Cassandra Faye-Hunted

I have a very embarrassing confession to make. My husband is a huge Robin Hood fan. And by huge, I mean he has like 6 different Robin Hood movies, including the Disney animated one, and a couple of series. I don’t know how many different Robin Hood books he has. That’s not the embarrassing part. The embarrassing part is that it took me forfuckingever to realize that Hunted was a Robin Hood story. In my rather pathetic defense, the prologue made me think Pandora, sooo… I mean, the name Loxley did tickle at my brain a bit, but it still took me way too long.

Harper and Jared have been in a relationship for a long time, and now it’s time for Jared to do something really important. So he’s decided that he’ll bring Harper up to the Loxley family cabin. Only male Loxley family members generally come up to the cabin, so it’s something really special and sacred to Jared. He has a whole huge plan of how it’s going to go. He’ going to hunt a deer on the family land, take a hike up to a special area with a fantastic view, ask her to marry him, and then cook her a romantic venison dinner. He’s been planning this for a while, so he’s really excited. He also acted a tiny bit squirrely ahead of time, so Harper is a little bit nervous but also really looking forward to the trip.

At first, everything is great. Harper and Jared have no problem properly christening the cabin, and enjoying themselves, all happy and in love. But then, things change. Because this is a Cassandra Faye/Jennifer Bene story, of course, things change, and not necessarily for the good.

Jared is honestly a sweet man who really cares a whole lot about Harper. It’s so obvious that he really loves her. He has put so much thought into making this whole trip so special. He’s a good man too, I think. I mean, his family’s whole view on hunting is one I can agree with, you eat what kill, you don’t hunt for trophies. OK, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a good man, but it is one thing that proves my point, I think.

I think that Harper is the stronger one in this couple. I’m not saying that Jared is weak in any way, because he’s not. I just think that Harper has more emotional strength than Jared does. I think that it makes them a great complement to each other. I also think that without her emotional strength things would’ve turned out quite badly for everyone involved.

I really, really want to know what all the rules of being a Loxley are, and I think it was a good idea of Harper’s. I would really love to see more in this world.


I think that Jared should’ve listened to Harper much sooner.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one, go check it out! Happy reading!

Lee Savino-Siebold

Hurray! Another Berserker book. It’s been a while since we’ve seen these guys, and Siebold is a great way to get us back into the swing of things. This one isn’t a menage like most of the other books are, but not all, and we aren’t anywhere near any pack. In fact, Siebold has been kicked out of the pack, so that’s different.

Meadhan is a witch. She knows that she’s a witch. She does everything she can to avoid being identified as a witch, including living in a cottage away from the village, and appearing as modest and normal as possible when she does go to the village. However, the fact that she deals with herbs and remedies does kinda make people wonder about her. One day, she senses something. When she looks, she sees a wolf, but when she looks again, she Sees a warrior laid over the wolf. That reminds her of stories she’s heard about men who needed to be more powerful who were cursed to become wolves.

Siebold sees and smells something about Meadhan. He knows that he has to claim her. Sadly, at this point, he’s barely more than just a beast. He has spent more time as a wolf than as a human for a long time, ever since he was kicked out of the pack. But for Meadhan, he makes the effort. He becomes human and pays attention to her, and even manages to talk to her. He tells her that she is his, and she will only eat his meat. Yeah, that is actually said, more than once.

Meanwhile, there are some nasty mean who are trying to move into the village and take over. The local priest (boo hiss) supports them. He’s not a very nice guy, anyway. He has a son who he abuses and who he refuses to acknowledge. But he’s more than happy to help out the bully boys and point them at people he wants to get rid of.

I really like Meadhan. Unlike some of the other women who get involved with the Berserkers, she knew that she was a witch from the beginning. I’m not sure if she is a spaewife, like the others, because I don’t remember seeing anything being said about it. I think that she knows who she is and has no problem with herself, generally. She tries to hide her power, but considering her family history, I don’t blame her one little bit. I think that she’s really strong, and I wouldn’t want to piss her off, because I think that she’s going to hurt me, a lot.

