Measha Stone-His Captive Pet

Measha Stone has a series that is called Owned and Protected. She has just recently released the third book in the series, His Captive Pet. On a side note, the book quite literally had a title change the night it released. Poor Measha, that’s one way to torture a writer while they are waiting for their book to go live. But, it went live and we got a new story, so in the end, everything worked out the way that it was supposed to, and the whole world rejoiced.

With a title like His Captive Pet, I’ll be that you can figure out what kind of kinkery fuckery goes on in this story. And you would probably be right. There is some definite pet play in here, and it is hot. It also works really well in the story, so it’s not like something that Measha just popped into the story as gratuitous kinkery. It’s not as over-arching as some stories I’ve read, but it’s definitely there, and very definitely hot. Did I mention that it’s smokin’? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the story.

Aubree is a vet. She loves animals and will do just about anything she can to take care of animals and keep them safe. That includes infiltrating the Chicago’s illegal dog fights held by a big scary gang. Aubree hooked up with a guy named Luiz who calls her to let her know when there is another fight. She can’t rescue all the dogs, but she can rescue at least some of them. It’s hard on her though. She sees all those terrible things that happen to those dogs, and as a vet and animal lover, it just rips her heart out.

One night, after a fight, she goes into her neighborhood bar. She’s a regular there, but she usually only drinks Diet Coke with a lime. However, on this night, she gets bombed out of her mind. Bombed out of her mind enough that she tries to break up a bar fight. Blake, the bar’s proprietor, picks her up, slings her over his shoulder, and she promptly starts yelling that he’s stealing her. I laughed out loud at this. Woke my poor cat up.

Blake has been watching Aubree for months. He knows her habits. He knows that if she is this drunk, it was a really, really bad day. You see, Aubree’s family history includes a drunken father who killed her mother and a stranger in a drunk driving accident. When Blake finds out that Aubree went to a dogfight, he promises to strap her ass the next time it happens, even if she isn’t his. (Not for lack of desire on his part)

When something happens and Aubree gets blamed, Blake knows that he has to do something about it, no matter what Aubree thinks or wants. Aubree is very stubborn and doesn’t want his help because it’s all up to her to fix everything, or so she thinks. Blake is the perfect combo of asshole and patient man and uber Dom-ly. They are perfect for each other.

So, here we are. It’s that time in the blog again. You get to decide where you go. No matter what you decide, this book is definitely worth the money you are going to spend on it. There is spanking, whipping, strapping, fucking, and butt plugs with puppy dog tails. There is also a really cute puppy dog. A real puppy. There is also a great story to go along with all of the sex and kink. I do love this series, and it has had frequent rereads. The stories can be read as stand-alones or you can read them in order. Each book is complete in itself, but the stories are linked together so you can get info about previous characters in following books.


So, yeah. There isn’t really anything about this book that I don’t like, except for the bad guy. Then again, you aren’t really supposed to like the bad guy in this book. He’s a massive prick of epic proportions. Then again, he’s the head of a gang, so what are we supposed to think about him, right?

I love each and every one of the sex scenes in this book. Measha writes hard, kinky, filthy, obscene sex scenes in the very best ways. The whole book sucks you right in. The plot and story are the yummy chocolate cake while the sexy sex is the decadent chocolate ganache icing on the cake. Either one is really good on its own, but when you combine the two you get sheer perfection. OK, now I really need to have some chocolate cake. Wonder if I can talk my husband into making me some.

I think that Greg, Blake’s brother, is going to be the subject of the next book, just because. I wonder what his kink is going to be like. Blake said something about Greg liking darker things, so that out to be interesting. Sadist, maybe?

OK, I have said a lot of words about this book. I really liked it a lot. I’ve liked everything of Measha’s that I’ve read. I have all kinds of fun stuff coming up this week, including the review of a Sophie Kisker series. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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