Ava Sinclair-Camp Daddy

Ava Sinclair has gone back to her Daddy roots for this one, and we get not just one dedicated Daddy Dom, but two, and they have set up Camp Daddy for their wives.

We have two pairs of best friends. Elana and Shelby are lifelong friends who married Zane and Archer, best friends and former Marines. Archer and Zane are Doms and they first met Shelby and Elana when they walked into the club where the guys were members. They had a double wedding, and were really close. However, Zane and Elana moved away a little while ago, so they haven’t been able to get together as much. The foursome has a tradition of renting a little cabin for the weekend and having a lot of kinkery fuckery fun. But in the recent past, that hasn’t been happening in either relationship. Both couples have ceased in any kink in their lives, and no one is really happy. So the guys planned this weekend for everyone to get together, but also so that they could get back to where they were, and basically have a Daddy boot camp for their subs. They’ve never really had the DD/lg dynamic before, but it’s something that they are going to try. All the guys know is that they aren’t happy, their wives aren’t happy, and as the Domly types, it’s their job to try and make it right.

Their camp starts bright and early in the morning, after the women had a few too many drinks, and they are woken up way too early. Shelby ends up being spanked then. Then when she and Elana find out what they are supposed to wear, Elana ends up with a belting.

There are a lot of things that I like about this book. One of them is the fact that it shows that marriages aren’t easy and that even the happiest couple can end up at a point where there is a huge chasm in between the couple. It doesn’t even have to start big either. Just a tiny little change can make a huge difference as it goes on. And it doesn’t take a whole lot for that chasm to be more than someone can jump over and just too much work to try to bridge, especially if you feel like you are the only one trying to bridge that divide. So often, in romances, we get the wedding and they ride off into the sunset, happily ever after, so I like to see what happens after the HEA.



OMG, I need to get a rubber ducky just like the one in the book. It would match my rubber ducky shower curtain, and it would definitely put new meaning to the rubber ducky song.

I love that the guys admit that they screwed up. The Domly alpha types generally get seen as infallible, so seeing that they make mistakes and screw up just like everyone else does is always good. I don’t like seeing anyone fail or anything, but Daddies are human too and Daddies can make mistakes that cause serious problems.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Katie Douglas-Flame Daddies

Katie Douglas has been having a good month. First she released an Aria Adams book, and now we’re getting a spinoff of her 24th Century Daddies ‘verse. (Her Daddy and Her Master was one of my first daddy books and was my first Katie book) Today, not only are we getting Daddies, we’re getting dragons, and a reverse harem with Flame Daddies.

Alora is a princess. She’s not just A princess, she’s THE princess, the daughter of the Emperor-Paramount of the Interplanetary Alliance, in other words, the ruler of the entire galaxy. So, she’s a pretty important person. Which is why slavers kidnapped her after they blew up the government center on Nidia, which Alora is pretty sure also killed her father. Luckily, she gets rescued.

Argon, a silver dragon, Sharpe, an emerald dragon, Brynn who is gold, and Canavan who is an amethyst dragon are 4 brothers. They have managed to… acquire a spaceship. It’s hard for dragons to own things like spaceships since the elves on Telia II, with whom they share a planet, want to kill them all off. In fact, there are very, very few dragons left any more because of the genocide the elves are committing. Species-cide? Whatever. But, the boys have managed to get one, and they are on their way to Telia I to see if it’s a good planet for dragons when their sensors show that there is dragon DNA on a ship ahead of them. They figure there’s eggs on the ship, so they are going to go rescue them, but when they get there, they find Alora. So, of course, they rescue her.

All the boys are attracted to her, and the funny thing is that they all pretty much have the same thought, which is that they shouldn’t let their brothers know that they are attracted to a humanoid. Hmmm… Didn’t stop them though, now did it? Some of the dragons have cool fire power. Sharpe and his green fire are healing, so when he flames Alora, he heals all her injuries. Canavan’s purple fire is even better. He can adjust the temperature and he can make his flame stoke the feelings of lust, and OMG he does. The guys also have a pouch on their bellies when they are dragons that they can use to carry things, like ginormous, scaly kangaroos. I thought it was just like a built-in Baby Bjorn, since they tuck Alora in there when they are flying. Kind of fits for a Daddy book, even though there isn’t so much age play in this one. Since it’s a Katie book, it’s sweet with a nice bit of funny too. I’m hoping we might run into some old friends as we go through the rest of the series, since we already know one half-elf.


