Amelia Smarts-When He Returns

Amelia Smarts is one of the queens of cowboy spanking stories. If you’ve read any of her stories, and I highly recommend you do, you will understand why. When He Returns just shows why her stories are so good.

When he was a young teenager, Wade found himself living on the streets. His father had been arrested and he refused to say in the orphans home. So he ran away. He has been stealing food and clothes to make his way ever since. When he steals some bread one day, he gets dragged in front of the sheriff who handles him in a unique way. He takes him and ends up adopting him. The sheriff has several other children, most of whom he has also adopted in this same way.

Sadie is the sheriff’s oldest child and his biological daughter. When her mother died, she took over the running of the house, and as each child comes into the house, she turns into the mother of the house. She spends all her time taking care of everyone and everything, and so she ends up grumpy. I know I would be. So when her dad brings home yet another kid home, and one who is older than her, it turns out poorly. She and Wade are like chalk and cheese.

I totally get Sadie’s POV here. I’m the oldest of 7, and I spent a lot of years being the helper, especially after my mom went back to college. (I also have a brother named Wade, but that’s neither here nor there.) I did my years of helping out, cooking dinners, making sure the little kids were fed and dressed and all that. So I totally, totally get why Sadie is how she is. I do love this story so much, especially since I do relate so much to Sadie. I also totally get Wade, and I understand why he was the way that he was.



I do feel sorry for Sadie, who thought that no one loved her this whole time. That has to be so painful for her. No one wants to think that their parent loves someone else more.

Wade does so well for the entire family. When he’s there, the whole family works in a way in which they don’t otherwise don’t. I think that you have to have the right mix of family for everything to work right, whether it’s the family you were born with or the one that you created or chose.

Anyway, that’s all that I have to say today. I’m looking forward to all kind of reading this weekend, and I hope you are too! Happy reading!


Shanna Handel-Sweet Texas Love

If you are looking for a romance series that you can share with your Granny, Nana, Memaw, Grandma, or whatever you call her, then you can’t go wrong with Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love books. All sex happens behind the curtain, so you don’t see it. There aren’t really any bad words. The occasional damn, but that’s it. The men are true gentlemanly cowboys and the women are strong women who love them. I would hand these to my very conservative grandmother or aunties, with no qualms. I love reading them for so many reasons.

One reason I like Shanna Handel’s books is that we are following the same people the whole time. We get to know them and love them and become invested in them. That’s really nice. Another reason is that sometimes even I need a little light in my life to help save my black soul and my even blacker heart. Shanna’s Texas Daddies help with that. All of this to say that we have two of her books today. We have Bartender Daddy, book 3, and Texas Daddy, book 4. TD is supposed to come out 1/19 or 1/20, so I don’t have a buy link for it yet, but as soon as I do, I will post it on my FB page. So, without further ado, let’s dig into our books, shall we?

First, we have Bartender Daddy. The primary couple in this book is Ray and Jessica, though we still get a hefty helping of Carrie and Wes, so if you fell in love with them in the earlier stories, you get to stay in love with them. Yay for that! I did fall in love with them.

So, we start our story with the ramp up for Ray and Jessica’s wedding. Carrie is melting down because she’s over-stressed and Jessica is being Bridezilla. Jessica is melting down because there is so much to do. Carrie gets spanked by Wes, who helps her figure everything out. Ray helps out Jessica by solving her problems on what to wear when she walks down the aisle, denim, BTW, what to eat at the reception, potluck, and who to walk her down the aisle, Wes.

We also meet Buttercup. She is Ray’s sister. His dad ran off when he was a kid. Years later, Ray’s dad met another woman, got together with her and had another family, and thus, Buttercup, whose mother loved The Princess Bride. She is to fly in on the day of the wedding, being held at Wes and Carrie’s ranch, and meet everyone. When she does get there, she is a scared, thin, hidden young woman of just 18.

OK, that’s enough for this book. Let’s jump into Texas Daddy, shall we?

TD has us jump forward 10 years in the future. We start out with Buttercup running away from someone and running to Ray for safety.  She leaves an engagement ring and takes nothing but the dress she wore to Ray and Jessica’s wedding.

When she gets to Ray and Jessica’s she spends time helping them out and taking care of their 3 boys and takes over caring for the chickens, which sounds funny, but she loves it. She also gets to see the builder, Jake, who she ends up crushing on. Which is all good, since he’s been into her for years, ever since he was was the DJ back at the wedding.

We see some Ray and Jessica in this, not as much Wes and Carrie, but some. And we get a little bit of Garrett, who is Jessica’s ex and Wes’s little brother. Jessica and Ray do get into a little more BDSM-ish stuff in this one, but not serious stuff, and no serious description of it or more than just a spanking, really.

