Jessie Cooke-Finn

Jessie Cooke’s latest book is the 24th in her Skulls MC series, and the 3rd in the Phoenix Skulls section of that series. However, I kind of think of Finn as the first one in the Phoenix Skulls books, even though we’ve had the two before. I’ll get to why I think that in a bit.

So, Finn is literally a walking dead man. His death was faked to keep him safe from people he owes back in Ireland, and his current ID is that of a dead man, so really, he’s a dead man twice over. Now he’s in Phoenix, working with Beck and Jace, to build up a new chapter of their club. He’s also boozing, wenching, and fighting, and occasionally getting arrested. His father, who is also a walking dead man, has asked him to go meet a guy, for some reason, and he’s not allowed to tell anyone about it. But instead of meeting who his father wants, he ends up meeting a lovely woman who sits down at the table with him and starts introducing herself.

Caitlyn is pretty new to Phoenix. She’s shy, quiet, reserved, and has spent her life living quietly. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with guys, and has no real dating life at the moment. Her cousin Joy, though, wants that to change. So she keeps setting Caitlyn up on dates. Her latest date is supposed to be with a guy who dresses like he’s into “grunge”, so when Finn drives up on his bike and walks into the coffee shop, Caitlyn is pretty sure that’s who Joy meant, so she goes into the coffee shop, sits down, starts talking, at least right up until the guy she’s supposed to be meeting shows up and is all like WTF?

So, here’s why I think that this is the first real story for the Phoenix Skulls. The first book was really about setting up the chapter and creating the new setting. We got to meet a few new characters, but we really didn’t focus too much on one particular character, though there was a lot of Beck and Jace, because, well, Beck and Jace. Jace’s book was pretty much all his backstory, which I really loved. We didn’t know much about Jace until that one, and then we learned all about him. Made me love him even more. This book, though, is the first one that focuses on one character and takes place all in Phoenix. So, see why I think it’s the first real book of this section.

OK, back to Finn and Caitlyn. I like Finn. He has gone through so much shit in his life, just so much, and yet, he’s managed to pull himself through it and is able to thrive on the other side. I mean, he kicked heroin, and though the temptation is always going to be there, he hasn’t backslid, which can be really hard. I have to give him major props for that. I think that he’s a dick at times, which, well, pretty much anyone can be, but once he realizes that he’s being a dick, he’s able to adjust and do better.

Caitlyn is a lot stronger than her family wants to believe. I think that she’s probably stronger than even she knows, and she doesn’t learn that until she had to figure it out. I think that she is good for Finn, and she’s not going to let him get away with anything, which is exactly what Finn needs, as well as someone who supports him so well. I look forward to seeing more of them as a couple in future books.


OMG, Finn’s dad. That son of a bitch needs to die in incredibly slow and painful ways. I’m pretty sure that there are presidents of at least 3 different MCs/chapters who want to hurt him, a lot.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go check it out! Happy reading!




Chiah Wilder-Animal’s Reformation

Animal’s Reformation is the latest in Chiah’s Insurgent MC series. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read in this series so far. Overall, I enjoyed this one too.

So, Animal is a member of the Insurgents. He spends his time wenching, drinking, and riding. He has a daughter, but her mother moved away and has really kept them apart. Until the day she shows up, tells Animal that she’s done her part and her new man wants no part of her accident, and drops Lucy off with him. Of course, Animal hasn’t seen his daughter since she was a baby, and that was several years ago. He has no clue what to do, except he knows that he needs to have a house for her.

Olivia has sworn off men after walking into her boyfriend’s apartment to find some stranger bouncing on his dick and him planning a surprise 3 way with this lady. She’s especially sworn off sexy bikers. She knows way too much about bikers, since her father and brother were in a 1% MC. So when her new house is right next door to a sexy biker’s house, she does everything she can to keep their relationship on a superficial level. She wants someone nice and boring.

I overall liked Olivia. She’s pretty fierce when it comes to making sure her students get what they need, and she’s not afraid to go to bat for them. I think that she also pretty much knows what she wants, even if she doesn’t always want to listen to herself about it. I think her trying to swear off men for a little while is a good idea. I think that break in between her latest dick and Animal was good for her. She got to do stuff for herself, like buying her own home.

