Ava Sinclair-Daddy’s Brand

Ava have given us such an awesome present for the 12 days of Christmas. (Which spans from Christmas to Ephiany.) We are getting a Daddy and a cowboy, all wrapped up in one person. Yumm, right? Best Christmas present ever! Anyway, let’s talk about Daddy’s Brand.

Harley is a vet student. She wants to be a big animal vet, and working as an intern on a ranch will be the perfect addition to her resume as well as a way to start networking and building more experience. She’s spent time at summer camps and working at other places with large animals, but spending months on an actual working ranch that does everything the old fashioned way will be better than anything else she has ever done. So, when the Triple Bar accepts her application, she thinks she’s in like Flynn. But…

Royce has spent half of his life working at the Triple Bar and is now the foreman. He’s dedicated to his job and does everything he can to make sure that the ranch works the way that he should. So, when he finds out that his new intern Harley is a female instead of a male, he’s shocked. But, the fact remains that she is still the best candidate out there, and she’s bound and determined to do the job. Maybe a little too bound and determined. When the ranch manager wants to send her away, he goes to bat for her and makes sure that she stays so that she can do the work.

I like Harley, I really do. She’s strong, determined, talented, smart, and will stand up for what she knows is true. All that being said, there are a couple of things that I don’t particularly care for, and I think that they stem back to her father and the fact that she’s still fairly young. They are things that she could grow out of. Mostly, it’s the way that she is just sooooo bullheaded. I get being determined, and I get wanting to stand on your own and show that you don’t need any special treatment just because you are a woman. Trust me, I totally get it. But, you can go too far with it. I mean, as an example, Royce wanted to make sure that she had a private room in the bunkhouse, but she refused and said that she would sleep in the main bunkhouse. Having a separate room wouldn’t have been special treatment, not really. In places where men and women work together like in fire stations and such, they have separate sleeping areas. That’s not really special treatment, if you ask me. It gets to a point where arguing and being bullheaded just turns around and bites you in the ass, but generally that’s something that you learn as you get older. Even for as smart and dedicated as she is, Harley is still kinda in the young and stupid phase of life.

I think Royce is just an all around good guy. He’s steady, solid, dependable, and is going to be able to help out anyone necessary. He’s good for Harley in so many ways. And hey, hot cowboy is hot. I love the chemistry that they have together.


I kind of guessed part of the end, but I was still satisfied with it because it was the way that it should be.

I love Mike and his little white lie. It was so sweet.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go hit King Zon and check it out. Happy reading!

Sahalie Blue-Love Under the Western Star

Before I say anything at all about Love Under the Western Star, I need to just say how freaking awesome the name Sahalie is. Don’t you think it’s pretty damn awesome? I know I’ve reviewed a book by this author before on here, but I don’t remember if it was under this name or a different one. It was a great book though, all about a female rodeo rider through the years. You got to see history through her eyes and see how things progressed. I really liked it.

This one, though, is all futuristic mixed with Wild West and is definitely scifi. It is based on a real story that took place out in Arizona, back in the day. It was called The Pleasant Valley War, and it made Romeo and Juliet look like a sweet fluffy story. Nearly all the male line of both the Tewksburys and the Grahams were killed during the conflict, and it delayed Arizona’s statehood. Interesting reading about it, and it made me appreciate Love a little more knowing some of the real background behind it. So how does a western range war fit into a scifi book? Well, just wait and I’ll tell you.

This book takes place well into the future. People left Earth on ships and landed on something like a dozen different planets. However, it’s been long enough that many of the people on those planets don’t have the history of Earth anymore, and the majority of those planets are lost. There are some planets, like Eden, who are really advanced scientifically and technologically, and then you get the ones that aren’t. Love takes place on a planet that isn’t all that advanced. They are stuck, technologically speaking, right around the late 1800s. They have steam engines and other similar things, but that’s as far as they get.

We start out with Hope Tewksbury and Joseph Graham. She’s supposed to be off to teacher college, but she couldn’t do it, so she got back on the train to go back to the town of Payson. She sat next to a nice military man who was headed to Payson as well. It isn’t until he’s driving her home that she finds out that he’s a Graham, which earns her her first spanking. Joseph does end up taking her back to the train so she will go to school. He kisses her and she never forgets him.

