Celia Aaron-The Prophet

I’m pretty sure that Celia Aaron has redefined Southern Gothic and made it something all her own. I’m also pretty sure that she’s evil. When she writes a book, she not only wants to find out how she can do terrible things to her characters, she also wants to figure out ways in which to torture us, her readers. And she does such a damn good job at it. The Prophet is proof of this. Prophet is the 2nd of the 3 books that make up The Cloister books. They are a continuous story, broken into three parts. Talking about Prophet will spoil the first book in the series, The Maiden, there just isn’t any other way to do it. If you haven’t read Maiden, then don’t read this yet. If you don’t like cliffies, then wait. The Church comes out in June. These books are dark af and mindfucking like you wouldn’t believe. If you have a trigger, the book will seek it out and pull it.

If you have read both books, or you aren’t worried, then come jump off the cliff with me.


OK, this is your last chance. If you have come to this point and you are still reading, you are accepting any responsibility for any spoilers you may read in this section. You have been warned.

Delilah was caught in her escape attempt by Adam. Now she’s in the Rectory. The Rectory is just a nice name for what is Heavenly’s torture chamber. And let me tell you, these people could’ve taught Torquemada and Mengele some new tricks. In fact, I would probably rather be at the tender mercies of either of those two than being anywhere near Heavenly and the Rectory. Delilah is kept there for days, tied down, in a dark room, gagged, with a drip of water on her forehead. The only time she gets away from that is when she’s taken in front of the Prophet who feeds her LSD laced food, and since she’s been starved and kept from water, she eats, even though she knows that it’s drugged. While she’s in a suggestible state, the giant douchecanoe sits and whispers into her ear, telling her that she’s special, worthy, his favorite, blah, blah, blah. When he’s done, that bitch Grace, the Head Spinner who hates Delilah because Adam is her Protector, gets to beat on her.

Meanwhile, Adam is going crazy. He didn’t want to turn Delilah in and send her to the Rectory, but he had no choice. If he hadn’t, even worse things would’ve happened. But, he feels something for Delilah, things he never thought he could feel. He haunts the outside of the Rectory, where he can hear her scream. He wants to rush in to save her, but his brother Noah stops him. The last thing he told Delilah was to stay strong and not let anyone break her, but he knows what his father is like and what kind of things can happen at the Rectory. Everything that’s going on just further hardens his resolve when it comes to his father.

Adam has to work with Grace, regardless of their history, to make sure that their big Solstice bonfire goes off well. There are all kinds of plans going into making that even happen the way that it’s supposed to.

OK, you have another choice to make. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading Celia Aaron’s books. I always liked the Southern Gothic genre, so reading Celia’s books is just a natural fit. Her characters are all broken in some way, even in books that aren’t dark and twisted. Her heroes are more often anti-heroes and bad men. Those bad men aren’t even always good men who are doing something bad for whatever reason, they are just bad and broken. I’m not going to say if Adam is like that. It’s not that I’m refusing, it’s more that I’m still not sure, I go back and forth on it. I think he has some good intentions behind why he does some bad things. I also think that he does a lot of bad things without any good intentions behind. Delilah is really interesting. She’s still fixated on her overall mission, to find out who killed her sister, but it’s hard for her to continue with her mission sometimes. I mean, everything that they do at the Cloister is specifically designed to break them down and turn them into good and dutiful women who will do whatever the Prophet tells them to. And even if it wasn’t, the shit that happens to them there would certainly break someone. It’s an intense story. It’s dark af, it’s twisted af, and it’s a massive mindfuck. I’m not entirely sure that there is any lightness anywhere in it. I can’t wait for June to find out what happens next.


OMFG. This book. The end. OMFG. All the disclosures we find out. There are so many, many, many things that we find out, things that are so twisted. All the little children, Adam’s mom, the history between Adam and Grace, so many, many, many secrets.

Heavenly is just a nest of vipers. Calling them vipers may be be insulting to vipers. It’s just so much.

Frankly, I’m not sure how Delilah and Adam are going to make it to the next book. I’m just waiting for the next show to drop, because there have been at least 7 shoes that have dropped now.

Go get these books and read them. You will thank me. Happy reading!

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