I think that Animal was a good dad, even before Lucy came to live with him. I mean, he sent presents, money, tried to talk to her, and tried to build a relationship with Lucy. He wasn’t all that successful, but that’s not because he didn’t try, it’s because her mother blocked all his efforts. I didn’t like her at all. He really tried really hard to build up a relationship with Lucy after she moved in with him, and that couldn’t have been easy at all. I think that Lucy was just running on anger, and I have to wonder exactly what her mother told her.

Like I said, I did overall enjoy the book. With that said, I thought that there were some places where it was a little slow. I also thought that there were a couple of little subplots that could have been lost without losing anything from the book. But, there’s still a lot of suspense, action, and passion in the story that it made up for it. Of course, as always, this is just my opinion, and your mileage may vary, but you’re here for my opinion, right?



I thought that Chiah did really well at keeping everyone guessing as to who the bad guy was. I had no clue, and there were enough false leads put in there that it was tricksy.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jessie Cooke-Jace

Jessie Cooke started out with one MC series, and now she’s on to the 3rd series that relates to the first one. First one started in Boston, then it spunoff into Cali, and now we’re in Phoenix. Jace is technically the 2nd book of the Phoenix Skulls series, but I’m not entirely sure I would put it in that space. I would almost think of it as a prologue. Maybe that’s just me, but it works that way, if you ask me.

Jace as the male main male character in Beck, the last book in the Westside Skulls book, and he and Beck were featured in the first book of the Phoenix books. However, Jessie focused more on Beck in her book than she did on Jace, so we don’t have so much info on Jace. I personally loved the way that she handled Beck’s book, and I really loved the book. I thought that Jace and Beck were pretty much perfect together. The first book in the Phoenix Skulls series is talking about getting settled there, and it more sets the stage to move the story along than it talks about Jace himself. So, now we have his book.

Jace’s book starts way back when he’s a child and covers his life right up to when he becomes the Prez of the Phoenix Skulls. Because it covers so much time, we don’t see what happens to him day by day, year by year, but we get to see the highlights and lowlights of what happened to him and what formed baby Jace into the Jace we know and love.

From Beck, we know that Jae has a sister and that he dearly loves Rosie, and we get to learn so much more about her and about the relationship between Rosie and Jace. And I have to say that I love that relationship so very, very much.

I liked Jace back when I first met him in Beck. I thought that he wasn’t the “typical” biker, or at least what you might think that bikers are like. He is fairly shy, hides away from people, and doesn’t have a lot of confidence. There are so many reasons for this, and he has internalized all of those things, which makes me so sad, because I think that Jace is just a wonderful person, and one who deserves all the good things ever.

I’m looking forward to the next books in this series, as well as the spinoff coming soon.


I love Jace’s run in with his teacher once he’s grown up, I thought that it was just like a perfect circle.

I really, really hate his dad from the very second we meet him.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go check out all these books. Happy reading!

Lilly Atlas-Rocket

When I pick up an MC book, I expect to get something that is intense and keeps me riveted. Well, Lilly Atlas didn’t fail to deliver in Rocket. It was intense and kept me sucked in from start to finish.

I will give this one bit of warning. There is some violence in the prologue that may trigger people. It isn’t graphic, but it is obvious what happened.

Chloe was victimized by some really bad guys. The last thing that they told her was that she had the Hell’s Handlers to blame for his. They are an MC in her area. When she’s rescued, she vows to herself that she will stay far away from them and from the town where they are based. Meanwhile, she’s managed to make herself leave her house, at least on Friday and Saturday nights, when she goes out to practice her own form of therapy.

Rocket, the Sargent at Arms of the Hell’s Handlers, was the one who went in to rescue Chloe. She was supposed to be left in a hotel room, unharmed, but we all know that’s not what happened, right? Because how easy a story would that be? He was so impressed with the fortitude that Chloe showed, that he has now become very protective of her, right down to watching over her and following her on the weekend, to try to figure out what she’s doing.

I, just like Rocket, was totally impressed with Chloe. Here she is, on the very worst day of her entire life ever, and she was able to pull herself up, get dressed, get on the back of a motorcycle, and then go to the hospital. Not only that, she was also able to come up with some kind of story to tell everyone that wouldn’t get the police involved with the Hell’s Handlers or the scumbuckets who took her. I was less than impressed with the fact that she was left trying to deal with the mess herself, but that was in no way her fault. She did the best that she could with what she was given, and it sucked rocks. I’m not sure that I would’ve handled the aftermath in the same way that she did, but to each their own. I’m also not sure that I am nearly as strong as she is, and don’t get me wrong, there is a rod of vibranium that runs down her spine, girl is strong as fuck.

