Katie Douglas-Wedded to the Highlanders Available Now!

Welcome to Glenash: The cozy Victorian Highland village where one woman marries two husbands… or more!

Life is dangerous. Most of the men in Glenash are hunters or fishers, and the fickle Scottish weather changes swiftly. Women can be widowed in the blink of an eye and babies left without fathers. To protect everyone, two husbands take one wife to share, cherish, lead and love.

In 1874, accomplished baker Lucy Gallagher has her sights set on two huge, hot Highlanders: One won’t give her the time of day, and the other is being relentlessly pursued by another woman. To complicate matters, there’s a bake-off coming up, and Lucy is tricked into an impossible bet, which could cost her one of her men. And when dark powers throw the entire village into turmoil, only Lucy can overcome them. But will the price be everything she ever dreamed of, when the strong Scots find out what she did to save everyone?

Caution: This light-hearted Scottish historical romance with a liberal helping of myth is not a love triangle. There are elements of menage and domestic discipline. Cakes will get baked. Water nymphs will get buckets of water thrown at them. And there’s a HEA. This is NOT a serial, but it is a series. Book 2 is a reverse harem in the same village with different main characters. And it’s coming in a fortnight!



“Someone needs tae learn a little patience.” Steen circled her clitty with his fingers, which were still hot from spanking her. She writhed under his hand and yearned for him to touch her more deeply. He teased her until she was thrusting her hips back and forth in a most wanton display.

She moaned as his finger slipped inside her and stretched her in a way nothing ever had before. It was heavenly but also slightly terrifying, because she saw his cock outlined against his trousers and the bulge there was as big as his entire fist. For some reason, while his size was frightening, it was also exciting.

“Is this your first time, aye?” Steen asked.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Your finger is so big!”

“My cock is bigger. I dinnae think this is the right time for ye to experience it, though.”

She froze in surprise. “Are ye saying ye dinnae want me?”

“Nae, lass, I want ye more than anything, but your first time… it shouldnae be around the back o’ the village whisky store.” His voice was strained as he spoke.

Lucy sighed heavily. Would she ever know what it felt like to be taken by a man? It was seeming less and less likely with each passing day. She tried to get up, but Steen’s other hand pushed her back down again.

“Who said ye could move, lassie?” he asked. She gasped and shook her head. He pushed his middle finger inside her a little deeper and began to circle it in her too-tight sheath. His digit stretched her and she sighed as his other hand worked her clitty.

The heat in her bottom was still radiating and it combined with the tantalizing sensations he was eliciting from inside her. To her greater surprise, he gently slid his middle finger back out and her eyes widened with fear as he pressed it against her bottom hole.

“Just relax, lassie, and let it in. Focus on the pleasure, where my fingers are rubbing you,” he coached her. She found it worked, and the pain in her rear was diminished, as he slowly inserted his slick finger.

Soon, her tight rear opening was filled with achingly satisfying tingles as he thrust his finger in and out of her naughtiest opening. When she began rolling her hips and quietly moaning, he slid his first finger into her pussy, and soon she was impaled on his two big fingers while he drew scintillating tingles from her body. Her whole world wrapped around this one moment, as he filled her completely and pleasured her, and soon, she was hurtling towards an incredible pinnacle.

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