So, here’s where we part altogether. It’s time for me to go on and have all my says when I get to the other side of the picture. Like I said, they are sweet stories, you can see the love in the stories, and the caring that these Daddies have for their little girls. I know that Shanna is writing a new series that’s connected Sweet Texas Love called Dirty Texas Love, and I suggest that you don’t let your Nana see those. Shanna has promised me that there will be sex in there.


In TD, Wes has some mental health issues. They are very understandable, because of everything that has happened. Shanna handles that very well and very sensitively. And I’m glad that she showed it because it makes Wes more real, if you ask me.

I did kind of see Tom showing up, but maybe that’s because I expected hm too, just from what we knew of him before, so that wasn’t so much of a surprise to me, but I wasn’t all like yeah, whatever, I knew he was going to show up. I did have some hopes that things would be other than what they were, so there’s that.

I love that the couples are still madly in love. I’m coming up on my 10 year (sort of) anniversary, and it’s hard. I kind of hate my husband some times and kind of want to kick his ass sometimes. Mostly I love him, so that’s all good. Having a Daddy wouldn’t work well for me, that’s not my dynamic, but it works for them, and that’s the important thing.

OK, go check these books out. You’ll love them if you are looking for something that is light and easy and sweet. Tomorrow we are delving into the dark again, so get a break while you can. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Sahalie Blue and Sterling Scott-Cowgirl Thrill Rider

When I looked at the title of Cowgirl Thrill Rider, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was getting myself in for. I could guess from the title that there was a cowgirl and that it was going be some kind of romance, and knowing the authors, I knew it was going to involve sex and spanking, but outside that, I had no clue.

So, CTR is all about Polly. We follow her and her exploits from 1916 to 1948. The story is episodic in nature. That means that we just peek in at various times of Polly’s life and see what she is doing. Some of the episodes are longer than others, and some seem like they are all one time period because they take place in the same basic setting, but if you check the time stamps, you’ll see that really they are months or more apart. I really liked this because the story does cover 30 years. Having 30 straight years would be boring and unwieldy, and nowhere near as enjoyable as CTR is. So, very well done there.

In 1916, little Polly is 14 and getting ready to ride in her first bronco busting event. She’s been riding since she could walk. Her dad is supportive of it, her mom isn’t. Her mom wants her to be a lady, and riding horses and bustin’ broncs is not all that particularly ladylike, even in Nebraska. But that doesn’t stop Polly. She goes out there and gets on the horse and wins. And boom, her life is set at that very point.

Years later, Polly has joined a big Wild West show. She’s 18 now, she has kept up her riding and rodeoing, and she is now off to show off how well she can ride. This is what she wants to do and she’s good at it. She knows that there are risks, but she’s never let that start her.

When she gets to the show, she rooms with Lulu, who is Annie Oakley’s niece and a sharpshooter herself. Polly gets to try all kinds of things, like learning trick riding from some “Cossacks”. She also meets Buck. She and Buck get close, especially after he spanks her. That pretty much sets the tone of their relationship. After a while of touring, they make it back to Nebraska, where Buck and Polly are both from, meet parents, and get married.

OK, This is where I’m going to go my way and you can choose yours. I read in the back of the book where Polly was created from the profiles of a lot of women. I think it really shows through. I fell in absolute love with Polly. I think that she is pretty kick ass. I also like that the story is more about Polly’s story than it is about Polly and Buck’s story. I mean, yes, that is an important part of the story and it would be wrong to diminish it in any way, but it’s not the most important part of the story. The important part of the story is Polly and her courage in getting up and being the cowgirl that she wanted to be and to do all the riding she wanted. That’s just awesome, IMO. Polly really is the hero of her own story. This is a truly awesome story on a lot of levels, so even if you aren’t sure about whether or not you’ll like western romances, you should go check it out.


There is a lot of spanking in this, and I think that in most cases it’s perfectly justified. However, there is one spanking that I thought was completely unjustified, and if I was Polly, Buck would’ve had to sleep with one eye open that night. She had a justifiable reason for her feelings and for what she did, and Buck didn’t even try to talk to her about it or about why she felt that way. In fact, he owed her an apology, if you ask me. Just because he’s the head of the household doesn’t mean he’s perfect and doesn’t make mistakes, and I think that this was on. When you get to the point in the story, you’ll see what I mean, and I’m eager to see what you think of it and if you agree with me about it.

I think that’s the only spoiler-y thing I have to say, and I’ve said everything I wanted to say. It’s a good story, a lot of fun, and one I’m glad to have read.

