Lia Peele-Definition of Stripped

Lia Peele is another new-ish author, so I’m really happy that I can share her books and get her name out in front of all you lovely people so that you can go check them out. The main book is Definition of Stripped, which has a prequel called Definition of Flawed.

In DoF, we get to meet Scarlett and Dev and learn a little bit of history about them. We get a better look at the things that drive each of the characters in DoS. In DoF, Scarlett is a young woman, just finishing with university and starting to be a little more independent. She meets a man named Paul and starts to have a relationship with him. He tells her that he’s only a few years older than she is. Turns out that he’s even older than that, and he has a teenage son named Dev, who’s only 4 years younger than Scarlett is. There’s a lot more in there, and last I knew it was free on Amazon so you can go grab it and read it to get you ready for Stripped.

In DoS, it’s been 6 years since Flawed. Scarlett has started her own very, very successful business that works with marketing, branding, and all that kind of stuff. Her business is constantly growing and she’s just been nominated for a big award. Her best friend Sian drags her to her cousin’s hen’s night. They go to a Taboo, a huge strip club so they can scope out all the hot, hot, hot male strippers. The book takes place in England, and apparently, the guys can go allllll the way down, and they do. Oh my, do they. Anyway, Adrian, who is the big star of the troupe, and yes, BIG is used in more than one way, comes out to the audience and starts dancing with Scarlett. After the show, she gets a text saying to come outside. When she does, she finds out that Adrian is actually Dev.

Dev has grown up goooood. He’s hot, built, hung, and uses that to his advantage. He does freelance graphic art during the day and strips at night. During his free time, he goes out and sleeps with any and everyone who catches his eye. The only problem that Dev has with sex is when he’s not having any. He likes boys, girls, other, in pairs, trios, and more. He just likes sex. He’s had a thing for Scarlett ever since he saw her the first time. He asks her for a meet, just so that they can catch up.

OK, it’s that time. Overall, I liked the two stories. I am looking forward to the next one so that we can pick up some of the threads that weren’t really touched on in Stripped. I do feel like there may have been a couple of places with some flow issues, but that may also just be me. Lia is still a new author and has plenty of time to figure that stuff out. It didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the book or storyline at all. Sometimes I totally hated Dev and wanted to punch him in the nads. Sometimes I really liked him. Sometimes I wanted to strangle Scarlett. Sometimes I really liked her. So, you know, very realistic feelings about the characters.  Note, Lia is English. The book takes place in England. The language is very much British English from the spelling to the slang. I don’t think that you should have a hard time with any of the slang or anything because none of it is completely weird slang. It’s just something to note before you start reading.


OK, I’m dying to find out who the stalker is. I’m 100% that  Dev’s stalker is the one who is sending strange things to Scarlett at work. I really think that it’s her receptionist, but that may just be me and my personal conspiracy theory sense acting up. I do want to know, though. It’s going to continue to pick at my brain until we find out who it is.

I’m not surprised that Dev has all kinds of weird, mixed up feelings when it comes to Scarlett. I would have that same kind of group of weird feelings too, in his position.

OK, that’s it for today. Hit up the mighty Zon, and check it out. Happy reading!


Zoe Blake-Defying Him

I am always down for Zoe Blake and her particular flavors of darkness. She always brings us a fun treat to read, one where we can enjoy the story and enjoy the sex. She’s done it again with Defying Him.

Unlike her last couple books, we aren’t getting a dark Daddy Dom. This time we get a hot man in a Marine uniform. Which, yes please. Have you ever seen those boys in the full get up? OMG, lick them like a lollipop. OK, where were we?

So, Phoebe is an investigative journalist. She specializes in going undercover and getting her story. She’s damn good at it. When she gets to work, her boss tells her that he has a new job for her. There are have been some strange murders at a military acadmy, and she is the perfect person to go in and find out what’s going on. Her boss thinks that the Navy may be hiding something, and he wants to know for sure. He sets her up an ID as an associate professor in English and sends her in.

Michael is the new commandant of the academy. It’s his job to find out what is going on at the school. No one else has been able to pin down the murderer and he’s going to improve the security. When his secretary, who doesn’t really approve of him, sends in the new English professor, Michael immediately tries to send her home. He’s trying to scare her off because she looks just like the other women who were murdered, sadly, Phoebe is not the type to be intimidated easily.

