Amelia Smarts-Bringing Trouble Home

It’s been a while since Amelia had a new book. I guess that’s what happens when real life gets in the way. I’m not going to complain though, I am more than happy to read anything Amelia puts out, whenever it releases. So I was really excited to get to read her newest one, Bringing Trouble Home.

This one is set in late 1800s Texas. Amelia tends to write sexy historical cowboys, so this is very comfortably in her wheelhouse. The way that the story goes is that there is a young woman named Willow. She’s an orphan, and is just a bit of a hellraiser. She drinks, plays cards, chews tobacco, and oh yeah, throws bricks through the windows of people’s houses. After one too many times in trouble, the town marshall has had just about enough of her. So he’s going to do something about it. He calls on local rancher Heath. He wants Heath to take her in, give her a job, and teach her to live on the straight and narrow. Heath is a widower with two young children whose housekeeper just quit, so he needs someone who can help with all the cooking, cleaning, and housework. So, sure he’ll give Willow a job. Willow who has been running wild for years, even before her mother died. It’ll be a perfect fit, right?

I love Willow’s strength and determination. She has an awful lot of grit and that really stands her in good stead, I think. She’s loving, caring, and has such a good heart. She’s also impulsive AF, and well, you can probably guess what kind of treatment that gets from Heath, right?

Heath is a truly good man. He’s patient, loyal, calm, and caring. You can see how caring he is just by seeing how he treats his children, even when they are screaming at the tops of their lungs or telling him that they hate him. He never yells or loses his temper. A truly good man, who just wants to help people.


I like what happens the second time that Willow goes to the shop. I really like how she handles things.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Rough Riding Daddies

I have to admit that I am terrible about reading blurbs, especially when it comes to authors I am familiar with and that I like to read. So, when I heard the title Rough Riding Daddies, I expected a menage. Guess what? It’s not. Instead, it’s a story of two couples and how they are intertwined with each other and how life changes. While I would’ve been perfectly happy with a menage story, I’m happier that the story went the way that it did.

Honey and Lennox are one couple. They are in a 24/7 DD/lg relationship. And they are very happy. Lennox is a rancher and a former rodeo rider. Honey is just about to graduate college. She’s been really, really stressed, so Lennox is keeping a secret from her. They have a couple who are friends, who are also in a DD/lg relationship, Joy and Garrett. Joy helped to mentor Honey when she and Lennox were first getting into their relationship and as Honey was figuring out who she was when it came to submission. She and Joy are now BFFs. But, now Joy and Garrett have broken up, and have been for about 3 months. Lennox has known about it, but he hasn’t told Honey because her last semester has been really hard on her. He figured that he’d have time to warn her before her graduation ceremony, but sadly, that didn’t happen. What even Lennox didn’t know is that Garrett has a new girlfriend and a new babygirl.

Garrett has brought his new babygirl, Amy, to the graduation. He had no clue that Lennox hadn’t told Honey or that Joy hadn’t been in touch with her, so that she had no idea that the relationship had ended. But Garrett didn’t warn Lennox that he’d be bringing Amy, so when Honey runs up to them and only sees Amy from the back, she grabs her and calls her Joy. Oops.

As you probably can guess, Honey wasn’t a happy little girl over what was happening. And she had absolutely no problems with letting anyone know about it either. Which of course, isn’t ever a good thing.

Like I said early, this book is really about both couples and how they are entwined together. Lennox and Garrett are best friends and knew each other from the competitive rodeo circle. Lennox and Joy are responsible for introducing Honey and Garrett. Joy mentored Honey and they became good friends. See, totally entwined. But when you pull one part of that equation out and add in a new factor, things get wonky. It can be hard to cope when your support system changes and the things that you thought you knew change.

But that’s not all that this story is about. It’s also about the fear of change and how to handle that change. It’s about finding your happy and fighting for your happy. It’s also about trying to find where you belong. I know that sounds like a whole lot of stuff to be wrapped up in one book about a pair of hot Daddies, but it’s all there. And it’s all wrapped up in a good story that you can really enjoy.


