Censorship in 2017

“Something will be offensive to someone in every book, so you’ve got to fight it.” 
Judy Blume

As long as there have been people writing things, there have been people who have gotten mad over those words. Books have been banned for centuries, for one reason or another. Lady Chatterley’s Lover was banned in entire countries due to sexual material. Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret has been banned at schools because it talks about periods. Huck Finn has been banned for using language appropriate to the era in which it was written.

When people get offended by the topic of a book or mad about it, some of them will just say, well, not my cup of tea, but the author has a right to write it. However, there are other people, when they get mad or offended, who get outraged and decide that the book shouldn’t be available for anyone to buy or read.

Well, that’s what happened this week with a book by K Webster called The Wild. She tends to write some really dark, taboo kind of stuff. In fact, she has two entries on my Top Ten most fucked up book list.

The Wild touches on some very dark subjects and is, from what I understand, not having read it myself, pretty taboo. There have been a lot of people up in arms about it. They managed to get it banned from Amazon. Then when K put it up other places, the book started getting banned there too. As of this moment, to my knowledge, it has been banned everywhere. Not only has the book been banned, but there have been other authors in the same kind of community that K Webster is in who have reamed her out over the subject of her book. There has been a lot of backlash against her, accusing her of everything from tempting Eve to bringing about the end of the universe.

Here’s the thing. K Webster wrote a fictional book. She posted a warning on the sales page about the book. No one has forced anyone to read it. But, that didn’t stop a lot of people from throwing a hissy fit. People who haven’t even read the book or read anything that K has written have written bad reviews on places like Goodreads. She’s an indie romance author. Reviews help her sell her books. Because some people are upset about the subject of her book, they have done what they could to ruin her reputation, and damage further earning potential. But that’s not even the worst thing. The worst thing is that there are people who are saying that she is wrong for writing the story that she did. They didn’t like it, therefore she was wrong.

My POV is this, K has the right to write her story. I have the right to read her story or to not read her story, depending on how I feel about it. Would I have read this one? Probably not, but that’s because of the particular subject matter. Then again, I might’ve, I own a lot of her books already. But I don’t have the choice now. It was taken away from me. But I can guarantee that I will absolutely buy this book if it comes for sale anywhere I can. Not because I do or don’t want to read it, but because I don’t support banning books, and I do support the right of authors to write the stories they want.


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