Siebold is a lot more private than Meadhan is. We see in his head, but I think that he’s just so much harder to get a hold of, which isn’t a bad thing. I do like him though. He does seem to have a real honorable streak, which is always nice.


You know what, I don’t think I have anything to put here. So, go check it out!




Jennifer Bene & Yolanda Olson-Scorched

Yolanda gave us the original Inferno books, and really, they are excellently disturbing books. She opened up the world to a whole lot of authors, which is what has given us the second round of Inferno World books. And she has teamed up with Jennifer to give us Scorched. Now, you have to be familiar with the Inferno books to understand everything that is going on in this one. At the very, very least you should read Burned before this one, but I personally recommend going back to the beginning and reading the original Inferno series, which is Sparks, Inferno, Cinere, and Embers. Do be aware that these are all dark, twisted, taboo, and all fucked up, so if you don’t like those things, these are not the books for you. However, I do like all those things, so here we go.

Scorched focuses on two groups of people. We have Richter and Skylar, and then we have Bryden and his bounteous brood.

Richter is fixated on making sure that Skylar is a good wife to him and to finding his sister Cleo. Their father took her away many years ago, and he wants to find her. He wants to bring her back home so he can love her the way that he should. It’s just been him and Skylar since the old man died, like 10 years ago. And it’s not like they are very old, early 20s, so they have been dealing with life on their own for a long time and from a young age. Richter finally finds out where his sister is and goes to bring her home, but he finds a huge surprise instead.

What he finds is Bryden, his much older brother. Their father dropped Cleo off at his house years ago and told him to raise her, which he did. Cleo has settled into the family, including calling Bryden Daddy and loving everyone equally. When Richter shows up, she’s upset because she doesn’t recognize him and he’s very aggressive and wants to take her away. Bryden’s house is relatively calm, he doesn’t allow hitting, yelling, disrespect, or any of that kind of stuff, so Richter’s aggressiveness is offputting, at the very least.

Bryden runs his house and his family based on what his father laid out, but he does it with love. His house seems much more friendly than his father ever had a hand in, and everyone truly does seem to love each other.

I want to say that this is one of the biggest mindfucks I’ve ever read, but I think that goes without saying. And considering some of Yolanda’s books have been mindfucks from the very, very, very first word, that’s gotta be saying something.

I both like and vehemently dislike Richter. Don’t ask me how it works, because, well, it does. I think he’s trying very hard to live up to the standards that his dad set up, but it just isn’t there. I think that the dad in his head is both better and worse than the real man had been. So I felt sorry for him for that. But he had choices he could make.

Bryden was really interesting, and I think that I liked him, mostly. He seems like such a kind and loving man.


Family Meeting!

And that last chapter totally broke me.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Measha Stone-Simmer

Oh my beloveds, are you ready for the dark? I really hope so, because Simmer is dark, very dark, omfg what did I just read dark. This book is part of the Inferno world based on Yolanda Olson’s books. And yeah, dark.

We have Papa, Nicolette, Elijah, and Mark. They live in a homestead far away from everyone else. And they are all happy with that. At least, as long as Papa is happy. When Papa isn’t happy, well, then things go badly for everyone.

Papa wants to make sure that everyone is doing the things that they should, in the way that they should. He wants to make sure that Nicolette grows up to be a good woman, and that Elijah and Mark know how to be good men.

And really, that’s about all that I’m going to say about this because it is a really short read, and if I say too much about anything, then I might spoil it, and I don’t want to do that.

Do be aware that this is very dark, and it is very taboo. If you don’t like dark and taboo, you really should skip this one, because you won’t be happy. Read responsibly.

This definitely fits in with the rest of the Inferno world. If you aren’t wondering, at least a little bit, what you’ve read when you are done reading and if there might be a little something wrong with you because you liked it, then, well, I don’t know what to say. Because I do love these books, and I do wonder WTF I just read, and if there is something that is just a little bit wrong with me. I also want to know what’s going on in the author’s head.

OK, so I’m done with this one now. Go check it out!


Lily White-Fraud

Fraud is the second book in Lily’s Antihero Inferno series. And antihero is definitely the right description for the guys in this book. I was really excited to see this book, because I liked Gabriel when we met him in the first book, and I still like him in this one. At least most of the time. He is an asshole, but could he be a member of Inferno if he wasn’t?

