Danielle Lori-A Girl in Black and White

“There is no black and white in human nature. Just because a man is a prince doesn’t make him a good man.” Calamity’s Grandmother, telling Calamity a bloody fairy tale in the prologue.

So, you all may remember that a couple of weeks ago I did a blog post on Danielle Lori’s A Girl Named Calamity. In that post, I said how much I was looking forward to reading the sequel, A Girl in Black and White. Well, Danielle took pity on this poor blogger and sent me an ARC for it. Yay for Danielle! Sadly, it took me forever to get to it because of the stupid move and how backed up I got with that. But, here I am now. And Girl met and exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad that Danielle sent it to me and I’ve signed up to read the ARC for the next one. I think it’s going to be totally awesome. Let’s get into A Girl in Black and White. Do be aware that I will spoil stuff from the first book, so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to be spoiled, then you should stop right now, go read the books and then come back. You’ve been warned.

So, Girl picks up a year after Calamity ended. Calamity ended on a very, very mean cliffhanger, with Weston’s brother Roldan killing Calamity and throwing her into the ocean. Calamity is now living in Symbia in a brothel. She’s not a whore, but she is a Sister. The Sisters are a group of witches. The brothel is a safe house. The Sisters who live there don’t have to work there, so Calamity is still hanging on to her virginity. Symbia also happens to be the place where her mother lives.

Now, while Calamity was killed a year ago, she doesn’t remember all the time she was gone. There are about 4 months where she doesn’t remember anything, really. She just remembers waking up on a beach outside Symbia and someone finding her.

In Symbia, there is a woman running around doing things, called the Girl in Black. Can  you guess who that is? I bet you can. The Girl in Black does things like compel slavers to stop being slavers, which actually causes some of the slavers to die.

One of my favorite things is towards the beginning when she rescues a little boy named Henry who is a 7 year old pickpocket that she has befriended. He’s chained up in the magistrate’s house, and so is his monkey, Tasha. Tasha is a little more aware than most monkeys. While she’s there, she taunts two king’s guards, Steady and Tuko, and sorta becomes friends with them. It’s just a funny af scene.

Anyway, after that, Calamity goes back to the bar where Henry’s mother works, and there are two posters there. One is a badly drawn picture of her, the other is a well drawn picture of Weston. Or, should I say, Prince Weston of Titan? He is being lauded as the hero while she is being vilified. He’s being lauded for killing her and stopping her from opening the seal.

Then she runs to the brothel so that she doesn’t miss dinner and her mother shows up. That’s when we find out that everything that her grandmother told her about her mother and her past is a lie. Having her mother show up and take off her cuff was something her grandmother totally arranged so that Calamity would have to leave.

This is also when we find out that the fairy tale that’s the prologue is actually a repressed memory of Calamity’s.

Maxim, the Untouchable prince, has taken over Symbia, and he runs into Calamity and tells her that he just wanted to see if it was really her. She makes him swear not to tell Weston that she is there. Spoiler, he totally does.

OK, I’m going to go into the whole spoiler section now. This series is totally worth reading. While I thought that Calamity had some slow spots, I don’t think Girl has any at all. It really moves along well and is intense. There are some very vivid sex scenes in this, and my opinion on those scenes is that it was just about damn time for it to happen! Check out the series, and stay tuned for my review of the third book as soon as it comes out. Just another tip, this doesn’t end with an HEA either, it totally ends on a cliffhanger.


OK, so on to the spoilers and good stuff. Weston is still totally possessive and jealous when it comes to Calamity. He gets really pissed off when he finds out that she is living in a brothel, and he assumes that she’s working there. She doesn’t really tell him any different. Maxim doesn’t do anything to help with the matter, intimating that he has had Calamity in his bed.

Calamity has to be pledged, or married, on All Sisters Day, and her mother and step-father are really wanting her to marry Alis, her step-brother, who she can’t really stand. She keeps trying to tell him no, but he’s not taking now for an answer, so when Weston saves her from Alis and some of his friends, she has Weston compel Alis to marry one of the other Sisters in the brothel.

We also find out that Calamity isn’t just a Sister. She’s also a Shadow. If her black blood falls on the ground, she turns into a Shadow and is intangible and has serious magic. The Shadows of the Dawn aren’t a good group and they live away from Alyria.

There is so much more, but if I keep going into spoilers, there’s no point for anyone to read the book, and you really want to. Danielle has really stuck all kinds of layers into this book, and what happens with her grandmother and Weston at the end is just wow. It was just shocking. I mean… Wow.

Go check out this series on Amazon. It’s worth it. And happy reading!

A Girl Named Calamity

nounplural calamities.
1.a great misfortune or disaster, as a flood or serious injury.
2.grievous affliction; adversity; misery: the calamity of war.