I’m looking forward to a weekend where my nose rarely comes out of my Kindle and lots of good posts for next week, so be looking for that. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Rayanna Jamison-Winterland Daddies

Rayanna Jamison has given us a beautiful Christmas gift. This story is about love, forgiveness, redemption, and what it means to be a family. And oh yeah, it’s hot and sexy. What more can an avid bibliophile like me need?

Winterland Daddies takes place primarily on the Second Chance Ranch. This ranch has been the second chance for foster kids for decades. Run by a stubborn, sweet, and caring old lady named Nan, she took in and helped as many kids as she possibly could. When she couldn’t take in foster kids anymore, she turned it into a horse therapy center so that she could keep on helping all those kids who need extra love and second chances. These days, two of her former foster boys who never left, Blake and Slade, do most of the work with the horses and the kids. Nan just runs the boys’ lives. At Christmas time, all of her former foster kids and their families all come out to the ranch for a huge Christmas parties. All except one, that is. Merry, Nan’s very last foster child, fled the ranch 5 years before and hasn’t been back. Until recently, Nan, Blake, and Slade hadn’t even known where she was. When they found her, they made sure that she had an invite to the huge Christmas party because that’s Nan’s one Christmas wish.

Merry fled 5 years ago because she had been in relationships with both Slade and Blake. Slade was her Daddy and Blake was her Dom. Everyone was getting something that they needed from it. The problem is that the boys didn’t know about each other. When they found out, in the most disastrous way possible, they fought and told Merry she had to choose. Instead of choosing and risking the brotherhood that Slade and Blake had built, she left. She has spent the past 5 years feeling like crap and watching everything fall apart around her, no matter what she tries. When Daddy Slade shows up on her doorstep and tells her that Nan wants her at the party, what is she going to do?

Alright, you know what time it is. I’m going to go my way, you can either come with me and risk spoilers or you can stop now and remain spoiler free. Whichever you choose to do, you should hit up Amazon and read the story. Even if you read any possible spoilers from me, it’s worth reading, because there is a lot of beauty in this story. There are a lot of things that I really like about this story. I like that the Dom-ly types fully admit that they were wrong about certain things and that they made mistakes. All too often in books, you see that the Doms think that they can do no wrong so when they do something wrong, it can be hard for the sub to handle. The story also shows that all relationships need work, any HEA doesn’t just happen. I love seeing that in books like this. This story really is all about what family and love mean. Definitely, check it out.


OK, I loved Nan from the very beginning. She ran those Dom-ly types through their paces, which was pretty funny. But then, when she gets into her history? Damn, Nan was totally awesome. I loved hearing that stuff. I want more Nan. In fact, a whole book about Nan would be great.

I really felt bad for Merry. It can be really hard to feel like you are an eternal fuck up and that you don’t deserve anything good in your life and that you are worthless. Luckily, she had a pair of loving men to drive the message home that she wasn’t a fuck up, that she deserved love, and she had infinite worth. I also sympathize about her temper. I may, occasionally, totally lose my temper and flip my shit. I know that I feel bad afterward, so I totally got that part of it. Of course, the reason that she lost her temper and I wouldn’t have felt bad about losing it in that case, but I get why she did.

OK. That’s all I have to say today. Check back next week for a steamy hot story from Measha. I mean, smokin’. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Anthology-Mischief Under the Mistletoe

As Christmas is coming (imagine Game of Thrones-esque tone), it’s time to read Christmas stories. And if they are Kinkmas stories, so much the better. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty strict no Christmas before Thanksgiving policy, and I prefer to wait until December altogether, but here we are, it’s December and it’s 18 days until Christmas, so it’s the perfect time to have some Mischief Under the Mistletoe.

This anthology is packed full of 14 stories by some really talented authors. I was familiar with some of the authors prior to reading this anthology, some of them have shown up here before, but there were a few that were totally new to me. One of the totally new to me authors wrote one of my two favorite stories in the anthology, so I’m going to go looking for her stuff to see what else she has for me to read.

So, 14 stories. All but one of them have sex. All of them have spanking. Many of them have age play or DD/lg dynamics. There is one LGBT+ story. If any of those sound like they may bother you, then you may want to skip this book. I have a bunch of other Christmas books I can recommend to you. But, I do really like this book.

I’m going to mention three stories in particular, but don’t think it’s because I think that the rest of them were terrible. I enjoyed all of them. They are like precious gems, all of them are beautiful, but there are always a couple of stones that just attract your eye more than others.