Meanwhile, on Eden, Dr. Amy Toller is talking about her latest project. They are going to go to Chi-4 and see if they can find relating to Earth. Her goal is to find out where Earth is which can help them figure out where all the other planets are. So they are going to get on their spaceship and do some covert research.

Two years after the first scene, Amy and her people are infiltrating Payson, Hope is coming home from school as a teacher, and the feud between the Grahams and Tewksburys is getting worse. Cue Romeo and Juliet, only call Joseph and Hope.

Sahalie did a hell of a job mixing up the scifi and Wild West stuff in here, plus adding in some spanking and romance. Really, we have 3 main characters who we get to see a lot of and find out what they are doing, as well as some side characters we see more of. I think that it could’ve been really easy to drop a thread when you are trying to weave together two distinct genres, include some history, keep track of various main characters, and make sure that everything comes out well. However, Sahalie made it look effortless and gives us a really tight story. The one thing I wish we had, though, was more of Osimov, the android captain.


I have to wonder how much Joseph’s dad knew about the ship and all the info, since he had stuff hiding all over the place about the ship. I wouldn’t trust the man further than I could spit, and since I can’t spit all that well, that’s not very far.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out. You’ll enjoy it. Happy reading!

Loki Renard & Kelly Dawson-Daddy’s Whip

So, Kelly and Loki, both from New Zealand, have gotten together to give us this nice little Daddy story. Normally, I wouldn’t mention where the authors are from, but since this book takes place in New Zealand and a major earthquake in Christchurch is part of the book.

Now, back in 2011, there was a major earthquake that actually did happen in Christchurch. The thing is, with an earthquake, you don’t just get 1 quake. You get lots and lots and lots of little aftershocks. Think about shaking a bowl of gelatin. Even though you’ve stopped shaking it, it doesn’t stop immediately. Then you get lots of other things that happen, including liquefaction. OK, I think that liquefaction is pretty cool, but it’s never happened at my house, which may change my attitude, but still it’s really interesting to watch. So, liquefaction is when the ground is unable to hold together as a solid and the water in the ground comes out, turning everything muddy and lets anything on that soil sink. If you go to the beach, you will see that happen when you stand right on the wet sand, just out of the reach of the waves.

What does all that have to do with Daddy’s Whip? Well, give me have a second, and you’ll see.

Marnie woke up one lovely morning, was working on her blog, and all of a sudden her world fell apart. She was in the middle of a huge earthquake in Christchurch. Her grandmother was in town when it happened and was one of the casualties. Her house was the victim of liquefaction and everything she had left could be stuffed into a duffel bag. Instead of staying in Christchurch, where she was just totally off-balance and where she sees the destruction every time she closes her eyes, she talks to her aunt who tells her where to go. So she packs up her duffel bag, turns her back on Christchurch, gets on a bus, and goes off to her new life.

Her new life involved Sam. Sam owns a horse trekking company. Tourists come out to his little piece of paradise and he takes them out on horses on various trails. Right now he’s the only worker. His aunt has just hired someone new, the niece of a friend. When he gets to the bus stop to pick up Marnie, he sees a woman wearing the wrong shoes, the wrong clothes, and a very sour attitude. From the second that they meet, they get on like chalk and cheese. She’s traumatized and scared and angry and way out of her comfort zone. He’s stressed, frustrated, and doesn’t want to deal with someone who has no clue.

Marnie complains about the dirt. Sam drives like a crazy person, skidding around corners, which makes a young woman whose whole world has been shaken up feel even worse, because she’s being shaken even more. Altogether, everything ends up with her getting spanked and having fun times on a motorbike.

I didn’t always really like Sam. I get tough, authoritarian, and dominant, but I thought that he went a little too far sometimes. Not that Marnie wasn’t a brat and not that she didn’t need reined in sometimes, but she’s in a brand new place, she’s never been in the country, she has no clue what she’s doing, and she’s lost almost everything. I would be kind of bratty too, and if Sam had tried some of what he did with Marnie with me, I would’ve probably smacked him. But that’s me and not Marnie. I also completely understand her emotions being all crazy and her not being able to figure out what’s going on. First, there’s the spanking and then there’s the fun stuff and that’s all overwhelming, and Sam is kind of hot and cold. Anyway, the like/dislike scale balanced out to the like side of Sam, and I did really enjoy the story. And the whip? Yeah, that was hot.


