Cari Silverwood-Claimed Possession

Cari Silverwood is becoming a frequent flyer here on In Between the Pages. I spend a lot of time in her books and her worlds. There are a lot of reasons for that. One is that I think Cari is an excellent worldbuilder. It’s easy to get involved in her worlds and characters. And the Machinery of Desire series is no different. I got dragged into the world and it wouldn’t let me go.

Claimed Possession is the second book in this series, and wow. It packs a punch. There are so many things to unpack in this book. I mean, you get the whole human slave in a slave world series, then you get the dark alpha hero/anti-hero and his journey, and then you get the heroine’s journey. I see layers, and I love layers.

OK, so let’s just jump right in here. Here we are, back on Aerthe. Aerthe is an Earth-like planet. There are three groups of people who live on Aerthe, the Mekkers, the Grounders, and the Scavs.

The Mekkers live in huge landships called the Swathe. There are a few swathes, each made up of more than one ship. They never stop moving, harvesting and mining as they move. The Mekkers are not native to Aerthe, and she hates them. Aerthe generates magic, and when the Mekkers stay in one place for too long, Aerthe gets after them. The Mekkers arranged the portal for the humans to be brought through. The portal shines the humans up real pretty when they come through. Their hair and nails are kinda glowy, so it’s quite obvious that they are humans. In the first book, the Mekkers ruled that humans are property.

Grounders and Scavs are both native to Aerthe. Grounders are settled into villages and other communities. Scavs are nomads, formed into groups led by the strongest leader, and they can and will challenge the leader for leadership. The Scavs tend to be pretty wild and will raid Grounder settlements and take/sell slaves. They also go scavenge through old cities that were destroyed in the war between the Mekkers and the people of Aerthe, back in the day.

When Emery, Fern, Sawyer and the other humans were brought through the portal, they were sent to different places. Emery was given to a master in Acquired Possession. (Right now only 99 cents on ‘zon, go grab it) Sawyer was given as a slave to the Grounders. So, let’s catch up with Sawyer.

When the book opens, Sawyer is in a caravan with a bunch of other slaves. He wants to escape, because of course he does. The caravan stops so that everyone can take a rest break. When the slaves are let out, Aribelle, the caravan owner’s niece happens to walk by. Sawyer, being a big of a dicklord, takes a piss at her feet and hits her shoes. He manages to get a key away from a guard so that he can escape, but Ari sees it and tells the guard. Then she orders Sawyer to be castrated. Right after she says that all hell breaks loose. Scavs are attacking. Sawyer drags Ari down and under a wagon and saves her. When the raid is over, Sawyer comes out and tries to get in good with the Scavs and tells them that Ari is his. The Scavs tell him that he will have to wait to talk to their leader.

You all know the routine now. I’m about to put a pretty picture up, and after that you get all the spoilery goodness. Sawyer is a very imperfect hero. He’s got some serious anger problems with more than a little desire for vengeance. That gets taken out on Ari, who both does and doesn’t like it. I think he may have gone a little far sometimes, but I totally get his point of view on it. He does question himself at times, and tries to figure out where morality on Earth and morality on Aerthe should lie and how he can live with both of them. There is some spectacular sex. There are spankings and more. There is a bloody cock. There is also a hard won HEA. This story is a great journey, not just for Sawyer and Ari, but also for JI, a recurring character. Like I said, layers on layers, so awesome. Cari is devious that way.


If you came down here, then you must not be too worried about any spoilers I may drop from my fingertips.

OMG, the bloody cock scene. I got to read it in Cari’s group before I read the ARC and oh my fucking shit, it was hot. I mean, Ari didn’t like blood, Sawyer rubbed blood on his cock and made her suck it. It’s so wrong, and yet so completely right, and very much hot.

I like that Sawyer starts to realize that he cares for Ari, and that what he wants to do to her has gone past revenge, like it started out, and into he wanted her to be his forever. The fact that he freed Ari and then wooed her was really impressive to me. It let Ari have her own journey from an angry forced slave to a willing and eager submissive who wanted to belong to Sawyer.

And JI? I cannot wait to see what Cari is going to do with him. I liked him when we met him in AP, but he was basically a child, really. In CP, he’s a teenager and then adult. Now he’s a very, very devious, sneaky, and tricksy adult. With a cock.

