Continued Delay in Play

Our rain delay has become an extended rain delay. I’ll have reviews up on Amazon and Goodreads today and the blogs are going to be up over the weekend when I don’t have anything else going on. I sincerely hope that I’m not disappointing anyone. There will be blog posts for the new Summer Graystone and Isabella Starling books as well as one from Jaye Peaches’ backlog. Sorry for the unforeseen circumstances.

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Delay in Play

Due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s blog is being delayed. Tomorrow you are going to get a double-header, one in the morning and one at night, with Jaye Peaches and Isabella Darling, AKA Isabella Starling. I dunno which will be first and which will be second, but you’ll get ’em both.

In the wait, feel free to leave me a comment to suggest other books I can read, dirty pictures, asking questions, or just to say Hi! I get so excited when I get a comment.

As an apology, have a pretty picture to look at and happy reading!


K. Webster-The Day She Cried

There are a lot of books that when I’m reviewing I can write funny things. This is not one of them. This is going to be a serious blog.

Before I get into it, The Day She Cried does have some subject matter that could be triggering to some people, including self-harm and suicide. Please be aware of that and read responsibly. As a recovering cutter, I’m going to say that the way K handled it was excellent. It didn’t glamorize the subject, nor did it shame people who self-harm. As an aside, if you are self-harming or feeling suicidal, please find help. There are resources out there that you can take advantage of. In the US, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. I am always open to talk as well. I’m going to put the rest of the blog behind a jump, just to give people extra protection if they don’t want to read this.

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Renee Rose & Lee Savino-Alpha’s Prize

Renee and Lee are at it again. Once again they have pulled us into their world of hot Alpha shifters and the women who are their mates. This time, we are getting the story of Carlos and Sedona. A good chunk of Alpha’s Prize takes place at the same time as Alpha’s Danger does. If you can cast your mind back to that story, you’ll remember that it’s about Garrett and his mate Amber, who also happens to be psychic. When Garrett’s sister Sedona goes missing, he takes Amber to Mexico to try to find her.

Still casting your mind back, remember that Sedona was kidnapped by a shifter on the Mexican beach. She was then sold to another group who dragged her to their home. That group was the Monte Lobo pack. Fun fact, Monte Lobo means Wolf Mountain in Spanish, which you may or may not already have known, so maybe less of a fun fact, but whatevs.

Those pendejos were el consejo of the Monte Lobo pack. They are a council of elders and have been ruling the pack while Carlos has been in the US going to school. Those fuckwads are led by Don Santiago, who is also a relative of Carlos. They are very not nice guys and have been running the pack for their own glory and benefit. When Carlos comes home from college after graduation, they use him as a puppet Alpha. He wants to make changes, but el consejo keeps putting him off. Fun fact #2, in the FB groups, the question was asked whether or not it was bad to want Carlos to kill the council. The overwhelming answer to that question was that it wasn’t bad to want that to happen.

The council has locked Sedona in a cell. Not only is she naked, she’s chained to a bed. The council brings Carlos down to see the wonderful prize they secured for him. Then they locked him in the cell with her. So, here we have a hot Alpha male and a hot Alpha female who just happens to be fertile, and it’s the full moon when shifters tend to be really randy anyway. The pendejos want for Carlos to impregnate Sedona at the very least. The Monte Lobo pack is severely inbred, and they need the new blood. If Carlos doesn’t make Sedona his mate, then the council wants her to be a broodmare for everyone. Brood wolf? If Carlos does claim Sedona, that’s almost as good, the council thinks he can just keep her pregnant.

So, we know that Garrett and his dad rushed to rescue Sedona. What we didn’t know until this book is that Carlos sent Juanito to set her free so that she could go to her family. He felt bad what the council did to her, even if he doesn’t feel bad about mating her. So, he lets her go. I think he was also doing it for the good of his pack since Garrett and her dad’s packs would’ve ripped the Monte Lobo pack to bits and pieces and then pissed on the bits and pieces.

OK, so this is where we separate if you want to stay spoiler-free. I love this series, and each one is better than the last. Renee and Lee write some spectacular scenes apart, but when you put the two of them together, they must egg each other on, because the scenes are even hotter. This book has one of the sexiest sex scenes I’ve read and considering that you guys know what I read, that’s saying something. This one is a bit darker than the other books, in my opinion, mostly because of the fact that it deals with the capture of Sedona. There is some very hot spanking and punishment. In fact, I wonder if I could borrow Carlos for a few hours, because hot. I’m looking forward to the next book, which involves Amber’s friend and a member of Garrett’s pack. Promises to be good, and with a heroine named Foxfire, I’m betting colorful too.


When you read the book, you’ll get the reference to mangos. I don’t even like mangos all that much, and that particular scene made me want to get to know mangos better, because dayum. I may or may not have gone back to reread it. Hell, who are we kidding, we all know what that means. You’ll probably want to go back and reread it too. Pro tip: highlight it which will make it much easier to find.