One is Delia Grace’s story, The Chalet. Her’s is the aforementioned age play story with no sex. A lot of age play stories do have sex in them, because that’s the kink of the people in the story. And please remember, their kink may not be your kink, but it’s OK, and it’s nothing to do with pedophilia or having daddy problems. OK, off my soapbox. As I was saying, you see a lot of sex in those stories, but Delia’s story shows another side of the age play dynamic. It’s all about the caring and nurturing and the needing to be cared for part of the dynamic, and I loved that.

The other two stories I’ll mention after the spoiler picture. That’s because I want to make sure that I don’t spoil anything, and my comments may have more to say about the direct content of the stories. So, go grab this. It’s on KU and it’s only $0.99, so it’s not like it’s going to break the bank and get your Kinkmas spirit on.


Alright. The other two stories I want to mention are Maren Smith’s The Doll-Maker and Marlie’s Christmas Keeper by Brandy Golden. Brandy is new to me.

I don’t know what it is about these stories that really attracted me to them, but they did, so there it is.

Maren’s story is really sweet. I mean, a fairy coming to life in a doll for a lonely man? That was nice. Of course, the poor guy thought he was crazy, but who wouldn’t if a doll you created started to move around and talk to you? But, of course, being Christmas, everything worked out really well.

Brandy’s story is a heavy story. She has all kinds of layers in it. It’s all about grief, healing, and renewal, which I found to be completely in keeping with Christmas. Marlie has been through hell but gets pulled out to the light. It was simply beautiful.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. I really do recommend this anthology. I think anthologies are a great way to try out new authors and to decide if you like them or not. So, more Lilly Holden tomorrow. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Shanna Handel-Forever Daddy

Forever Daddy is the second book in Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love series.  FD is a Daddy Dom series.  Just as a quick reminder, a Daddy Dom relationship isn’t exactly an age play thing, it’s more adjacent or maybe a subset or maybe at the intersection of age play and D/s. Kink categories aren’t necessarily well defined. The Dom, instead of being called Sir or Master is called Daddy, and the sub is little girl, princess, little one, kitten, or some variation thereof. There isn’t generally any dressing as a child or regression in this kind of relationship. There is spanking, standing in the corner, and other punishments. Like most other relationships, how far each couple goes depends on the negotiation between the Daddy and his little girl. She may be required to wear the clothes he picks out for her or to abide by a bedtime, as well as a number of other rules.

This book is a direct sequel to the first book, which I haven’t read yet, but is now on my TBR.  I don’t feel like I was at a disadvantage because I didn’t read the first one, Shanna lays out a quick overview of the backstory pretty well, so you can read it as a standalone. However, if you want the real depth of the characters, then you may want to read them in order.

FD has two main stories that go on. They intersect and connect, so it’s really one larger story with two branches, maybe. We have Carrie and Wes, who are the main characters, and then Jessica, Garrett, and Ray, which is the second story.

We open up to right before Christmas, and Carrie getting spanked by her Daddy, Wes. She got angry at Garrett, who is Wes’ little brother and her ex-fiancee. He was there with Jessica, who is hugely pregnant with his baby, and who is Wes’ ex-girlfriend. Total telenovela. Garrett cheated on Carrie with Jessica right before their wedding and actually got her pregnant that night. Eventually, though, Carrie and Wes ended up together and they are perfectly happy.

When they are done playing cards, Garrett goes off the the one local bar, Ray’s, and leaves Jessica there alone, which fact sits well with no one. The next morning, we find out that he has left Jessica because he is a shitbird.

Anyway, Mama and Wes want Jessica to stay, and Wes talks to Carrie about it, because they don’t want Carrie to feel uncomfortable in her own home. She says yes, but later, something happens which makes her feel upset, and she runs off.

OK, I’m going to skip some here, there is a pretty important plot point which is going to show up here in a few minutes, so I’m glossing over that.

After Jessica has her baby, she moves into an apartment, and Ray, the local bartender who has had a thing for Jessica since her 21st birthday, starts getting really close to her, and they have a nice little thing going on.

Alright, time to separate. This is a really sweet love story, or a pair of really sweet love stories. There isn’t a whole lot of sex. There is some spanking, but not an overwhelming amount. There isn’t a whole lot of language either. This is another one you could give your mom or your maiden auntie. Again, not my mom, but maybe your mom.


I’ve lost two siblings in my life, so that particular plot point really made me sad. I cried the first time I read it. Poor Jessica, she had so much shit handed to her all at once. However, she does get some sweet out of it. I hope that Garrett completely off the face of the earth later on because he doesn’t deserve anything nice to happen to him. He’s a jackass, and he has screwed up so many other people’s lives that he just is fucked up. I am not a nice person, and I’m hoping karma is a total bitch to him.