OK, frankly I think that Joy isn’t all that nice a person. I can see where Honey might’ve become good friends with her, but since then, I just don’t think she’s all that.

That’s all I have to say today. Go read the book! Happy reading!

Katie Douglas-Leave Me Breathless

Leave Me Breathless is the last of the books at Lemon Tree Ranch, and I’m sad to go. I really like all those dominant cowboys. Who doesn’t want a super hot, bossy cowboy? Oh, excuse me, in Jake’s case, horse guy.

This is the story of Dylan and Jake. They are a second chance romance, and it was like to break my heart. Dylan was a vet, but for reasons, she now works at an animal rescue and sanctuary. She loves her job, she loves working with horses. One day, she gets sent out to get a horse that has been hurt, and it turns out she’s going to the Lemon Tree, where she’s just sure that she’s going to run into Jake, because he’s the horse guy at the ranch. She doesn’t want to do that, for so, so, so many reasons.

Jake sees Dylan, and he’s all torn and conflicted. He still has all the feelz for her, but they came to a huge and flaming end, which included the cops being called. That makes it hard on him because of all the aforementioned feelz.

I couldn’t dislike either Jake or Dylan. I think they were both a victim of certain circumstances which led to bad things happening. I think that Dylan was a very strong and caring character. Of course, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to make mistakes, but I think that it does mean that she will eventually own up to them. Of course, it’s that eventually that’s always a problem, isn’t it? No one ever wants to really own up to their mistakes, and it’s even harder when they are mistakes that you may feel really embarrassed about. I mean, I have things that I am still embarrassed about 25 years later. And how old am I that I can think of things happening 25 years ago and remember everything?

Jake has always been a good guy. He’s been a quiet guy for most of the series, but dependable and there when everyone has needed him. Solid, you know? I really like that. And that’s exactly what Dylan needs to have, as soon as she figures out that’s what she needs to have.


I had a bad feeling about what happened to Betsy’s leg. People suck.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. You know what to do. Happy reading!

Vanessa Vale-Their Rebellious Bride

I’ve read other Vanessa Vale books, but I think this is the first one I’ve put on here. Their Rebellious Bride is one of her Bridgewater books. There are 2 or 3 series that happen in and around Bridgewater. I think this is the 1st book in the 3rd series. This one is set in the Old West, as is one of the others, while the 3rd series is set in modern days. They all take place in Montana, in the same area, and they all involve what is called a Bridgewater marriage, which is a MFM marriage.

This one is about Jonah, James, and Tennessee. Tennessee is friends with James’ little sister, Abigail. When Tennie got in trouble, Abigail went to the rescue, and being a good big brother, James went to her rescue, along with Abigail’s two husbands. He also called in his neighbor and good friend, Jonah, because he’s planning on marrying Tennessee and he wants to do it Bridgewater style, for reasons, and Jonah is the only person he trusts to do it with.

Tennessee went to finishing school with Abigail, and on her first day, she first set eyes on James, and dreamt about him ever since. It didn’t matter anyway because her father had plans for her, and those plans involved marrying a rich man and keeping her father in gambling money. But that fell through, spectacularly. When she’s rescued by James, he informs her that he will be marrying her. She’s not having that, so she makes a big burly guy think that James is going to hurt her, which lets her run away and gets James knocked the fuck out and a black eye. Luckily, Jonah gets there, and they track down Tennessee, pick her up, stick her on a horse, and head out to James’ ranch and a priest.

I like Tennessee. She’s got spunk and sass. I think that she is going to lead her men on a merry chase through their marriage. I also think that she is pretty smart and confident in herself. She knows what she can do and she is willing to show people what she can do.¬† I don’t know how actually rebellious she is versus how independent she is and how she’s learned that she shouldn’t trust people.

