M. Malone & Nana Malone-Deep

Before I get started on this review, I have two things to say. One is that there is a free prequel called In Deep that you can grab over on Amazon. It’s a quick read and it will help you with a little more backstory. The second thing, and this isn’t a spoiler since it’s right out in the open, is that this is a cliffhanger. The Malones say that the story just can’t be told in one book, and I agree with them, just as I want to curse the name Malone. Deeper comes out later this month, and we’ll just have to hold on until it does. Deep is the story of Rafe and Diana.

Rafe is a former FBI agent and professional killer. He infiltrated an organization named ORUS on orders of the FBI and spent years as their pet assassin. Now, he works for Blake Security, owned by his brother-in-law and former mentee. That doesn’t mean that the FBI doesn’t want to pull him back in. They keep trying to get more information out of him or get him to work for them again. Obviously, Rafe and the FBI can’t agree on a definition of retired or no.

One thing they keep coming after him about is information on the Vandergraff job. He killed the father because they were into human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other kinds of terrible shit. When Rafe killed him, his young daughter was in the room and saw him kill her dad. He hid her in the closet and didn’t tell anyone she was there.

Now, all these years later, the FBI and Interpol are coming to him for more information because the diamond called Jewel of the Sea went missing from the Vandergraff family at the same time that he killed the patriarch. Everyone seems to think that he took the diamond, except he keeps telling them he didn’t.

Diana has been following Rafe for months and months. She knows that he’s a stone cold killer, after all, she watched him kill her dad, right in front of her. He may have worn a mask and all she saw was his eyes, but after a lot of work, Diana Vandergraff has finally figured out who did the killing. What she doesn’t know is why and what he did with the diamond when he stole it. That means that she needs to get closer to him so that she can find out those things.

She figures out what she’s going to need to get an in with Rafe, but as Diana Renquist, not Vandergraff.

OK, this is where we are going to have to go our separate ways. This book drug me right the fuck in and wrung me right the fuck out. My poor husband listened to me cursing when I got to the end. I really didn’t want it to end and I want the next part of the story RIGHT NOW! *deep breath* I’m back under control now. Go read this. I mean it, go read this, even if you don’t like to read cliffies, don’t wait. Deeper comes out on the 29th, so it’s not too long to wait. It is so, so good.


OK, I didn’t expect the ending to happen the way that the ended. OK, I mean I did expect what happened, but I thought that it would come about in a different way. Like, I thought that the stupid Interpol bitch would be more involved in what happened than she was. At least, so far. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and since I’m a huge weakling, I’m relatively sure that I wouldn’t be able to throw her all that far.

I think Diana and Rafe have wild chemistry, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Days like this I’m glad that I’m a blogger because it means that I’ll get the book sooner and will not have to wait for much longer. I’ll have much more to say after I read Deeper.

Tomorrow, we have the newest one from K. Webster, and oh, the feelz. They are huge. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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