Jane Henry-Mafia Daddy

Today we are back with Jane Henry and her fairy tales for adults. Totally the best kind of fairy tales, if you ask me. She’s already done Beauty and the Beast, with Beauty’s Daddy, which was hot, and now she’s brought us Cinderella with Mafia Daddy. Yeah, I thought BD was hot, but MD was on fire. I mean, heat waves rising up off my Kindle hot. I could not put this book down if I had even wanted to, and frankly, I didn’t want to.

So, Prince Charming is really named Dante and Cinderella goes by Gabriella.

Dante is the heir apparent to the head of the Villanova crime family in Las Vegas. His father wants him to follow in his footsteps, which means that Dante needs to find a bride. There is no woman in Dante’s life and even if there was, he wouldn’t want to drag her into the shitshow that is his life. But if he doesn’t pick a bride, his father will do it for him, and Dante doesn’t want that either. After having a fight with his father over it, Dante storms off grabs his motorcycle and goes for a ride.

Gabriella is a loyal and hardworking young woman who has never even been kissed let alone been out with a man. She spends her life working every hour of the day in her family’s restaurant, for her step-mother Agatha. Before her father died, he made Gabriella promise to take care of Agatha. Gabriella and Agatha have a mutual loathing society, but unlike Agatha, Gabriella believes in loyalty and familial duty. One night, Gabriella goes out to a concert with her step-sisters, who end up stranding her. When she is trying to figure out how to get home, Prince Charming rides up on his trusty iron stallion. He loans her the use of his phone and then tells her that he would help her, all the while thinking that if she were his, he’d be taking care of her.

They have a wonderful dinner, with Dante listening to every word out of Gabriella’s mouth, which leads to a delightful interlude in a hotel, where he tells her to call him Daddy.

So, since we see a picture here, we know what time it is. I wasn’t kidding about how hot I thought this story is. There’s just something about this one that pushed the buttons the right way. On top of the whole hotness and romance, there is intrigue and treachery. It’s definitely an excellent retelling of Cinderella. As you may have guessed, this is a Daddy Dom story, so there is spanking and sex. There is lots of bad language and some violence, but a perfectly wonderful HEA. It’s altogether awesome and I really can’t wait for the rest of Jane’s fairy tales.


Christian Laboutin Cinderella slippers. Probably worth more than I’ll make this year, but aren’t they hot?

I always knew not to trust Agatha, of course, you never trust the evil step-mother, but she is really bad and really not to be trusted. Gabriella’s and Dante’s families were wound up super tight even before our heroes get their HEA. I’m glad to say that Agatha got no more than what she deserved.

Dante’s mother is pretty cool. I really liked her, especially with what she told Dante at the end of the story. He wouldn’t have been able to do what he did without her.

One of my favorite bits in the book is actually in the teaser that Jane put out. It’s when Gabriella has sneaked into the masquerade and Dante says that he doesn’t want to have to put a girl in a ball gown over his knee. I mean, that was just a wow moment. A serious wow moment.

I am really looking forward to how Jane brings the rest of the fairy tales into her version of the world.

That’s all I have to say about this book, other than go out and grab your copy today.

Tomorrow, we have the newest Anna Zaires book, Obsession Mine. This book killed me dead and I’m still trying to recover from it. Wednesday we have a pair of books from Candace Blevins, followed by a new Callie Hart. It looks to be an intense week that you don’t want to miss. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Shanna Handel-Forever Daddy

Forever Daddy is the second book in Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love series.  FD is a Daddy Dom series.  Just as a quick reminder, a Daddy Dom relationship isn’t exactly an age play thing, it’s more adjacent or maybe a subset or maybe at the intersection of age play and D/s. Kink categories aren’t necessarily well defined. The Dom, instead of being called Sir or Master is called Daddy, and the sub is little girl, princess, little one, kitten, or some variation thereof. There isn’t generally any dressing as a child or regression in this kind of relationship. There is spanking, standing in the corner, and other punishments. Like most other relationships, how far each couple goes depends on the negotiation between the Daddy and his little girl. She may be required to wear the clothes he picks out for her or to abide by a bedtime, as well as a number of other rules.

This book is a direct sequel to the first book, which I haven’t read yet, but is now on my TBR.  I don’t feel like I was at a disadvantage because I didn’t read the first one, Shanna lays out a quick overview of the backstory pretty well, so you can read it as a standalone. However, if you want the real depth of the characters, then you may want to read them in order.