Oh, I would totally watch every freaking whip video that Marnie posted, and I would so totally learn to ride a horse just to go to that trek company.

I fully expected Marnie to try to ride Trixie at some point, and don’t think I missed the comparison between the two of them. Marnie really did identify with the horse. I loved when she was mentally cheering Trixie on. And while I wouldn’t want to watch someone nearly get hit by a horse’s hoof, thinking about a horse having a hard fist at the end of the foot and punching with it is a funny visual. It reminds of a quote from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, where Sherlock says something about horses being dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this one today. There are all kinds of interesting things happening this week, so stay tuned. Happy reading!

Aubrey Cara-The Untaming of Kat

I’ve had an Aubrey Cara book here before. It’s all about Bambi and her adventures after being abducted by aliens. Funny as all get out, as well as pretty sexy. The book is part of her Monrok world, which is what introduced me to her books. I loooovvvve the Monrok world. Anyway, while those are great science fiction, that’s not the genre we are looking at right now. Today, we’re looking The Untaming of Kat, which is a cowboy romance with some BDSM tossed in. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Untaming is a re-release of a book called Taming Kat. Aubrey took it, updated it, brushed it off, polished it up, added in some new stuff, and gave us Untaming. I love the name title. Generally, you get titles in this genre that would be Taming.. So, Untaming in the title is pretty cool.

Kat is a native Bostonian. Since she finished college, she’s been drifting around trying to find the right path for her life. Her mother nitpicks her, her sister nitpicks her. When her friend Del invites her to TX for her wedding, Kat falls in love with it and starts working at Del’s husband’s parents’ ranch. She also has to work at a local bar, but she gets to spend a lot of time, out in the great outdoors, chasing cows and horses. She also gets to spend time doing her art. There is only one little hitch in her get along. His name is Caleb. He’s a former soldier, now come home to work on the same ranch Kat is. That wouldn’t be such a problem, if he hadn’t been a one night stand, 6 months ago, in a whole different state.

When Caleb saw Kat again at the wedding 3 months ago, it was a total surprise. But a happy one. He had been thinking of her ever since she snuck out of his hotel room after their one amazing night. She has worked really hard on ignoring him since they met up again, but she pretty much just lives in his head. When he happens to be in the bar the night something terrible happens, he gets to be back with Kat.

OK, I have to say, I totally get Kat. I spend a lot of time judging myself too, so I understand why Kat does it and why she thinks that she’s not good enough. I totally get the self-sabotage thing that she has going on at times too. I’ve BTDT, got several t-shirts. It can be hard to get past that. Of course, no one has really tried Caleb’s method. I never really get mad at either of our main characters, which is kind of a change for me. I often get mad at one or the other, but neither one of them really do anything for me to be mad about. There is someone I do get mad at, but she’s not even a secondary character. Oh, scratch that, there are 2 other people who I’m mad at too, who would both be secondary characters. One of them I wanted to go in and just smack her.


OK, Candice. She’s the one I really wanted to smack. She knew who the walking douchebag was the whole time and didn’t say anything until the very end. That’s not cool. Not cool at all. In fact, I think that she should have some serious consequences because, really. When you read it, you will understand why I think that. But, I’m pretty sure that she’s going to get something in her own book. I’m going to have to read it and be sure.

And? Aubrey has totally ruined leprechauns for me.

So, go check this one out, and then read everything else she’s written. You’ll thank me for it. Happy reading!

Amelia Smarts-When He Returns

Amelia Smarts is one of the queens of cowboy spanking stories. If you’ve read any of her stories, and I highly recommend you do, you will understand why. When He Returns just shows why her stories are so good.

When he was a young teenager, Wade found himself living on the streets. His father had been arrested and he refused to say in the orphans home. So he ran away. He has been stealing food and clothes to make his way ever since. When he steals some bread one day, he gets dragged in front of the sheriff who handles him in a unique way. He takes him and ends up adopting him. The sheriff has several other children, most of whom he has also adopted in this same way.

Sadie is the sheriff’s oldest child and his biological daughter. When her mother died, she took over the running of the house, and as each child comes into the house, she turns into the mother of the house. She spends all her time taking care of everyone and everything, and so she ends up grumpy. I know I would be. So when her dad brings home yet another kid home, and one who is older than her, it turns out poorly. She and Wade are like chalk and cheese.