OK, that’s really about all I have to say about this sweet book. It really is a nice, sweet love story. It’s like cotton candy for my brain. Yummy, tasty, and hits you in just the right place. I’ll definitely keep it in my rotation for when I need something quick, light, and satisfying.

Tomorrow is Kneel from Dani Rene. If you are keeping track, you’ll notice that it was supposed to be today, but this one dropped early, so we had a switcheroonie. So, look forward to that. It’s an awesome story. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Amelia Smarts-Justice For Elsie

Amelia first introduced us to Wyatt and Elsie in her story in Hero Undercover. Normally I would have an Amazon link here for you to look at, the book has been pulled and all the rights returned to the authors so that they can expand their stories, and I say hallelujah for that! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten this great story or the other ones I know are coming.

Anyway, back to Wyatt and Elsie. We don’t want to leave Elsie waiting too long, or Wyatt may have something to say to us.

So, Justice for Elsie starts out at Elsie’s father’s funeral. He saved up all his life to buy a ranch, and when he got the chance, he went to Virginia City and found the perfect piece of land to start his ranch on. The only problem was that it was right next to the Xanders, as nasty a family as ever existed. They did all kinds of things like rustling cattle from Elsie and her father and damning up a stream that ran through both ranches and making Elsie and her father have to take the cattle clear to the other side of their ranch where there was a well. By the time the law came to make the Xanders take down the dam, Elsie’s dad had died. To rub salt into the wound, the Xanders showed up at the funeral, acting like nothing had happened. That was more than Elsie could handle, so she started hatching a plan to get back at them and make her ranch grow. Her plan? Rustling the Xanders’ cattle.

The way she planned on doing it involved rebranding the Xander cattle. Their brand was an X, and hers was an ∞. She figured out a way that she could turn the x into , and allow her to sell the cattle.

Wyatt was a cowboy who has spent his years working on various ranches. When his right shoulder gets hurt, he figures it will just go away. When it doesn’t, his boss fires him and shafts him out of 2 weeks wages. His girl runs away and straight into the arms of another man. If only his horse had left him, we would’ve had the perfect mix for a country song. Luckily, Wyatt was able to keep his horse and his saddle, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have made it to Virginia City and Elsie.

On his way to VC, he decides that he wants to change his career, and being a lawman sounds pretty good right about now, so he walks into the sheriff’s office and asks for a job. Sheriff tells Wyatt that he’s looking for someone who can lie through his teeth and go undercover at Elsie’s ranch to figure out what’s going on. Wyatt tells the sheriff that he’s got the right man for the job.

Meanwhile, Elsie’s ranch hands are telling her that it’s been long enough, and it’s time for them to shut it down. She doesn’t really want to, but she really doesn’t want to keep it going. She decides that she needs a strong husband that can help her and keep her safe, so she follows the example of her friends, and writes out an ad for a mail-order groom.

OK, you know the drill. I love the mail order groom stories. For one thing, it turns the whole mail order spouse trope upside down. Elsie is tough, a lot tougher than I was at 18. I don’t know that I would’ve had the balls and grit to do what she did, not at 18. At 46, yeah sure, but not back then. She’s also really caring and generous, as witnessed by the way she took care of Wyatt when he was hurting. Wyatt really did what he could to take care of her and protect her, even from herself. The two of them together is just so sweet. She’ll lead him a merry dance, for sure. Amelia writes a lovely, light story that is truly satisfying, with a strong HEA. I really enjoyed reading this story, as I have the other two in the series. I look forward to the rest of the series.


I loved this story back when I read it in HU, and I really love the expanded version. I do have to admit that I had to ask Amelia about it because I thought that I was having serious deja vu, but she said not deja vu. In my defense, I will only say that I read a lot of books, and I haven’t always remembered the titles of books I’ve read, which wouldn’t have helped here anyway since the title is different. All of which is neither here nor there, but there it is anyway.

I really love that Elsie and Wyatt’s first interaction is for him to spank her, well, not just spank her out of the blue, she did, quite literally, ask for it, but what a way to start off a relationship with your new boss.

Elsie tried to find a mail order husband who would be strong enough to make her stop and to keep her on the straight and narrow, as well as one who would protect her from the law. The thing is, she never realized that was right under her nose, mostly because she didn’t know that Wyatt was the worst undercover deputy in the world. But, he did keep her safe from the law. She became his first priority, even if it did piss the sheriff right the fuck off.

That’s all I have for today, and look, Amelia, I got Wyatt’s name right every time! Tomorrow is a new book in Lee Savino and Renee Rose’s shifter series, so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, happy reading!