FD has two main stories that go on. They intersect and connect, so it’s really one larger story with two branches, maybe. We have Carrie and Wes, who are the main characters, and then Jessica, Garrett, and Ray, which is the second story.

We open up to right before Christmas, and Carrie getting spanked by her Daddy, Wes. She got angry at Garrett, who is Wes’ little brother and her ex-fiancee. He was there with Jessica, who is hugely pregnant with his baby, and who is Wes’ ex-girlfriend. Total telenovela. Garrett cheated on Carrie with Jessica right before their wedding and actually got her pregnant that night. Eventually, though, Carrie and Wes ended up together and they are perfectly happy.

When they are done playing cards, Garrett goes off the the one local bar, Ray’s, and leaves Jessica there alone, which fact sits well with no one. The next morning, we find out that he has left Jessica because he is a shitbird.

Anyway, Mama and Wes want Jessica to stay, and Wes talks to Carrie about it, because they don’t want Carrie to feel uncomfortable in her own home. She says yes, but later, something happens which makes her feel upset, and she runs off.

OK, I’m going to skip some here, there is a pretty important plot point which is going to show up here in a few minutes, so I’m glossing over that.

After Jessica has her baby, she moves into an apartment, and Ray, the local bartender who has had a thing for Jessica since her 21st birthday, starts getting really close to her, and they have a nice little thing going on.

Alright, time to separate. This is a really sweet love story, or a pair of really sweet love stories. There isn’t a whole lot of sex. There is some spanking, but not an overwhelming amount. There isn’t a whole lot of language either. This is another one you could give your mom or your maiden auntie. Again, not my mom, but maybe your mom.


I’ve lost two siblings in my life, so that particular plot point really made me sad. I cried the first time I read it. Poor Jessica, she had so much shit handed to her all at once. However, she does get some sweet out of it. I hope that Garrett completely off the face of the earth later on because he doesn’t deserve anything nice to happen to him. He’s a jackass, and he has screwed up so many other people’s lives that he just is fucked up. I am not a nice person, and I’m hoping karma is a total bitch to him.

OK, that’s really about all I have to say about this sweet book. It really is a nice, sweet love story. It’s like cotton candy for my brain. Yummy, tasty, and hits you in just the right place. I’ll definitely keep it in my rotation for when I need something quick, light, and satisfying.

Tomorrow is Kneel from Dani Rene. If you are keeping track, you’ll notice that it was supposed to be today, but this one dropped early, so we had a switcheroonie. So, look forward to that. It’s an awesome story. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Amelia Smarts & Jane Henry-Cowboy Daddies

Jane Henry has shown up on the blog before, with her book, Beauty’s Daddy. Amelia Smart, though, is a new one to the blog, but not to me personally. Amelia mostly writes cowboy stories, mostly historical. This particular book is not historical, it is a contemporary story featuring two sisters and two hot, alpha cowboy Daddies.

Unlike some co-written books, Cowboy Daddies comes in two parts, each one written by one author. Amelia writes part one with Abby and Clay. Jane writes part two with Daisy and Shane. Clay owns a ranch. Shane is his old friend and ranch hand. Abby and Daisy are sisters, with Abby being the older, but just a little older. Daisy turned 18 shortly before her story takes place.

As a reminder about Daddy Doms, they are a subset of age play. There is nothing incestuous and nothing wrong with it. Age play generally has the Dom being called Daddy/Mommy or some variation thereof, and the sub is a little girl/boy. The sub reverts to a younger age, while the Dom acts as their parent. There are a lot of reasons why people do age play, as many as there are people who do age play. There are also a zillion ways to do it. Each couple sets up their relationship the way that it works for them. Daddy Dom relationships, also called Daddy Dom/little girl, generally don’t have the same reversion to a younger age, but they do have a lot of the same aspects, including the sub calling the Dom Daddy. If it isn’t your kink, it isn’t your kink, and as long as everyone is of age, consenting, and no one is getting hurt (any more than they really want, at least), it’s all good. I don’t pass judgment on other peoples’ kinks, and I don’t want to have anyone pass judgment on mine.

Anyhow, now that I’m stepping off my soapbox, I’ll get to the reviews.