I totally get Sadie’s POV here. I’m the oldest of 7, and I spent a lot of years being the helper, especially after my mom went back to college. (I also have a brother named Wade, but that’s neither here nor there.) I did my years of helping out, cooking dinners, making sure the little kids were fed and dressed and all that. So I totally, totally get why Sadie is how she is. I do love this story so much, especially since I do relate so much to Sadie. I also totally get Wade, and I understand why he was the way that he was.



I do feel sorry for Sadie, who thought that no one loved her this whole time. That has to be so painful for her. No one wants to think that their parent loves someone else more.

Wade does so well for the entire family. When he’s there, the whole family works in a way in which they don’t otherwise don’t. I think that you have to have the right mix of family for everything to work right, whether it’s the family you were born with or the one that you created or chose.

Anyway, that’s all that I have to say today. I’m looking forward to all kind of reading this weekend, and I hope you are too! Happy reading!

Shanna Handel-Sweet Texas Love

If you are looking for a romance series that you can share with your Granny, Nana, Memaw, Grandma, or whatever you call her, then you can’t go wrong with Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love books. All sex happens behind the curtain, so you don’t see it. There aren’t really any bad words. The occasional damn, but that’s it. The men are true gentlemanly cowboys and the women are strong women who love them. I would hand these to my very conservative grandmother or aunties, with no qualms. I love reading them for so many reasons.

One reason I like Shanna Handel’s books is that we are following the same people the whole time. We get to know them and love them and become invested in them. That’s really nice. Another reason is that sometimes even I need a little light in my life to help save my black soul and my even blacker heart. Shanna’s Texas Daddies help with that. All of this to say that we have two of her books today. We have Bartender Daddy, book 3, and Texas Daddy, book 4. TD is supposed to come out 1/19 or 1/20, so I don’t have a buy link for it yet, but as soon as I do, I will post it on my FB page. So, without further ado, let’s dig into our books, shall we?

First, we have Bartender Daddy. The primary couple in this book is Ray and Jessica, though we still get a hefty helping of Carrie and Wes, so if you fell in love with them in the earlier stories, you get to stay in love with them. Yay for that! I did fall in love with them.

So, we start our story with the ramp up for Ray and Jessica’s wedding. Carrie is melting down because she’s over-stressed and Jessica is being Bridezilla. Jessica is melting down because there is so much to do. Carrie gets spanked by Wes, who helps her figure everything out. Ray helps out Jessica by solving her problems on what to wear when she walks down the aisle, denim, BTW, what to eat at the reception, potluck, and who to walk her down the aisle, Wes.

We also meet Buttercup. She is Ray’s sister. His dad ran off when he was a kid. Years later, Ray’s dad met another woman, got together with her and had another family, and thus, Buttercup, whose mother loved The Princess Bride. She is to fly in on the day of the wedding, being held at Wes and Carrie’s ranch, and meet everyone. When she does get there, she is a scared, thin, hidden young woman of just 18.

OK, that’s enough for this book. Let’s jump into Texas Daddy, shall we?

TD has us jump forward 10 years in the future. We start out with Buttercup running away from someone and running to Ray for safety.  She leaves an engagement ring and takes nothing but the dress she wore to Ray and Jessica’s wedding.

When she gets to Ray and Jessica’s she spends time helping them out and taking care of their 3 boys and takes over caring for the chickens, which sounds funny, but she loves it. She also gets to see the builder, Jake, who she ends up crushing on. Which is all good, since he’s been into her for years, ever since he was was the DJ back at the wedding.

We see some Ray and Jessica in this, not as much Wes and Carrie, but some. And we get a little bit of Garrett, who is Jessica’s ex and Wes’s little brother. Jessica and Ray do get into a little more BDSM-ish stuff in this one, but not serious stuff, and no serious description of it or more than just a spanking, really.

So, here’s where we part altogether. It’s time for me to go on and have all my says when I get to the other side of the picture. Like I said, they are sweet stories, you can see the love in the stories, and the caring that these Daddies have for their little girls. I know that Shanna is writing a new series that’s connected Sweet Texas Love called Dirty Texas Love, and I suggest that you don’t let your Nana see those. Shanna has promised me that there will be sex in there.