Ivy has just been told by Tanner that it’s time for her to pay up for the favor that Inferno did for her back in the day. They want info on her dad, the governor. But she doesn’t want to give them anything, because she loves her dad. But Tanner sics Gabe on her, and they have a long history. For many years they’ve pulled pranks and done tricks on each other. But now, with them wanting information on her dad, it’s more than just putting a shitload of chickens in Gabe’s house or filling his car with eggs. It’s more like going on a date with him, then tricking him, tying him up, writing a message on him, and dumping Gabe bare assed naked on Tanner’s front yard, and then running away. And she really did that. I don’t blame her at all. I would’ve totally run away after doing that. I might’ve stripped him and tied him up too, maybe.

Gabe, of course, isn’t going to take that laying down. He’s going to go and get her, because they still need to have the info that he has, no matter what. So, he does what Fraud does best, and lies. Not only does he lie, but he also ends up getting her disowned by father. Which means that she has to depend on him. Which means more tricks on both their parts.

Fraud is an appropriate name for Gabe, for sure. He is a very talented liar. I think that he is a little too talented sometimes, if you know what I mean. He manages to lie to himself, sometimes, I think, even if he doesn’t realize that he is doing it. I mean, do we ever know that we are lying to ourselves? It just goes so deep in him. He’s broken and hurt, like all of them are. I think Tanner may be the most functional of all the guys, but this is only the second book, so I’m not entirely sure yet. I can’t wait for the future books, because I’m really looking forward to not just the characters, but also the overall storyline.

Ivy is smart. So very, very smart. It both helps and hurts her. She’s also at least as good a game player as the guys are, just in a different way. Gabe and Ivy are always playing games with each other, and sometimes one of them is ahead of the other, and sometimes it’s the other way around. The thing is, she’s really willing to play the long game, and by long game, I mean like decades long long game. I look forward to seeing what she and Gabe manage to get up to together.


OMG, the ending. What happened there was everything.

OK< that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Anna Edwards-A Deadly Affair

Anna is back with the latest book in her Glacial Blood pack books. A Deadly Affair is #7, and I think we are coming to the final book soon. I know that there is at least one more, because I’m already signed up for it. And after the events in this book, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

So, Nuka and Ciaran are up to no good, which of course they aren’t. In fact, they are so up to no good that there isn’t anyone who can practice more dark magic than Ciaran now, and he’s about to prove it, in the worst of ways. The first thing he does is separate Nuka’s dead grandfather from the body of Samuel, where he has been living. Then he, Nuka, dead grandfather, and demon Samuel go on the attack.

Back in Montana, we have the Glacial Blood Pack’s witch, Jessica Raven, who is also Ciaran’s former student and lover. He hurt her, badly, and she’s still dealing with the aftermath. Then there’s Ethern, who is a multi-shifter, who has definite feelings for her. She has feelings for Ethern too, but she doesn’t want to have them, because of the walls that she has had to build up because of what Ciaran did to her.

The thing is that no matter how much Ethern cares for her or she cares for Ethern, there are things that he’s not telling her. You see, multi-shifters like Ethern know all kinds of things. And some of the things he knows he really doesn’t want to know. He tells Jessica that he’ll always be there for her, and encourages her to tell him what she knows about Ciaran.

I admire Jessica. She’s not in an easy position at all, and she knows it, but she still does everything she can to help her pack. She’s wicked powerful, but she’s even more responsible in how she uses her power. She really wants to help people and save the world. She has a truly loving heart, even with what that asshole did to her. And frankly Ciaran can just go burn in hell.

I’ve always liked Ethern. He’s a good man. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but I think that he can mostly handle it, or at least the part of it that he can do anything about. He’s set up the things that he needs to set up in the way in which he needs them to be done, but even he can only do so much, especially if there are things that are set in stone.

I can’t wait for the upcoming book.


Every time I think that Nuka and Ciaran can’t get any worse, they do. But this time. maybe at least one of them is stopped. Maybe. We’ll have to see.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check them all out! Happy reading!