The first chapter of this book is awesomely creepy as fuck. How many of you remember the 1, 2, Freddy’s Coming For You chant that came out of Nightmare of Elm Street? Yeah, that scared the piss out of me when I was young, but it really set the atmosphere. That’s what this chapter does. It totally sets the scene of the entire book. This is a suspense/murder mystery/thriller/erotic romance kind of thing. And it’s really good. It isn’t a real instlove, so much as instalust that builds quick.


The killer was creepy. The reasoning behind it was just creepier.

I got a little mad at Phoebe’s boss for sending her into a situation that was very dangerous, since she looked just like the other victims. However, she probably would’ve have done it even if she hadn’t waited until she got there to see the victims’ pix. She’s stubborn that way.

OK, that’s all for this one. Happy reading!

Dani Rene-Madd Ink

This is going to be a quick little review because Madd Ink by Dani Rene is a quick little read. The publishers for it specialize in quick and dirty reads for when you just want something hot and sexy to read. And Madd Ink fits perfectly in that.

Ryn learned her lesson years ago. Don’t trust men. It’s better for her if she just stays on her own with her 5-year-old daughter Roxie. And that definitely means that she needs to stay away from Slade Maddox, cop and man whore.

Slade loves women. He knows he loves women. He doesn’t think that he will ever settle down to just one woman because there are just so many women and so little time. When he goes to his best friend’s tattoo parlor to get a tattoo touched up, he sees Ryn and is fascinated by her.

OK, this is where we’re going to part. There isn’t a whole lot of story here, but you know that going in. It’s a lovely piece of fluffy candy for your mind. I am perfectly fine with that, and the story met that need 100%.


The story does move quick, but it has to. I really don’t have too much to say down here because anything I say about it is going to be a spoiler. So, I liked it. It was good. I’ll keep it in a reread list, especially for days when I need something quick and easy to read.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Happy reading!

Michelle Brown-Pretty Killer

Michelle Brown is a first-time author. Her debut book is a mafia book that takes place in Mexico. What makes this stand out is that her heroine, Rosalina Maria, is the head of her family. That’s not something that you generally see in a mafia story. Shall we talk about Pretty Killer, then?

So, Rosalina Maria killed her first man when she was 8. He had raped her sister and killed her brother. She grabbed a knife that was strapped to her leg and stabbed him, just like her father had taught her. Eventually, her father sends her out to be trained in fighting, gymnastics, Parkour, and all that fun kind of stuff. Most people don’t know all that much about her, since she’s been training since she’s been young. When her parents die, she has to come home because she’s her father’s heir, and she’s now running the Mexican Mafia that her father was in charge of.

Anthony de Los Santos is the son of the head of the Cuban Mafia. His father sent him to talk to Rosalina about taking over her family’s business because no one is going to want to deal with a woman. However, Rosalina isn’t about to give anything up. She’s tough and stubborn. So, that means that Tony and Rosalina are going to have to do some negotiating.

Alrighty. So, like I said, this is a debut book and the first one in a new series. Overall, I liked the story and thought that it was good. However, I did think that there were problems with flow and Tony just didn’t feel as fleshed out as Rosalina did to me. I expect those things will change in later books as Michelle gets more experience. I do love the fact that Rosalina is el Jefa. That’s not something you see often, so big ups on that one. I do look forward to seeing where Michelle is going to go with this.


This is another story that if you won’t like cliffies, you may want to wait until the whole series is out. I love to hate cliffies. Or hate to love them, or whatever, you get what I mean.

OK, when it comes to Rosie’s fighting skills, I kind of feel like she’s totally surprised when she kills someone. I mean, isn’t that what she trained to do? And theoretically, it should be harder for her to not kill than it is to kill. But, that’s not a deterrent to liking the story, that’s just one of the things that pop into my head as I read.

That’s it for this one. Head over to Zon and check it out. Happy reading!

A. Zavarelli-Thief

A. Zavarelli is the Queen of Boston Mafia. There are other Mafia queens too, but A. runs Boston. I’ve enjoyed the other books in this series, so when I got the chance to read the newest one? Yes, please.