In TD, Wes has some mental health issues. They are very understandable, because of everything that has happened. Shanna handles that very well and very sensitively. And I’m glad that she showed it because it makes Wes more real, if you ask me.

I did kind of see Tom showing up, but maybe that’s because I expected hm too, just from what we knew of him before, so that wasn’t so much of a surprise to me, but I wasn’t all like yeah, whatever, I knew he was going to show up. I did have some hopes that things would be other than what they were, so there’s that.

I love that the couples are still madly in love. I’m coming up on my 10 year (sort of) anniversary, and it’s hard. I kind of hate my husband some times and kind of want to kick his ass sometimes. Mostly I love him, so that’s all good. Having a Daddy wouldn’t work well for me, that’s not my dynamic, but it works for them, and that’s the important thing.

OK, go check these books out. You’ll love them if you are looking for something that is light and easy and sweet. Tomorrow we are delving into the dark again, so get a break while you can. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Sahalie Blue and Sterling Scott-Cowgirl Thrill Rider

When I looked at the title of Cowgirl Thrill Rider, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was getting myself in for. I could guess from the title that there was a cowgirl and that it was going be some kind of romance, and knowing the authors, I knew it was going to involve sex and spanking, but outside that, I had no clue.

So, CTR is all about Polly. We follow her and her exploits from 1916 to 1948. The story is episodic in nature. That means that we just peek in at various times of Polly’s life and see what she is doing. Some of the episodes are longer than others, and some seem like they are all one time period because they take place in the same basic setting, but if you check the time stamps, you’ll see that really they are months or more apart. I really liked this because the story does cover 30 years. Having 30 straight years would be boring and unwieldy, and nowhere near as enjoyable as CTR is. So, very well done there.

In 1916, little Polly is 14 and getting ready to ride in her first bronco busting event. She’s been riding since she could walk. Her dad is supportive of it, her mom isn’t. Her mom wants her to be a lady, and riding horses and bustin’ broncs is not all that particularly ladylike, even in Nebraska. But that doesn’t stop Polly. She goes out there and gets on the horse and wins. And boom, her life is set at that very point.

Years later, Polly has joined a big Wild West show. She’s 18 now, she has kept up her riding and rodeoing, and she is now off to show off how well she can ride. This is what she wants to do and she’s good at it. She knows that there are risks, but she’s never let that start her.

When she gets to the show, she rooms with Lulu, who is Annie Oakley’s niece and a sharpshooter herself. Polly gets to try all kinds of things, like learning trick riding from some “Cossacks”. She also meets Buck. She and Buck get close, especially after he spanks her. That pretty much sets the tone of their relationship. After a while of touring, they make it back to Nebraska, where Buck and Polly are both from, meet parents, and get married.

OK, This is where I’m going to go my way and you can choose yours. I read in the back of the book where Polly was created from the profiles of a lot of women. I think it really shows through. I fell in absolute love with Polly. I think that she is pretty kick ass. I also like that the story is more about Polly’s story than it is about Polly and Buck’s story. I mean, yes, that is an important part of the story and it would be wrong to diminish it in any way, but it’s not the most important part of the story. The important part of the story is Polly and her courage in getting up and being the cowgirl that she wanted to be and to do all the riding she wanted. That’s just awesome, IMO. Polly really is the hero of her own story. This is a truly awesome story on a lot of levels, so even if you aren’t sure about whether or not you’ll like western romances, you should go check it out.


There is a lot of spanking in this, and I think that in most cases it’s perfectly justified. However, there is one spanking that I thought was completely unjustified, and if I was Polly, Buck would’ve had to sleep with one eye open that night. She had a justifiable reason for her feelings and for what she did, and Buck didn’t even try to talk to her about it or about why she felt that way. In fact, he owed her an apology, if you ask me. Just because he’s the head of the household doesn’t mean he’s perfect and doesn’t make mistakes, and I think that this was on. When you get to the point in the story, you’ll see what I mean, and I’m eager to see what you think of it and if you agree with me about it.

I think that’s the only spoiler-y thing I have to say, and I’ve said everything I wanted to say. It’s a good story, a lot of fun, and one I’m glad to have read.

I’m looking forward to a weekend where my nose rarely comes out of my Kindle and lots of good posts for next week, so be looking for that. Meanwhile, happy reading!