Livia Grant-Complicated Love

I think that Livia Grant’s Infamous Love was my first Mmf menage. It was definitely a good one to start with, and I’m glad that I did. But, I’ve been waiting for the next part of the story to come out ever since. We’d get to see Jaxson, Chase, and Emma a little bit in the Black Light stories, and it was a nice way to check in with them, but we never got to really see their story. So Livia finally decided to take pity on us and give us their story with Complicated Love.

So, Jaxson, Emma, and Chase have decided that they are going to open Runway and Black Light West in Los Angeles, since the originals are doing so well. That means that they are currently living in a small rental house near the site where they are going to have the club while they are waiting for all the reno work to get done. As if that’s not enough of a problem, there is the fact that Jax wants to have the clubs open on an insanely tight schedule. That puts a lot of stress on everyone, mostly because that’s just a lot of work anyway. As an added bonus, Emma is very unhappy and seems to be feeling ill, but she isn’t talking to either Chase or Jaxson about it.

Then there’s Lola, who I hated from the very first moment we saw her. She’s Jaxson’s assistant, and she acts like she owns him. She just walks into their house whenever, disrespects Chase and Emma, and is an all-around nasty person. I mean, I think the first time we saw her, she walked into the house, literally took the coffee cup out of Emma’s hand, filled it, and started drinking from it, all the while ignoring Chase and Emma and pushing Jaxon around. I could tell that she was into Jaxson, or at least I thought she was. Of course, he doesn’t see it, and he’s already stressed enough.

Chase gets hit on by a reporter who was his old babysitter, but he shut her down beautifully. I just laughed at that. And Emma was happy that he did it too.

Of course nothing goes smoothly because do you really want to read a book where everything goes smoothly and there are never any problems? Emma’s keeping secrets, Jaxson is stressed trying to get everything done, Chase is running around like a crazy person, and the whole relationship is just stressed. It can be hard enough to keep 2 people together and in a healthy relationship, but with three, that must be really difficult.

One of the things that I really loved about this book is the fact that it showed the day-to-day work that a relationship needs. Yay! You get your HEA! But that HEA still needs work, and we see that in this book. We also see how a healthy D/s relationship should work. Well, mostly healthy, there are some bumps, but again, no one and no relationship are perfect. I love these 3 and have from the very second that I read their first book.


black light body scape

OK, the first thing that I need to say is I WAS RIGHT! Anyone in Livia’s group will know what I mean. Yay for me!

I really, really, really hated Lola. I mean I really hated her, but I didn’t think that she would go to the lengths that she did. That was just cruel and evil on her part. Good thing that Jaxson usually hires exceptional people.

I loved it when Emma smacked the interior decorator down. He was so out of line in so many ways, but Emma was a goddess. Go Emma!

I was so surprised that Jaxson went so far that Emma had to safeword, but the awesome thing is that we get to see that being honored and that’s just awesome.

OK, you have to go read this for yourself. It’s a wonderful book and I love them so much. Happy reading!


Tess Thompson-Jaded:Zane and Honor

This is the 3rd book in Tess Thompson’s Cliffside Bay series, which takes place in a tiny little California seaside town. While you could read it as a standalone, if you really, really, really, really wanted to, I would whole-heartedly recommend that you read Traded and Deleted first. The characters in the stories are very much interconnected and if you don’t read them in order, you will be lost. But enough of that, on to Jaded.

So Zane is the owner of the local bar and grill, The Oar. He has serious abandonment issues. He has a brand new sister, who actually isn’t all that brand new, just new to him. He and his best friend Maggie discovered that they had a half-sister who was adopted years ago. Now she’s in Cliffside with him, helping to run the bar and getting to see their father, who has Alzheimer’s.

Then, there’s Honor. Honor is feisty, smart, stubborn, and just an all around badass. She’s Zane’s friend’s Brody’s business manager. She keeps Brody’s life running the way that it should.

Honor and Zane are definitely attracted to each other and very probably in love. The problem is that they both have issues, and they both have a hard time trusting anyone. Their one night stand ended badly, with Honor sneaking out and feeling bad for doing so and Zane feeling abandoned. But, at their friends’ urging, they finally go out on a date. Sort of. Zane takes her to a business dinner, where she proceeds to lay a can of whoopass on some “investors”. It was awesome to watch, and Zane got hard over it.

So, overall I enjoyed the book. There were some twists that I didn’t expect, and some interesting surprises that came up out of Honor’s past, which kind of mirrored a lot of things that happened to Honor as a child. There are also bad things. Sophie, Zane’s sister, smacked him around a little bit to help him get out of his head, which helped the whole thing.