I like Rocket too. He has a really strong protective streak, and when I say streak, I mean a stripe that is wider than his whole body is. He will do every and any thing to make sure that he takes care of the people who he considers his, his club, their ol’ ladies, and most especially Chloe. He’ll do those things at the risk of his own soul, if necessary. He is truly a very good man, even if he’s done some shitty, shitty things. He has his own moral code that he will stick to. All that being said, I did get really mad at him a couple of times. I understand why he acted the way that he did, but that doesn’t mean that I think that he was wrong or that I am automatically going to forgive him for the bullshit he pulled. He deserved to have people angry at him. I was really impressed with how patient he was with Chloe. He never really pushed her, except for one time, and that’s forgivable because he didn’t have the full knowledge of the situation at that time.

I really liked this club and all the members in it, and I think, especially, the ol’ ladies. They could’ve made Chloe’s life miserable, but instead, they all rallied around her and made her feel accepted. I’m going to have to go read the rest of the books so that I can get to know these ladies more.


I love how Izzy and Jig take Chloe and teach her how to fight. I really love how she uses it against Rocket when she gets mad at him. I cheered right out loud for her when she used it against Lefty. I was all like, take that, you fucking motherfucker.

I have a feeling that we might see Chloe’s brother again. I may be wrong, it does happen, on occasion, I’ll just have to keep my eyes open to see.

That’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

India R. Adams-Ivy’s Poison

India R. Adams’ Ivy’s Poison is the 5th of the Cavalieri Della Morte books, and it really knocked me out. I mean, I wanted to give it all the stars and then some.

Before I get into my review, I want to strongly recommend that you read India’s warning at the beginning of the book and believe it. There are a couple of very sensitive places in the book, at some readers might not want to read those things. And that’s OK. We all like different things and have different tolerances for different things. What’s important is that you are aware of what things upset you and that you read accordingly. To be helpful, India does include page numbers to skip.

As I was thinking about what to write about this, I was going through my brain and thumbing through the Arthurian tales files that live there to see if I could come up with any trivia about Bors, but the only thing I could think of came from a movie called King Arthur where Bors, played by Ray Winstone, talks about his cock being like a baby’s arm holding an apple. I could probably look up more trivia, but I’m going to just leave you with that.

Bors is a hand-to-hand specialist when it comes to the Cavalieri Della Morte. When you want to make an example of someone, Bors is who you send. So, when Arthur sends him out after the prez of an MC, Bors knows that the guy must’ve done something bad.

When he gets there and is sitting at a bar, in comes some of the MC, along with the prez’s daughter, Ivy. That shocks him, since he’d met Ivy three years ago, when they had a crazy night together. And oh yeah, she drugged him. Bors knew that the jackass had a daughter, but he didn’t know it was the woman who had haunted him for 3 years.

This book is technically a dual POV, but in practice, it’s really a sole POV. And that POV is Bors’. I really do find it fascinating to read a primarily male POV MF romance story. When you think of MF, we tend to think of it as female driven, which means that the main POV should be the female, right? And in many cases, I would totally agree with that. And I’m good with single, dual, multi POV, whatever the story calls for and the author thinks appropriate, but there are times when the male POV and the single (or functionally single) POV is the only way to tell the story. And this is one of those times.

Since it’s told mostly by Bors, we get to understand him and his filter. I think that we get to learn more about Bors than he even knows about himself. There are things that I think that he was hiding from himself that we get hints of before he gets to them. We also get to learn about Ivy mostly from him, and I was totally enthralled by that. He learns about her very organically, I think, so we do too. He picks up little bits here and there that he puts together and connects the way that you and I would, and in fact, I think that India put things in there that we pick up on before he puts them together, and it’s not that she outright states anything, but she leads us into them. It’s totally fabulous.


Oh, Ivy. My heart breaks. And there was one point where Bors just totally broke me altogether.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. You know what to do. Happy reading!