James and Jonah, hmmm… I think that I like them both. I think that James had a few periods of feeling a little too sorry for himself for something that was completely random, but other than that, I liked him. I think that Jonah was a very honorable man. He did something that a lot of men wouldn’t have done, and he did it without complaining about his lot.


I really don’t like Jonah’s son at first, but he did start to redeem himself. I’m betting that we will see him in a future book.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Happy reading!

Katie Douglas-Take Me Hard

Katie Douglas has a thing for lemons and Arizona, I think. Or at least, that’s my working theory for right now. Mostly because Take Me Hard is the 3rd book in her Arizona Heat books, and they all take place on the Lemon Tree Ranch. See? Lemons and Arizona.

This one is about Kinsley and Clay. Clay is Lawson’s brother, from the first book, and a part owner of the ranch. He’s a total Dom, but mostly just at clubs and play parties. He’s watched his brother and his friend both find their matches, but he hasn’t yet, and he hasn’t really been looking. That is, until he quite literally hits Kinsley with a car.

Kinsley is hitchhiking her way from Alabama to Los Angeles. She has dreams of becoming an actress. She’s been good at acting in school, so surely she can get in to acting easily. She got left at the side of the road by the last jerk to pick her up, and when she saw Clay, she got desperate and decided to take matters into her own hands and jumped out in front of him. Luckily, the horse trailer behind him was empty and he was mostly able to stop fast enough to not barrel right over her. I mean, yeah, he still bumped into her, but bumping into her at 5 MPH is a helluva lot better than bumping into her at 55 MPH, and a helluva lot more survivable.

I like Kinsley a lot, but she is painfully young. She is 18, but I don’t necessarily mean chronologically young. I mean, she is that too, but that’s not what I mean here. She has a dream that she’s hooked onto and she doesn’t want to let it go, but then she doesn’t have a plan for how to get from Point A to Point B. She just kind of thinks that everything is going to happen the way that she wants. And, for me at least, that’s a very young kind of thing. But, she’s also got a very old streak. She has spent years taking care of her father because her mother really can’t, and that part of her is really just old and cynical. I do think that it’s possible for both parts to co-exist in one person. Not easily, true, but possible.

I think Clay is really well pulled together. He knows who he is and he’s perfectly happy with being who and what he is. He’s not interested in what anyone else thinks about him, he’s just happy being Clay. He’s really grounded, and I think that’s exactly what Kinsley needs.


I love how she describes her first experience with the riding crop.

I love how good Clay is when it comes to her mom. He’s just there, doing what needs to be done. It’s pretty awesome.

OK, that’s all from me today. Go check it and all the other books out. Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Wanted

Jane has taken us to Boston, to abandoned islands, to Manhattan, and now to Wyoming with a sexy cowboy named Jace who has no mercy in Wanted.

Freya, daughter of rich parents who has always been expected to be perfect, has just gotten stood up at the altar by a groom who was fucking one of her bridesmaids. Her prick of a father, instead of getting her out of there, makes sure that everyone knows that the party is still on, which leaves the congregation cheering. Her mother, instead of getting her out of there, tels her to go to the bathroom to “collect herself” before they go to the hall. You see, Rhett women do not cry and they do not do anything that may cause humiliation to the family, like, I dunno, being upset because her douchey fiance stood her up at the altar.¬†¬†Instead, Freya calmly walks out, steals a car, and starts driving until she runs out of gas. She ends up at a small bar out in the middle of BFE, literally tearing her dress apart. And of course, that’s when Freya’s real troubles start. She sees something that she shouldnta oughta seen.

Jace Mercy is also called the Vigilante by the people of his small area. The LEOs are in the pockets of the bad guys, so nothing gets investigated or stopped. He’s taken it upon himself to stop the bad guys, but whatever means necessary. He’s stepped up even more since his fiancee was killed. He’s very quiet, and he keeps himself to himself. He owns a ranch, and is very isolated. He doesn’t own a TV, computer, or cellphone. He’s in town that night, and when Freya ends up running, she runs right towards him, right before she knocks herself the fuck out by running into a tree, so he takes her home with him.