K Webster-Campfire Chaos

Book 3 in the Hood River Hoodlums is out with Campfire Chaos. These books are not standalone books. If you haven’t read the previous books, you will not understand this one. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to read more K books? Because always read more K books. And then go buy them signed.

So, this picks up right after Little Hoodlum leaves off. There may be spoilers for the previous two books, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. (BTW, I’m trying to type with barbecue sauce all over my fingers because I have a rack of ribs sitting beside me. So, envy me.) (Thank goodness for baby wipes)

Charlotte has been in an accident and she’s miscarried her baby. And in that accident, she hit another car, one with one of the Hoodlums in it. He’s in a coma, and she’s in the hospital. Her family are there to try to help her, and they are helping her to get clean, because Ryan has addicted her to just about everything. But he’s walked away from her, which isn’t a bad thing. When she’s home, she is having such a hard time because now that she’s sober she feels everything. Then Ryan starts in at her again. So she butchers her hair, sends him a pic, blocks him, and calls her dad so that she can go to rehab.

Then we have Cal. He’s one of the Hoodlums, but the OG Hoodlums, while they were all best friends, really broke down into 2 pairs of really best friends. Jordy and Roan are one pair, and Cal and Terrence are the other. Now T is in a coma, and Cal feels like he is missing part of his soul. And what makes it even worse is the fact that Charlotte is walking around free. He hates that. Totally hates that. And haves her even more. When he runs into her, he tells her that he is going to make her life miserable.

I really felt like Charlotte grew a whole lot during the time of this book. I was really proud of her and how she discovered her power and strength. I loved how she handled a lot of the people who tried to put her down and take that power away from her. I think that she is definitely going to be an incredibly strong woman as she gets older.

Cal is a good guy, if a little chaotic. He does have some issues with his anger and impulsivity, but overall, I think that he has a really good heart. He loves his friends and he wants to do everything he can to make sure that they are safe. Up to and including making sure that people know his name and will always remember it, no matter what. I think that he has a moral code that is slightly different than what we would have, but it works really for him.

I love Penny, Garret, Loden, Jace, and Tiarra. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.


Creepy ass guy definitely got what his creepy ass deserved.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go checkit out! Happy reading!

Leann Ryans-Proposition #1

Leann usually gives us Omegaverse, but this is her first non-OV book. Proposition #1 is a pretty short read and one that is pretty engrossing. It is the first book in a new series, and it is a HFN. I wouldn’t quite call it a cliffie, since it pretty much wrapped up everything at the end.

So, here we go. Cadence is a young woman who is working really hard to make sure that her mother, who is dealing with dementia, and her younger brother have a roof over their head and food in their stomachs. She works two jobs and her brother takes care of their mother after he gets out of school. They are almost making it, and then her brother does something really stupid. He got involved with local drug dealers, and they made him their runner. On his very first run, something happened. He got mugged by some guys who stole $22k of drugs from him. Now the guys he was running drugs for want their money or they want him. Cadence isn’t about to let her brother get hurt, so she’s going to do what she can to help him.

Then we have Leo. His dad is the boss of the group that Cadence’s brother was working for. He told Cadence that he needed the money and he gave her 2 weeks to come up with it. Then Leo talks to her and tells her that he has a proposition for her.

Cadence is a sweet young woman. She’s also determined, which is a good thing, because that’s all that’s keeping her going. I do feel sorry for her trying to deal with her mother and her mother’s illness. I know how hard it is to take care of a family member with dementia. But she does a really good job, or at least the best job possible, as long as things stay normal. Even when things are not normal, she works so hard to do everything she can to help her family.

Leo isn’t a bad guy. He’s not the best guy either. I mean, he is the son of a drug boss, but there’s something about him that I really like.

I’m really looking forward to #2.

No spoilers today, since this one is so short.



Cari Silverwood-The Princess Tied

Cari has written a funny, sexy, and amusing book with The Princess Tied, and I am so here for it! It is a takeoff on The Princess Bride, and it is definitely a kissing book, as well as a fucking book.

(Note, this was supposed to be written on Friday, but I was having issues with allergies that left my eyes really blurry, which made typing interesting.) (Thank goodness for Benedryl.)(Makes me really sleepy though.)