OMG, Gorham went to all kinds of measures, didn’t he? That’s just cruel what he did to a young woman like Honor was. He deserved what happened to him. He deserved more than what happened to him.

I love the Princess Jubie, King, and Queen bit. That let’s Jubie have her own names for them without disrespecting mommy or anything.

Ok, that’s all I have to say about this one. Happy reading!

Natalie Bennett-Ace of Spades

Stop! Hammer time!

Seriously, no, stop. If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, put this review down, put Ace of Spades down and go pick up Queen of Hearts and start the series. If you don’t, you will not know what’s going on, and you will spoil yourself. If you continue to read past my warning, you will be spoiled for the first two books. Sorry, it’s the nature of the beast. I try really hard to not spoil, you know that I do, but talking about the current book will spoil the first two, just because of the way it’s written. So, be sure that this is what you want to do.


So, we’re back to Elena who has just found a box of ashes with her twin sister’s necklace in it. She knows that this means that her beloved twin sister, the other half of her soul is dead. Elena has to run to get some space so that she can think and make some plans. She calls Mateo and tells him that she’s not running away, she just needs a few days to take a break and think. Of course, we all know what this means, We all know how Mateo is. He’s freaking out over the whole thing, well, freaking out to the extent Mateo actually does. He demands that everyone find her, but do it quietly, so as not to warn the Ace and their people that Elena is missing.

Elena calls her buds, Mel and Peyton so that they can come and help her figure out what’s going on. They make her think of some things that she hadn’t before. Elena has spent a lot of time reacting instead of acting. Sadly, Mateo puts her in that position sometimes. I don’t think that he is doing it to be mean. He is doing it purposely though. There is a reason for him to do everything he does. Here’s one reason that I think that he’s doing it, at least my opinion. If he tells Elena who the Ace is, everything that’s going on, without making her work for it and without making her do things that she doesn’t agree with, then she wouldn’t believe him and wouldn’t appreciate all the facts. The fact that she had to go through all these steps, no matter how painful they were, she’s going to know that the facts that she found are true facts. And she’s going to know that all the steps that have been taken to keep her safe and to find out the truth were necessary.

OK, there have been times when I said I didn’t trust Elena’s BFFs because I thought that they were in on some conspiracy of Mateo’s, and I’m not too proud to say that I’m glad that I’m wrong. This book also changed my POV on Mateo. I was always in the love to hate him hate to love him camp, depending on what’s going on with him, but this book changed him for me. This book made me understand why he did the things that he did. Do I necessarily like what he did? Nope. Do I understand why he did it? Yup, or at least more yup. Overall, the book answered a lot of questions that I had. It left me satisfied and that’s always a good thing. One more thing, the Ace of Spades is often called the death card, so I found that an interesting title for the last book in this series.


I figured the Ace was a relative, but not the relative that it was. It was kind of both a surprise and a non-surprise, if that makes sense.

I understood better why Elena’s father made the choices that he did with Mateo. It was the only thing that he could do. I would’ve done pretty much the same thing or my version of the same thing. I would want to make sure that my children would be safe.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go read the entire series. It’s awesome, and since AoS is out, there is no worry about cliffies. Happy reading!

Skye Warren-Survival of the Fittest

This is the first book in the newest duet from Skye Warren. If you are used to her writing, you know what that means. If you aren’t familiar with her writing, you know that it means that you are going to have your heart ripped out of your chest, stomped on, mashed into bits, and then handed back to you so that you can wait for the next one to come out.

Survival of the Fittest brings us the story of Harper and the two men who have her in their sights, Sutton and Christopher. Like other Skye books, it takes place in Tanglewood, so we get to see old friends, like Bea and Hugo, and Penny and Damon.

When Harper was 15, she flew to Boston to spend spring break with her extremely rich father and his newest wife on his yacht. She isn’t planning on getting close to this wife, because she knows that all his wives are temporary. There’ll probably be a new one next year, so why bother really paying any attention to her. This wife brings a tag-along. She has a son, who is a little holder than Harper, and already in college. In the middle of the night, Harper sneaks out and goes to sit on the railing of the yacht. Christopher follows her and asks her if she has a death wish. She tells him that she’s been sitting there for years without any problem. Of course, we all know what that means. Yup, she falls into the ocean. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to fall into the ocean around Boston in springtime. That fucker is cold. Luckily, Christopher is there, he jumps in after her, and drags her over to the swim steps on the yacht so that she can haul herself up and out of the water.

