Dani Rene-Madd Ink

This is going to be a quick little review because Madd Ink by Dani Rene is a quick little read. The publishers for it specialize in quick and dirty reads for when you just want something hot and sexy to read. And Madd Ink fits perfectly in that.

Ryn learned her lesson years ago. Don’t trust men. It’s better for her if she just stays on her own with her 5-year-old daughter Roxie. And that definitely means that she needs to stay away from Slade Maddox, cop and man whore.

Slade loves women. He knows he loves women. He doesn’t think that he will ever settle down to just one woman because there are just so many women and so little time. When he goes to his best friend’s tattoo parlor to get a tattoo touched up, he sees Ryn and is fascinated by her.

OK, this is where we’re going to part. There isn’t a whole lot of story here, but you know that going in. It’s a lovely piece of fluffy candy for your mind. I am perfectly fine with that, and the story met that need 100%.


The story does move quick, but it has to. I really don’t have too much to say down here because anything I say about it is going to be a spoiler. So, I liked it. It was good. I’ll keep it in a reread list, especially for days when I need something quick and easy to read.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Happy reading!


Dani Rene-Fragile Innocence

This isn’t Dani’s first visit here, and heaven willing, it won’t be her last. Her works are really good. I get dragged into the stories and then get sucked into the emotions of her characters. There is a realism there that makes me happy. Her books can also be brutal to your emotions, making you go up and down and all around. That’s definitely what Fragile Innocence does. Dani put Ella, Ben, and Carter through hell, but she does it in a way that makes you want to go right through that hell with them.

So, Ella has been running away from her hidden past for years. She never stays in one place for very long because she doesn’t want to let the monster that she’s hiding from find her. When she gets to London, she finally thinks that she’s safe. She’s changed her look, her attitude, everything.

When she gets off the plane in London, she notices a beautiful man who happened to notice her too. Carter was so entranced by what he saw, he decided that he would get in a car and follow her. When he found out where she was living, he realized that it’s a building owned by his best friend and partner in sex, Bennett. He calls Bennett to get info on the new woman in the building.

It turns out that Ella is the new real estate agent for Bennett’s company. When he sees her, he realizes why Carter is so entranced by her. They make plans to get her in between them.

The sex in this story is super hot. This is an MMF menage. In other words, everyone’s getting it on with everyone else. I personally like a good MMF menage. There’s just something so sexy about reading about MMF and MM stories. I just think the whole idea of honest sex between two consenting adults, no matter what equipment happens to be in between their legs, is hot. I liked their dynamic and the fact that Ella had no problems with accepting Bennett and Carter’s dynamic and doesn’t feel any kind of jealousy about them being together. In fact, she loves the idea.


OMG, the bad guy was a total surprise to me. Creepy, creepy fucker, and all the rest of what was going on with that situation just pissed me off. I mean, that was just disgusting that anyone would let that happen.

I kind of thought that Carter and Bennett were big jerks at the beginning, but they did manage to redeem themselves. They were very understanding in the end about what kind of things that Ella may be dealing with and they wanted to make sure to not push her beyond what she can take, which is awesome. It just shows how much they love her.

I did like that Dani did show that even while love helps deal with things, it doesn’t automatically heal everything and make everything all better immediately. It takes time and work and patience. That made everything perfect.

OK, that’s all for today. Keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic books, because you know I’ve got some coming for you. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Dani Rene-Whisper

So, a couple of weeks ago I reviewed Kneel, the first book in the Sins of Seven series by Dani Rene. Today, we’re getting into the next one with Whisper. Whisper is darker than Kneel, with some parts that made me cry. My poor husband doesn’t always know what to do when a book makes me cry. I won’t put it down, most of the time, otherwise how will I know if it comes out alright, so I just cry and he asks 14 times if I’m OK. So, let’s dive into the book, and then you can go read it and see if it makes you cry too. If it does, you totally have to tell me.