Abby and Clay

One day, Shane calls Clay and tells him that someone has taken Glaze, his favorite horse. Glaze has been with Clay for years and years, and he loves his horse. Clay goes to track the horse thief down and finds that someone is living in an abandoned bunkhouse on his property. He watches to see who it is, and he finds Abby.

Abby has been living in the bunkhouse for a little bit of time and she took Glaze so that she could get back and forth to town so that she can get to her job. She doesn’t have a car or a license, and it’s too far for her to walk. She doesn’t think that anyone will miss Glaze because she’s an older horse. Clay is at least glad to see that Abby has been taking good care of Glaze.

There is a very good reason that Abby is staying at the bunkhouse and not at an apartment in town. All of her money is going to Daisy so that she can get her musical education. Daisy and Abby are/were in the foster system, and no one else is going to pay for Daisy to get what she needs. Clay decides that he is going to take Abby home and he becomes her Daddy.

Daisy and Shane

After aging out of the system, Daisy has come to live with Abby and Clay. Shane lives in the farmhouse too but in a different wing. Daisy has a crush on Shane, but he doesn’t seem to notice that she’s not a little girl. She’s also been running around a little wild since she got to the house. There is a wholly inappropriate guy, Malcolm, that she’s been hanging around with. He gives her some moonshine to get her a little comfortable so that she can sing at Abby and Clay’s wedding. Shane finds her and yells at her.

After the reception, Shane gets to the house and finds Daisy completely shit-faced and Malcolm there. Malcolm is a snake and a thief. Daisy gets into a bad spot, Shane spanks her, and the story goes on from there.

OK, here’s where we separate. I’ve tried not to spoil anything, but they are both pretty short stories, so I had to be careful. They are very sweet stories, strong HEAs, and a lot of happy relationships. I don’t always read dark and scary and twisted, I even, on occasion read books that don’t even have spanking or sex in them. I just haven’t reviewed any of them here yet. If you are looking for a light, quick read, with plenty of sizzle and spark, these books are definitely for you.

cowboy daddies

Hot cover, right? Don’t you just want to lick the chest and call him Daddy?

I never thought that I would like Daddy Dom stories. However, I really enjoy reading them. There are some definite hot scenes in age play stories (wait until I get to Zoe Blake’s new book) and Daddy stories, check out the scene with Abby’s homework.

Clay really does do what he can to help out Abby, even after she gets into a wreck in his truck because she doesn’t know how to drive. He punishes her for it too, but that’s part of the dynamic of the story. But that punishment also means that she’s forgiven after she has taken it, and the slate is wiped clean. Isn’t that nice?

Shane takes care of Daisy the same way and helps her figure out a way to deal with the money that her creepy-ass ex-boyfriend stole from Abby and Clay’s wedding presents.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get an ARC from these two lovely ladies, and you got my honest and entirely voluntary review. If you like cowboys, contemporary or historical, both Jane and Amelia write cowboy stories. If you like Daddies, you’re in luck too.

Tomorrow I have an ARC from Sue Lyndon, a MFM menage story. I also have stories from Cari Silverwood, Zoe Blake, Aubrey Cara, and a new to me author, LK Shaw coming up in the next few weeks. Oh, and another Blacklight story from Livia Grant and another Daddy story from Isabella Starling. So, stay tuned for those! Meanwhile, happy reading!

Jane Henry-Beauty’s Daddy

OK, first I have to say that I avoided reading anything by Jane Henry for a while because that’s my aunt’s name, and I didn’t want to think of my aunt while I was trying to get my escapism groove on. But now? I’m sorry that I put off reading her books. I started by reading some of the Boston Doms series that she co-wrote with Maisy Archer, which is an excellent series. Jane now shows up on my TBR list. Oh, my TBR, I’ll never get through it with how far behind I am right now. Thanks, move

Anyway, back to Jane and Beauty’s Daddy. This book falls into a particular area of kink called Daddy Dom. This is kind of a subset of age play, I guess you might say. Age play is where the submissive is a Little. That is, they have times when they are in the space of being a child. How old a child depends on both the Big and the Little. It’s not all the time, but the sub will have times when they dress as a child, color, play, so on and so forth. The Dominant is the Daddy/Mommy. It’s their job to take care of their Little and make sure that they have a safe place to be little. This isn’t about pedophilia, it isn’t about incest, it’s a D/s relationship that has a different flavor.