I suspected Santiago of being the dickhole that he was, but I didn’t think he was as big a dickhole as he was until he turned out to be. OK, strange sentence, but you get the point. I expect he’ll be back through in books to come. I mean, he has to be, right?

I love that Carlos worked hard to not just jump on Sedona and make her decisions for her when he found her in Europe. Of course, he had to follow her there, but still. He did let her go out and make her decisions and live her life, which she’s never been able to do. Even when they are together in Europe, he works hard on wooing versus going all cave-Alpha on her. But, he does use the fire he gets from her to clean house, which is yay.

OK, that’s all I have for today. Everyone go out and buy some mangos, just in case you feel inspired after you read this one. Tomorrow, we have a Jaye Peaches book, To Hold You. Meanwhile, happy reading!


Amelia Smarts-Justice For Elsie

Amelia first introduced us to Wyatt and Elsie in her story in Hero Undercover. Normally I would have an Amazon link here for you to look at, the book has been pulled and all the rights returned to the authors so that they can expand their stories, and I say hallelujah for that! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten this great story or the other ones I know are coming.

Anyway, back to Wyatt and Elsie. We don’t want to leave Elsie waiting too long, or Wyatt may have something to say to us.

So, Justice for Elsie starts out at Elsie’s father’s funeral. He saved up all his life to buy a ranch, and when he got the chance, he went to Virginia City and found the perfect piece of land to start his ranch on. The only problem was that it was right next to the Xanders, as nasty a family as ever existed. They did all kinds of things like rustling cattle from Elsie and her father and damning up a stream that ran through both ranches and making Elsie and her father have to take the cattle clear to the other side of their ranch where there was a well. By the time the law came to make the Xanders take down the dam, Elsie’s dad had died. To rub salt into the wound, the Xanders showed up at the funeral, acting like nothing had happened. That was more than Elsie could handle, so she started hatching a plan to get back at them and make her ranch grow. Her plan? Rustling the Xanders’ cattle.

The way she planned on doing it involved rebranding the Xander cattle. Their brand was an X, and hers was an ∞. She figured out a way that she could turn the x into , and allow her to sell the cattle.

Wyatt was a cowboy who has spent his years working on various ranches. When his right shoulder gets hurt, he figures it will just go away. When it doesn’t, his boss fires him and shafts him out of 2 weeks wages. His girl runs away and straight into the arms of another man. If only his horse had left him, we would’ve had the perfect mix for a country song. Luckily, Wyatt was able to keep his horse and his saddle, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have made it to Virginia City and Elsie.

On his way to VC, he decides that he wants to change his career, and being a lawman sounds pretty good right about now, so he walks into the sheriff’s office and asks for a job. Sheriff tells Wyatt that he’s looking for someone who can lie through his teeth and go undercover at Elsie’s ranch to figure out what’s going on. Wyatt tells the sheriff that he’s got the right man for the job.

Meanwhile, Elsie’s ranch hands are telling her that it’s been long enough, and it’s time for them to shut it down. She doesn’t really want to, but she really doesn’t want to keep it going. She decides that she needs a strong husband that can help her and keep her safe, so she follows the example of her friends, and writes out an ad for a mail-order groom.

OK, you know the drill. I love the mail order groom stories. For one thing, it turns the whole mail order spouse trope upside down. Elsie is tough, a lot tougher than I was at 18. I don’t know that I would’ve had the balls and grit to do what she did, not at 18. At 46, yeah sure, but not back then. She’s also really caring and generous, as witnessed by the way she took care of Wyatt when he was hurting. Wyatt really did what he could to take care of her and protect her, even from herself. The two of them together is just so sweet. She’ll lead him a merry dance, for sure. Amelia writes a lovely, light story that is truly satisfying, with a strong HEA. I really enjoyed reading this story, as I have the other two in the series. I look forward to the rest of the series.


I loved this story back when I read it in HU, and I really love the expanded version. I do have to admit that I had to ask Amelia about it because I thought that I was having serious deja vu, but she said not deja vu. In my defense, I will only say that I read a lot of books, and I haven’t always remembered the titles of books I’ve read, which wouldn’t have helped here anyway since the title is different. All of which is neither here nor there, but there it is anyway.

I really love that Elsie and Wyatt’s first interaction is for him to spank her, well, not just spank her out of the blue, she did, quite literally, ask for it, but what a way to start off a relationship with your new boss.

Elsie tried to find a mail order husband who would be strong enough to make her stop and to keep her on the straight and narrow, as well as one who would protect her from the law. The thing is, she never realized that was right under her nose, mostly because she didn’t know that Wyatt was the worst undercover deputy in the world. But, he did keep her safe from the law. She became his first priority, even if it did piss the sheriff right the fuck off.

That’s all I have for today, and look, Amelia, I got Wyatt’s name right every time! Tomorrow is a new book in Lee Savino and Renee Rose’s shifter series, so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, happy reading!

Grace Goodwin-Her Rogue Mates

Grace Goodwin is making her very first appearance here on my humble little blog, but not her first appearance in my library. I have everything that she has available on Amazon. A friend of mine turned me onto her books early this year, and I’ve bought every one as soon as they have come out.