Winter Travers-Drop a Gear and Disappear

Winter Travers is starting a new MC series, Kings of Vengeance, and Drop a Gear and Disappear is the first book in the series. That term is mentioned a couple of times in the book, so I had to turn to the handy dandy Googletron to see what it had to say about it. The Almighty Google said this about it, when a rider needs speed all of a sudden, it’s easier to drop down to the next lower gear, because that forces the engine to rev higher immediately and gives the rider the necessary speed. It takes longer for the higher gear to rev up to get the speed needed than it would by dropping a gear. So, that’s what it means. I think that Winter named the book with more than one layer there too. You’ll see why I think that.

Quinn/Gear is recently out of prison and he’s joined an MC. He had a cellmate who told him all about the MC life, so Quinn moved to a new state and joined the Rolling Devils. He knows that they are going to put him through hell because he’s a prospect and the lowest of the low, but he’s willing to put up with it because it’s a brotherhood, and that’s what he wants.

Q/G also has a girlfriend that he lives with. Her name is Kimber. Kimber doesn’t like the guys in the club and doesn’t really approve of him being in the MC. He keeps trying to get her to go to parties, but she doesn’t want to. Finally, he gets her to agree to go to a party. And that’s when the trouble begins.

Of course there’s going to be trouble, because otherwise, it would be a super short book. And while it is a quick read, it isn’t super short. If you think that it seems familiar, you are right, because it originally showed up in an anthology, but Winter took it and expanded it a bit, et voila.

I like Quinn, overall, but I think that he is a little bit naive at the beginning. Or maybe blind. He needs to have that brotherhood so much that he’s willing to do anything he can to get it. So, is he willfully blind or just blinded by need? I don’t know, but it’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Kimber is a strong woman and a strong character. She had to be, and she dealt with things that I wouldn’t have been able to, and they didn’t break her. I really hope that we see a lot more of her during the series, because I think that she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, and I think that she’s going to have a lot to do and say when it comes to the Kings of Vengeance. I mean, not that a woman would rule the MC in this ‘verse, but ol’ ladies can be strong and powerful, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m looking forward to seeing more characters develop as the series goes on, because we just got a small taste of most of them, and not a full dinner.



OK, if you’ve made it down to my little spoiler section, I’ll tell you why I think Winter’s title is a multi-layered kind of thing. For one thing, Gear gets dropped off and the Rolling Devils think he has disappeared. And then later, Quinn drops the name Gear, so, that’s why.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jessie Cooke-Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix is the first book of Jessie Cooke’s new series, the Phoenix Skulls, which is a spinoff of the Westside Skulls, which is a spinoff of the Southside Skulls. The Phoenix chapter starts with Jace, Beck, and Finn, and then more members start to file in. Jace and Beck, of course, were the focus of the last book, and the primary couple in this one, but there are more couples that show up as well.

So, the Skulls have bought some land that used to belong to the Navajo, many, many years before, but had gone through several hands before the Skulls got it. They are going to build a clubhouse for the entire club to hang out and a garage for Jace’s motorcycle design/building business. There is currently a house where Beck and Jace live and a small garage where Jace and the guys are trying to keep up with the demand for motorcycles. Down the road, we have Rock and Ajei, a Navajo couple who used to belong to an MC, and their adult son, Tommy.

There are problems happening. There’s been a dead and mutilated bunny that showed up on the property and left with a sign that said Go Away. But, that’s not the only thing. There’s also someone who painted headless bodies on the side of the house, again saying Go Away. There’s some worry that it’s Tommy doing this, because he’s been very vocal about the Skulls being on that property because that’s traditionally Navajo land and it belongs to them, even though it really hasn’t for decades and decades.

There are obviously a lot of other things that happen in the story, none of which I’m really going to talk about, because they are really interesting and the whole story was great. I love Beck and Jace, and yeah, there’s a reason I tend to put her first, because I really like Beck. She’s a total badass motherfucker, and pretty much everyone associated with her agrees with that, and agrees that fucking with Beck is not the smartest thing ever. There’s a line in the book that is from Jace’s POV where it says that he knows that she wouldn’t kill the guy, but that if she found him, he would wish he were dead. I love that line. And the BAMF factor is part of why Jace loves her the way that he does. I think between the two of them, the Phoenix Skulls are going to be in good hands. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the series goes next.


I’m really interested in seeing if Tommy joins the club. I think it would be really fascinating if he did. I don’t think Rock and Ajei ever will, but I do think that they are going to be like the grandparents of the club maybe. They’ll be there to help the guys out when necessary, but not get in the way. That’s my opinion, at least. We’ll see, I guess.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out. Happy reading!