OK, without going back and checking, I’m wondering if the story that the dragons tell Alora about the reason the war picked back up is about Flin from Her Daddy and Her Master, but I can’t remember right off how old he is. I’m going to have to go back and check to see if I’m right or not.

I’m looking forward to seeing Alora rule with the guys backing her up. I hope that there are still a lot of dragons. I want to know what she’s going to name the planet.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check out all of Katie’s Daddy books. Happy reading!

Allysa Hart & Rayanna Jamison-Ogre Daddy

What happens when you put two Daddy authors together and let them go crazy with fairy tales? Well, you get Ogre Daddy. I like Allysa’s and Rayanna’s books when they are writing solo, but when they are writing together, it’s a lot of fun. Ally and Rayanna are good friends and you can really tell when it comes to their co-writing. It’s obvious, to me at least, that they had a lot of fun writing this, and I can just picture Ally jumping and down and bouncing off walls while they were writing. I think that really translated over to Ariana. And yes, for some reason, it’s always Allysa that I see bouncing off the walls and not Rayanna.

Lamira the sea witch wants to be the queen of Venus, a small island. When she finds out that the King, Queen, and their daughter Princess Ariana are all out on a boat, she makes plans. She’s going to kill the King and Queen, become Queen and keep Ari as a pet. So she sends a huge storm to swamp the boat. Only Ariana and Grayson, the fisherman, survive.

Grayson sits at the hospital with Ariana waiting for her to feel better. When he runs home really quickly to get stuff for her, everything changes. Fifteen minutes later, he leaves his house, and there’s a new Queen, a new castle, and everyone is different.

Meanwhile, Ariana is sitting in the hospital when the new Queen, beautiful, regal, kind, and loving, gives her a special book that’s just for her. That makes Ariana feel so special and whenever the Queen turns her attention to her, Ari just feels like the center of the universe. When Grayson, who isn’t changed by everything confronts the sea witch who is now the Queen, he ends up being turned into an ogre with no voice.

And thus, 2 years happen, and nothing gets better.

There was a lot of fun stuff going on in this book. For one thing, you get a real feeling that the ladies are playing with eras and such. I mean, you have an ogre, so you are thinking fantasy era and such, but you have an ogre who is bitcoin farming and uses Amazon Pantry to grocery shop. Everything has a mashed up feel like that, which I thought was pretty awesome. Then you get bits and pieces of various fairy tales. Maybe Allysa and Rayanna didn’t plan to play with fairy tales, and I’m just seeing them there and it’s all in my head, but I see them there, or at least some parallels. Like when the sea witch turns Grayson into an ogre and takes his voice, I totally see Little Mermaid in there. Plus you get the fact that the villain is a sea witch and Ariana’s name is so close to Ariel. Then there’s some Beauty and the Beast, with Grayson being a huge ogre that has been changed by magic from a man to beast. I saw lots of other bits and pieces in there. For all of the fun stuff in there, you also have some not fun stuff, and the sea witch isn’t nearly as nice as Ursula was. She’s Ursula’s much eviler twin. I mean, she makes evil twins look like Little Mary Sunshine.


OK, the words in the spell that Ariana uses look like they are Finnish to me, but when I put them in Google Translate, they didn’t really come up as anything, so either they grabbed some nonsense Finnish words or maybe Elvish from Tolkien, or they are just nonsense words. I have to know this now.

I really felt sorry for Ariana. That’s 2 years of horrible shit to have to try to get over and through. It’s a good thing that she had Grayson there to help her through it.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this. It’s a fun story with lots of love, some bad shit, and lots of spankings. Happy reading!

Daddy’s Demands Pt. 2

So, here we are with part 2 of the fabulous anthology Daddy’s Demands. If you missed part 1, you can go back and read it here.

Here are some more of my favorites from this series. Remember, there are 25 stories in this anthology, and I recommend that you go grab it as soon as possible because I know that it won’t be for sale for forever, and these are just some of my favorites. There wasn’t one of these stories that I didn’t enjoy, which is just fantastic.

