Mafia family who developed a special drug called Lullaby that causes the people who take it to regress, so when they give it to the girls they have taken, the girls regress back to acting like a little girl who just wants to make her Daddy happy, and it lowers all their inhibitions. They take women who are isolated so that they can sell them. Ariana is the latest girl for him to train, and there’s just something about her. She has a fire that most girls there don’t seem to have, and there’s something that draws him to her. There may be some reasons that she seems to have that fire, but Costello isn’t sure.

I like Ariana. I think that she has a lot of strength. I think that she is very smart, and more importantly, she’s very canny. She scopes out the situation and figures out what she has to do in order to survive. I think that she is also a good actress. I don’t know if she’s always been good at acting or if it was one of those things that she learned how to do as a survival technique after she was stolen. One way or another, she managed to do it.

I liked Costello from the get-go, basically. He has a good heart. He’s not a good guy, I mean he is highly involved in human trafficking, but he’s not the absolute worst guy out there. He does at least make sure that he takes good care of his girls while he trains them, which is good, I guess. His girls are at least ready to go when their adoption day comes out.

nursery-1078923_1920 (1)

I do hate Nanny Nancy. She’s a fucking bitch. She needs a house to fall on her.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Anna Edwards-Zhanzhi

Anna Edwards has spun us a beautiful fairy tale in Zhanzhi. This is part of a collection of fairy tale retellings. Anna chose to tell us Mulan. And can I tell you that the whole time I was reading this that I had I’ll Make a Man Out of You from the original show. That’s my favorite song from the movie. I totally enjoyed the hell out of this story.

Instead of being in ancient China, we’re in modern Chinatown in San Francisco. Lia and her family are part of the Yu Shi which is a triad that is in control of California from SF to all points north. They have an enemy that wants to take over their territory. Now, triad are generally associated with the criminal underworld, but they were also organizations that helped out immigrants from the old world back in the day. Anyway, the Yu Shi helped Lia’s grandparents get from China to the US, and her family have sworn their fealty to the group for forever. So, any time they call for the oldest male of each family to come fight the war, they have come. Only now, the oldest male member of her family is Lia’s father, he has no sons, just two daughters, and he has a damaged leg, and if he goes to war, he’ll probably die. Lia begs him to not go, and to let her go instead. He’s been training her for the majority of her life, and she’s an excellent fighter. And of course, you know what’s happening here.

Jaxon is one of the generals in the Yu Shi army. He’s not Chinese, but he’s sworn to the family. His father brought him to the head of the family when he was a child, and Jax swore to follow him always and to follow the rules of the Yu Shi, which he does. When it’s time to recruit for a new war, Jax went around and told all the families and neighborhoods in Chinatown that they needed to send their oldest male family member to be trained. At his last stop, there was a man who had an injured leg, who he knew would probably die at the first sign of fighting, but the man had no sons, so what could he do? He wanted to make an exception, but it doesn’t work that way.

The next morning, he oversleeps and wakes up to find the 4 trainees he’ll be working with, including a mere slip of a boy named Zhan, who he is pretty sure will die immediately. But, he’s surprised to see how good a fighter Zhan is. Guess who?

The Mulan story, if you look at the original Chinese tale, focuses on a strong woman who goes out and follows her heart and does what she feels what she needs to be done. Lia/Zhan does not fall far from that tree. She is an extremely strong character. She has a hard time being a woman in her world, because all she’s supposed to be is the wife of a Yu Shi man and the mother of the next generation, but she’s so much more than that. She’s always felt like that, and the fact that her father taught her to fight and she’s just so good just reinforces that. It isn’t until she cuts her hair while she’s becoming Zhan that she actually starts to feel like who she is. I mean, she has a whole journey she has to go through to finally figure out who she is, and I was totally here for it.

You know, Jax, the Blond Demon, doesn’t have to go through as much as a journey as Lia does. He is pretty much a complete person from the beginning. I mean, he does have things that he has to work through, but they aren’t really finding out who he is. He’s a really, really good man, who has to occasionally has to do some really bad things, but his goal is always to protect and care for his people instead of trying to expand territory or kill people just because. I think that he’s just a great character.

I think every version of Mulan would be really happy with Anna and her book. Well, might be a little much fucking for Disney.


Lia made some hard choices in this, and one really, really hard one that I don’t think I could’ve made.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!