Over the years, even after their parents divorce, Harper and Christopher write letters back and forth. She even invites him to a huge art show she’s doing, all about Medusa. Then things change. Christopher is left in charge of Harper’s money until she turns 25, and there are strict proscriptions as to what the money can be used for. The money cannot be used to take care of her mother in any way, shape, or form. It can only go for Harper’s education and her immediate living expenses. This leads to years of Harper and Christopher’s cold war, until she has to go to Tanglewood to confront him. When she does, she meets Sutton, who is Christopher’s business partner. He starts hitting on her, and she’s definitely interested. But then, she’s got feelings for Christopher too, even though she’s pretty sure that she hates him.

OK,  I don’t trust Sutton as far as  I can throw him. He definitely has some kind of agenda going on. He’s just going to keep fucking with Harper and with Christopher. It’s going to be a huge fucking mess, until Skye manages to pull it all back together and makes it work out the way that it should be. I know how I want it to work out. But, at this exact point in time, I’m not sure if that’s going to be the way that it actually works out. Christopher is a good man. He’s an honorable man. I think that he does what he always thinks is the right thing in any situation, at least the right thing for everyone but him. I like Christopher, but that kind of thing makes me mad. It’s perfectly OK to be selfish sometimes and do the things that you think are right for you and fuck what may be right for someone else over what may be right for you. All I know is that I can’t wait for The Evolution of Man to get here. And pro-tip? It’s already on pre-order. And I can neither confirm nor deny that I 1-clicked that fucker.


Damn, that ending. Fuuuuuuck. I went back to reread the last chapter just so that I was sure that I didn’t miss anything because damn. I knew that it was going to be a cliff because this isn’t my first go-round with Skye and how she likes to rip people’s hearts out. But still, it nearly killed me.

I love how fierce Harper is. But, I think that Sutton will wear that fierce right off of her. He’s not a good person, I don’t think.

Christopher is just being too fucking nice for his own good. He knows that Sutton wants Harper. And he knows Sutton, so he’s going to know what Sutton’s motivations are. I’m pretty sure that there is more than just Harper is pretty and sexy. He knows that Christopher is into Harper, so he’s trying to hurt Christopher or play some kind of game. I hope Christopher smashes him down good.

All I know is that Harper and Christopher had better end up together. I refuse to envision any other outcome.

Go check this out. You can also get the prologue for free, called Trust Fund. Happy reading!

Natalie Bennett-King of Hearts

This is the second book in Natalie’s Old Money Roulette series. It’s dark, mysterious, and left me with so many more questions that I had going in. I mean, wow.

So, let’s talk about King of Hearts, shall we? Before I get into it, there’s a good chance that there are going to be spoilers for Queen of Diamonds. I don’t mean to leave them, but it is likely to happen. It’s the nature of the beast when you get book series that are set up the way that the Old Money Roulette books are. So, if you haven’t read QoD and it’s on your TBR, you may want to reconsider looking at this blog until you have read it. I will say that KoH is a big mindfuck. I mean, most things that Natalie writes end up fucking with your brain in some way or other. But this is a big one. It’s dark and there isn’t really a glimmer of light going on. So be aware of that.


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Sunniva Dee-Regretfully Yours

Sunniva Dee is another new author for me, not just for the blog. And, before we get to anything, can I just say how awesome I think the name Sunniva is? Very, very awesome. Anyhow, back to the book, Regretfully Yours.

Silvina is out at a club with her bio partner, John, and watching the bane of her existence, Gioele, on the dance floor. When John touches her after buying her a drink, Gioele rushes over and beats John down, and then takes Silvina home. Silvina and Gioele have a lot of history together. They’ve always been really tight, with an incredibly tight bond. As teenagers, that bond went from very close to romantically close. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except for one small, little, tiny fact. They are cousins. The family caught them when they were 16 and 17 and did everything they can to scare them into not being in love anymore. The problem is that it didn’t work out as well as they might’ve liked. While Silvina and Gioele worked hard to maintain some kind of distance, they still have that incredibly tight bond. When she moved to San Francisco to go to college, Gioele followed her.

Silvina tries to separate out her life from Gioele as much as possible, wanting to date and find other men to date. Gioele tries to listen to her, but he knows that she’s the only one for him. She’s his Ina mia. He wants no one other than her, no matter what.

And oh, there’s one more tiny little thing that can affect Silvina and Gioele. They aren’t just cousins, they are also the prince and princess of a huge mob family. Generally, that’s not a huge problem, but Gioele’s father is the head of the family, and he isn’t necessarily as sane as one could hope. That means he occasionally takes turns up the cold war between his family and another family and makes it a hot war. Just like he’s about to do

There’s also the fact that Gioele decides he’s going to do porn, but his brother won’t let him do it at his studio, so he goes to the competitor and films an audition reel. That shit never, ever, ever turns around and bites someone in the ass.