Once upon a time, Eli was a happily married man and a happy Dom with a lovely sub. Then he found out that his wife Raquel had been keeping secrets and that she is dying. His wife keeps trying to make him promise to find someone else to love so that he will be happy. She’s just being a good sub, always thinking of her Dom and his happiness. She even goes as far as pointing out a young woman who is also in the hospital and telling him that he should go talk to her.

Giana was that young girl. She was just 17 at the time and had already lived in the antechamber of Hell. Raquel talked to her and made her promise to watch out for Eli and to take care of him.

Eventually, Gia and Eli hook up. They spend a year being friends and making each other come. Eli walks away from an 18 year old Gia, thinking that he’s too old for her and wanting her to go and have a happy life.

Fast forward 7 years, Gia changed her name from the one Eli knew her as and looks different. She spent 2 years living in the deepest, darkest pits of Hell and has come through the other side. With Carrick’s help and a good psychiatrist, she’s managed to put her life together again. And she’s found Eli. She sees him every day serving as a barista at his regular coffee shop and most nights, working as a bartender at the local BDSM club, Seven Sins, owned and run by Carrick and Mason. She’s played with different Doms and occasionally shown up on stage in various shows. She’s also watched Eli play with various subs and then heard them come back and talk about him and try to get him to play with them again.

For his part, Eli has worked very hard to not have any real sub. He may bring the subs from the clubs home, but he’s never let them into any part of his home except for a room he’s set up to entertain subs in and his playroom. He’s bound and determined not to love anyone, not since Raquel died and he walked away from Riley.

One night, at the club, he hands Gia his card and tells her that he wants to play with her after her shift and to show up at his house. They scene, everyone is happy, and he sends her home. Mostly what Eli is looking for is a little girl he can love and cherish but also tie up, spank, and make cry. Gia is looking for someone who will love her.

Gia and Eli are two profoundly broken people who have serious shards and bits and pieces. Together they are less broken and they help to hold each others’ broken bits together. But when the past comes back to haunt them, can the hold they have on each other go on?

This is where I go one way and you may choose to go the other, there are definite possibilities that you may be spoiled if you keep going with me. Dani Rene creates wonderful characters that make you really cheer for them or hate them. This is a dark book, with BDSM scenes, capture and torture, and sadness. There is also happiness and lots of secrets. There are a lot of layers that go into this story and I loved being able to find them and dig into them. It was also nice to get a peek at older characters and see old friends.


The layers and connections in this book are delicious. Everything is tied into everything else and into everyone else. I have to admit, that there was one thing that I kind of guessed, well, not really guessed, but more like thought wouldn’t be interesting if… And it was, and it was interesting.

Poor Gia. I mean, fuck. I mean, she worked as hard as she could to get away from her past and then it found her, and it nearly destroyed her. I spent that whole section of the book crying and cried while Gia and Eli were apart. I know why Gia chose to do what she did, and I even support the idea of her taking the time to heal after what happened. That doesn’t mean that my heart didn’t break for them both, especially since Gia was bound and determined to let Eli go. I love the way that it ended though. I felt very satisfied and my tears dried up.

I really loved this book. Not just for the kinky, kinky, sexy fun, but for all the layers of the story and the rich story-telling that goes into this book. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love books that are just sex for the sake of sex, I own several of them and enjoy reading them, but I also love reading stories that have real substance to them and that make you think and feel for the characters, and this one did that.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. We have a break tomorrow and then we’re back with more Parker Sinclair and a fun week ahead of us. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Dani Rene-Kneel

We’ve had some nice, sweet, light romances the past few days. Kneel is not one of those. In fact, about the only thing that Kneel has in common with those stories is that they are all romances. Well, kinky romances. Fair warning, you probably don’t want to show this to your maiden auntie, unless she is kinky AF. So, Dani Rene and Kneel are bringing us back to the Dark Side. Come join us, we have cherries.

So, our main characters are Nate and Eva. We also have Carrick, who is important to both Nate and Eva. Nate and Eva both have secrets in their past, painful secrets that could hurt them and each other were they to come out.