Katherine Deane-Tri-ing for Daddy

Marnie was an Olympian level runner, until she got into an accident. Jake is the first responder who helped her right after the accident and helped her even more a few years later.

OK, let me tell you why this is one of my favorite ones, and there may be some spoilarage in this, so if you want to miss any chance of spoiling, just skip down. My baby brother was born with spina bifida and used a wheelchair. What does that have to do with this story? Well, Marnie ends up going to the Paralympics and because of my brother, I had the chance to meet Paralympians, which was pretty damn awesome if you ask me. There aren’t a whole lot of romance stories that have main characters who have disabilities. I can only come up with 2 books, and if I were to look harder, I could probably come up with more, but I would have to really look. On the other hand, I can come up with dozens of just about any other kind of main character or storyline you may want. You know how people say representation matters? Well, it really does, so to this cane using woman who had a baby brother who was a wheelchair user, showing an athlete who was able to get to the Olympics after her injury, Marnie was really important. Major, major props to Katherine Deane for that. I mean, totally major props. I want to give her a gold star.

Amelia Smarts-Finding Her Place

Kayla is a college student who is just coming out of a long-term relationship and thinks that she is unlovable. She’s stuck in summer school and wants to find a job. That’s where Hudson comes in. He has a whole lot of baby birds which need fed, and he hires her to be his exotic bird feeder. You know, there are all kinds of ways that could’ve gone, right? Kayla is pretty awesome and tries to be so sneaky. Her interrogation of Charlie was hilarious. I liked this one a lot because of how Hudson helps Kayla figure out what’s going on with what she wants. Very interesting.

Lee Savino-Dueling Daddies

Evangeline is getting drunk and swearing off men. Of course, she’s doing that in front of Shane and Bear, two incredibly hot guys. When she tells them that no man has ever gotten her off, they decide to place a bet with her. They will each get 3 dates with her and see if they can get her off. It’s a sort of menage, sort of not. It’s in the same world as Lee’s Her Marine Daddy, which has a truly hot scene with a chain, and Bear is mentioned in that book. I think my favorite scene in this one happens at the wedding, and I just wanted to cheer.

Alta Hensley-Monsters of Mercy

Esme was going to rat out a very bad guy named Oz. Oz wasn’t all that happy with that idea, so he had Esme abducted and brought out to a manor where she could pay her penance. Knox is one of the Monsters of Mercy who lives and works at the manor, helping people pay their penance. I like capture dubcon fantasies and this one is definitely in this category. It is pretty filthy and we all know that I love good filthy filth. There may or may not be highlights in this story on my Kindle. Probably even Knox couldn’t get me to tell you.

OK, that’s all for this one. There are a whole bunch of great stories by a whole bunch of great authors in this book. It’s a steal to buy because, really, 25 stories? Yeah. The rights won’t stay with the publisher forever, and once they revert back to the authors, the book will be pulled, so you have to get it when you can. Go grab it, and remember, you need to do what Daddy says!


Anthology-Daddy’s Demands Pt. 1

So yeah, I’ve been putting this one off, but not because I didn’t like the book, because I did and I do, but more because life is stupid and adulting is hard. The fact that adulting is hard sometimes made this the perfect set of stories for right now, because it’s 25 stories about Daddies who want to make sure that their little girls are taken care of and aren’t going to have to adult too hard. Of course, some of the Daddies are a little darker than others, or a little more strict, but considering who wrote some of these stories, are you surprised? I’m really not.

There are a lot of great things about an anthology like Daddy’s Demands. One of them is that no matter what kind of mood I’m in, there’s a story there for it. Which is nice, because I never know what kind of mood I’m going to be in from day to day. Plus, with the fact that there are 25 stories, they are pretty short, so if you have a minute to read a story and you don’t want to get dragged into something, you can find a quick story. So, if you are like me and you hate going to bed with an unfinished book, an anthology is a godsend. There’s also the fact that when you get an anthology, you get the chance to read authors that you aren’t familiar with, which is even nicer. Even with as much as I read, and as many of those authors I have read, there were still a couple of authors I wasn’t familiar with.