Jace is pretty much the textbook definition of anti-hero if you ask me. He is a good man who does bad things for the right reasons. He doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He doesn’t want to be thought of as a hero. He’s just the man who is doing what needs to be done because it needs to be done. No one else is going to do it, so he’s going to make sure it gets done. I think that he has a very strict moral code, and he’s going to adhere to that code, no matter what.

Freya, poor Freya. It’s hard to realize that your life isn’t everything that you thought. I mean, she basically had everything destroyed in just one split second. She knew that her parents never really cared for her, and she was just there as a prop, but to find out that all her friends weren’t really her friends, and that what she thought of as a perfect life just wasn’t, had to have been really hard for her. Jace is right when he tells her that she has everything she wants but nothing she needs. I like watching her go through her struggles and journey to find out who she is, and getting strength from her search.

On a strange note, it was all rainy and windy while I was reading this book, and there is a blizzard in the first part of the book, so every time I walked past a window, I expected a huge blizzard outside my window.


The whip? OMG, the whip!

And Freya and the knife? Good on her!

OK, you know the drill! Happy reading!

Katie Douglas-Make Me Stay

On this lovely cloudy day in Central Maine, I’m happy to bring you Katie Douglas’ newest book, Make Me Stay. This is the second book in her Arizona Heat series, and it takes place in… You guessed it, Arizona. And this particular series takes place on the Lemon Tree Ranch.

So, Harper’s been everywhere, man. She’s a perpetual wanderer. She lives in her VW van, and is perpetually on the road. When she needs money, she’ll pick up a job at a diner somewhere for a few weeks until her feet get itchy again. She’s also a member of the hit it and quit it club. She doesn’t want a relationship, she doesn’t really want to have anything to do with guys outside of their cocks. When that starts happening, it also prompts her to leave and start back on her perpetual journey to wherever it is she’s going. One night, after leaving one man, she ends up having to pull over to find somewhere to sleep. She ends up blocking the access to a ranch and since it was dark, she didn’t know that she did it.

The next morning, Barrett goes out to do his job, and finds a van blocking his way. Since he can’t get his truck in, he goes out and does his patrol on horseback. Then he decides that he will wake up whoever is in the van and get them to move their van, and oh yeah, to make them do a full day’s work to help him make up for the time he missed doing stuff on horseback instead of in his truck. He figures it’s some guy, right until Harper pops up, barely awake and even more barely dressed. He pretty much just fell for her right then and there. At least fell in lust with her. He tells her that she has to do a full day’s work, and she’s like whatevs, I’m out of here. Until she wasn’t.

I think that Barrett was kind of an asshole in the beginning, but not necessarily on purpose, if that makes sense. I think it’s more that he’s just a little bit awkward, socially, and he didn’t know how to actually handle the fact that he wanted to spank and fuck Harper, and that he doesn’t want her to leave, but not, you know, in a creepy way, even if it did reach a bit creepy there for a minute. I do think that he’s mostly a good guy, with a good heart, who has been hurt, and who hasn’t quite figured out how to get past that. He’s also pretty damn kinky.

Harper is kind of afraid of everything, I think. She didn’t have the best role models, but that happens to a lot of people and they don’t run away, but none of us react the same way. Anyway, fear became Harper’s reaction, and she was afraid of everything and she was trying to find whatever she could to fill up that hole and control her fear. Does that make sense? I think it does, at least it does to me. LOL. I think that she is pretty self-reliant and independent and I do really like her.

This book overlaps the last book, but you don’t have to have read it to be able to read this one, they are both standalones.


I was so sad when the VW met its fate, because it meant so many things to Harper.

I also liked their first scene, it was hot!

That’s all I have to say for this one! You know where to go to find it. Happy reading!