Danielle Lori is a brand new-to-me author. She found my blog and asked if I wanted to read her book, A Girl Named Calamity. Well, as we all know, I really enjoy reading and will read just about everything. If I could manage to take a book into the shower with me, I would read there too. So, the obvious answer was yes. And so I read it, and now I’m going to share my review and my thoughts with you.

Calamity lives with her grandmother in Alger, a village in the country of Alyria. Alyria has magic, and that magic used to be available to everyone, but a few bad people ruined it for everyone. Because of that, the magic has been sealed so that it is one with the land. The only people who can get to that magic now are the people who have some native talent for it. Calamity’s grandmother has some magic and is the healer for her area. She also has some feelings or intuitions, she says that Alyria talks to her.

Calamity is in her 20s, and has no magic. Or at least that’s what she’s thought her entire life. She has a pair of silver cuffs that she always has to wear. She’s worn them her entire life and her grandmother has told her to never take them off. Calamity feels like they are chaining her to something, chaining her to life in Alger, a small life.

One day, her grandmother comes home with a horse, which is completely unnecessary, but she insists that they need the horse. Calamity finally just says whatever, and lets it go. That night, her mother shows up. Calamity wakes up with her mother prying one of the cuffs off her arm. Calamity yells, her grandmother wakes up, and yells at Cal’s mother. Her grandmother raised her, her mother had never really had anything to do with her, and didn’t even know her name. Cal’s grandmother tells her mother, when asked, that she was named Calamity because that was what the mother said she wanted. The mother says, oh, hey, that was a joke. Whatever it was, that’s what she was named. Which is only somewhat beside the point. At this point, Calamity’s grandmother tells her that she needs to leave. The fact that one of her cuffs was off means that “they” could find her and that they would be on their way. Her grandmother packs everything up and puts her on the horse, and tells her where to go.

While Calamity is getting ready, her grandmother also tells her that she is destined to be the person who can open the seal and let the magic back out into Alyria, so she has to go. She needs to go to a nearby town, through the Red Forest, get an escort, and then go to Undelay City. The Red Forest is pretty damn blood-chilling, mostly because it is covered in blood. It rains blood. You touch the trees and your hand gets bloody. You get the idea.

When Calamity gets to Cameron City, she finds an inn and is given a direction in which to search for an escort. She’s trying to be inconspicous and dress like a man, but everyone in the tavern she goes to knows that she isn’t. But, at that tavern is where she finds Weston. Weston is an assisian. She asks him to be her escort but he turns her down. When she gets ready to go back in the morning, Weston shows up and tells her that he’ll take her.

OK, here is where we’re going to leave for spoilers. But, before that, I want to mention a few things. While I have marked this as a romance, it only sort of is. There’s a start of a romance, but Weston does everything he can to discourage Calamity from having any kind of romantic feelings about him. He’s more than just a little bit of a dick sometimes.  Calamity doesn’t want to like him, but there is part of her that does.

The world building is good, and Danielle is very descriptive about her world. It has some interesting things that I wouldn’t have necessarily have considered before. There are times when I personally thought it was a smidge slow, but in general it was pretty good and well-paced. I liked the book well enough that the second one is high on TBR, especially since it ended up on a cliffhanger. There is violence, there is language, and there is some sexual activity, but in general, that part of it is pretty tame.




OK, I’m just going to jump right in with this theory, because I’ve been bursting with it the since the second I came up with it. I think that Calamity is the seal. She’s been fought over, at one point, a mage takes her away and tries to use her. Weston says that she has to stay a virigin to do what needs to be done. No one knows where the seal is, and the the mage seemed surprised that Calamity didn’t know. I just think that she is it.

Part of the prophecy surrounding her is that she is born of a prostitute and a king, which I’m pretty sure that Weston knows, since he keeps calling her princess. He seems to know a lot more about her than she does. There’s also the fact that the mysterious being in the forest bit her and then all of a sudden became very, very subservient and apologetic to Calamity, so her father is obviously someone very important.

If you ask me, it’s obvious that Weston does care for her and wants her, because he’s promised to kill any man who touches her, and once the two of them bond, he tells her that she will be a virgin for life, since she can’t be far away from him and he won’t let anyone touch her. I can’t wait to read the next one so that I can find out.

My TBR just keeps getting higher and higher and higher. LOL. Not that I’m complaining. I’m only complaining because I have to move in 9 days, which means my reading and blogging time will be cut down next week.

Anyway, that’s my review on this book. Danielle Lori kindly provided me with an ARC of this book so that I can review it. I was really excited about that because she was the first author that I didn’t know at all who submitted a book to me to review and blog about. So, cheers to Danielle! Everyone show her some love.

As always, if you have something you want me to review, hit me up on my contact page. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, recommendations, whatever, leave a comment or visit my contact page. If you are dying to know where to stalk me, all my links are on my about page. Happy reading!