I wonder, with Gio’s new portal skill, if more humans will be going back through the portal. I kind of hope not because I like Aerthe. I wonder what’s happened to Fern, Sawyer’s sister. Last we knew, in AP, she was stabbed and then thrown off the ship to die. But JI was able to give some of the mechlings medical training, so maybe she lived? I want to know. I need to know. I need to know more about Gio too. Obviously, she was there before Emery, Sawyer, Fern et al, so how did she get there? So many questions, so few answers.

Alrighty, I could go on and on, but then you wouldn’t need to go to Amazon and read this book, and you really need to do that. And grab AP while you’re at it since it’s on special for the next 4 days. Trust me, if you like dark, gritty, and spanky, this will do it for you.

Tomorrow we have a book from Summer Greystone, so keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, happy reading.


Zoe Blake-Papa’s Prey

Oh my darlings, have I got a treat for you today! By now, I’m pretty sure that we all know that I like dark and intense. And I have discovered that I enjoy reading about age play. Zoe Blake has brought us a lovely treat that is dark, intense, and full of age play. So, I present to you, Papa’s Prey.

Hopefully, I don’t have to go over my whole age play lecture today. I’m going to assume that you all remember it and if this doesn’t interest you, that you will just pass this blog post and book by. Just remember, your kink may not be my kink, but it’s all good.

Fair warning, this book is dark. It’s not the darkest I’ve ever read, but it is full of non/dub con goodness, spanking, and nurseries.

This book is set in Cornwall, England, during the Victorian era. For some reason, a lot of age play books are set in the Victorian era, which is neither here nor there, but just saying. So, let’s go on to our story.

Corinne has spent the majority of her life in a small, sheltered convent. When she turned 17, she was just about to go out to be an apprentice in Bath and get on with her life. However, while she out wandering the countryside, she was seen by a mysterious gentleman. That gentleman tracked her down and paid money to her convent so that she would be there for another 2 years, for her education. She’s sweet and innocent, and incredibly sheltered.

Lord Lucian Talon is her mysterious benefactor. What he wants, he gets, and he wants Corinne. Not only does he want her, he wants to own her, posess her, and to control every little thing having to do with her. In the 2 years he’s been waiting for her, he’s been getting his house and servants ready. He had a special room created just for her and hired new servants and made sure that they wouldn’t say anything about anything that happened in the house. When everything was ready, he went to go get his prize.

Corinne gets woken up in the middle of the night, taken out of pajamas and put into a delicate white dress. Then she’s accompanied downt to the chapel where there is a priest, the Mother Superior, and her mysterious benefactor. When she finds out that she’s about to get married, she freaks out slightly, or more than a little slightly, and Lucian throws everyone out, bends her over the altar, and spanks her bottom. Then he calls everyone back in and they get married.

When Lucian gets Corinne home, he introduces her to her nanny and takes her to the nursery. Lucian tells Corinne that she is to be his precious little toy, his treasure. He will control everything she does, she eats, she wears, everything. He will no problem with punishing her if she misbehaves, and her nanny can too. Corinne gets her first taste of his punishment and his rules when she refuses to get her enema.

OK, if you don’t want spoilers, then this is the time for us to part. I really liked this story. I got dragged into it and went right alon. I may even have had some tears in my eyes at points. I read it twice before it came out. (Have I mentioned that getting ARCs rocks?) I highlighted quite a bit of it. It’s dark, it’s intense, it is a hot mix of sexy, sexy, kinkiness. If that bothers you, pass this one up. I have some books coming up in the near future that you may like better. But, yeah, I loved it. I love Zoe’s books.


Corinne does not adjust well at first. That’s because she didn’t have a clue as to sex or anything, and then she was very modest, having been raised in a convent. She also has problems because she is being treated as a very young child.

Lucian has a very interesting use of a camera. He wants to take pictures before he does anything with Corinne and then afterward. Since cameras are pretty new tech in this book, does this count as sexting? He has the pictures printed out and hangs them up in Corinne’s nursery.

One of the things that Lucian does that I love/hate is that he makes Corinne ask for her punishment. He tells her that he’s going to spank her, then she has to ask him Papa, please. I love the humiliation aspect of it. I would probably kind of hate it if I were her.

The original chase scene in the book is pretty exciting. I’m not a huge fan of stuffed trophy animals, but they sure work in this case.

Lest you think that Lucian is a total dickbag, he does truly care for Corinne. He may not have started out to fall in love, but he did. When Corinne is sick, he is beside himself. There are times I want to smack him anyway, but that’s true for any dark hero. I like them, I hate them, I want to smack them, I want to jump them. You get how it goes.