Her Rogue Mates is part of Grace’s Interstellar Brides universe. There are several series in that universe, and HRM is the first book of the newest one. We were introduced to this particular world in the most recent book of the series, His Virgin Bride, where the hero and heroine have to go to Rogue 5, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Rogue 5 is run by a bunch of different legions. The legions are factions, some are sorta loosely allied with each other, others are mortal enemies. Styx is one of the leaders of a legion, the Styx Legion. Blade is his strong right hand. They decided long ago that they were going to share a mate when they found her. That way she would always be protected and loved. One day, when they are on Transport Station: Zenith, Styx meets Harper in a bar, and knows that he’s found their woman.

Harper is a human who has decided that she is going to help the Coalition with their fight against the Hive in her own way. Instead of signing up for the Bride program or joining Earth’s military to fight, she’s going to use her medical training. She’s an ER nurse and used to working in high-stress situations, so she signs up for the MedRec. They go in after the battles and triage the wounded and transport them to better facilities where they can get treatment for their wounds. It’s an exhausting job, but one she loves, and one she’s done for almost two years. One day, after losing a member of her team, she’s in a bar trying to drown her sorrows, when she sees Styx and follows him into the hallway for a little rough and tumble. When Blade joins them, she’s right on board with that idea too.

OK, it’s time for those who don’t want spoiled to part ways. This book is kinky in that it’s a menage, but it doesn’t have much in the way that the other books I’ve reviewed do. It does have a lot of really hot sex. Really, hot sex. It also has conspiracies, mysteries, and assassination attempts, so it’s an engrossing tale, all around. Grace is a mandatory 1-click for me, and if I could pre-order her books, I would. She’s created a very well-written universe. It’s defined enough that you know what it is, but loose enough that she can easily add in more aliens, worlds, stories, what have you, without crushing it. I look forward to books out of this universe for some time to come.


After Harper is attacked on a mission, they rush her off to Rogue 5, where they know that they can keep her safe. They are a lethal team, in every sense of the word, and she is their mate.

I love that Blade and Styx make it obvious to their captains and enforcers that she is their mate, no matter what. They do that even before they do the whole claiming bite thing because they are that sure, which is awesome. I love the way that she proves that she is claiming them at the end. It was quite a statement, and not only claimed Styx and Blade, but the whole legion too, which was even more impressive.

I know that there are more traitors than the ones they found, I’m personally suspicious of the member of her team that disappeared right before the attack. Maybe he just got grabbed first, but it feels hinky to me. And I really hate the nasty spymaster doctor. I keep waiting for him to die.

OK, that’s it for this book, other than to say that Amazon is a dick, since they have blocked this from coming out on Kindle on release day for some damn reason. Next week, we have all new and exciting books to talk about. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Summer Graystone-Holding Skye

Today we have another new author on the blog. Summer Graystone is bringing us her book, Holding Skye. This is the first book of her’s that I’ve read, but won’t be the last. I have another of her books sitting in my TBR collection right now. Heh, maybe I’ll take some screencaps of it this weekend and show you. No sooner do I get one book read than two more pop up. It’s like the hydra. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

So, Holding Skye. Skye has been keeping a secret most of her life. She wants a man to tie her up, spank her, flog her, and make her come, screaming his name. (Sounds like fun, right?) She’s been holding onto that secret very, very tightly for a long time. She worries about her secret. However, one day she manages to screw her courage up to the sticking point and decides to do something about it. She walks into a BDSM club and meets Master Steve. Steve talks to her and then gives her a note with an address and a time on it.

Elijah is waiting on the other side of the door when Skye knocks on the door at the appointed time. He opens the door, not just to his home, but also to her fantasies. He tells her everything that he wants to do, gets her all hot and bothered, and tells her to come back the next day, but wait, she can’t come.

Pretty picture time. Overall, I enjoyed the story. There were a couple of small issues that I had. One is that I thought there was a secondary story line that detracted from the story. I just thought it took away from where Skye and Elijah were going. Another is that I thought that the story moved a little fast from meeting to HEA. Those are my own particular issues, and your opinion will probably differ. Other than those things, I enjoyed the story.


When you read the book, you’ll get the chocolate reference. I read that section to my husband and told him that I love him dearly, but there’s no way I’m wasting perfectly good chocolate by rubbing it on his junk. I prefer my chocolate covered nuts to be almonds. I like reading sex scenes with food, they can be really hot, but my practical side says that chocolate and primary sex organs don’t mix. Of course, that’s just me. Go forth with choccies if that works for you.

I do have to admit, the chapter with the dream in it did confuse me. I wasn’t sure what was going on, if it was a flashback or what, until at the end when we found out it was a dream. Then it made sense, but it took me a minute.

Overall, not bad. Fairly well written, interesting premise. Nice HEA.

Tomorrow, we have Grace Goodwin’s newest book. Meanwhile, happy reading!