OK, this book was different to what I expected. I expected something darker than this. It had its dark points, and some really shitty things happen in it, but overall, it’s not that dark. I do love how much Gioele takes care of Silvina, and I love his name for her, Ina mia, my Ina. It’s such a sweet, intimate name to call the person who owns your heart. The book, for all the dark parts to it, is overall sweet, and is really good. I enjoyed every word of it, and my heart was light at the end of it.


I didn’t see the bad guy being who he was, but damn if he didn’t just go way into I’m a crazy land. The parental unit of the bad guy wasn’t far off either. I mean, they were a pair of co-dependent nutbags.

That’s all I have to say on this one. Hit up the Zon on go check it out. Happy reading!

Skye Warren-Escort

Another Skye Warren book on my blog. Is anyone surprised by this? Well, you really shouldn’t be, if you are. Skye is prolific, and I will read the fuck out of any of her books that I can. So, when the chance to read Escort came across my metaphorical desk, I jumped. Just call me Pavlov’s blogger. Show me a book, and I drool and beg. Isn’t that the way that works? Anyway, Skye Warren’s book.

Anyone who reads Skye Warren has probably read her Endgame series or her Stripped series (Pretty When You Cry is one of my fave of her books). I love both of those series and they are connected by the fact that they are all in the same fictional town, Tanglewood. There are several other books that take place in that world, and most of them are standalones. When they are connected, it’s generally just secondary characters popping in and out of stories. For example, Damon and Penny from the Masterpiece duet show up in this book as secondary characters. Their roles could be played any person at all, but I like that it’s Damon and Penny. It just helps bring Escort alive and anchor it in the world it’s in. Each Tanglewood book just makes the town realer. I wouldn’t mind visiting Tanglewood, there are a few businesses that I wouldn’t mind checking out, but I really wouldn’t want to live there. But visiting? Totally OK. All of this leads into today’s book.

Hugo was born in Tangiers. His mother worked long hours as a hotel maid until she died when he was a teenager. He ran the streets until he was picked up at 15 by an older woman. He thought that they were desperately in love. She took his virginity and took him to America and Tanglewood. Hugo has his reasons for being there. Melissande had her reasons, mostly that she wanted to pimp him out. No quicker way to break someone’s love, right? As an adult, with lots of experience, Hugo has turned into Tanglewood’s most wanted escort. He loves women of all kinds and loves to pleasure women. Women have picked up on that and called him back time and time again. That’s made him rich enough that he doesn’t have to work, so he only does it once a week, on Saturday nights. Limiting supply that way makes demand even higher. Meanwhile, he spends his weekdays being the man of leisure, cooking, being artistic, reading, all that good stuff.

Beatrix lives in the penthouse of L’Etoile. She’s spent the past decade there and never leaves the hotel. Everything she needs is right there, or almost everything. Right now, what she needs is a man. She’s got something that she really wants to get rid of, her virginity. She’s tried to go down to the bar to find the right guy, but it hasn’t worked. So, she has decided that she’s going to go to the professional and hires Hugo. She’s disconcerted when Hugo shows up and tells her that he’s going to give her pleasure. She’s not sure that she wants pleasure, she just wants to be relieved of her burden. That’s not the way that Hugo works though. He wants to make sure Bea enjoys everything they do.

It’s that time. I love the fact that the escort in question is a male escort who is going to be the target of our story instead of a female escort. Great way to flip that right on its head. Then we have a pretty strict some POV, and that’s Hugo’s POV. We have no clue what’s going on in Bea’s head most of the time because we’re living in Hugo’s. That’s also a big switch when it comes to romance novels. That’s awesome too. It’s pretty rare, mostly because the primary readers of romance novels want to be to identify with the heroines in the book, so getting their POV is generally pretty important. But, this way worked so well. Hugo had the deeper story this time around, so it really needed to be his POV.


Did you know that l’etoile is French for star? I knew that high school French class would come in handy sometime. Of course, since I’m coming up on 28 years since I graduated high school, I remember about 5 whole words of it.

Hugo’s hate-on almost ruined what he and Bea had. I’m glad that he was able to change himself around. Of course, I would have that fucking hate on too. I would want to do what Hugo wanted to.

Bea’s piano playing is beautiful. The whole idea of being able to establish an online prescence she did without leaving the house is awesome. The Internet has made those of us with social anxiety, agoraphobia, or other things that make it easier to do things and interact with the world.  I don’t make friends well in person, but I have good friends online that I’ve had for nearly 20 years, so that works real well for me.

OK, that’s all I have to say about Escort and Skye Warren. I seriously, seriously recommend investing in this one. I know that I say that about a lot of books, but this should really be one of those core books you have, especially if you like Skye.