So, I recommend this book. A lot. I will say that the age play is intense, and Lucian is very strict. The intensity may bother some people, even people who like to read dark.

Tomorrow, we have Cari Silverwood’s new book. It is another great one. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Stolen-Too Hot For Barnes and Noble

OK, so tomorrow is release date for Stolen by Addison Cain. I love this book so hard. Just so hard. I love Shepard and Claire from Alpha’s Claim, who are continuing into Alpha’s Control, which Stolen is the first book of.  (Crazy awkward sentence, right?) I love Brenya, the new Omega heroine, and really, really, really hate Jacques. Addison will have to do a lot of rehab on him for me to come even close to liking him, and I’m just betting that she won’t. I’ve read her books before.

Anyway, Stolen was banned at B&N. Totally shocking, considering some of the stuff that they have let through. Addison Cain is running a giveaway with a $100 Visa gift card as the big prize. Imagine how many books you can get for $100!


Here’s how the giveaway works. You need to go to iBooks and buy the book there. When you have done that, you need to go fill out this form.

For more info and more ways to win, check out Addison’s post on FB.

Addison will close the contest on October 3rd and announce the winner on Facebook on October 5th, which means you should follow her. Go check it out, you know that you wanna. Addison is a lot of fun, and you can also ask to join her group, where we have loads of fun, talk about books, and look at pretty pix.

If you just can’t wait for tomorrow for Stolen to drop, check out my post about it. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Sparrow Beckett-Dominant Bastard Duology

Sparrow Beckett is made up of the writing team of Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw. They both write under their own names as well as under Sparrow Beckett. The duology, and isn’t that just the coolest word?, contains the books Feral King and Tragic King, which just came out, and I pre-ordered it as soon as it was possible. I loved Feral King and had to read the rest of the story.

There is an extremely limited cast of characters in both books. The 3 characters you see the most of in both books are Severin, Minnow, yes that’s her real name, and Rodrigo. Sutton is in the first book, Churchill, Ilse, and their two girls Sage and Scarlett. Sage is so awesome, I want to be her when I grow up. Loic shows up at the end of the FK and is sporadically in TK. So, let’s get to the books.

In FK, we meet Minnow when she is at an interview with Sutton. Sutton is hiring her to be a caregiver for Severin. What Sutton doesn’t tell Minnow is that he is 30, so she thinks that she’ll be caring for an older man. Sutton does tell her that he is extremely isolated, stubborn, anti-social, and a huge misanthrope. Severin is an equal opportunity hater, if you aren’t part of his family, which at this point is Sutton and Church and his family, or his best friend, Rodrigo, he pretty much hates you and wants you to not even breathe the same air he does.

When Minnow gets to the house, she gets to meet Severin, who is at work at his forge. He does metal work and makes Frankenbikes. He lives up, or maybe down, to his reputation. But that doesn’t stop Minnow, she keeps showing up, quietly, at the edges of his world. He has to keep fucking around with her, by doing things like knocking a fork off the table on purpose, just to see if she will pick it up, which she does, always calling him Mr. Leduc.

So, guess who the dominant bastard is in this? Yeah. And Minnow is an experienced sub who has lived in other D/s relationships. When Minnow starts to figure out what Severin wants, she lets him know that what he wants is normal, for a subset of normal, and that she’s perfectly willing to let him do what he wants. She leads him, somewhat, but Rodrigo helps him a lot more.

Before we get to Ro, let me give you some of Severin’s backstory, which explains the feral part of the story. He lived in France with his family of origin until he was 5. When he was 5, he was sent away. Not only sent away, but his mother bought a huge house in a whole new country for him to live in. He was sent there to live, without any of his family. Church’s mother was hired to take care of him, and by the time she and Church got there, Severin was feral and crazed. He has some extreme boundaries, including not liking to be touched, having an insanely overdeveloped need for control, which actually works here, and the fear that everyone in his family is going to leave him.

So, back to Rodrigo. He’s another Dom, and Severin’s best friend. He also does all Severin’s tats and piercings and is his business manager. When Ro meets Minnow, he gets happy pantsfeelings, and Severin uses Ro to help dom Minnow.