One nice thing about A’s Mafia series is that you aren’t just dealing with the Irish (it is Boston), the Russians, the Armenians, or the Italians. You get all of the above in a pleasing melting pot of Mafia-y goodness. Is that a thing? Maybe it should be. OK, I said so, so now everyone has to go and share it.

So, Thief. This is Nikolai’s and Tanaka’s story.

Nika is a Vor, a member of the Vory, a Boston Russian mob. He’s relatively high up in their particular organization. He’s also a thief. A damn good one, not that he would brag, since it isn’t done. But, if you want something, Nika is the one to get it. He was just promoted over his father, whose ear he cut off. He has to deal with Alexi, who is his half-brother and who kind of hates him. Nika’s current goal in life is to find out what happened to his mother. His father, Sergei, told him that she was a whore and ran away with an Italian man. Nika is now in a position to find out, so he’s ready to do some investigation.

Tanaka has been raised to be a proper young woman. She’s also an Italian Mafia Princess. She knows that her only real value is as a trophy bride to her fiancee. She’s supposed to keep his house, look pretty, and turn a blind eye. However, she loves to dance. She’s trained for years and years and years until she’s become a principal ballerina with a prestigious ballet company. It’s all she’s ever wanted. She made a deal with her dad that she would be able to dance for a time before she had to go be the dutiful daughter, marry Dante, and give up ballet. But, tonight? Tonight is her big night. Her dad does his normal pre-show appearance and this time brings a scruffy looking nerf herder with him. He introduces this guy in jeans and motorcycle boots as Nikolai. Then it’s time for her to go dance. When she goes on pointe for the first time, she notices that there is something wrong with her toe shoes. When she goes to land her first jump, that something wrong turns into something very wrong, and she falls, injuring herself, and probably ending her career as a professional dancer.

There is A LOT going on in this story. It can be read as a standalone from the series if you want, but if you read Ghost first, you may enjoy it more because there is some overlap. It’s up to you. You should have no problems keeping track of the story and enjoying it either way you go. You get enough of the backstory during what’s happening. A. doesn’t lay a chapter or two of exposition and backstory on you, it comes out organically, which I tend to enjoy more. There are some aspects to this one that could be considered dubcon. I kind of fall on the side that there are some dubcon aspects, but it swiftly moves out of that category. Tanaka and Nika are explosive together, in good and bad ways. There are parts of the book when they seem to be more determined to piss the fuck out of each other instead of anything else. They do have a lot of stuff they have to work through, both with each other and on their own, and all of it makes the story both better and darker. Definitely worth going over and giving it a read.


I seriously, seriously hate Tanaka’s dad. I mean, I knew he was a piece of shit before we get more information about him. From the first word he says to her, I knew that he’s going to be a dick. I would love to say that I was a better person and didn’t think he got what he deserved. I’m not and he did. In fact, they may not have gone far enough, surprisingly.

I’m glad that Tanaka did what she did. I didn’t see it coming though. I was thinking that there was going to be something else going on with that particular subplot. I didn’t particularly care for the other person involved in that subplot. He was a dick.

OK, that’s all for this one. More to come today. Happy reading!

Hannah Davenport-The Secrets We Keep

Hannah Davenport has been up here before with her scifi romance. I enjoy reading her fated mates Azzarian series. This one isn’t a scifi romance but is more in the contemporary/thriller/suspense romance category. But that’s just fine. I like those categories too, so that was all good. So, let’s talk about The Secrets We Keep.

Ariel is a young woman in hiding. Three years ago she ran away from her step-father. He had kept her locked away and hidden in the house after her mother disappeared. She was pretty sure that he had killed her mother. He was abusive and terrible to her, and she knew that if she didn’t get away from him soon, that she would have a much harder time getting away from him. Before she escaped, she went to his hidey-hole and stole all the drug money that he was supposed to hand over. She knew that she would need it to get away and to hide. Three years on, she’s hiding in NYC and still waiting for her life to get started. Her life consists of working, coming home, and chatting online to Altruist.

Luca owns a hugely popular nightclub. When Ariel’s friends and co-workers bring her into his club for her birthday, he’s immediately drawn to her. He almost feels like there is an electric current between the two of them. He has to know more about her. What he finds out is that she isn’t who she says she is.