I love the prologue of this story. It really does start the whole thing off strongly. You learn important things about Nate from the very beginning. The prologue is all about him Dom’ing a sub using humiliation, something that they both get off on. Don’t get me wrong, he likes spankings and tying up a willing sub, but he’s deep into humiliation. That plays into the story strongly.

The start of the book has Nate walking into a BDSM club owned by Carrick, who is a friend. Nate sees the hostess introducing the live show and tells Carrick to send her back to a certain room and have her get ready. All Nate knows is that she is the last name on a list of women that he has had to humiliate and leave ruined. Obviously, Eva is that woman, otherwise, it would be a really short book.

He takes her into this room to play with her, the chosen room has a two-way mirror. He opens up the curtain so that whoever is on the other side can witness it, particularly his patron, the one who is blackmailing him to do these things to women.  However, he doesn’t go quite as far as he had expected to since she overwhelmed him. But, once he’s done, he walks away, knowing that he can never see her again. However, that doesn’t stop him from really wanting to see Eva again.

Eva enjoyed the scene. Nate played deeply into her desires and it was everything she ever wanted. She has never had a Dom, although she really wants to find the one for her. She thinks that Nate is the kind of Dom that she wants.

Even though Nate is usually a one and done kind of guy, he can’t get Eva out of his head. He calls Carrick to get her info and calls her out for a date. He tells her that he wants to watch her get dressed. Eva loves that. I do too. It’s pretty sexy, right? She loves his confidence and how he makes her feel. After a second bite at the apple, Nate knows that he needs to have Eva in his life, and Eva wants to be there. So, he offers her a 3 week D/s contract.

Wow, I think that I’ve made this sound so much less passionate than it was, but trust me, lots of passion in there and lots of chemistry. So, here’s where we are going to split. I have so, so, so many things to say about this after the picture. There are lots of things I like about this story. I really like the negotiation that takes place over the contract that Nate offers Eva. I know I mention that negotiation every time I see it in a book, but there is a really good reason for that. That’s because it’s important that everyone involved is aware of boundaries, hard limits, soft limits, safe words, so on and so forth. You should always make sure that you do all that discussing and negotiating, whether it’s for a night or for forever. Never just assume that you and your partner are going to be on the same page. I’ll step off my soapbox now. There is a lot of sexy sexy fucking in here, lots of cussing, and lots of spanking and other punishment kinds of things. Totally hot. This book left me feeling all kinds of ways, all good.



I like cherries. I look forward to cherry season every year. There is a scene in this book that makes me look at cherries in a whole new light. I’m really, really looking forward to cherry season next year. Hot, hot, hotter, and even hottest.

Nate’s patron gets mad that he’s continuing with a relationship with Eva. She wanted Nate to ruin Eva and walk away. She really has a hate on about Eva. She threatens Nate with disclosure if he doesn’t walk away from Eva. So, he does. He takes her back to the club, scenes with her, and dumps her. It’s ugly. Seriously ugly. He tells Carrick to take care of Eva.

Eva’s secret is painful too. There are all kinds of layers to her secret. Carrick knows most of it, and has offered to take care of it for her. Spoiler within a spoiler, I wish he had.

I love the fact that the secrets actually intersect. I also love the fact that Nate realizes that he was a dick. Even better, I love the fact that he has the perfect way to fix the problem. It’s always nice to have a pure sadist around, isn’t it? Nate manages to get justice for Eva in all kinds of ways.

This book is intense in places. I cried at times. I got so drawn into the characters. They are magnetic and charismatic. I felt really connected to Eva. I don’t know what there was about it, but there was just something that drew me to her. Nate is super sexy.

OK, if I keep talking, I’m going to really spoil things. Go read this book. Go read it before Whisper comes out in a couple weeks. I have the ARC for that on my Kindle. I’ve heard from others that it’s even better than Kneel, which if it’s true, then I’m excited!

This weekend, I think there may be another Kit Rocha story. We have Exalted by Sansa Rayne coming up too. That was just really fucking amazing too. Really, go check out this book. I think I made it sound boring and dry, but there really isn’t any boring and dry to it. Happy reading!