OK, so wow, this is long. I’m going to jump to TK now. There are some minor spoilers in here, but I’ll try to keep them minor and keep the big ones behind the pic. Is that like Behind the Green Door? Hmmm, good question. I’ll have to think about that one. Too much caffeine and not enough sleep means you get weird digressions like this in the middle of your reading.

Back to TK. Loic, who is Severin’s little brother, showed up at the very end of the last book. He says that their mother, Martine, is dead. A house fell on her. And then the house burned down. Ding dong, the bitch is dead.

Severin, Minnow, and Ro, who are all living in Sev’s house, are shocked that Loic showed up, but they let him stay.

Severin and Minnow are engaged and Ro is still helping Sev dom Minnow and acting as stunt cock. Loic tries to get all up in between everyone’s’ relationship which pisses off super-control freak Severin and causes him to make some real realizations about himself and his life.

So, now we come to the point where you have to make a decision. Do you want to keep reading and find out more fun spoilers and all my exciting thoughts or do you just want to get over to ‘zon and read these books? FK is currently $0.99 and TK is $2.99. They are both on KU, but trust me, you are going to want to own them.

broken crown

Severin is a breathtakingly broken man and all the layers that Sorcha and Leia put into him are amazing. I mean, he’s a really real character, if you know what I mean. You just feel for him and want him to have the best. Even when he’s being an asshole, I don’t really get mad at him like I do some other characters because he really just doesn’t understand. He’s been isolated in that house his entire life, so he never learned to people. Some of his isolation is self-imposed, but some of it is from the trauma that his mother imposed on him. Fuck, but do I want to resurrect her so that I can kill her in a more painful manner.

Minnow. I pretty much loved Minnow from the very beginning. What wasn’t there to love? She doesn’t shove herself on Severin in any way, she just lets him get used to her. There is a magnificent lightness which springs from her and practically shines off the pages.

Rodrigo is perfect for the both of them. I was so happy when they were able to get together as a triad. They are all happy. They are like cogs that mesh together and make everyone filled and happy. Especially Minnow.

I knew Loic was going to be trouble from the very start. He’s so slimy and charming, but then again, that’s what he was groomed to be from his birth, pretty, and charming, and submissive, and a people pleaser. He does it well, as well as being manipulative. He tries to break up all the relationships, but I don’t know that he’s doing it to be malicious, as much as he needs to belong to someone. As broken as Severin is, Loic is even worse.

Anyway, I love these books. They are going to be definite rereads, not just for the steaming, smoking, inferno-ish sex, which is good enough on its own, trust and believe, but for the story and the characters. I’ve said before that I don’t mind a book with a lot of fucking and that’s its only purpose, but that won’t necessarily keep me coming back again and again. I need something that’s got a story I can get my teeth into and a lot of fucking. These books deliver that.

You know where I am and how to get ahold of me, if you want to. I’m always up for suggestions, criticisms, comments, kudos, etc. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Stolen Is Coming!

The first book of Addison Cain’s Alpha’s Control series, Stolen, is coming out on the 26th! Preorder it now! Scroll all the way down for a giveaway opportunity! You know you want to.


He stole her off the streets in broad daylight—the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations. He took her with violence while none intervened. He broke her, swearing he’d put her back together.

Brenya Perin was ordered to submit.

Bernard Dome is the jewel of Europe, a bastion of art and culture, pleasure and decadence. But life in the city depends on the occupation chosen for you at birth. There is no subversion, no question of who rules. There is no freedom.

Peace has a price, a price the Commodore of Bernard Dome is willing to pay… so long as the Omega remains his.

Giveaway entry for people have purchased Stolen:
While you are waiting for the 26th and Stolen to drop, why not go check out my review, just to whet your whistle?

Addison Cain-Stolen

Because Addison Cain and her PA, Courtney McDaniel, love me, or at least like me somewhat, and I have my awesome blog, I was able to get my hands on an ARC of Stolen really early! And now, I get to share bits and pieces of it with you! Stolen is currently available for pre-order and comes out on the 26th. If you loved the Alpha’s Claim series, you need to read this book, the first one in the Alpha’s Control series.

Seriously though, I adore the entire Alpha’s Claim series so hard. I have read it over and over and over, and can discuss it for hours. I think the series is one of the best things I’ve read, indie author, romance author, mainstream author, whoever, one of the best, hands down. Reborn is my favorite of that series. Stolen eclipses it. Addison really hit it out of the ball park. I may have called Addison evil and sadistic when I was finished reading it. I definitely cried. And then I was sad because I had finished it and had already had that brand new book feeling happen and the adrenaline let down from looking forward to it and reading it. I had all the feelz, and I think the book created more feelz just so that I could have them. I can’t wait for the next one, which will be sometime next year since Addison is finishing up a personal exapansion project.