OK, it’s time for you to choose your path. We know some of Ariel’s secrets right up front because we are told them. We don’t know if there are more secrets hiding or if we know everything about her. Luca knows that there is something about her, but he isn’t totally sure what. The story is divided up into 3 POVs. I understand why Hannah did it that way, and I’m good with that. It was really necessary to get the fullness of the story. I like Ariel and I like Luca. I don’t like the other person. I felt like they thought that they were entitled to something with Ariel that they didn’t earn or deserve and that they kept trying to make decisions for her that weren’t theirs to make. I enjoyed the book overall, especially when that particular character wasn’t on screen.


Once you’ve read the book, you are going to know who the third POV is. I just didn’t like him at all. I mean, yeah, it was good that he was already in NYC when Ariel was taken, but he just didn’t really deserve her in any way. He never saw who she was and he was a lying liar who lied. And when he wasn’t outright lying, he was lying by omission. He knew that Ariel was worried about Luca and figured that Luca had moved on, but he also knew that Luca was calling his partner every week to find out what he could about Ariel. See why I don’t like him? He’s all nasty and slimy.

I’m quite happy that the book ended the way that it did. The ending was quite satisfying to me and made me perfectly happy. Ariel deserves to get out and live her life and to try to find some happiness.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go check it out, and go check out the rest of Hannah’s catalog. She writes some lovely romances with a good story wound around and through.

Jane Henry-Deliverance

I love reading Jane Henry’s books. And this one, Deliverance, is the first book in a new series, so yay for that! Similar to the Boston Doms series that Jane wrote with Maisy Archer, this the New York Doms series. Jane is writing this one solo though. Still great to read.

Diana is a single mother of a son who is autistic. She’s been single for a long time, with a few breaks for relationships that just don’t work. In fact, a failed relationship is what brings Diana to us. She and her friend Beatrice are out trying to drown Diana’s sorrows in a lot of tequila. When she sees a silver Maserati, she wants to key it because she’s sure it’s her ex’s. Except, whoops. It’s not. Turns out it belongs to a huge hunk of Dom named Tobias.

Tobias is a part owner of a BDSM club called Verge. One night when he walks outside of his club, he sees two drunk women, one of whom is keying his very, very expensive car. When he confronts Diana about it, he notices that she’s pretty much drunk as a skunk. He takes her back in to Verge, into his office. She is pretty apologetic about it and is starting to feel pretty bad about what she was meaning to do. She swears to Tobias that she will pay him back, she’ll just give him her insurance info and be on her way. When he tells her that her insurance isn’t going to cover her vandalism. Diana keeps checking her phone and tells Tobias that she has to leave. If her son wakes up and she’s not home, he’ll be very upset and could meltdown.

Except, there’s a problem. Tobias gets a bright red flashing light on his desk and a phone call from a cop friend of his. There’s been a horrific attack on a woman and it’s associated with his club. So Verge is on lockdown and Tobias has to go out to the rest of the club to deal with it, which means that Diana is going out with him. That’s when she manages to earn her first spanking.

Alright, you know what time it is. I really enjoyed this book, as I have everything else of Jane’s that I’ve read. Lots of great spanking and great sex. She also has a great story going on around it. There are a lot of stories going on within the book and a lot of relationships being built. That is something that could really get out of hand and overwhelm the other elements of the story, so it works out really well. I really loved the positive representation of an autistic kid in a story. There are a lot of stereotypes about people who are autistic, so seeing a positive and realistic example out there is important. It’s also important to get the realistic example of single moms who are dealing with kids with special needs. This is a great story, all around, and I am looking forward to the next one and to see if who I think the next couple is going to be is actually the next couple.


FTR, I’m pretty sure Zach and Beatrice are the next couple to show up. Of course, watch Jane pull someone else out of her house altogether, just to prove me wrong. LOL.

I would love to see Tobias adopt Chad, but I’m not sure that his dad would ever let go, even if he doesn’t really have much to do with Chad. I know his kind. He’s just a prick and always going to be a prick and Chad will never be enough for him because he just doesn’t want to understand who his own son is. Dickhead.

Anyhow, that’s all for today. I’m going to go plan my weekend reading now. Happy reading!