Of course, then you have the downside to large anthologies like this, at least for bloggers and reviewers like me. There are TWENTY-FIVE stories in here. Do you know what trying to review 25 stories is like? I would get bored writing a blog post that summarized 25 stories. You would get bored reading it. My goal is to not bore my readers. I like you guys, I want to keep you around. I liked all the stories because all the authors are talented, but you know that there are always going to be some that you like more than others. That’s just the way that it is. So, what you’re going to get is a 2 part post, today and tomorrow. That way I can talk about my favorites and not burn you out or burn me out, and Daddy will be happy. 🙂

Renee Rose-Mafia Daddy

Renee’s story ties in with some of her other stories. You get Yuri from The Russian and the tie in from King of Diamonds. Jenna, the heroine of this one was supposed to marry Nico Tacone from KoD, and when her father’s right hand man comes to take her home, Yuri steps in to try to stop him. So, we now have definite proof that they are all part of the same universe. This is a sweet story. I know, I know, you don’t think that Renee can write sweet, but she did. I really enjoyed it, including the connections to her other stories.

Loki Renard-Daddy’s Little Captive

You know how I said some of the Daddies were a little darker and stricter than others? Yeah, Loki’s Dominic is one of them. He comes into the little restaurant where Marina works as a server on a regular basis, and when he comes in late one night and everyone else leaves, Marina just can’t. Lots of kinkery fuckery going on, including one of Loki’s trademarks, a cage. This one is under the bed though.

Jane Henry-Professor Daddy

This one ties in with Jane’s NYC Doms and Verge. Giada is a student who is getting ready to take a creative writing course from a prof that she thinks is going to be stodgy. Only Geoffry Slade is anything but stodgy. So she decides to poke the bear. I’ve been talking off and on with other Daddy authors about brats, and I’m pretty sure that Giada totally counts as a brat. I really liked her and how she thinks it’s fun to poke the bear, knowing what she’s going to get.

OK, there’ll be more tomorrow, but it’s late, and my life is still stupid, so I’m going to go to bed.


Jane Henry-Jacked Up

Jane has decided to put her stamp on the Hard n’ Dirty books, which I still think should be called the Hot n’ Dirty books, but no one consulted me. That’s OK. I’ll still read them. 🙂 It takes a lot to get me to not read a book. Jane put her personal stamp on Jacked Up and turned it into a Daddy book too. She is sooooo good at Daddy books and I’m always excited to read one of her books. So let’s get all hot and dirty, shall we?

Here’s how our story goes. Tanya is the heir to an automotive empire. Her dad deals in classic cars, and has a large collection of them. Including a 1967 Corvette Convertible L88. Which is an incredibly sexy car. I mean, yummmmmy sexy. It would look really sexy wrapped around me, but that’s neither here nor there. The problem is that Tanya’s now ex-boyfriend thought so too. Not only did he think so, he decided that he would take it for a ride and ended up crashing it. And like the annoying little twat that he was, he didn’t bother to get it taken care of. No, he left that all up to Tanya. She’s called all around to various car repair shops and found out that the only place to go is Jacked Up. And let’s just talk about that being the name of an auto repair shop. Love it!

Levi is the owner of Jacked Up and is pretty much a competitor of her dad’s. But he’s the only person in her area who can work on the Corvette, and not only that, he’s one of the best people she could possibly get to work on it, period. Tanya walks into his business, all dolled up showing lots of cleavage and legs, in a nice tight dress and fuck me daddy heels, and asks to speak to the owner. He says OK, and leaves the room. A few minutes later, he walks back into the room and tells her that he’s the owner. Whoops. She tells him her name is Felicia, and from that moment, I kept waiting for him to tell her “Bye, Felicia.” But, she tells him that her name is Felicia and she has a car that needs fixed. She shows him the damage and he tells her what it will take for him to fix it. She has to work for him for 2 weeks. You see, he figured out that Felicia isn’t her name, and when she told him who she was, he told her he didn’t want her daddy’s money.

I really liked Levi, and not only that, I liked him for the whole book. There are a lot of times when I like the Domly types, but there are parts where they annoy the living fuck out of me. This isn’t one of those times. He didn’t seem like he was running over Tanya the way that sometimes happens in these books. He still had to be in charge, but he was almost more mellow about it, if that makes sense. I like Tanya too. Although I wish she had kicked Leo’s ass because it needed to happen. I think that she was fierce. She was also unafraid of who she was and had her own power. I think that is pretty damn awesome. I would love to get another story about this one, even if it’s just a short story catching us up with them.