Daddy Dom is slightly different. They are primarily a Dom, but instead of being called Sir or Master, their preferred title is Daddy. Their sub may be called little girl, little one, kitten, princess, or something like that. There generally isn’t any dressing up like a child or some of the more “childish” activities that you would see in an age play relationship, but the Daddy, being a Dom, does supervise and oversee his sub’s life. Like other D/s relationships, there are variations and no one relationship works the same, these are just general guidelines. Everyone is getting something that they need out of the relationship, the Daddy is getting someone to care for, the little girl is getting someone to care for her. As long as everyone is happy, safe, of age, and it’s consensual, it’s all good.

Of course, this is all just as I understand it, and I am not a kink/BDSM/fetish expert, I just read and research a lot. I welcome people correcting me or giving me more info.

Now that all of that is over and done with, it’s really time to get into Beauty’s Daddy. This book is Jane’s take on Beauty and the Beast, but don’t expect Emma Watson to be showing up anytime soon for it.

Our lovely heroine, Annabelle, is busy trying to make sure that her sister can go to college and that their mother, who is losing her mental faculties, is taken care of. One day, on the way to her job at the diner, she runs into Sawyer, knocking coffee all over him, ruining his suit. Then, she gets to work and gets a call from her sister that their mother has gone missing. The next thing she knows, she hears a car crash. She hopes it’s not her mom, but she just knows it is. And guess whose car got wrecked? You guessed it, Sawyer’s. Mom is busy swearing it’s his fault, when it’s really hers.

Sawyer tells Annabelle that she needs to be at his house that night so that they can discuss making reparations, that he’ll send a car, and she shouldn’t be late.

Sawyer has a bad reputation in town because he was accused of killing his fiancee years ago. He always maintained his innocence, but that didn’t stop anything from happening. He’s trapped himself in his big house outside of town since then.

Sawyer’s plan for Annabelle to pay him back is for her to pretend to be his wife for a month because he needs to have a wife for some interviews with journalists. However, she has to start immediately and won’t be able to leave, but he will pay her several times her salary for that time period and make sure that her mother is taken care of so that her sister can take a break. Annabelle does what she thinks is right and agrees to do it.

Not everyone gets or likes Daddy Dom stuff, but this is done really well. You see how much Sawyer is driven to take care of Annabelle, especially in view of his past experiences, and how much Annabelle wants someone to take care of her so that she doesn’t have to be the responsible adult all the time. But that doesn’t mean that Annabelle is just going to roll over and not be Annabelle anymore. No personality-ectomy here.

It’s a really good version of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, and if you look, you can see a lot of parallels to the movie. I haven’t seen the live action version, so I can’t tell you on that one, but definitely the animated version. I totally give this 5 stars. Spoilers to come.




If you have gotten down this far, then you know what time it is. If you read down here and you get bothered by spoilers, well, you know better.

I said there were parallels, and they include Annabelle not being allowed to visit the west wing, which of course she is going to do. She finds out more about Sawyer’s past and the accusations against him. He finds out, flips out, tells her to get out, and she runs. That’s when Sawyer goes to find her and gets hurt saving her from the people who were trying to hurt her. See where that parallels the movie when Beast saves Belle from the wolves? The book doesn’t follow the movie exactly, but there are enough places where there similarities that it was interesting to find them.

Of course, since the movie was based on the fairy tale, just prettied up for Disney, I suppose you could say they both follow the fairy tale, which works as well.

I did feel sorry for Annabelle and her sister because of their mother’s illness. She obviously has problems, and she causes even more for Annabelle and Sawyer. She doesn’t mean to, it just that in her confused state, it’s way too easy to cause chaos. And the sleazy journalist doesn’t help at all. He’s the Gaston character, and you can definitely tell. Only, I think I might like Gaston a little bit more. Maybe. They are both sleazy, slimy guys.

OK, there is spanking, there is language, there is sex. All very good things, if you ask me. Which, if you read my blog, I’m just going to assume you asked me. But, along with all those things, there is a great story and a great HEA. I mean, I’ve read some erotica that is sex, sex, sex, sex with a little story, which is OK, if you know that’s what’s happening. But you can’t read that all the time and Jane hasn’t skimped out on the story.

Imagine my standard ARC statement here, and happy reading!