Jane Henry-Beauty’s Daddy

OK, first I have to say that I avoided reading anything by Jane Henry for a while because that’s my aunt’s name, and I didn’t want to think of my aunt while I was trying to get my escapism groove on. But now? I’m sorry that I put off reading her books. I started by reading some of the Boston Doms series that she co-wrote with Maisy Archer, which is an excellent series. Jane now shows up on my TBR list. Oh, my TBR, I’ll never get through it with how far behind I am right now. Thanks, move

Anyway, back to Jane and Beauty’s Daddy. This book falls into a particular area of kink called Daddy Dom. This is kind of a subset of age play, I guess you might say. Age play is where the submissive is a Little. That is, they have times when they are in the space of being a child. How old a child depends on both the Big and the Little. It’s not all the time, but the sub will have times when they dress as a child, color, play, so on and so forth. The Dominant is the Daddy/Mommy. It’s their job to take care of their Little and make sure that they have a safe place to be little. This isn’t about pedophilia, it isn’t about incest, it’s a D/s relationship that has a different flavor.

Daddy Dom is slightly different. They are primarily a Dom, but instead of being called Sir or Master, their preferred title is Daddy. Their sub may be called little girl, little one, kitten, princess, or something like that. There generally isn’t any dressing up like a child or some of the more “childish” activities that you would see in an age play relationship, but the Daddy, being a Dom, does supervise and oversee his sub’s life. Like other D/s relationships, there are variations and no one relationship works the same, these are just general guidelines. Everyone is getting something that they need out of the relationship, the Daddy is getting someone to care for, the little girl is getting someone to care for her. As long as everyone is happy, safe, of age, and it’s consensual, it’s all good.

Of course, this is all just as I understand it, and I am not a kink/BDSM/fetish expert, I just read and research a lot. I welcome people correcting me or giving me more info.

Now that all of that is over and done with, it’s really time to get into Beauty’s Daddy. This book is Jane’s take on Beauty and the Beast, but don’t expect Emma Watson to be showing up anytime soon for it.

Our lovely heroine, Annabelle, is busy trying to make sure that her sister can go to college and that their mother, who is losing her mental faculties, is taken care of. One day, on the way to her job at the diner, she runs into Sawyer, knocking coffee all over him, ruining his suit. Then, she gets to work and gets a call from her sister that their mother has gone missing. The next thing she knows, she hears a car crash. She hopes it’s not her mom, but she just knows it is. And guess whose car got wrecked? You guessed it, Sawyer’s. Mom is busy swearing it’s his fault, when it’s really hers.

Sawyer tells Annabelle that she needs to be at his house that night so that they can discuss making reparations, that he’ll send a car, and she shouldn’t be late.

Sawyer has a bad reputation in town because he was accused of killing his fiancee years ago. He always maintained his innocence, but that didn’t stop anything from happening. He’s trapped himself in his big house outside of town since then.

Sawyer’s plan for Annabelle to pay him back is for her to pretend to be his wife for a month because he needs to have a wife for some interviews with journalists. However, she has to start immediately and won’t be able to leave, but he will pay her several times her salary for that time period and make sure that her mother is taken care of so that her sister can take a break. Annabelle does what she thinks is right and agrees to do it.

Not everyone gets or likes Daddy Dom stuff, but this is done really well. You see how much Sawyer is driven to take care of Annabelle, especially in view of his past experiences, and how much Annabelle wants someone to take care of her so that she doesn’t have to be the responsible adult all the time. But that doesn’t mean that Annabelle is just going to roll over and not be Annabelle anymore. No personality-ectomy here.

It’s a really good version of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, and if you look, you can see a lot of parallels to the movie. I haven’t seen the live action version, so I can’t tell you on that one, but definitely the animated version. I totally give this 5 stars. Spoilers to come.




If you have gotten down this far, then you know what time it is. If you read down here and you get bothered by spoilers, well, you know better.

I said there were parallels, and they include Annabelle not being allowed to visit the west wing, which of course she is going to do. She finds out more about Sawyer’s past and the accusations against him. He finds out, flips out, tells her to get out, and she runs. That’s when Sawyer goes to find her and gets hurt saving her from the people who were trying to hurt her. See where that parallels the movie when Beast saves Belle from the wolves? The book doesn’t follow the movie exactly, but there are enough places where there similarities that it was interesting to find them.

Of course, since the movie was based on the fairy tale, just prettied up for Disney, I suppose you could say they both follow the fairy tale, which works as well.

I did feel sorry for Annabelle and her sister because of their mother’s illness. She obviously has problems, and she causes even more for Annabelle and Sawyer. She doesn’t mean to, it just that in her confused state, it’s way too easy to cause chaos. And the sleazy journalist doesn’t help at all. He’s the Gaston character, and you can definitely tell. Only, I think I might like Gaston a little bit more. Maybe. They are both sleazy, slimy guys.

OK, there is spanking, there is language, there is sex. All very good things, if you ask me. Which, if you read my blog, I’m just going to assume you asked me. But, along with all those things, there is a great story and a great HEA. I mean, I’ve read some erotica that is sex, sex, sex, sex with a little story, which is OK, if you know that’s what’s happening. But you can’t read that all the time and Jane hasn’t skimped out on the story.

Imagine my standard ARC statement here, and happy reading!

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