We start with John clawing his way out of hell. He was sent there by The Storyteller, who also took his brother Xander, who happens to be betrothed to Princess Pollianna, AKA Po, who is the ruler of the kingdom of Bitzocoin. He wants to go after the princess, because she’s doing absolutely nothing to find his brother. He’s going to do everything he can to get his brother back, including kidnapping the Princess and forcing her to help him find Xander.

Po is worried about Xander, but he made her vow to him that she wouldn’t go looking for him if something happened to him, so she hasn’t been doing much. And of course, John is pissy about that, and I don’t blame him. So, he sneaks into her bedroom and kidnaps her. Or, rather, tries to kidnap her, but he needs her help to do it.

Meanwhile, Xander has been drugged by the Storyteller. He gets drugged daily, after a conversation with the Storyteller.

Po is really smart, at least book smart, but I think that she is less smart when it comes to people. I don’t really think that’s her fault though, as she is a Princess, and she’s never really had to be all that people smart. She has to be ruler smart, which I think is pretty good thing for her in general, but not what most people would need to have. She does a really good job for her kingdom, including wheeling and dealing on the stock market, making loads of money and boosting the economy.

I like John. I think that he is not nearly as bad as he thinks he is. I mean, he does have an evil streak, but he keeps that under control. I also think he ends up caring for people more than he thought that he could. I have a feeling that the only person he really cared for or cared about was Xander.

Ruth, Shades, and Ruff are just a lot of fun to have around, and I think that without them, the book wouldn’t have moved as well. I pretty much just adore Ruff, because who wouldn’t.


I love the casket.

OK, that’s all I have to say today! Go check it out! Happy reading!

Christine Besze-Redemption

Redemption is the second book in Christine’s Revenge series, which focuses on the Savage brothers. This is Kelsey & Axel’s book.

Two years ago, Kelsey came running to her father, covered in the blood of her best friend Charlee. She begged her father to help her disappear. So, she went from Georgia to a town in California where she is able to see the ocean and works in a dive bar. She eats, sleeps, works, and repeats. When the people she knows at work ask her to do things, she generally says no, because she really just wants to be left alone. At least, until one night when a co-worker asks her to do something with her after work. So, Kelsey, who isn’t using her own name at this point, decides she’ll go because she’s ready to stop pining over Axel and move on with her life. She heads out to the beach and meets up with her friend and some guys, one of whom asks her to go out on a date with him the following night. Only, when the door opens to let her date in, it’s not the puka shell wearing dude, it’s Axel.

Axel has spent the last 2 years missing his Wildcat. Al he knows is that she disappeared. But now, her father has hired him and his brothers to get her and bring her home. So, with one of his brothers, he went to Cali to bring his girl home. But of course, it’s never that easy. He went to get her and told her that she could go the easy way or the hard way. Which way do you think that she chose? Of course, it might be good that she chose the hard way, because just as she and Axel get out to her parking lot, his beloved truck blows up. So they run, until his brother manages to get them and they head back to Georgia.

I like Kelsey. I think that she is totally entitled to all the horrible feelings about Axel that she has. I mean, I would feel the same way about him if he had done to me what he did to her. Of course, the bad feelings that she has towards him and her lack of trust is all tied up with the fact that she still has good feelings towards him and all the good pants feelings that she has for him. So when he shows up, she wants to hate him but she also wants to fuck him, which makes it really hard on her to figure out what to do, and really, I think that Axel takes advantage of that to some extent. He might not know her precise feelings, and make a conscious decision to do that, but I think he picks up on it, and then does what he does.

Axel is both a good guy and a jackass. He’s also a huge smartass. And I think that it gets him very much in trouble sometimes, especially when his two older brothers smack him around. Of course, he does everything he can to get in and under their skin, so I’m not crying for him. But, overall he wants to make sure that his family is safe, especially his beautiful niece Lily, who he calls Wildflower. And that includes Kelsey. He will go toe to toe with anyone to make sure that she’s safe. And we get to see that.

I really can’t wait for Zane’s book.

butterfly-42414_1280 (1)

I like the surprise family members.

OK, that’s all for today. Happy reading!