There are going to be spoilers. I will do everything I can to keep them to a minimum, but they are going to happen. I will put anything big after a pretty picture, just for added protection. If you want to stay completely unspoiled, this is the place for you to stop. Fair warning. Go past this point, you may regret it.

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Sara Fields-Taming Their Pet

This past Saturday, Sara Fields’ newest book in her Captive Brides series dropped. Taming Their Pet quickly became my newest favorite of her books. It’s intense, it’s wonderful, it’s hot, it’s sexy, and has just enough darkness in it to give it some interesting shading. This is the first one of Sara’s books that I’m reviewing here, but I guarantee that it won’t be the last.

The basis of the Captive Bride series is that young women who have broken certain laws get sent to a special space station where they are trained as brides and then sold to aliens who are searching for brides. Primarily, the women who are sent to this training center are illegal third children. Earth, at this point, has strict population rules, two children per family. Third children have to be hidden, and if someone finds them, they can be arrested and sent away. That’s what happens to Isabella.

Isabella’s father is a politician, and she has been trained her entire life to smile and be pretty. However, trouble pops up when it turns out that Isabella is a third child. She gets sent off into space so that she can be trained to be a bride. She’s generally a good girl while she’s there, but she gets caught up in a rebellion led by another of the young women. The Warden has two choices, punish Isabella or find someone who can buy her immediately. The choice is made to immediately place Isabella.

Enter Zack and Noah. They are brothers from the planet Dayhari. On their planet, all women are pets of some sort, shape, or flavor. There are ponies, kittens, and service or house pets. Service pets are the ones who live in the house and take care of their masters. They may also do things like cigar service, which Isabella does for Zack and Noah. I had no clue what a cigar service was until I read it on Jennifer Bene’s blog a few weeks back. (What? I said I stalk authors.) Anyway, back to Sara and Isabella. Generally, pets break down into one of the three categories. However, there are exceptions. They are pets who are gifted. They excel in each of the categories.

The brothers’ plan is to find out which category Isabella fits into, train her, and then sell her at auction. They are considered to be the best trainers on Dayhari, and pets trained by them go quite well at auction. To find out which kind of pet Isabella is, they give her a day as a pony, a service pet, and a kitten.

To find out more, you either have to go read the story or keep reading down to the spoilers. Personally, I prefer that you go read the story, and I know that Sara does too. I really loved this book. I honestly couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Pet play isn’t for everyone, but Sara wrote it very well. I really recommend that anyone who loves kink check this out. You’ll definitely get quite the helping of kink. And of course, there is an awesome happily ever after for all involved, except maybe not for Becky.

While it’s part of a larger series, TTP can be read perfectly fine as a stand-alone.



OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time for the spoilers, opinions, and thoughts.

First, I’m not kidding when I say that this is my new favorite of her books. I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve read of hers, but one is the best, hands down. There’s just something about it that is so awesome. It is more intense than some of her other books. Each of her Captive Brides books has so far looked at different kinds of kink, so they are a good place to read about things that interest you.

There were a lot of things I really liked about this book, but the cigar service was, I think, my favorite scene in the whole book. It just seemed so loving and peaceful. It’s the perfect way for a sub to show their Dom their total submission. Isabella just falls into this peaceful place while she is doing it. She’s perfectly happy to kneel near her masters and wait for them to need something from her. Totally awesome scene.

I love that Zack and Noah take care of her, even when they have to punish her harshly because of another pet’s actions. The connection they have with Isabella is just fantastic. They never leave her wondering how they feel about her, even before they realize that she’s a gifted pet and can be happy no matter what. They aren’t even really influenced by how much money they could get from her if they were to auction her because she would be so valuable.

Anyway, TTP is an excellent story with great sex scenes. Seriously good sex scenes. Make sure you have batteries for BOB kind of sex scenes. I’ve never really been interested in trying pet play, but reading it, when it’s done well, is a totally different thing, and Sara did it really well. I can’t wait to see what she writes next. Rest assured, I will be right there waiting to read it and share it with you. Until then, happy reading!

Here’s my standard ARC disclosure. I got one, I wrote an entirely honest and voluntary review.