See, super sexy car, right? Told you so. Don’t you wish you could drive that?

I never liked Spade from the very beginning, and Grease was another one who gave yucky vibes, so I’m glad that I wasn’t wrong about them. Too bad that Levi didn’t pound the shit out of the two of them because they so deserved it.

Is it wrong that I want a pinup calendar of Tanya on Levi’s Jag?

That’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out, as well as all the other Hard n’ Dirty books. Happy reading!

Renee Rose-Blaze

If you’ll kindly forgive the pun, Blaze was blazing hot and fiery. Of course, it’s a Renee Rose story, so there’s some hot sex going on as well as a little bit of spanking. And just for fun, we have a firefighter who is an excellent Daddy. What can possibly be wrong with that mix? Nothing, that’s what.

Lia is very driven. She has wanted to be firefighter with FDNY for many years. She took the training, she spent summers on the Forest Service’s hotshot crews, and she’s spent the last many months fighting with FDNY to actually get hired. Now she has the job, and she’s the only woman in her firehouse. Hotshot crews, by the way, are pretty much the BAMFs of the firefighting world. They are the ones who go into forest fires, into the worst areas, and fight the fires, with very little support. I mean, these men and women are tougher than tough. That’s some seriously hard and dangerous work, even more than regular firefighting, because when you are fighting a structure fight, you are going to have medical care on hand if you get hurt. Anyway, that’s what Lia was doing. I’m not sure why FDNY wouldn’t want to hire her to be on their team. I mean, seriously. That’s a helluva recommendation, if you ask me. But, there it is.

New to her station, she’s still trying to get the guys to accept her. They are having issues. One guy outright hates her, the others just aren’t sure what to do about her, and the captain has walked in on their strip poker game and laid down the law. No fraternization, no sexual harassment, and no more strip poker games. Although, I’m willing to bet the the boys weren’t playing strip poker on their own. After Blaze, their captain, lays down the law, Lia goes to do what she does when she needs to burn off stress. She lights matches. Lia has a deep and abiding love for fire. Deep and abiding. That’s part of why she’s a firefighter.

Blaze knows about Lia’s little habit, and he wants her to stop it. She’s confusing to him. He knows that she’s off-limits, but there’s something that attracts him to her.  He knocks on her door, walks in, and discovers Lia out of uniform, in just a pair of panties and a shirt. She’s not out of uniform because she’s only in panties and shirt, it’s because her panties are made out of a synthetic material. So, he talks to her about her issues, and oh yeah, spanks her.

I like Lia. I get the liking fire bit. My own teenage years may have involved a lot of things burning. My family enjoys fire. I also get why she’s driven to do the things that she does. It can be really hard when you have that drive in your head and you can’t quite get it out. She’s really fierce, but she’s had to be, just to be heard, let alone to become a firefighter. I do think that her family did fail her a bit, or maybe more than a bit, but that’s my opinion. I mostly like Blaze. He’s a good guy. But even good guys who want you to call them Daddy can be stupid as hell, and that’s also a good description of Blaze. It isn’t even that he’s high-handed like some Dom-ly types get, it’s that there are things that he’s just stupid about. So, a good guy who is sometimes stupid as hell. He’s not my Daddy, I don’t have to be nice to him. LOL.


Here’s where I think her family did Lia no favors. They knew what happened, and instead of talking about it and maybe seeing if she needed some help with her guilt or whatever, they just kind of ignored it. I can understand them wanting to just patch over the thing, but I think it just made a lot of things harder for Lia than it had to be.

Blaze’s white knight syndrome was seriously out of control. Why did he never notice it? I’m not surprised that it upset and hurt Lia so much. It would hurt anyone, but he and Lia were doing things that could be really intense and bring in all those feelings, and he wasn’t dealing with the after part the way he should because he had to go rescue every other damn person. See? Stupid as hell.

Ok, that’s all I have to say. Go check this one out as well as the rest of the Hard and Dirty books. Happy reading!