Katie Douglas-Wedded to the Highlanders

I have nothing against men in kilts, but I think they should take them off, LOL. Which is just part of what makes today’s book absolutely awesome. So, we have Katie Douglas’ Wedded to the Highlanders today.

In the Scottish Highlands, there is a small village called Glenash. Like anywhere else, people fall in love and get married. Unlike everywhere else, the standard in Glenash is for one woman to marry two men. The hunters and the fishermen live dangerous lives and if one of the men dies, it still gives the wife one husband to take care of her and their children. It works for them, the village is happy, and almost everyone is in this kind of marriage.

Lucy is a fantastic baker. Everyone in the village loves her cakes. She has a thing for Steen, whose parents run the village bakery. Then there’s Hugh. She’s always liked Hugh, but he got mad at her because she was supposed to take care of his cat, Felix, but Felix got out and got lost. She’s now convinced that he hates her, especially since he seems to nitpick her and judge her every time she makes a mistake.

One day, Steen asks her to go walking out with him after the bakery closes. Walking out isn’t necessarily about going anywhere, it’s more about who you are walking with. When she goes to meet him, there’s another woman there, so Lucy runs away and right into Hugh, knocking him into a mud puddle.

Ok, you know what’s time it is. This book is funny, sweet, romantic, and spicy. There’s also a dash of the fantastical. The people of Glenash live very closely with the spirit world. They have water nymphs and sea spirits and all kinds of fantastical creatures. At the Circle Dance on Midsummer’s Eve every year, men and women dance with the ones that they have chosen, or who the spirits have chosen for them, and their spirits are bound together as one for eternity. That’s pretty awesome. For some people, the spirits aren’t as hands-on, while others have a very direct interaction with the spirits. It all depends on what the people need and what the spirits need. I love the idea of having the spirit world that closely aligned in the life of the village. There’s also some spanking in the book. Shocking, I know. It’s pretty mild and much more of a domestic discipline kind of thing than anything else, and it works really well in the story. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.


While I didn’t particularly like Millie, I did kind of feel sorry for her, especially after Steen talked to her at the fete. That had to have really hurt her, even if she was really nasty to Lucy.

I loved when Lucy and Hugh sat down and talked to each other and figured out what was going on between them. Clearing the air was really nice and it set it up nicely for the next part of the book.

OK, that’s all I have to say for today. Go over to King Zon and grab this so you can read it. Happy reading!

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